Officer Not So Friendly

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A reader sent me a note about his recent experience with Officer Not So Friendly, following an unexpected early morning encounter with a moose. I thought it was worth relaying to you in its entirety, because it’s yet another example of the needlessly adversarial attitude that seems to be becoming the new normal among law enforcers – and justification for the entirely rational fear of police that more and more of us are coming to grips with (as per my latest article; see here).cop safety 1

It’s especially hard for people who are inclined to support police (mostly, on the misplaced belief that they are there to “serve and protect” as opposed to “harass and collect”) to read these stories – and to face up to the reality of law enforcement these days. But it’s increasingly impossible to maintain the illusion that police are anything more than an enforcer class – to be avoided if all possible.

Here’s an object lesson as to why that’s so:

This past Sunday, while I was on my way to work, I hit a moose.

Let me set the stage for you. At 7:30 in the morning in late November at 61° north, it is pitch black. The sun isn’t even considering coming up yet. Add to that that Alaskan moose are huge, ornery, and dumb – they’re used to being the biggest thing around, so they pretty much do what they please and pay no attention to their surroundings. Add to that that I live in the woods, and you can probably guess what happened: I’m driving down the road, moose suddenly bolts out of the woods in front of me, I don’t have room to stop. Smash.

Best as I can reconstruct the actual events of the crash, I think I very nearly stopped in time; I don’t have much front-end damage, and the air bags never deployed. But the moose’s legs were knocked out from underneath it, and it flipped over toward me, hit the top of the windshield, bounced over the car (thankfully my Toyota Yaris is so low to the ground; if I were driving the typical Alaskan wankmobile, he’d have come right into the cabin to join me!) kicked out one of my taillights, and then went on his merry way. As for me, I and my passenger were both completely unharmed; the front of the cabin was crushed, the windshield was smashed in; I don’t see how there could have been any room left in there for the two of us, but somehow we found it.moose pic

Some time later, we’re standing by the wreckage waiting for the tow, and the state police arrive. The trooper in question looked to be all of nineteen – your typical wanna-be big man type, pushy and humorless. And, as I would discover, not astonishingly competent. He asked me what happened; I told him a moose ran out from the woods, I was unable to stop in time, and I hit it. He asked me where the moose was; I told him I had no idea, and that it must have run back into the woods.

And then he hit me with it.

“You been drinking?”

What? At 7:30 in the morning on my way to work? I told him no. “Have you been drinking since the accident?” No. “Any alcohol in the car?” No. “Were you drinking at all yesterday?” What? Yesterday? What’s that have to do with anything? I had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, and I said so.

Which was a huge mistake.sobriety check pic

Now, I know better. I know not to talk to cops, and especially not when they’re obviously searching for some pretext to arrest me. And especially I know not to admit that I’ve ever, ever so much as considered allowing a drop of Demon Rum to pass my lips. My only excuse was that, frankly, after miraculously escaping moose murder, I was a bit rattled and not thinking at 100 percent. But, then, who expects to be subjected to a game of life-or-death Twenty Questions in this situation?

My stupid response gave him the excuse he was looking for to subject me to the entire field sobriety test. Walk the straight line, spin around in a circle, stand on one foot for thirty seconds, recite the alphabet and count arbitrary numbers. He said he detected some evidence of impairment from my test performance; while the verbal part was flawless, I was apparently “a little shaky” during the physical part.

It is November. It is Alaska. I have been standing out in the cold for lord knows how long after having annihilated my car and almost myself by crashing into a moose, and this jackboot dipstick has the audacity to claim that being “a little shaky” is evidence that I’ve been drinking? Excuse me for being 5 percent less calm and detached than the worthless low-level bureaucrat sent to document the events! This, of course, is setting aside the fact that he had me perform his idiotic rituals on an uneven surface – an uneven surface of ice. Not the easiest place to keep one’s footing.serve pic

After half an hour or so of his routine, he finally decided not to charge me with anything, which I considered downright neighborly of him, given I hadn’t done anything. But he had one more quality moment yet to go. He told me I wasn’t being charged with anything, but then asked me if I’d like to take a voluntary breath test, just “because he was curious.” I mean, yes, I fell for “did you drink anything yesterday,” but I absolutely am not stupid enough for this. I told him that if I weren’t being compelled to take the breath test, I declined to do so. And then he got angry! “Look, I already told you I’m not charging you with anything. You think I’m lying?” I told him again that, his intentions aside, I had no intention of taking the breath test if I could choose not to.

He glared at me for a minute and finally dropped it.cops suck 2

How reprehensible a human being do you have to be to show up at the scene of what is, frankly, a natural disaster (“act of God,” the insurance company calls it) in which, somehow, against all odds, nobody was hurt, and think “oh, I better fix that?” The man set out deliberately to ruin me! It was his one and only function at the scene – I and a private tow driver (sent by AAA, a private organization) cleared the wreck out of the roadway. The cop literally served no purpose except to try to cause me even more harm. Who was he “protecting?” Who was he “serving?”

Nobody but the cop union and, potentially, the jail union.

And every creep politician whose job security is boosted by spooky stories about “drunk drivers.” Who once, long ago, had a glass of wine, and then had their cars crushed by falling wildlife.

So ends my reader’s story. It is, unfortunately, a typical story. I have one very similar to it. Worse, in fact. A motorcycle rider wrecked. Badly. He was severely injured and being hauled out of the woods by the EMTs. The state cop who showed up would not let them leave with this seriously injured man before he had obtained the man’s driver’s license – so that he could write him up for “reckless driving.”

Some people say, “what would we do without police”? To which I respond: A whole lot better.

Throw it in the Woods?


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  1. On a completely different note:

    This is being typed with a wonderfully clacky, tactile, finely-crafted das Keyboard.

    Thank you so much, guys, for your recommendations re: keyboards! Here I was with a McLaren F1-class machine at work and using a god-damned $20 chiclet keyboard.

    This thing is the Stradivarius of keyboards. Marvelous!

    Unfortunately the guys in “the fishbowl” (the room where most of the programming is done) are going to vote me off the island….it’s noisy!

    But the quality! I vowed years ago never to buy cheap crap tools to work on my cars. If you’re going to use it once or twice, borrow it or rent it. If you’ll use it thrice, buy the best tool you can afford–it’ll last a lifetime and it won’t ruin your equipment.

    • Dear Meth,

      I know I’m never going back, at least on keyboards I purchase for my own use.

      At the office I have to use what they provide, unless I want to schlep my own keyboard back and forth daily. But for my own private hardware, it’s mechanical keyboards all the way.

      In the long run it may actually work out cheaper. But even if it doesn’t, and only breaks even, it will have been worth it, just for the improved feel during the product life.

      • “But for my own private hardware, it’s mechanical keyboards all the way. ”

        I noticed that the Linux desktop nachine has a PS/2 port, for “your favorite keyboard”. They’re obviously out to get me to buy one. I think I might once I see what I have left over after Christmas.

        • Dear Ed,

          If you use it at home, the clicking sound is unlikely to be a problem.

          Unless of course you type near someone trying to sleep.

          But quieter versions are available that use different key designs.

          • Bevin, that was 8 who wants a quiet one. I love my old IBM clicky. My family is used to it. BTW, my wife works at home sometimes. Her laptop keyboard is quiet, but she has the volume turned up so that XP makes that annoying fucking “BLING!” when she does something or other. Gets on my nerves big time. The sound pops up every couple of minutes.

            She also grunts like she’s lifting hogs over a fence while she writes code. That’s the weirdest thing I ever saw. ‘Course she’s a got-damn genius at what she does, so nobody who works around her says shit about it. 😉

          • @Ed–She also grunts like she’s lifting hogs over a fence while she writes code.

            It’s a programming thing. I keep a running dialog with myself sometimes, try to keep it under my breath but sometimes my workmate looks at me funny.

            The best part of the clicky das Keyboard is that crescendo of sound, almost like a snare drum, as you finish a section of code you’re really into. The ideas are coming fast and you can hear the guy completing his thoughts.

            Then there’s a long pause. A few click-click-clicks. A brief flurry. Then click-click-click-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICKETY-CLICK-CLICK-BAM! Last one’s the “Enter” key on a line of hard code.

            8-south, thank you for the “push” that got me into this!

            And be brave–get the blank-faced one (the Ultimate). Some Amazon reviewers claim the Professional S is made by a different supplier, and the Ultimate is still the original Taiwanese. YMMV. I just love the blank keys; it screams This Guy Knows His Shit 🙂

          • meth, that coder looks like my wife…..trying to open a tab in FF without wiping out the ones already there. Not what you’d call a “first adopter”. And no need to thank me. I’ll give anybody a push….or a pull, just not both aha. Yes please, the same again, three fingers of Four Roses and a black ale.

          • Yes, and those are the ones that command the highest prices, I’m told. There are a couple of used hardware sites that have a few from time to time. That’s where I learned the term “clicky”.

          • @Ed – Exactly. They come up on EBay, well used. I have been looking but can’t get one (with the old PS2 connector no less) for under $35.00 + shipping.

    • meth, You got it quickly. I want the quiet one, the Cherry red one so they say. It will need symbols though or I’ll get divorced…..or maybe it won’t…….

    • Oh, lord yes — the old clicky buckling spring keyboards are absolutely the best. Membrane keyboards are lousy, and touchscreens are the absolute worst (says the guy typing this on a tablet). I wonder if there’s some way to blame terrible input peripherals on the government too the way we do with cars. 😉

      • Darien, ain’t it funny that the best keyboard for today’s faster computers came with old machines with 8 megs of ram, max? Of course hardware is cheaper today, so the peripherals are more cheaply made as well.

        • I’m just glad people are making buckling springs again. Back in the early/mid 2000s, you had to try to find old IBM boards from the PS/2 days if you wanted one!

  2. Are some chickens coming home to roost?

    LAPD Hiring Drive Faces Shortfall In Qualified Applicants

    KCBS-TV, Los Angeles
    The Los Angeles Police Department is facing a drought of applicants to hire as patrol officers. With more than 100 openings to fill, LAPD officials are warning of a steady decline in qualified applicants, with a number of them being weeded out over past run-ins with the law or financial issues, according to the Los Angeles Times. The department has to hire about 350 officers a year to account for attrition and officials worry they could be understaffed for years if the current trend continues, according to the Associated Press. Attrition means fewer police officers available for patrol work and other duties. LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO fewer people are also applying for patrol officer positions, which means the city could fall short of the 10,000-officer benchmark set by Chief Charlie Beck.

    Sheriff Baca admits shortcomings in hiring problem officers

    Bob Pool and Robert Faturechi – Los Angeles Times
    Under fire for hiring dozens of officers with histories of serious misconduct, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca acknowledged Wednesday shortcomings in the way his agency handled the process. “It could have been done better,” Baca told reporters. Baca’s comments come a day after county leaders demanded he investigate his hiring practices in response to an L.A. Times investigation last weekend that found that his agency hired dozens of officers from a disbanded county police force in 2010 even though investigators had found significant misconduct in their backgrounds. Internal sheriff’s files showed that jobs were given to officers who falsified reports, accidentally fired their weapons, had sex at work, committed theft and solicited prostitutes. Twenty-nine of the roughly 280 hires had previously been fired or pressured to resign from other law enforcement

  3. Typical PIG, looking for some kind of argument to fleece the writer for having the gall to inconvenience him by making do his “job.”

    • Introducing the clovercycle. Be safe.

      CJ @scancouver on twitter. (I’m @doofor and am now following her since she wants more followers:)

      a wife worriedly tweeting about a fatal accident on the road her husband commutes home on, while waiting for him to come home. finds out it was her husband she was tweeting about

      Newer tweets since photo:

      CJ @ScanCouver 5h
      @SLTrLsn thank you.

      CJ @ScanCouver 6h
      @troyglidden Thank you.

      CJ @ScanCouver 6h
      @MPdaCNA Both my mom and my mother in law left. Tomorrow I’ll have family over. Tomorrow will be hard. I’ll hear from the medical examiner

      CJ @ScanCouver 7h
      my boys are finally asleep. I feel like a block of cement fell on me.

      CJ @ScanCouver 7h
      Thanks @CherylBle @MPdaCNA

      CJ @ScanCouver 8h
      I know it’s petty, but I went from 567 followers to over 1300. #inshock

      CJ @ScanCouver 10h
      @vikingcougar @LauraAllisonMac @KATUNews @Gawker I agree there is always ugly people. I’m ignoring those comments.

      CJ @ScanCouver 12h
      Thank you all so much for the prayers and thoughts. I’ll reply to everyone later tonight.

  4. Apologies for reading this late.

    In Arizona, the STATE owns the wildlife – hence hunting licenses.

    If it’s the same in the writer’s state, I suggest he send a bill for damages to the f*****g state.

    Good things rarely happen between interactions with “Only Ones” and mere mundanes.

    • I agree that hunting licenses are a waste of money. Its just a money making machine for the state not unlike the Department of Motor Vehicles. Regulating the times and amount of kills is necessary to preserve the herds but fees that do nothing? Same goes for DMV, register once and you’re done, not every year.

      • Dear Joe,

        Classic mixed economy dilemma created by “public ownership.”

        Classic “Tragedy of the Commons” problem.

        Total privatization under market anarchism would solve environmental problems such as over hunting, the same way they would solve transportation problems such as clover road hogs.

        The Nature Conservancy approach of buying the land in order to preserve it is a good market oriented option.

        • Bevin, I control land and to some degree, the hunting done there. I cannot force anyone at gunpoint as the state does to only kill this or that or this many. We have a 4 deer maximum here and it doesn’t really make a damn if you kill 4 or 8 in most years although the sex of the deer killed does make a difference. The point is, the state makes no allowance for the 3 years of horrible drought and high temps we’ve been in. Everybody that hunts here, and that can be as many people as I say can hunt here, COULD kill 4 deer and be LEGAL with the state however, they would piss on my toothbrush right now if everybody took 4 since conditions have been so bad for so long. Fortunately, everyone who hunts here is well aware of what the condition of the land and the game here is so self-regulation is simply normal. One fellow last week checking the hog traps found a 9 point buck in one he proceeded to let go. The fleeing buck caused a nice 12 point buck to flush and he took it. Good deal, the 9 point will be a better deer next year if nobody else gets him but the point is, that hunter probably won’t shoot another buck although he might take a doe. Everybody here realizes what is going on even though the state laws don’t account for it. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we’ll be getting rains again and herds will increase and things will return to normal for the most part. I can guarantee you this though, when that happens, the state will just be catching on to the drought conditions and herd conditions and will begin to institute an unrealistic hunting scenario. Oh, they may never understand the drought or if they do, economics may just supercede it since the almighty dollar trumps everything else. This is all fairly technical but suffice to say, the state is the last to do the correct thing. The state might one day pare back the allowable kills just as the conditions have improved enough so that if no one had used self-restraint, it would have a good effect. Sadly though, that won’t be entered into it. I will say the state here does have some good policy but at what price? It’s not policy that any good manager wouldn’t have and it surely can’t adapt to changes near as efficiently. Poaching isn’t a concern and the state will never admit it. Just remove the state form the equation and poaching will be poached. While I can’t deal with poachers directly and must call the state, any good working solution would allow me to address the problem directly and it wouldn’t exist for long. For all the chest pounding the state does as far as poaching, game limits, etc. it’s actually not here nor there for the most part and exists primarily because the state forbids others to address the problems. Most land owners take this as a pro-active activity and can take care of things well without the state. Of course on those state owned lands, we get back to not having managers and others monitoring the entire cycle from weather and crops to poachers and such. A good manager and hunters don’t need to spend a miniscule amount accorded the state to do a better job. The myth of the state on private land is just that, a myth.

          • Dear 8sm,

            Your first hand knowledge is valuable, and confirms the a priori logic. Private discretion is indeed wiser than clueless, behind the curve gubmint “management.”

            The contrast would of course be even more dramatic under “de jure market anarchism,” assuming that’s not a contradiction in terms!

            Thanks for sharing that.

      • Hi Joe,

        “waste of money” is a utilitarian argument. The real argument is ethical.

        By what right does anyone tell me what I may do on my land?

        Other people – and that’s all “government” is – asserting ownership (via control) over someone else’s stuff.

        That’s the bottom line here.

        I don’t waste time on utilitarian arguments – which is what you’ll encounter in the typical Republican vs. Democrat “debate” – because doing so concedes the basic underlying idea. That it’s ok to control/regulate whatever it is – we’re just arguing over how much (and how).

        The debate over Obamacare is the obvious example.

    • Georgia claims to own all wildlife within its territorial jurisdiction. As best as I can tell, the wildlife can cause all the damage they want with impunity under qualified immunity except for damage to a farmer’s crop or livestock.

      Just think about it. The privilege of qualified immunity is extended to deer, wild hogs, & pigs… er, I mean cops.

      • True –

        As in Virginia. The Sheriff of Nottingham claims ownership of all the game on all land. It’s illegal to hunt on “your” land without permission, or “out of season.”

  5. Maybe something like this will happen again, only next time the moose will come out of the woods and go after the cop. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see!

  6. I actively teach my children to fear the police. Whenever they see a cop car now they exclaim “Careful Daddy, the cop might get you!” My wife and I teach them to call family or friends in case of emergency. Of course, it’s been pointed out before that we should also tell those family and friends to not then call the cops… FACEPALM!

    • True, that Johnny. You’re doing your kids a real service by teaching them to be aware of the danger inherent in any interaction with cops. I did the same with my own daughter.

  7. This goes back to a previous post, todays officers are given minimum standards that they MUST adhere to or they will be terminated. The young officer in this piece is probably on probation so he MUST meet those standards….or else. Screw the public becomes their motto….sad but its the way of things.

    The video shows the cop on the cell but in watching the video it is VERY clear he is calling in the necessary units to assist. This is a BIG must as those guys can NOT keep that car from slipping further into that murky water with hand power alone. That cop did GOOD by making sure he relayed EXACTLY what was going on by PHONE. Radio chatter and transmission ability are sometimes not the best way to relay DETAILED info that is nessary. So the officer was correct in his conduct. Sometimes things appear wrong but are in fact the best when looked at under the microscope.

    • “This goes back to a previous post, todays officers are given minimum standards that they MUST adhere to or they will be terminated. The young officer in this piece is probably on probation so he MUST meet those standards….or else. Screw the public becomes their motto….sad but its the way of things. ”

      And this excuses the behavior how?

      I asked you something similar before, how does your problem (possible termination) entitle you to abuse others?

    • Hi Joe,

      People who become cops make a free choice to do so. They make a free choice to continue in such employment – and have the option to quit rather to adhere to “minimum standards” when those standards require them to abuse people as SOP.

      People who face dire consequences for refusing to do as ordered – for example, a guard in Nazi Germany – can be given somewhat of a pass. They are still culpable for following orders that entail abuse of innocent people. But they at least have an excuse.

      Cops have no such excuse. No one is forced to become a cop – and one can quit without fear of physical danger to oneself or one’s family. Having to get a new job may be difficult, but it’s insufficient as an excuse to continue abusing people.

      • Very true its a career choice…..a choice I made many years ago. Could I have been the cop in this piece? Yes……. I hate to admit it but I have responded to scenes and “looked” for an arrest. I have arrested MANY people who harmed none but violated…. laws. Eric….you must realize that the problem will NEVER solve itself with good moral character. History is full of people lining up to make a buck to mass murder, incarcerate and control other people. Its the way of things. That’s why the Bill of Rights was written. Not to give us what God already gave but to “LIMIT” what our government can take. Government corruption is producing this police mafia and will NOT change until the government is straightened out.

        • ” Could I have been the cop in this piece? Yes”

          It’s comical when they go to asking themselves questions and answering the like a politician being interviewed on Fox News. Anyways…..

          “…. I hate to admit it but I have responded to scenes and “looked” for an arrest. I have arrested MANY people who harmed none but violated…. laws.”

          Damn, Joe. Confession is good for the soul. Tell the whole truth, now. You’ve also arrested people who just happened to be around when you ‘looked for an arrest’.

          ” Eric….you must realize that the problem will NEVER solve itself with good moral character.”

          I missed the part where Eric said anything like that.

          “History is full of people lining up to make a buck to mass murder, incarcerate and control other people. Its the way of things.”

          You mean, like hiring on to be cops?

          “Government corruption is producing this police mafia and will NOT change until the government is straightened out.”

          I think your mind’s a’comin to you now. That sounds better than your usual claim that it ain’t the cops, it’s the crooked politicians who the dumbassed people elected, so it’s all the dumbassed peoples’ fault, etc.

          You’re starting to repeat back some of what people here have said, now work on taking it to heart.

          • Ed…if you have nothing intelligent to add….say nothing. Copying and posting with gibberish is counterproductive and meaningless.

          • Joe, Thanks so much for you kind reply. I’ll ‘say’ whatever I please, just as you do. I’ll also ‘add’ or subtract or multiply or even divide as I please.

            You’re free to just scroll past what I write. You’re not free to order me to “say nothing”. You could try asking me, “please say nothing”, but this isn’t the side of the road in Pennsylvania, and you don’t have a taser you can use here.

          • Ed, as I suspected, I don’t get all the posts. I came here to ask Joe why he willingly became part of the problem and you already dressed his ass down. Thanks. Joe, just add what Ed said…..from me. I believe that would be multiplication or in this example, just addition.

          • “Thanks. Joe, just add what Ed said…..from me. I believe that would be multiplication or in this example, just addition.”

            Ahaha… good one, 8. Next time I’ll try to have something intelligent to divide. it’ll probably still be “gibberish” to him, but at least I won’t be adding. 😉

            I think ol’ Joe manages to subtract anything intelligent from his comments before he posts.

        • Hi Joe,

          Most people rightly shun people known to be thieves, bullies – and so on. Most people regard thugs as despicable, loathsome.

          Why should cops be immune from such censure?

          The fact that they are – insofar as many people (including yourself, as per your posts) – give them a pass, excuse what they do (which they’d never do in the case of an ordinary thug, etc.) is an example of the powerful hold the myth of authority has. This idea that some people are exempt from the normal rules of human interaction and conduct because they’re in authority. That some people have more rights than others – by dint of wearing a special suit or having a special title.

          The bottom line is, no one has any business abusing other people – and those who choose to do it deserve condemnation.

          • Eric. I’m only explaining what I witnessed, like it or not thats what I experienced. I’m only relaying this to you so you will understand what needs to be done in the future. Remember….there are millions of people employed and lining up for employment in these jobs. Waiting for a miracle of morality to enlighten people is a waste of time and dangerous.

            • I understand all that Joe. But it does not excuse shitty actions done by choice – especially when they’re done under color of “the law.”

              If I came onto your property and began hectoring you about various things that were none of my business – and then threatened to make you comply – what would your reaction be?

              You see the point – hopefully.

              As I’ve written (and said) before: I am fully supportive of those who protect people’s rights. But I cannot excuse those who violate people’s rights.

              It is my hope that the activities performed as a matter of routine by police nowadays will one day be regarded in the same light as molesting kids – and those who choose to do such things treated as outcasts and pariahs.

          • Which kind of upholds the assertion of JoePA that it is the dumbassed peoples’ fault. They excuse the crimes of government; the very same government they put in power! Police are merely the club that the state wields. If Americans truly believed in liberty, this would all change. They do not. They constantly clamor for more rules and regulations. How many politicians get elected promising to repeal laws and cut government?

            • That’s true, Rich – but it does not absolve the cops, does it?

              We’re each responsible for our actions. Anyone who chooses to be a cop – and chooses to enforce arbitrary/vicious/unjust laws – is a cretin, by definition.

              By mine, anyhow.

              In fact, a cop is even more cretinous. Because he abuses people under color of law – with the backing of the state That makes him a coward in addition to a bully.

          • “Which kind of upholds the assertion of JoePA that it is the dumbassed peoples’ fault. ”

            No, it doesn’t. That argument is based on the fallacy that “we are the government”. We’re no such thing. If everyone stopped voting and the politicians were the only ones who went to the polls, there would still be a winner in every race.

            Joe says “it’s not the cops, they just do what the rotten politicians tell them to do. It’s the dumbassed people’s fault for voting them into office”.

            Nope, wrong. It’s entirely the fault of the cops. They could just refuse to do as they are told. Of course, that would involve growing a pair. Don’t hold your breath until that happens.

            The only thing the politicians can threaten us with is to sic their dogs on us. The cops and the military are their dogs.

    • Dear Joe. It’s so ENTERTAINING the way YOU capitalize random WORDS in your posts. Once YOU’RE back on your MEDS, maybe you’ll revert to your USUAL way of writing. I do, however, URGE you to seek help BEFORE you snap and kill US all.

  8. Time for a civilian protection force, just as large and powerful as the Police. One that protects “we the people” from the gangs of corporate police. One that protects the rights the people, not corporatism.

  9. This story is a gold mine. If there’s a way to make it go viral and to get it distributed it to police departments around the country, it will be an embarrassment to the profession, and the management of local police forces, not wanting to look like fools to their civilian superiors, may very well reign in this sort of stupidity if only for their own sakes.

    We had a problem like this, a cop in the next town who pulled motorists over and hassled them for nothing. After a while, the powers that be in my town told the powers that be in the next town to call off their dog or the folks in their town would get the same treatment from the cop in our town. And we knew where this cop lived, meaning it would do no good for him and family to suffer social ostracism that might even affect his kids’ grades in school (hint, hint).

    Plainly, this stop-being-a-jerk strategy doesn’t work as well in a large or mid-sized city, but in those locations there are few untraveled roads for speed trap extortion and fewer moose to collide with.

    • lee, around about 1960 this couple moved to our town and both were school teachers. The wife was one of those people who can chew you out, threaten you and never use an unkind word or lose the smile off her face. State trooper stops her and says she was speeding, didn’t know her, had out of county plates, etc. She says No, I was going 70 and he argues. About this time she noticed his badge name. She say Your name is Woods? Yes maam. I think I have your child in my class. Yes maam, that would be him. Well, you have a nice day now. Thank you. I can see her doing it now.

  10. the reflected power of the state the roadside cretins we know as ‘law enforcement officers’ bask in, use and abuse will not last forever. when the reflected power disappears, the cowards and bullies hiding behind the costume and badge will find themselves alone.

    for all the hate their attitudes and actions are garnering now, it would seem a foregone conclusion that ‘law enforcement officers’ will not be able to run far enough, fast enough when the reflected power of the state is gone and the hunter has become the hunted.

    ever see pics of the nazi guards at the concentration camps after the camps were liberated and some of the inmates had enough strength to visit upon the guards the anger built up after days/months/years of abuse? it is not pretty, but was deserved given the history.

    the cretins we call ‘law enforcement officers’ should brush up on history, resign and hope their time passes before the authoritarian veil is removed and the hunters become the hunted.

    • Kirk – the cretins we call ‘law enforcement officers’ should brush up on history, resign and hope their time passes before the authoritarian veil is removed and the hunters become the hunted.’

      Never going to happen. The LEOs are picked specifically for their lack of critical thinking. The state wants automatons not educated, moral, humans who might question their orders or have modicum of empathy or common sense. The former is a tool to enforce, the latter a threat to their power.

      You may as well try to convince a lion to be a vegetarian.

  11. Too bad he didn’t know it at the time, but not only do you not have to breathe into that box, you don’t have to do those phony “sobriety” tests either, because they are actually coordination tests. Plenty of people who don’t drink at all are simply not very coordinated, and since the tests are completely subjective, the pig can decide that you failed even if you performed flawlessly. Don’t EVER do either one.

    Of course, as he said, admitting to drinking anything at all was the camel’s nose under the tent.

    • BigM, and everybody else, I do have a few words of advice for you based on very good cause. An old man once told me had three words of advice, Deny, Deny,Deny. I told this to one of my defense lawyers who said It won’t do you any good. Wrong MF, they had to go for a much lesser charge,no thanks to your sorry ass. I’ll repeat: Deny, Deny, Deny. Anybody didn’t get that?

      • “An old man once told me had three words of advice, Deny, Deny,Deny. ”

        Yep. If you’re going to say anything at all, it should be a denial. I usually won’t say anything other than, “What can I tell you?” Anything past that would lead me into saying things that result in a beat down.

    • Sadly, in Alaska, that’s not the case. I’m not 100% sure about the coordination tests, but refusing to take the breath test is actually a “crime” that — coincidentally! — carries the same punishment as getting the DUI.

      • Darien, almost that bad in Texas. Changed the penalty so you lose your license if you don’t take some test. Not good enough for the mean ass Republican majority in the legislature here so now it’s legal for them to forcibly take your blood. They ran a little “zero tolerance”(wonder how many cops and politicians could make it with “zero tolerance”?” I think we know the answer)test the day before Thanksgiving in good old Ft. Worth(glad I never HAVE to go to the metroplex)to test it out. Ah hell, just grab your gun and shoot me cause I’m gonna try to kill your sorry ass when you say “I stopped you because you were weaving”. You know what’s coming next.

        • Want absolute diplomatic immunity?

          Drive around in a car with Mexican plates. You’re GOD if you’re illegal. They want you here–to fulfill the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

          They’re doing it openly now.

          I’m thinking I’ll get a Mexican car and just never change the plates. Wonder if I can go to the Mexican consulate and get a passport for some dolares?

          At least then when you pop the fucker the plates aren’t traceable.

          • meth, you’re a genius. Now I have the perfect plan. I’ve wanted to change my name to a spanish surname for decades and now I see how. I already know people who’ve obtained a Mexican ID while being on the run from US “authorities”. perfect.

      • Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to:
        Move the cop to a deserted area in the wilds somewhere
        Leave him to be eaten by coyotes after he bleeds out

        Yours is more effective. I think mine is too poetic.

        But off the coast of MA, there’s always a need for chum…
        “Fish are friends, not food” So I’ll have to feed the sharks. 😀

  12. A vehicle is becoming nothing more than a mobile excuse for harassment , extortion and control of the mundanes. My whole life has been a pursuit of enjoying two and four wheel hobbies. I see a future of trying to eliminate as much exposure as possible to driving in public. Unfortunately, the increasing regulatory and enforcement regimes seem to be trying to hurry me along. What will the various entities that count on the compounding revenue streams attached to individual ownership of vehicles do when people are finally forced out of that ownership by costs, regulations and downright disgust?

  13. I avoid the gang in blue polyester at all costs. They are nothing but a bunch of mafia enforcers operating under the false cloak of legitimacy when they are really all nothing but a joke. Any job where having an IQ too high disqualifies you (google it) is a job you should be ashamed to have, but since when has any gov employee ever had any shame?

    • OT, but – have you seen the series, “Shameless”?
      I like some TV, given I’m working my brain about 90% of the time. It’s hard to shut it off, and sometimes it shifts without a clutch (to the point that this transition is coherent).
      The woman, however, is an ADDICT. Needs the noise. and Shameless is a show she LOVES…

      Anyway – after watching a few episodes with her, I looked her square in the face and asked if she understood: The Elites see ALL of “Us” that way. All worthless, derelict breeders, druggies, irresponsible, childish, narcisistic, self-absorbed.
      I was told basically, Yeah, Sure, now shut up.

      These people, BTW, live on the dole, and admittedly are in Detroit. (White people. In Detroit. Who knew?)

      Yet, for the rest of us… Isn’t that what MOST of society is about?

      Parable of the monkeys: Monkeys in a tree, like a corporation – or any other heirarchical structure. The ones at the top look down, and they see nothing but smiling, happy faces.
      But the ones looking up see nothing but assholes.

      Who are the most vapid, worthless, and self-obsessed? Celebrities and teenage girls. (Room for a fair number fo men, too.)
      Who THINKS they know better than everyone else?
      Celebrities and teenagers. (Not just teenage girls.)

      Cops follow the same principle, they think they’re better than everyone else, ebcause WE aren’t THEM – even though the requirements for cops are going DOWN in IQ and morality. And, as noted – it’s PLANNED. Not an accident.

      THAT is the biggest problem I have – the dumber, nastier, more criminal element – being given the power of the state to abuse and harass and kill, without any risk or liability…
      And we’re “still smiling.”

      but you know what we see….

      • Actually, I forgot to mention one key point: The Elites are USUALLY the same as the characters from “shameless” – they just are physically cleaner at the time they do the same immoral, illegal, etc. acts.

  14. Eric,

    I’m fucking furious right now and this story has hit a nerve. The back story is as follows:

    I moved from Miami to Houston in mid August. Houston is scattered with little po-dunk independent police districts which aren’t legally considered Houston. Well one of these little independent shit holes is nestled smack dab in between work and home.

    For no reason whatsoever the speed limit on the side street I take every day drops from 35 to 30mph. There is one obscure sign posted in this section and I was new to the area…In the mad scramble to get all my government mandated inspection, emissions, registration and plates I forgot to buy the correct bolts to mount my front licence plates (which aren’t required in florida).

    I drive a 98 civic so it uses special metric bolts and has threads built into the bumper from the factory. I buy the wrong ones and can’t mount the plates. On my next day off I was going to make a trip to the hardware store and get the proper M6 metric bolts required.

    Anyways, I get nabbed on this section of road for driving 40mph in a 30mph zone. The cop notices my missing plate and in the confusion of getting all the govt. mandated paperwork plus moving into my new place I forget to switch my Florida Insurance to the Texas Ins. (Mind you its the same company and policy #) He says he’s going to do me a FAVOR and not get me for the speeding but cite me for the lack of insurance and no front plate. I try to explain and he says “explain it the the judge. Bye” I waste a day in court and have all charges dismissed.

    2 weeks ago I’m driving through this shit hole again…going 30mph and I see gumballs in my rear view again. Cop says I have a burnt out tail light (one bulb out of three) and lets me go with a warning.

    Tonight I am driving home from the GF’s place and I see someone pulled over by two cars. I’m doing 30mph and I move over to leave one empty lane between me and the pigs. Well I’ll be god damned…I get pulled over AGAIN. The reason? I moved over but I didn’t SLOW DOWN!!!!! The fucking pigs exact words were “If you would have at least attempted to slow down to 25mph I wouldn’t have stopped you”

    This guy wasn’t so nice. Moving Violation for Passing and Authorized Emergency Vehicle.

    I now have to drive 3 miles out of my way every day to avoid this extortion. Don’t even get me started on the courthouse experience….

      • Spring Valley Village. The courthouse was one room on the side of the shiny new town hall over flowing with black and brown people who barely spoke English.

        On a side note…guess when my new court date is? MAY 15TH 2014. I wonder why??? I can guess two reasons; they have so many traffic citations they can’t handle the volume or to increase the odds of you forgetting to attend so they can slap you with even more fines (probably both).

      • I have seen the “two car setup” out here in California since they enacted the most fuzzy passing a traffic stop law.

        Make sure you read the wording of the law to fight the ticket. I would say he hung himself by saying 25 vs 30 MPH. Make them work for it.

        • Here is the law:

          What confuses me is the wording. #1 states vacate the lane closest (which I did) but #2 says OR 20mph less than posted speed limit.
          Does this mean I didn’t have to slow down IF I moved over one lane?

          approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle using visual
          signals that meet the requirements of Sections 547.305 and 547.702,
          an operator, unless otherwise directed by a police officer, shall:
          (1) vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle
          when driving on a highway with two or more lanes traveling in the
          direction of the emergency vehicle; or
          (2) slow to a speed not to exceed:
          (A) 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed
          limit when the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour or more; or
          (B) five miles per hour when the posted speed
          limit is less than 25 miles per hour.

          • My reading of the statute comports with yours — it says you need to slow down only if you don’t move over. So either the cop didn’t know the law (wouldn’t surprise me) or he figured you’d roll over (would surprise me even less)

          • I agree with you that ‘or” is the keyword. The cop was, of course, full of shit as cops tend to be. Yes, I just made a blanket statement. 😉

          • That stupid ” passing an emergency vehicle” law is gonna get somebody killed, if it hasn’t already. I live in SW Virginia and I-81 is crazy enough already, now every time one of these ass holes pull somebody over you have to freak out and make unnessacery lane changes at high speed into an already crowded lane just so they feel more comfortable while they rob your neighbors.

          • Tony, I’ve said that a million times. I’m sure it’s created many multi-vehicle wrecks, injuries and deaths. I-20 is a great example since they work that thing like a red-headed step child. You’re driving along and going a bit faster than a line of trucks in the slow lane and then constantly looking behind you because there’s plenty of vehicles going faster than you. You keep coming up on the slower traffic and while you’re trying to see if you can get in the fast lane the trucks have all just backed out and slowed by quite a bit so you see the trooper with someone stopped and you’re still not in the passing lane but not where you can slow down either since nobody behind you is expecting you to stand on the brakes and they can’t see the damned “emergency” vehicle either. Of course there are two since they have stopped someone for the very reason they’re setting up someone else to get caught on. They began doing this in Tx. with nary a heads up for the public till a few months had gone by and everybody was thoroughly pissed for getting screwed. There are many known places they can stop with their lights on and the people behind a truck don’t have a clue they’re there. I get mad every time I think about it. It ends with traffic all slamming on their brakes and cars veering like crazy and for what, a goddamned donut eater collecting revenue.

          • Eight south man
            I know the exact situation you just described, it’s like any kind of regulation/intervenvention. They cause a problem then ticket you and endanger you and act like it’s for your own good. Not much you can do about it but I still try. I hooked up a cb in my work vehicle and I alert people to the 20 of the tax feeders. And it’s fun talking to people on the way to work, nobody hates the bears like a trucker trying to do his job. It’s a lot better then listening to national Pravda radio and yelling at your radio on the way to work.

          • It doesn’t matter what the law states, only what the officer feels at the time of the incident, and the judge’s mood during your show trial. The days of using the law to defend yourself have come and gone. As Bush the Lesser said, the constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper. These thugs will do whatever they please, whenever they please and your only hope for any sort of justice is that you get any egregious actions recorded on YouTube.
            I cheer every time a cop dies “in the line of duty”.

          • Well, already it’s worth running in some cases…
            With airbags and crumple zones, maybe “ramming speed” is just around the corner?

            Run one over, act dazed and confused when the other comes tot he door to arrest you, and blow his nuts off when he yanks you out of the car?
            Even if he survives, he won’t be reproducing… 😀
            And if you only fire one shot, you’re a moron. 😉

          • “As Bush the Lesser said, the constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper.”

            Yep, that’s really how the “rulers” view it. Thinking of the Constitution as a protection against tyranny is kind of like viewing a painted line on the pavement as a protective barrier.

            I remember Redd Foxx in one of his routines, saying that:

            “You better watch out when you cross the street, I ain’t lyin’. They’ll kill yo’ ass. That white line ain’t goan stop no car. Shit, that’s just to give the Poe lease a point to measure from, to see how far yo’ body was flung; to see if yo’ family wins a turkey. ”

            “I cheer every time a cop dies “in the line of duty”.”

            What most people don’t realize is that most cops “killed in the line of duty” crash a patrol car while driving like a glue-huffing teenager. So few of them are killed by criminals (or by righteous people in self defense) that you’d have to wait most of your life for it to happen to a local Porky where you live.

          • ” now every time one of these ass holes pull somebody over you have to freak out and make unnessacery lane changes at high speed into an already crowded lane just so they feel more comfortable while they rob your neighbors.”

            Bingo, Tony. Emergency Vehicle’s ass. If it’s an emergency vehicle, why is it being used for non-emergency purposes on a congested, high speed highway? I’d like to ask them, where’s the fuckin emergency in pulling people over to rob them of a few hundred bucks?

            I guess they see their tax shortfall as a fiscal emergency that would justify them endangering and killing hundreds of citizens a day in order to keep their gravy train rolling.

          • ” It ends with traffic all slamming on their brakes and cars veering like crazy and for what, a goddamned donut eater collecting revenue.”

            8, some cops who patrol I-85 on a long stretch of rural land will actually leave their damned cars parked out in the traffic lane a foot or so when ticketing somebody. That’s to give them some sense of protection against one of us taxpayers “driving HUA (head up ass)”.

            Nevermind that this practice causes crashes that result in the Porker being killed along with several innocent travelers. The retarded “Emergency Vehicle Safety” statute was partly meant to address this cop created hazard, though troopers still do it anyway.

            There are overpasses named in memory of troopers who were killed doing this, but no memorials for the people they caused to die with them when they pull such a bonehead move.

          • Ed, “What most people don’t realize is that most cops “killed in the line of duty” crash a patrol car while driving like a glue-huffing teenager. ”
            No shitsky. In the county I live in there are just two tiny towns….barely. I was going to say “my” or “our” county but fuck that, I’ve been tortured in jail here so it ain’t too proprietary for me.
            About a decade ago we had so much “drug money” obtained from illegal searches(who? anyone with out of county tags)the sheriff’s dept decided to get all new 4WD Tahoes instead of a car the idiots wouldn’t kill themselves in. Right off, a little fender bender at the DQ, no big deal, nobody hurt. So? Why should that matter? Occifer Barney had to haul ass up to the scene in his brand new shiny Tahoe and roll the fucker right there on top of the minor accident. Everybody’s just standing there watching this idiot confirm their suspicions. Yeehaww, boy, we got protection now. A couple years ago they had to give up their canine unit and now are just barely paying the fuel bill.

          • ” Occifer Barney had to haul ass up to the scene in his brand new shiny Tahoe and roll the fucker right there on top of the minor accident. ”

            That’s funny as shit. I can just see it now. ahaha.

            Hey, occifer. You allright? You should been wearing your seatbelt and you wouldn’t be on the headliner with knots all over your head. ahaha

          • 8:

            Similar thing happened up here just recently. We had an ice storm, and the roads were pretty rough, and somebody ran off the road on the Parks highway. No big deal; nobody was hurt, he just had his right wheels in the ditch and couldn’t get moving again. So along comes a cop in one of their ridiculous “emergency rescue” SUVs, whipping down the road to “help,” and he’s going too fast to stop. So he ends up fishtailing, takes off one of the stranded guy’s mirrors, puts a big dent in the car, and pushes it even farther into the ditch! Thanks for the “emergency rescue,” officer!

    • Hi Pedro,

      Infuriating. I’m pissed, too.

      I have said this repeatedly, but once more:

      I have no desire to see things devolve into violence; like most people, I’d like to be able to just live my damn life and be left in peace – and extend the same courtesy to others.

      But pricks such as the ones you’re dealing with keep pushing. Eventually, there is going to be push back.

      Bullies – whether on the playground or in funny costumes – never seem to get it. They have no idea how much hatred people feel for them.

      Until the day it finally explodes in their faces.

      • Eric – “Until the day it finally explodes in their faces.”

        At which time the ignorant, moronic, infantile sheep will bleat for ‘more officer protection’ and ‘harsher terms for offenders’.

        By the time the sheep wake up (assuming that is even possible) they will have demanded so much ‘protection’ that they will have lost the opportunity to revolt. They build their own prison day by day, through ignoring the violation of basic human rights by the state. Worse, they will call for their own jailers to kill you for pointing it out.

        I actually don’t blame the elites for shearing the sheep. They may be sociopaths and evil, but it’s not like they hide it, it’s just that the masses don’t pay attention or care and they are comfortably entertained and satiated. Or should that be sedated? Maybe both.

        Bread and Circuses. Seems only about 1 in 10 seem to be able to define what this means when asked, highlighting how bad it is.

      • I feel the exact same way Eric. I put on the puppy dog face…sucking up and saying “sowwie suh” but I was boiling with rage under the skin. I knew that if I would have said what was on my mind I would have spent the night in jail or been facing a long line of bullshit tickets.

        The next time I get pulled over I will not play stupid nor will I just roll over to their extortion. I will let them know exactly whats on my fucking mind.

        • Last time I got pulled – about two years ago – I was on the way to the gym with my wife in the passenger seat. A Clover in a big SUV pulled out right in front of me and then did the typical Clover thing: Barely moved forward (no doubt to “save gas” in his 14 MPG $65,000 Yukon Denali)so I broke left and punched it to get around him. My bad luck, a cop happened to be in the vicinity and saw me “speed” to get around the Clover. Scrawny little prick about 24 or so, I’d guess. He had all kinds of attitude – especially about my failure to wear a seat belt for “safety.” The urge to stomp this guy was almost overwhelming and I was pulsing with hate. My wife – who knows the signs – was trying to placate the cop (and me). Bless her – I guess. Had she not been there, I might not be here today. I really was on the verge of doing a Bruce Banner. And that little buzz cut fuck would not have liked me when I get angry.

    • Until you revealed it was Spring Valley Bumfuckville, I thought you were talking about Bellaire near where I live in Houston.

      These fucking cowards, little carrion-eating bullies, camp out exactly on their “city” line and trap productive people on their way to work early in the morning…y’know, so they can work longer, to pay the taxes, that pay these fucking parasites’ wages!

      (Sam Kinison RIP) Oooh! AAAAAARGH!

      I get nailed by them routinely. Little podunk kangaroo court. The “judge” is this sniveling fat bitch with a speech impediment, it’s really, really hard to suppress the snickering as she speaks. Therefore they have three porky pigs in the courtroom ready to pounce on “contempt of court”.

      I scheduled a jury trial for an out-of-date inspection sticker on a car I don’t even own.

      Then I told her I was going to inform the jury of their right to nullify. After scolding me for “subverting the system”–don’t worry, I gave her the full-on lecture about how jury nullification freed slaves, was she against that?–she told me this:

      “Keep in mind that jury is chosen from Bellaire residents who are none too happy to be on jury duty for a traffic ticket…and I know most of them personally

      In other words, she openly stated she owns the jury pool.

      I hope she has a really serious fall soon. Who knows, perhaps a severe facial fracture will fix that god-awful speech impediment.

      • As that’s on the court record, wouldn’t it be grounds for immediate change of venue and recusal of the judge.
        Refusal given that record of actions is grounds for both mistrial and appeal.

        Flooding the place with saran gas would be great, too, or putting ricin in their coffee pots, or dropping napalm on her home, at night… From a drone…

        Oh, wait, you’d have to be Obama to get away with that. 😛

        We are living in tyranny; the question now is, what do we DO about it?

        Microcosm, macroscosm, who gives a f*ck? If you will let the camel’s nose in the tent, soon enough – the camel takes over.

        • If it were a larger issue, I’d go after it more aggressively. But expired registration isn’t my 2nd Amendment, for instance–and I’m a contractor so being in their little sideshow costs me big bucks.

          Better overall to cut my losses on that one, hand the lawyer a few bucks, get a reduced fine and go work extra hours.

          Take that money and put it toward a bigger fight for liberty.

          But let’s say I’d been arrested for protesting pro-2nd-A, or for filming a cop; I’d take it as far as I could afford.

          • I mean no disrespect, but I’ll point out: you’re allowing the camels into your tent.

            And we all do that, myself included.

            We shouldn’t. I’m realizing more and more, we shouldn’t.

            Which is why it’s now necessary to look at a “Reset button,” instead of just telling off the idiot who’s causing problems.

          • Bellaire, TX Dental Surgeon/Mayor Phil Nauert, may someone knock all his teeth out.

            May he get rectal gingivitis and an impacted abscessed sphincter. Freaking cavity creep must get off searching constituent’s cavities.


            I’m baffled why this potential producer became a cocksucking parasite?

      • @meth – Light them up….and create a record for appeal.
        Your honor, for the record, I request a change of venue.
        What is your reason?
        You have a conflict of interest your honor. Your salary comes directly from my fines and penalties. You have a confIict of interest in my case, and I believe a prejudice. I request a change of venue (or dismissal).

        • Garysco, I got a ticket once(DWI)and I was the only sober one in the car. Then the trooper had my wife drive and she was blitzed. We were in a friends car with both them there, drunker than cooter brown and I had been asleep, just gotten up. But he sees us leave a bar and it’s about 3/8 mile to the highway and about every 100 feet the two wasted old ladies would scream like banshees for me to stop. I told ’em I was going to get a ticket cause of their shit but it did me no good. I get to the highway, see a car in the distance and said Shit, those are Mustang headlights and that’s the DPS. Well, what to do, either way, I”m screwed. So I just turn onto the highway and get up to speed and drive normally. I see the a hole easing up on me so when his little red spotlight came on I just said “Oh shit”. I would have said more to those women but hell, they were drunk. First words out of his mouth “The reason I stopped you was because you were weaving”. That was my sign. I wasn’t weaving and we all knew it but asshole he was, the lie came easily. I was hoping he had stopped me for the back of the car looking like it had been in a gun battle even though it was new. A guy had hit it with a rotary hoe on the back of a tractor when it was parked downtown and left this stitch of holes across the read. So he takes me to the office and I didddle and dawdle trying to get hold of an attorney I had never used to ask about taking a breath test. He told me just to do whatever I thought I should. Well, fuck you very much, you won’t be getting my money so I declined since I had already played with a breathalyzer at the sheriff’s dept in Williamson county where a friend had taken a job to protect a bunch of people he was in cahoots with running large amounts of pot. I took a bite of onion and fairly pegged that sucker. I had that in mind when I declined since everything we ate made it go ape. Turns out the arresting occifer’s wife is the head of the local MADD and a bible beating Baptist to boot. I found out he wouldn’t appear in court because his word was no good. So I just made everybody happy, plead to DIP, paid a big ass fine and left the county(Childress, don’t ever get stopped there). I talked to the jailer all night when I was in jail and she said I didn’t appear to be drunk in any way but my eyes were pinned. That might have had something to do with the desoxyn I had taken earlier. I read 4 paperbacks and sang lots of old slave oppression songs that night to great applause. I did my best Porgy and Bess when I did Old Black Joe and got a good hand. Thank you, thank you very much. One of the best parts was the only view I had outside was over the cemetery ha ha ha ha.

          • @8- Your last brought back an incident from centuries ago.

            One fine Saturday night in So. Central I get a call of a bar fight at the local cowboy/ blue collar bar. Go inside and sh’o nuff this big guy is punching out anyone that came on his radar. People freaking, the bar tender freaking…. I think what to do? Ok, no way out. Excuse me sir, you will have to come with me. Next scene is a real life WWF knock down furniture breaking event, where he is not loosing against three cops. He finally looses the match and gets put into the car. Scene at the station – me with torn up uniform, bruised and battered, and blood from the face area. Him, about the same only a little more damage and two swollen eyes. The booking cage had about 5 others already inside when I shove him in. I get the paper forms out and start wring names etc. when he comes up to the wire screen between us. “We had a pretty good time didn’t we? You guys put up a good fight too. So when are you letting me out? Turned out he was some sort of rebuilder/ mechanic for Freightliner’s transmission shop in Texas, and could quote exact weights of each transmission they made. Texas, huh? The whole place is now laughing loudly. Ah the good old days.

            A sure test for DUI levels you can do with your friends (and women passengers). Hold a pencil vertical 3 or 4 inches in front of their nose. Have them put one hand over either eye. Tell them to keep facing forward, but follow the pencil with their uncovered eye as you move it towards the ear. When you get to the edges a DUI’s eye will bounce like a ball. The more booze the sooner the bounce. If sober the eye will not bounce.

    • Pedro, I recall Methylamine’s advice for these types of things in Houston from a previous comment thread:

      “My strategy? Enjoy the hell out of life, and defend yourself–Valentine One for radar, Laser Interceptor to jam lasers. Constant vigilance; after years of doing this I can smell bacon a mile away.

      I get a ticket roughly every two years, and it’s always on secondary streets, minding my own business, for stupid things like not having a front license plate…with which I will never mar my car to give the Exalted Ones another laser target.

      Those tickets go straight to Kubosh’s law firm where they disappear for a measly fifty bucks.”

      Might want to ask him about it!

      • Yup, Kubosh. I didn’t even know they represented people in the Bellaire court, or I would have hired them.

        They are deadly in the main Houston court and they are creating beachheads in nearby municipalities.

        Good people. The senior Kubosh was the one who started the campaign against red-light cameras in Houston…and we won!

        No more red-light cameras. Buh-bye.

        I was a little sad I never got to try my formula for thermite on one of them.

      • Thanks for all the help. I contacted Kubosh’s law firm and they will be representing me in this matter.

        I sell cars and I cannot be taking off an entire day to waste my time sitting in a court room filing a “not guilty” plea.

        • Excellent!

          The scrofulous shitbags of municipal “justice” have it all figured out. They waste your time by making you show up at 8, sit around forever waiting for 100 other people to be called; then enter a plea.

          THEN you might get to set a trial date that day, but you’ll probably have to come back another day for the trial.

          In Bellaire, you then come back to discover it’s only a pre-trial “hearing”–another chance to wear you down and make you pay the ticket.

          Because after THAT hearing, they’ll set an actual trial date.

          Three days in court.

          They’ve got all the time (yours) and money (yours) in the world.

  15. Aging Baby-Boomes members of the NRA who have terminal illnesses and only a few months to live ought to be the first-line of defense against tyranny, corrupt politicians, and jack-booted cops.

  16. It is almost to the point that pulling out your 7.62 AR (this homey don’t play 5.56) and taking care of the situation pro-actively is the safer option. Almost.

    Because as the percentages of encounters like the New Mexican Ass Patrol and Child-Van Shooter’s Club, and this one, begin to predominate you’re almost better off actively and pro-actively defending yourself.

    It’s no different than being approached by a dangerous predator on a hiking expedition.

    The only fly in the ointment is the response of the rest of their gang. What to do about the surveillance equipment in their car? What if they’ve radio’ed your plate in already?

    Does their surveillance equipment upload their video live, or is it just stored on a hard drive in their car? If the latter, now you have a car- and body-disposal problem.

      • Yeah, it’s that bad!–not that being in agreement with you is bad, Jean 🙂

        I’m a huge advocate of the infowar, and forcing the PTB to reveal their ultimate methods–brute force, violence, deception, predation, and oppression–for the masses to see and wake up.

        But I’m also a huge advocate of living and keeping my children alive and un-enslaved.

        So when push comes to shove–and we can all feel the hand on our backs–I will practice self-preservation.

        Let’s not go out looking for the confrontation. But if it’s war they want, it’s war they’ll get.

    • Does their surveillance equipment upload their video live, or is it just stored on a hard drive in their car?

      If you’ve been stopped while driving and have non-phony plates on your car, your tag number at least has already been relayed to other criminals before the cop approaches you. At least I think that’s the practice in most states.

  17. Don’t take it personally. Only one more DUI and he would have won the traffic departments prize of the week – a new XBox and Grand Theft Auto 4.

  18. Message to Police – Josie Outlaw

    On Being An Outlaw

    Why Good People Should Be Armed

    – Make no mistake American, you are a member of the worst group of people on the planet. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

    • Dear Tor,

      Left a comment.

      Bevin Chu
      1 hour ago

      In the past, gun rights advocates were often afraid to argue that the real reason for public gun ownership was to resist “their own” government.

      My hat is off to Josie Outlaw for having the guts to speak the truth. Gun rights are not about duck hunting. They never were. They are about defending ourselves against those who would enslave us, one increment at a time, one law at a time, through creeping tyranny.

      Since 9/11 the creeping tyranny has become galloping tyranny. The silver lining? Formerly oblivious members of the public have been alerted to the danger and are no longer as passive as they once were.
      Reply ·

      • Hey Bevin,
        Been wondering what you have been up to, aside from posting excellent comments, as on this thread. I seem to bump into you about once every three or four years. Regards, Mark Humphrey…Montana

        • Dear Mark,

          Holy shit! Talk about old times!

          How ya been? I remember you talking a lot about Montana.

          I’m in Taipei now, in the Taiwan Region of the Republic of China.

        • Mark–are you in “The Redoubt” up there in Montana?

          Buddy of mine just bought some property about 40 minutes west of Bozeman in some foothills.

          Keeps telling me it’s time to bug out, too…I just can’t decide between bugging out American country style, or just pulling up roots and going to Chile to sit out the collapse.

          • meth, check out the Sovereign Man’s eletter today. What you learn there is worth filing away and maybe help you make that decision one day.

        • Hi Mark,

          How long have you been up there? Or are you native? I’ve been through Bozeman and Billings and other parts of the state. Beautiful country. I often regret not having moved there. It might just be far enough away from the shit storm that’s brewing.

  19. When I was a kid(12-20y/o) I KNEW every cop existed for one purpose only; to ruin my day and arrest me if they could. Then I grew up and acted as if cops were not only good but needed. I’m back to being a kid again now, thank God.


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