Trend Analyst: “Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities”

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Mac Slavo
April 6th, 2014

If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. He’s covered topics that include everything from the massive college debt bubble and the future of real estate,  to water wars and what it will look like on the day the U.S. dollar finally crashes.

In the following interview Daniel shares a wealth of knowledge and takes a practical approach for how to thrive personally and financially during an economic collapse.

This is a must-watch guide from an extremely well informed source and delves into a wide range of scenarios such as what happens with our currency and our systems of commerce within two weeks of a collapse, as well as the months that follow.

As highlighted in the video, preparing for a worst-case scenario isn’t just about putting food in your pantry, but involves a dynamic strategy depending on your specific circumstances, capabilities and needs.

Yes, there will be riots in major cities… Yes, the U.S. is going to lose its dominance in the world…

In 2008… I think that was just the beginning… That was scratching the surface of what’s to come… the truth was almost revealed.

Within the next five, not later than ten years, I think the truth is going to come out… It’s fraudonomics… Everything is built on fraud and manipulation… and I think once this thing hits and once it comes out, and the U.S. dollar loses its reserve status, or at least there’s a change in the global currency system, I think Americans are in for a huge shock. 

(Watch at Future Money Trends)

If the U.S. does poorly and the economy goes into some type of monetary crisis these things [hard assets and resources] are going to be dramatically risen because people will be looking for value. Just like Warren Buffet buys railroad companies… he’s getting rid of those dollars and buying assets.

The first thing I would get [if a collapse were imminent and days away]… hopefully, number one, I’m at home… of course last minute food… fresh foods… it might be the last time you’re getting apples for a few weeks, depending on how bad it is…

What’s the currency in two weeks? This is a tough one. If it gets really bad the currency in some cities could be sex, alcohol, tobacco, food certainly, water certainly…

In a general sense, what would the government do? The government will have to come out with a new currency… I don’t think the free market’s going to supply the new currency only because the government won’t let it.

… For sure silver will be used… ammunition… and again, the collapse could be on so many levels. The worst case scenario would be where there’s a complete breakdown… and that wouldn’t probably come from an economic collapse… that would probably be more like somebody striking at our energy… our utility system… and EMP.

I think if we had a lack of power in major cities, and all of a sudden the millions of people in Los Angeles aren’t able to feed their children, or turn the stove on… that’s when you have a major crisis.

Will this last for two or three weeks? That’s very possible.

Will it last for months? Much less likely, unless we’re talking about a global event.

As we’ve discussed in detail over many years, there are a whole host of scenarios that could lead to a complete meltdown in our infrastructure and systems of commerce. The bottom line is that whatever happens, should supply lines be disrupted for even a few days on a national level, there would be widespread panic across this entire country.

Those are the worst case scenarios and they are certainly plausible.

Other possibilities include what we’re already seeing happen in the United States right here and now – a continued degradation of the middle class. That trend is likely to continue unabated and may require a slightly different approach than preparing for a post-Apocalyptic scenario:

I think it’s definitely in their [government] interest for us not to be smart, well thought out thinkers out there. Because then you’re a Libertarian and an anarchist and that’s the last thing you want.

They want you to feel good about the government pointing a gun at somebody else’s head, taking their money and taking their stuff and redistributing it to everybody else.

Is it their goal for us to be impoverished? Probably not too much.

They don’t want us to be too poor to where we have revolution. But they also don’t want us to be too wealthy and smart to where there’s a revolution or the realization that we don’t need the government or the bureaucrats regulating our daily activities.

I’m very optimistic, but I have to admit I’m very realistic.

When this shock happens, I definitely see a situation where there could be rioting in the streets… so even though I want people to thrive, I think the first thing we do is we prepare.

I tell people, ‘you prepare for the worst, but then you’ve got to look at the next twenty or thirty years.

For years I identified with being a ‘Doomsday Prepper,’ and I would bet everyone in my life would call me a Doomsday Prepper because of what I’ve done… But, the thing is you don’t want to get stuck on it.

We’re going into the depression. The U.S. is going to change dramatically… how we make our money… how we save for later in life… how we teach our children… It’s all going to change… I don’t want to wait for it to change.

I’m changing now.

The winds of change are all around us. There are a wide array of potential scenarios that every concerned person should be looking at and preparing for. But that doesn’t mean we have to live our lives in a constant state of fear of the unknown.

It’s got to be more than just preparing for the worst and being stuck in that state… The new economy that’s out there… you’ve got to choose your own destiny. 

Daniel Ameduri

Future Money Trends


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  1. I never understand the problems the Kardashians pose. I understand not according them any authority, but what is the issue with watching them?

    Perhaps, it is because this vicarious watching of celebrities living normal lives is all they intend to allow us. The Kardashians are similar to franchise sports, they are partially free market, so they have to be respect, though certainly a critique of them is likewise free market.

    Kim Kardashian gives birth on Keeping Up With The OuterPartians

    No children or vacations of your own proles. Your benevolent elites allow you to watch reality show royalty engage in real life. That is all we will permit. Back to your telescreens.

    Are Kardashians Inner or Outer Party Members?

    Papparazis, the exact sort of bottom feeder bottom of the barrel capitalists and spies a police state will allow to exist.

    Kourtney Kardashian And Her Kids Attend A Birthday Party

    2 minutes of hate against reality TV, celebrities, Amoricons, Eurosexuals, Rooskies, terrorists, bankers, CEOs, union members, conservatives, republicans, democrats, liberals, welfare, middle men, warmongers, smokers, overeaters, anorexics, non-smokers, price gougers, cheap megamarters, old people, kids, middle-aged people, bad drivers, good drivers, rule breakers, rule makers, rule followers, ooo 2 minutes is not even gonna be long enough for all my hate

    • RE: “what is the issue with watching them?”

      It’s just like with using a cell phone (for many) it’s – connection to importance – a way to feel self-important, a mini-star.

      I read an article about it once, I’ve forgotten the meat of it.
      They do it (watch stars, talk on cell phones) to feel like stars themselves.

      Sports is the same… for most. Imho.

      I’ve been thinking abut how that article I linked to above mentioned the trophies and plaques showcased in High School in a prominent way. I imagine most every High School is the same.

      I remember the way I felt the first time I saw them. Seeing the photos of the athletes who had achieved records long before I walked through the doors, it was … I cannot describe it.
      All I can say is, it was a very powerful thing. And, I’m glad I escaped it.

    • What? Tor, you left out the most important news of the day –

      Prince George, 8 months old, has a playdate with some very important babies! The royal baby will join his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, for a public engagement in New Zealand.

    • It’s not a problem in the sense that FedGov launching another war is a problem… but the former does contribute to the latter.

      A vacuous citizenry cannot be an independent and free citizenry.

      The Kardashians – et al – are part of the Proletarianization Program. Turn the general public into imbeciles. Dupes, who are so consumed with celebrity/sports and titillation that they literally cannot think. They know nothing beyond whatever pretty shiny thing is dangled before their eyes at any given moment. They are immersed in a perpetual childhood . . . and the concept children implies parents.

      ‘Nuff said.

      • The Kardashians and Duck Dynastians are anti-fragile – N.N. Taleb

        Reality-star entertainers such as the Kardashians or the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty, tend to be antifragile because any received publicity – positive or negative – works to their favor by expanding their fame and fortune.

        Like a science fiction Blob, the more you attack them, the stronger they grow. They are a more powerful force even than the US Military. They have no vulnerabilities or weaknesses to speak of.
        – – – –

        Nuclear generals, while ostensibly “powerful” in the conventional sense, operate at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum of the Kardashians in hyperfragile land. Any aberrant behavior or misstep can immediately lead to their downfall:

        In Antifragile, Nassim Taleb describes antifragility as follows:

        Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty.

        The exact opposite of fragile, let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better the more you abuse and attack it.

        Objectivist Living Forum – Kardashians vs. Military

    • That’s one thing I learned exclusively here. The true nature of sports and how incompatible franchised sports are with voluntary values and laissez faire, at least in their current form.

      I can sit through them, the same way I can sit through some congressional footage. But they’re not much better entertainment than watching politicians planning the hunger games, I’m afraid.

      Insofar as they are at least partially private enterprise, I don’t wish to infringe on anyone’s consumer experience. But I don’t see any upside to watching them.

      I don’t want to be forced to pay for others entertainment, but given the list of things I’m forced to pay for, its near the bottom of the things I have a problem with.

      • Dear Tor,

        I agree. To the extent that they are private sector activities, no objection from an NAP perspective.

        There is still of course the collectivist social psychology behind franchised sports. This has been discussed at EPA before. Sports as thinly-veiled warfare. Stadiums as coliseums for gladiatorial combat. Panem et circenses as depicted in THG.

        Also, for some franchised sports at least, there is a very considerable “public sector,” i.e., goonvermin coercion investment in stadium construction with taxpayer monies.

      • Sports also provide a fine distraction from issues that actually affect our lives. It amazes me to see people who can recite endless sports statistics and life details of their athletic heroes, but can’t tell you the name of their congressman.
        Celebrity worship is another distraction. So many people can provide intimate details about the “slut of the month”, but can’t name the US vice president.
        All the better for those who strive to manipulate and control the populace. It’s little wonder that journalism is a lost art in this country. A horrifying number of people prefer to follow TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and other, similar examples of excrement. If not that, then sports shows take precedence over any actual relevant information.
        The dumbing-down of America is right on schedule.

        • Amen, Randy.

          Watching a game is one thing; obsessing over the fortunes of “our” team – worrying whether “we” are going to make the playoffs . . . that’s as demented and sad as the 42-year-old virgins who play Dungeons & Dragons in mom’s basement.

        • Dear Randy,

          It is sad they don’t know which puppets rule over them and utterly control their lives by proxy for hidden masters.

          And also the corrupt nature that places one class of beings over another in a brute force hierarchical manner.

          Clark County NV Federal Offices
          Current Elected Officials

          Perhaps if I were allowed to vote on which gang members were in charge of the local gangs, that too would be empowering?

          Just knowing one’s elected leaders is no better than knowing a bunch of sports stats. You have to grasp the essence of how you are ruled and what costs and benefits being ruled entails.

          This planet is ruined in large part because we have turned all higher beings into pitiful neutered unsullied army monstrosities. First we came for the animals. Then the natives. Now the rank and file of humanity. Who will be left to stand up for us?

          Who are these people who fear pets and livestock being able to reproduce without their permission.
          Cities are terrible, and we’ve managed to make almost the whole world a barren city, no sentient beings in competition anywhere.

          The looting and rioting will come, because long ago, those at the top decreed that any who might compete with them must be struck down.

          Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

          “War is Peace, which explains that slogan-title’s meaning, by reviewing how the global super-states were established: The United States merged with the British Empire and Latin America to form Oceania; the USSR absorbed continental Europe to form Eurasia; and Eastasia emerged “after a decade of confused fighting”, with China’s annexation of Japan, Korea and parts of Mongolia and Tibet.

          In various alliances, they have warred for twenty-five years. Yet the perpetual war is militarily nonsensical, because “it is a warfare of limited aims between combatants who are unable to destroy one another, have no material cause for fighting and are not divided by any genuine ideological difference”, since each is a totalitarian state.

          Scientific advance is held carefully in check, as the Party does not want to allow for any unaccounted abundance of goods, which could conceivably raise the quality of life beyond bare subsistence for the Proles.

          The only technological advances permitted are in mind control and genocide, the twin goals of each of the superstates. Once mind control is perfected, the superstates are free to destroy their counterparts in a theoretical single, decisive strike that precludes retaliation.

          Technological advancement, even in war, can be counterproductive to the goals of the Party; none of the superstates are a true threat to each other, as they all must exist in a state of permanent limited war to survive.

          By harnessing the hysteria of war and demand for self-sacrifice, each of the nations declare war not on each other but on their own populace, who are kept ignorant, on the brink of starvation, and overworked.”

          – Permanent limited war also allows for the Party to divert attention away from domestic concerns and their failures. Instead of promises of an “easy, safe life”, Orwell believed that the populace requires heroic nationalism.

          Thus, war becomes a psychological tool to establish a kind of ironic “peace”, a stasis where progress is impossible and nothing ever changes, except for the possibility of eventual global conquest.

          – We can reverse this on an individual level. And from there, individual germinations might take root and grow a new kind of freedom.

          See your inner totalitarian. Why is there such intense hatred of drunks, skirt chasers, and loudmouths.

          If you hate the sound of children fighting and roughhousing, it is you who is one of the walking dead. Not the other guy, who’s belief system is slightly less logical than yours.

          The struggle isn’t to impose some new belief system onto the world to replace the old one. The struggle is to stop wanting to impose systems of control in the first place.

          Where are the bison, the wildcats, the hooting whooping Indians, and the fierce packs of wolves and coyotes.

          Why are most such cowardly psychopaths that they’re rather see such creatures neutered and even holocausted? Why do they desire only a computer and robot internet reality.

          Especially when the world itself was once and interconnected superbioway within our living memories.

          Why are you squeemish metrosexuals all so afraid of getting spit on yourselves?

          I for one sure miss that wilder world of Bernadette Peterses roaming free range, and many other creatures hotly pursuing her and other large game in a frenzied real life world of mud and blood and muscle and flesh.

          • “Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”…hidden by the facade of two party- one team democracy.

            As Bevin said – BINGO!

        • Dear Randy,

          Yeah, it’s mind-boggling the utterly meaningless crap the sheeple obsess over.

          Heads down, buried in their iPhones, while “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

          Tweeting about their fleeting, unformed, undigested, unorganized “thoughts” instead of pausing and taking the time out to actually make conceptual links and create hierarchical order.

        • @Randy – You mean the HBO / ESPN’ers wouldn’t know or care what this means to their paycheck dollars:

          Have They Decided To “Get Out Of The Way?”
          Author : Bill Holter
          Published: April 9th, 2014

          Yesterday the Wall Street journal wrote that Goldman Sachs may be in the process of shutting down their “Sigma X” dark pool clearing. Little more than 2 weeks ago they first announced that they would no longer “play” in the HFT games and followed this by announcing they would give up their “Designated Market Maker” status on the NYSE. Why, what’s up with this?

          Speculation on my part but it seems to me like “they know.” They know that something VERY BIG is afoot. This “something” could be one of many possibilities but a firm like Goldman Sachs who has gorged at the table of American financial plenty forever would never ever leave if there was still food at the table. Please remember that they are second only to JPM with their “trading” prowess over the last few years. They have had less than a handful of “losing days” while JPM has had 1,300+ straight days of trading gains without a single loss. I have written on this before and won’t go into it again but I will say that this is absolutely impossible. This track record could never mathematically or statistically happen except where the casino is “rigged” with an iron fist.

          Maybe this is exactly what Goldman is looking at. Maybe they see that the “iron fist” is just beginning to or will lose its grip? Maybe they see that regulators cannot look the other way anymore? Maybe their “profits” have gotten skinny and they are making a business decision that the only thing left is bone as the flesh and muscle have already been consumed? Maybe they feel like they are expending too much “effort” and not being “paid” for this effort. Maybe they feel like there are just too many markets with “loose threads” hanging out there to keep track of? Maybe they feel like the “weight” of painting all markets 24/7 to keep the rig in place has gotten too heavy for them? Or, maybe it’s a little of all of the above and they know what is coming and have decided to simply “get out of the way?” “Getting out of the way” would be my guess…

          Zero Hedge wrote yesterday and pointed out a quote in Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys” that the co-heads of Goldmans global markets said, “Unless there are some changes, there’s going to be a massive crash, a flash crash times ten.“ Think about this for a moment, the “flash crash” was 1,000 Dow points down in about an hour…with the Dow trading at 70% of where it is now…….then, multiply this by 10!!! Will it happen? I don’t know, Isuspect something like this will but I do know that something like this “COULD” happen. I can say this simply because of the debt outstanding and the “$1 quadrillion+” number of outstanding derivatives. The conditions do exist…and apparently Goldman knows this and I believe that they are acting on this knowledge…

          To wrap this up, they said “unless there are some changes,” my take is that Goldman has decided that no changes have been made. They have made the decision to get out of the way of the coming financial train wreck. It is what “we” have expected all along but the important thing is that Goldman Sachs…who would never leave a feast unless all that was left was crumbs…is getting up and leaving. Maybe you should too!


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