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If someone beat you up and stole your wallet, would you beat up the next person who comes along – and take his wallet – to make up for your loss?der Jude

This is the tragedy of the Ferguson Situation.

Based on the facts that have come to light so far, a predictably over-reacting law-enforcer summarily executed eighteen-year-old Michael Brown for the “crime” of “resisting” his own caging. He was reportedly running away when Missouri law-enforcer Darren Wilson emptied his military-style “high capacity” pistol into Brown’s body.

Riots – and looting – erupted. For the past several days, a very creepy martial presence has “maintained order” in the town – though it did nothing to stop the looting of shops, a point worth considering.

Anyway, the depressing thing is the metronomically predictable pointless savagery that followed the killing – the murder – of Michael Brown. One could sympathize with outraged parents, relatives, friends – even ordinary citizens – who vented their fury at the appropriate target. Need I spell it out? But how, pray, does destroying a business – the life’s work, perhaps, of some entirely innocent third party, a fellow neighbor who had nothing whatsoever to do with it – make amends for the murder of Michael Brown?

Does it engender sympathy for Brown, et al?

jude 2

Or, does it accomplish the opposite?

Yes, exactly.

Boobus will watch the camo conga on CNN, hear the flash-bangs go off in the background as the frightened-looking reporter describes the pillaging and mayhem – and will sympathize not with Michael Brown, but with those who shot him to death.

It is Weimar, all over again.

Does anyone remember? Does anyone care?

Justice is trumped – forgotten is perhaps a better word – as the thirst for quiet, for “law and order” – becomes increasingly unquenchable. You live long enough, you’ll see the circle completed. It has happened before. And it will happen again. In part because people – all too many people – are ignorant of anything older than last week or what’s on TeeVee tonight.


Dancing with the Stars.

The Bachelor.

People will dismiss Michael Brown – and all Michael Browns – as black Helots, to be subdued and subjugated.

Der Jude  . . . with an afro.jude 3

This serves the interests of the powers that be to a “T.” Like Democrats vs. Republicans and liberals vs. conservatives. It keeps the masses – that’s you and I as much as the darkies in the hood – squabbling among ourselves, which nicely keeps us from ever noticing the true fountainhead of our mutual agonies.

And demanding “solutions” that we’ll be sorry for, in time, from Dear Leaders who are interested in one thing only… and (trust me) it ain’t us.

It may well be that Ferguson is deliberate – and just the latest such useful diversion. Try to think as they do. What could be more devilishly delicious?

Step one: Foster a black underclass. Is it accidental that more blacks live mired in ignorance, dependence and violence now than did before the passage of “civil rights” laws back in the 1960s? Jim Crow is forever touted as horrific – and it was. But present-day Detroit is vastly more so. hood 1

Step 2: Use the black underclass to scare the stool out of whitey. Use that fear to elect – and re-elect – “law and order” politicians, who achieve office based on their promise to keep whitey “safe” from you-know-who.

Rinse, repeat.

We’re all caught up in this awful maelstrom. Individual sanity is drowned out in a sea of fear and outrage. I read a story once about a young Jew who was caught up in the excitement of a Hitler rally. scared whiteyThis young man found himself shrieking seig heil! along with the “aryans” all around him, despite his conscious mind knowing full well what those aryans would do to him were they conscious of Der Jude in their midst. This bears thinking about.

Passion is dangerous. In a crowd, it is often lethal. Cooler heads cannot prevail because they cannot be heard. More often than not, they are trampled underfoot.

Like justice for Michael Brown.

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  1. Ah, This Is Sick: Via Drudge: “Volunteers, including current and former Ferguson residents, are providing free lunch to law-enforcement officers and other members of the community near the police command center command at the Northland Shopping Center.”

    They say, “”We’re trying to let everyone know that we’re here for peace,”

    Somehow, I – Don’t – Think – So. Bootlickers.

    “The Missouri Highway Patrol is expecting word from governor’s office late this afternoon on whether to extend the Ferguson curfew” [A.k.a. the bully-thugs in control wish to convey they are not truly in the mould of the mafia of The Godfather, they are considering whether or not to extend the Martial Law lock-down, er’ “curfew” placed upon their subjects. How kind of them… ?]

    “just before 3 a.m. […] police began using smoke bombs early this morning after learning that men were on the roof of Red’s BBQ. [Psft! ..] Rain stopped before the first tear gas was fired 45 minutes after the curfew began midnight. A police spokesman said the grenades were smoke, not tear gas. Shortly after 2 a.m., they reversed themselves and said tear gas had been fired. [Surprise, Surprise…] the police […] ” were a lot better” than they could have been. [Ha! You mean they didn’t kill a Lot of people and bust some skulls like they wanted to?…] Journalists were confined to a staging area [Surprise, Surprise… “Free Speech Zones”?..] facing arrest if they left, which made it difficult to know what was happening outside of view.” [No shit? Duh?]

    I can’t help but think of the fella on EPA who mentioned how this was a, “Red State” and how this is why things are being whipped up. Oh boy does that make sense.

    Americans like to be ‘played’.

    >Ahref=”http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/critically-wounded-in-shooting-arrested-after-ferguson-curfew-goes-into/article_03b8ca92-776d-525d-b95e-4387ef63a3e2.html”>Nixon speaks on several Sunday morning shows, Holder orders autopsy

    • If only someone would start sniping the pigs… Make life interesting, just shoot a few…
      Enough to shred the velvet glove on the iron fist….

      (Lincoln spoke that term, the velvet glove on the iron hand.)
      Make them overreact, frequently.
      Make them afraid.
      Make them remember HOW MUCH THEY NEED THEMSELVES…. (V for Vendetta)

    • Helot – “Curfew” is a more benign sounding term for a “shelter in place” order that is only in effect after a set time at night, not 24/7.

    • helot, no doubt clover’s getting lots of porker sex now, so many in one place and she’s just showing her gratitude. Besides, those funny corkscrew penis’s are way wacky for clover. She just loves how they screw in and out…..and the fact they’re waaaayyyy long…….but they need to be for most to clear their bellies. FBI reports porkers 25 times more likely to die of heart related problems than criminals.

  2. CloverYou sir are a liberal idiot. What a bunch of drool. The police did NOT overreact. That was the same black criminal dead in the street AND in the store robbing it. Have you not heard the video where what actually happened was recorded ? The criminal reached into the police car, after attacking the policeman, turned – ran and when he was told to “freeze”…. he stopped, turned and charged at the officer and was shot and killed. YEAH……… that’s what happened you moron. No go ahead and address my email with you liberal thoughts.
    Hey ………. time for a group hug !!!

    • You know what’s idiotic, Maury? “Argument” by insult. Typically Republican/conservative… or Democrat/liberal.

      And also typically illiterate.

      The article’s point was that we’re being played. Fear The Darkies. Run – for “safety” – to authority; to “hero” cops.

    • Dear Maury,

      “liberal idiot”


      Wow. Where have you been for the past 20 years? Under a rock? Do you really think the only alternative to kneejerk conservative authoritarianism is kneejerk liberal authoritarianism?

      Get a clue.

      Most of the people who leave comments here are right libertarians. They are neither liberals nor conservatives, thank god. They, I should say we, because I’m among them, are further to the right than you are, depending of course on how one defines right and left.

      Be careful whom you call “liberal.” We right libertarians take a far harder line against bleeding heart, liberal socialist, Big Government policies than conservative authoritarians like you.

      Before you start hurling insults, you really ought to get a clue about whom you are talking to.

        • Morning, Bevin!

          When I worked there, back in the mid-’90s, there were several Libertarian-leaning editors and columnists. They’ve all been purged since then.

          Even poor ol’ Pat Buchanan – hardly a Libertarian, but far more decent than the odious neoconservatives who ousted him.

          • Dear Eric,

            I was fascinated with your previous recollections of the late Joe Sobran and his tragic ordeal.

            During the Cold War, many libertarians/paleocons mistakenly posited an affinity between themselves and conservative warfare statists, a shared disdain for Marxian collectivism. I was among them.

            The fall of the Berlin Wall, and the conservative warfare statists’ subsequent reneging on their promised “peace dividend” soon disabused us of that notion.

            Chalmers Johnson, Joe Sobran, and Jude Wanniski all wrote about their sense of betrayal by conservative warfare statists. Reading their accounts really helped me recover from my own sense of betrayal as well.

            I naively imagined that mainland China’s jettisoning of Marxism and adoption of a more or less free market meant that the Beltway elites would extend the Chinese people an olive branch. No such luck.

            As both the Russians and Chinese belatedly discovered to their dismay, the Beltway elites did not want peace. They wanted total world domination.

            That is why they have pushed NATO right up to Russia’s western border in Ukraine, and pushed the US Japanese axis right up to China’s eastern coastline.

          • Dear Eric,

            In that connection, you’ve commented on Obama and Putin in the past.

            Here’s something I think you’ll enjoy.


            Obama is the bully who was called out. He wants to leave the scene, but Putin is a bigger bully who wants to publicly dismantle him. The boy who pretends to be tough has met the man who really is tough. The professional bully is out to expose the pretender. Putin is unwilling to let Obama retreat.

          • RE: “The professional bully is out to expose the pretender. Putin is unwilling to let Obama retreat.”

            I don’t know why, but I find that funny.

            Anyway, … Jude Wanniski, mang, if it wasn’t for that guy sucking me into the whole, “Supply-side demand” BS, I wonder if I’d ever have found the Freedomista/Libertarians and the Austrian Economic perspective? …Thank goodness for that guy. Even If he was shooting at the broad side of a barn and missing.

          • @dom, Maybe it’s just me? But the comments seem to be kind of skewered. I hit the main page and the comments are the same as a few hours ago. Then I make a comment and three comments appear,… but they weren’t posted minutes before.

            Maybe that’s just a fact of blog life? Idk.
            I just thought I’d mention it, as it’s never happened before.
            Weird assed lag I guess?

            Anyway, my fingers are covered in this Super Glue type residue because I thought I was dealing with a black weather stripping type glue… the two Do Not apply the same. … I think maybe I ruined a vinyl boot shifter cover. (I’m so disappointed/disgusted).

            And, did I ever tell you about the spray paint I bought with the fancy flat-spray nozzle? Last year I spray painted my light bar on my pickup with it,… it stank then,… And, it Still stinks now! …Stinking paint? Who would have guessed? … I just thought I’d warn ya. In case you didn’t know.
            A WHole Year, In The Sun,… and it Still stinks!

            …But that’s the Least of our worries, eh?

          • Dear helot,

            “I don’t know why, but I find that funny.”

            I found it hilarious.

            Ever since the end of the Cold War, the USG has been running off to every region of the world passing off its own bullying as “standing up for the little guy against bullies.”

            Seeing Putin humiliate the Bushobama regime really relieved a lot of accumulated tension.

            As I have said before, there are no good governments, only bad governments and worse governments.

            But sometimes seeing a bad government poke a worse government in the eye gives one some small measure of temporary satisfaction.

    • Maury. I must admit that you are correct in the events that led to poor little honor student St Mikeys demise. People including Libertarians gladly jumped on the freedom bandwagon without looking at the facts. Blacks gladly riot and loot at any excuse but Libertarians of all races should have known better.

      • Hi Joe,

        I tried to make two points in the article

        First, that it’s bizarre – and stupid – to trash innocent people’s property to “protest” an abuse, real or imagined, by cops.

        Second, that the events in Ferguson are a demonstration of divide and conquer.

        Your own choice of words shows just how effective this tactic is.

        • Eric. I agree that what the politicians are doing is divide and conquer. They sick the police on the population to quam what they instigated. How did/do they instigate? They lie about everything distorting the facts as presented to the public. That’s why I used the “St. Mikey” phrase and added “Honor student” next to his name. They even went as far as showing St. Mikey wearing a graduation gown as if his life was that of a saint. The first thing we were told in police investigations was always do away with the crocodile tears and stick with the facts. The “facts” will lead you to the truth. You Eric above all should know that the MSM is corrupt…….isn’t this why you started this blog?

      • Dear Joe,

        You wrote, ” I must admit that you are correct… ” and “Libertarians gladly jumped on the freedom bandwagon without looking at the facts. ”

        The point is not whether anyone gives Al Sharpton’s racist spin doctoring the slightest credence. I know I don’t.

        The point is American police cannot be allowed to treat American citizens like suspected terrorists in Fallujah, and use what is essentially military force against them (us).

        Come to think of it, “I must admit that you and Maury gladly jumped on the public safety bandwagon without looking at the facts.”

        • Bevin. I must disagree with you. The facts as of this posting still show the following.
          1. Mike went into a store and robbed the store by taking property with force.
          2. The owner called 911 causing the police to respond.
          3. Mike was confronted by the officer and a struggle ensued. Its unclear if the confrontation was caused because the officer investigating the robbery but the assault did take place and Mike left then returned when he was shot.

          The big question is “why” the officer shot Mike. Did Mike return to assault the officer again? Was Mike returning to surrender and was shot by the officer for no legit reason? What was the condition of the officer after the assault that might have caused him to shoot Mike?

          Regardless, The facts show St. Mikey was no saint and most likely contributed to his demise yet the town burns and the media distorts. Amurika 2014.

          • The thing that stood out for me the most in that document was the word, ‘Troublemaker’.

            I guess that’d be us?

            Which makes me wonder, how proactive would they be?

          • Dear helot,

            “troublemaker” = “mere mundanes”

            Governments have never and will never be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

            Governments have been and always will be “of the people in government, by the people in government, and for the people in government.”

            And of course, the uberwealthy banksters behind the scenes who put them there.

          • “Governments have been and always will be “of the people in government, by the people in government, and for the people in government.”

            And of course, the uberwealthy banksters behind the scenes who put them there.”

            Also, the mother fuckers Large and Small who profit on the crony Corporate gravy train that drives the whole of populations straight into Hell. Don’t forget them assholes. IMHO, they are even worse, because they have their hands around the throats of The Little People, directly. …I mean, without them, how could there be an empire? … Fucking bastards! Sell-Out Sum-bitches.

            Hey. Is that a red dot on my…

          • Here’s a highly pertinent article that explains Maury’s screed, and Joe’s echoing of Maury’s sentiment.

            Give Up Your Police State or Live Under It

            And yet, even with their news and social media feeds bombarded by images of an American town that are indistinguishable from images of occupied Iraq, many conservatives are still clinging to a “Support Your Local Police” attitude toward the matter. They don’t see the images as indicative of the tyranny of empire “coming home.”

            This in part is due to identity politics, which currently dominates judgments concerning public affairs, at the expense of principled concerns for justice and individual rights. These generally non-black, middle-class “law and order” conservatives identify with “black neighborhood” blacks in Ferguson about as little as they identify with Arab townsfolk or bedouins. To many of them, it is not a truly American town that is being militarily occupied, or true Americans being tear gassed. In X-men argot, they’re not “baseline humans,” so it is deemed okay if the “Sentinels” get rough with them.

            And so they look upon the situation in Ferguson with the same approval or indifference with which they might look upon the U.S. Army’s occupation of Fallujah or the Israel Defense Force’s occupation of Gaza.

            Idiots like Maury have never understood harsh reality.

            “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”
            — Thomas Paine

  3. Eric, your use of Nazi symbols is misplaced, they should have been the communist hammer and sickle. Communist egalitarianism or politically correct multi-culti is the reason for these “riots”. If this was “Nazis” or nationalist socialists Ferguson would not be the current ghetto it has been transformed into.

    On another note regarding police brutality…..
    I’ve often said regarding the handiwork of what I call “libturds” …..all liberals should be mandated to work and live in the Marxist ghetto societies they built. It’s their handiwork of wonderful ideas that destroyed the black family and reduced blacks to the bottom rung in less then 50 years. I challenge any libturd to enforce the law in a black ghetto they created and lets all laugh when they run away to safer neighborhoods.

    • While the rank and file democrat voter is just a useful idiot as are many of the lower level political office holders, but somewhere near the leadership roles that created these things there must be some small group knows exactly what they are doing. Just my opinion. If we libertarians can see how these policies, laws, programs, etc will do, so can those in the brighter elected office holders, NGOs, think tanks, and other groups that give elected office holders these “good ideas”.

      • RE: “so can those in the brighter elected office holders, NGOs, think tanks, and other groups that give elected office holders these “good ideas””

        Without reading the prior comments (maybe I’m missing some context?) How-freaking-Ever; I’m inclined to say, “Ha! Fat chance of that!”

        The running scoreboard for those types is: “What’s In It For Me?”

        They are takers.

        Plain and simple.

        The problem with Libertarianism to them (wholey shit, ‘Libertarianism’ is in Spellcheck, wow)… anyway… for those people, in all its flavors, there’s nothing In It for the takers of the world.

        There-fucking-fore; they want Nothing to do with any flavor of Libertarianism.
        There’s nothing, “in it”, for them.
        No empire.
        No feeling of being part of, ‘The Team”.
        I mean, How do they get an income stream from Libertarianism?
        It’s a Very difficult thing for them to imagine making income without the “help” and regulation of gunverment. Just Never-mind their desire to control others and try to make the world their Perfect model.

        I think maybe, that’s why, ‘The Fourth Turning’ is so significant. The old bastards need to die off before something different is allowed to flourish.

        …Like a flower, the older generation steps on Liberty and smotes the shit out of it. …The only question is: will the Next generation do the same?

        As much as I might wish it weren’t so, personally, Thank Goodness there’s no such thing as immortality.

        But Dang it! SO far, a Lot of what I’ve read implies the next generation is No ‘Fourth Turning’ at all.. they are far far from it.

        I hope – and pray – they prove me wrong.

        • Indeed libertarianism is attacked by people who are “takers” and those who have been duped, but what I was referring to was the idea that the government destroys populations with its benevolence by accident.

          I think it does so on purpose. It’s not the overt racism, overt racism was no where near as effective. Even slavery wasn’t this effective. It’s too effective to be an accident. It even has its well compensated front men like Jackson and Sharpton who took the place of men who were murdered. Isn’t that odd? The men who further dependence and government power live for decades enriching themselves greatly but men who spoke against the state, against war, etc are long since dead by unnatural means?

          This isn’t just an outgrowth of “takers” voting themselves stuff from their neighbors. It’s a planned manipulation of that by the greatest takers, those with political power.

          Things won’t turn until after the collapse. The first generation that grows up post collapse and then learns of the life they were screwed out of might be a hope to turn it around.

      • You really think people smart enough to see what’s goign on will sit on the atmoic-bomb throne?
        I beleive they learned what would happen from Robespierre….

        They are there – in the shadows. E.G., Paris Hilton…? (If she has a brain cell, it’s a miracle. Or – is she the real deal, making herself look worthless, while being one in the know? )

  4. Dear Big Thumper,

    “What a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. All of us came to America at one time or another. Many escaped from various types of servitude. We generally recognize property rights and we don’t rob the guy next door because some Bozo got shot by a cop doing his duty. Only the Blacks seem to think they are being picked on and Al Sharpton is around to remind them in case they forget. Brown will just be one less prison inmate supported by the average tax payer,”

    Big thumper says: some Bozo got shot by a cop doing his duty, just one less prison inmate supported by the average tax payer…

    At the time of the shooting, the cop shot him for walking in the street. Later on they retconned the narrative that the cop was trying to apprehend him for having robbed a box of cigars earlier in the day.

    No one thinks a cops duty is to execute someone in the middle of the street for failing to get out of the street when commanded. And even if you accept the false narrative of he knew he was a criminal, no on thinks a cops duty is to execute someone in the middle of the street for robbing a box of cigars.

    As to bleeding heart liberals…

    Libertarians and Liberals used to be the same group. Liberalism in the United States shifted, “between 1877 and 1937…from laissez-faire constitutionalism to New Deal statism, from classical liberalism to democratic social-welfarism.

    European liberalism and American libertarianism are the same thing. For reasons I don’t understand, JM Keynes is still labeled a liberal, but this label makes no sense. Keynes began his career as a liberal, but quickly switched ideologies and became one of the founders of the UK welfare state that was built by the Labour Party, not the liberals.

    – How does one claim the mantle of tough guy when in effect one says. “I have chosen a team, a political party, and I grant it full authority to do what it thinks best. Even when it completely fails and makes life worse for nearly everyone, I will stand idly by and do nothing. As long as my team is the least worst in my eyes, I will obey and give as much as the party demands of me. Even when it dooms my bankrupted children to a life of prostitution and slavery to international douchebags from every shithole in the world.”

    I mean, that is the most emasculated, chickenshit pathetic mindset I can think of. Maybe you need to think up a new name for yourselves. Maybe Federalist Fluffers? Third world twink twerkers?

  5. I’ve worked on jobs with my feet and my hands
    But all the work I did was for the other man
    And now we demands a chance
    To do things for ourselves
    we tired of beating our heads against the wall
    And working for someone else
    Now we’s demands a chance to do things for ourselves
    Now we’re our people, too
    We’re like the birds and the bees,
    But we’d rather die on our feet,
    Than keep a’living on our knees
    Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud

    Say It Loud I’m Black & I’m Proud 1968 James Brown

    James Brown at Boston Garden 1968 next day after MLK shooting during times of riots. Subdues a chimpout.

    “Wait a minute, we are black. Can’t all get back down off the stage and let them see the show together. Step down there. Be a gentleman. You’re not being fair to yourselves, and me either. Now I asked the police to step back, because I think I could get some respect from my own people. Are we together or ain’t we.”

  6. When it was his turn to speak, Michael Brown’s cousin dropped to his knees with his hands in the air.

    “This is the universal sign of surrender,” he said.

    Yet the officers shot at Brown and killed him while he was in that stance.

    Michael Brown family speaks

    They family is saying showing the vid is character assassination. But do they agree that its Michael in the vid.

    Dorian Johnson – Michael Brown accomplice

    -I’m trying to imagine what they can do with all this fusion center footage they must have now. What level the technology is at, and how well they can use it to build a case.

    Isn’t probably true that there’s all kinds of narratives that can be told based on all these hours of footage. All these financial transactions they have. All our emails, postings, phone calls. It really is Big Brother from 1984 made manifest, I’d say.

    Perhaps this kid is a total violent scumbag. My question is, what is going to remain of our society, once they take down every single person they can build a case against. Which they may or may not do.

    My take continues to be, the surveillors themselves are the evil ones. It doesn’t matter what Michael Brown or a gang of Michael Browns do.

    How can you call yourself free, yet live under the subjugation of this evil inhuman surveillance system. A system that for now concludes with a Judge Dredd style gunning down on a city street surrounded by innocent people living their lives.
    A system that could easily get a hundred times worse than this.

    What is to be done about that. The fusion system is a far bigger crime then any single instance of looting and strong arm petty theft, the way I see it.

    • Dear Tor,

      The “youth” was probably a “thug.” He was probably a “youth” in the same sense that Trayvon Martin was, or the four “youths” who accosted Bernard Goetz in the NY subway were.

      So what’s the solution? It might be what clover says it must never be — vigilante justice. I think that a non-monopolistic system of vigilante justice would evolve into a system of checks and balances between competing vigilante forces, aka PDAs or Private Defense Agencies.

      It sure as hell can’t be any worse than what we have now.

      • Would private PDAs really be “vigilante” though? Isn’t there a meaningful distinction between the two? I thought “vigilante” meant that someone just goes after someone of their own accord and kills them without a trial…

        • Dear David,

          That is precisely how the costumed thugs of the state define “vigilantism,” as “taking the law into your own hands.” As if that’s a bad thing.

          Their presumption of course, is that justice must be the exclusive prerogative of gubmint thugs who have the proper costumes.

          But then we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, these same costumed thugs define anarchy as “chaos,” and government as “order.”

      • Bevin,
        I need to get a clarification here.
        What is the difference between the “competing vigilante forces” and say, the Bloods and the Crips?
        More importantly, how do you (we) prevent the former from degenrating into the latter?

        I could see an enterprising 1%er pitting two forces against each other, paying bounties for each scalp…. And putting the rest of us in jeopardy. Purely to re-create “The Poleeze.”
        E.G., George Soros or the Koch brothers, or even Billy Gates.

        • Dear Jean,

          The difference can be summed up in one word: monopoly.

          Specifically, monopoly on the use of force within a given “jurisdiction.”

          This is the defining characteristic of conventional monopolistic government.

          Absent this territorial monopoly, then whatever one has, it is not “government,” but something else.

          Competing PDAs without territorial monopolies are essentially competing vigilante groups, a much better solution than conventional monopolistic government, for all the reasons we denounce government.

          • Thank you, Bevin.
            But that does not aussage my concerns.

            Could not PDA1 and PDA2 either (a) go to war, in fact endangering the people they are supposed to serve, or (b) be persuaded (bought, manipulated) into doign teh same as (a) anyway?

            Perhaps what is missing is background. If, for example, the populace was also armed, there might be a certain discouragement of the PDAs from misbehaving – though it would still only be temporary, I think. People havent’ changed much in some 4,000+ years; those who take up arms will be able to subdue those who do not, and the number of those who refuse to take up arms, especially in times of safety, will only grow. Why learn to hunt when you have McDonalds? Etc.

            Bloods and Crips, IRC, were formed as neighborhood watch comittees, who then got a little pushy recruiting neighborhoods…
            The violence escalated, now they’re the big two gangs. (though I recall someone sayng they’d somewhat patched up differences now, so they were at peace, essentially. Funny.)

  7. Great post Eric. Unfortunately most of the ‘mainstream’ public will see the store video and images of rioting as justification for violent police behavior, not realizing that they are next. Thuggish behavior is no justification for summary execution.

  8. If there is a way to wrest a good many of the frontline heroes away from the politicians, I’d love to discuss it further.

    It seems to be mostly an exercise in doublethink and wishful fantasy. Lapdogs who bark fiercely at the cats and hamsters and strangers passing by in their owners house when pops ain’t around.

    The praetorian first responders are all authoritative and testicularly intact around the helots and the hoi polloi. I’m sure this feels good, and I don’t begrudge them this.

    But when the MAN comes around and tells him how it’s gonna be. All the sudden he’s Stepin Fetchit. Yessir Mister Holder and Missus Reno, Mister Ashroft, Mister Gonzalez sirs. We will enforce your cotton picking laws for you jes the way you like it.

    Even at the sheriff level its a media circus acting role. There’s no humanity involved. No one is their own man. How is this going to be changed. When are those on the inside going to make their move, and establish their basic human dignity.

    To stop being scripted reality show safety actors like a bunch of Jersey Shore Guidos with badges?

    Radio 100% co-opted. TV 100% co-opted. Newspapers 100% co-opted. Public Events 100% co-opted. Internet. Blogs. Social Media. – rapidly approaching 100% co-opted.

    Even retired Ron Paul doesn’t fully speak his mind. He’s measured and controlled. He acts within his leash according to those who pull the strings and provide the funds.

    No one in power and authority even has a job. They have an X on the floor they must stand on. Lines they must execute. Emotive Constructs they must radiate and project. They have a temporary instantaneously revocable role they must play, or they’re out on their ass in a millisecond heartbeat.

    • Well sure, everyone plays along. It’s all about the carrot and stick. Yes, you can go off-grid, but that means a lifetime of toil and potential hardship (at least that’s the narrative). If you play along you can have a piece of cake and eat it too. Get too far away from the line and you soon have a lot to worry about. Some people worry themselves into a paralysis of the mind, where the world becomes a hostile place full of danger and death in all shapes and sizes. When there’s nothing else to worry about (like in a city) you begin to worry about the “other,” the tribe, the unique, or the unknown.

      The ultimate danger, of course, is yourself, and your indulgences. The only cure is letting yourself think someone else is to blame for your disappointment, and by pushing off our problems onto a “leader” we’re letting ourselves off the hook. You didn’t fuck up at work, you didn’t have the proper training. You aren’t fat because you consume far too many calories for your lifestyle, the FDA needs to regulate junk food. You can’t afford a house but “everyone else” has one so you demand an inflationary economic policy and a 30 year mortgage. Tell yourself the lie often enough and you’ll start to believe it. When you believe you’re ready to subjugate yourself at the altar of the state.

      It’s all bullshit, and we all know it’s all bullshit, but we play along anyway. The alternative is just too disturbing.

      • Well said, Eric_G, that all makes a lot of sense. Under market anarchism everyone does what they want. Including working for the govt. Praying to Chthulu things get better. Trying to create an American Islamic Caliphate. Really anything goes, if done in accordance with market behavior and not initiating violence.

        The terrorists said from day 1, the goal is to kill the source of the infidels strength. Which is the lawless American economy. They have won that war. Now they just need to start countless small battles where for every dollar they spend. The west spends a million dollars.

        American economic activity is as controlled as anywhere now, and all that remains is the few pockets of wealth that remain to be plundered and put under the jackboot of some authority or other.

        The carrot is now just another stick and not a true carrot. Game over. Before all this happened, there were men of mind who conceived of combining a carrot and a stick as a motivational engine. Those men are not to be found here any more.

        I’ve been avoiding the news, but then I read an article by Dave Hodges over at SHTFplan that gets me thinking something extraordinary is needed.

        He’s just a guy. Below is his bio blurb. Maybe everyone can live with curfews. And having their kids taken. “Take my kids please”, a new Henny Youngman bit.

        Identifying with your captors is just one more evolutionary feature that helps Americans compete. Don’t get worked up over it.

        Dave Hodges — Host

        Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

        Dave Hodges Writer Page Freedomsphoenix

        Dave’s YouTube Vid with the most views (228k)

      • Agree, Eric.

        What would be nice, though, is being able to step off the hamster wheel at some point . . . stuff intact.

        To not have to choose between a Kazysnksi (sp?) like existence – and working literally all your life, until you’re worn out, in order to have that piece of cake and eat it, too.

        This is why I particularly object to property taxes. A man ought to be able – in principle – to retire to his land/home and – having paid it off – be free of the need to pay pay pay.

        The balance has tipped, methinks, toward the unfavorable end of the scale… for probably two-thirds of the population.

        This is not, mind, an attack upon “the rich.”

        It is an attack upon the impoverishment of the rest of us. On the system that has made envy policy – and theft routine.

        • Well, that’s not good enough. If you’re allowed to keep your stuff (or worse yet, pass it along to your children) in a generation or two you won’t need the state, thanks to the miracle of compounding.

          But in our twisted fiat currency world, the state insists it needs our inheritance, and our children’s too, because… well, just trust them and tomorrow there will be enough for everyone.

          Besides, you rubes will just go out and buy magic beans or alcohol, or piss it away in a fruit machine! (But keep buying lottery tickets, you could be a winner!)

          {woah, I must have been channeling Clover!} 🙂

  9. You guys are missing a very important point: The actions taken by the local “heroes” happen every day, all over America (often times accounted here on the pages of EP autos). Are we really going to believe this single event was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

    The reaction (protests and armed thugs shooting rubber bullets) are being orchestrated by the Democrats to roust the Republican majority in the state. We Libertarians tend to forget that there are differences between the parties, namely different people in them. If this was really a race issue, why are there not protests in Los Angles, San Jose and San Bernardino County out in California? Perhaps because CA is about as Democratic party as you can get? No need to fire up the masses and get the re-tweets going there. In fact, you’d better keep those events off the radar so that the Dems can keep their majority in the house. When New York cops beat up someone the media doesn’t even bother to mention it (unless they’re gay). Ever wonder why?

    But out in Missouri, a “red” state, there’s a chance to kick the Republicans out and shore up the Democratic house, not to mention improve the looks of the state legislatures too. So dust off Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, change your Twitter icon and get re-tweeting! Make sure to make a big deal out of a journalist getting “arrested” for not leaving a McDonalds (guess the paper couldn’t afford to get him a My-Fi) to get attention from the blogosphere too. Oh, and the timing is perfect since the political ads are in production now, so look for the footage again in October.

    I hate being a cynic.

  10. The fallacy of a Democrats V Republicans as elected-representative government agents acting in the proletariat’s best interest is fading fast. Just another day in The Hegelian Dialectic, or Diocletian’s Theory, of problem, reaction, solution. Which is so well understood and used daily use by our governing elite. They create the problem, people react, they provide the “solution” that they always wanted to implement from the start. No accident, and works every time it is tried. Even in 1932 when General Douglas MacArthur fired on and killed protesting American veterans in Washington D.C.. Privileged government elites will always protect their lifestyles at the peoples expense, and this time is no different.

    There is a big train coming, you had better get off the tracks.

    • Garysco, can’t see it but the rails vibrate. The harder I try to get away the more I feel like I’m stuck in place. I desperately want to be out of sight from that whole thing but they’re dragging me down, got an anchor I can’t get loose.

        • Bevin, I wouldn’t doubt everything I say sounds like lyrics to a C&W song. I take that as a compliment though. To be honest, my life has fairly much been just that. I finally get up and going from a leg with two broken bones and an Achilles tendon pulled loose(think that was the worst part….or maybe the bone where it broke in my foot)and do all the good trucking and get run over by another big rig. And all I can do is LOL myself. Thanks.

          I hear the train a comin, it’s rollin round the bend and I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when…..but at least I’ve never been in Folsom…….knock on wood…

          Since it’s near and dear to me, I keep up with some legal stuff, esp. in my state and Grits for Breakfast just published a line from a recent FBI study that says…and this is pulled from the FBI study itself ” 80 percent of police officers are overweight. “Researchers have said law enforcement personnel are 25 times more likely to die from weight related cardiovascular disease than the actions of a criminal.” Soooeeeee

        • Dear 8sm,

          “I take that as a compliment though. ”

          Good. I meant it as a compliment. There’s a world weary humor to much of your commentary that echoes the world view of country music.

          Re: “Researchers have said law enforcement personnel are 25 times more likely to die from weight related cardiovascular disease than the actions of a criminal.”

          It’s the Winchell’s Diet. So much for the “Thin Blue Line.”



          Doughnuts are fried, full of sugar and white flour, and most all varieties contain trans fat. Store-bought doughnuts are made up of about 35 percent to 40 percent trans fat, and an average doughnut contains about 200 to 300 calories, mostly from sugar, and few other nutrients.

          Trans fats, found largely in commercially prepared baked and fried foods, have become notorious in recent years because they not only raise “bad” LDL cholesterol, but also lower levels of heart-healthy HDL cholesterol. High trans-fat intake has been linked to coronary heart disease, in which fatty plaques build up in the heart arteries, sometimes leading to a heart attack.

          Furthermore, when foods are cooked at high temperatures, carcinogenic substances like acrylamide can form.

          It’s too bad that Americans view doughnuts as a breakfast food as, nutritionally speaking, eating a doughnut is one of the worst ways to start off your day. It will throw off your blood sugar and doesn’t provide any real nutrients, which means you’ll soon be hungry again. You are better off eating no breakfast at all, or better yet grabbing a quick glass of whey protein.

          Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

      • Eric. Fred gets it, with one minor mis-thought. An all black police department would be no different then the ones we have now, except the race card could not be thrown down. He thinks that way only because he casually visited a police car ride along and was not out there 40 hours a week.

        But he sure nails the problem as (as Ayn Rand put it) altruism. The phoney and hypocritical claim that your own work belongs not to you to you, but to to your lazy inept neighbor.

        Cui Bono baby. Just Google “who profits from….(add a word)”. Like “who profits from welfare?” The first listing returns “Answer 1 of 2: The same people that profit from every other government expendature, the politicians.”

      • eric, I read that post when it first came out and I have to disagree with Fred on some things. He’s biased cause he chugged around with some cops as a reporter and really got a biased view of things and because he was a military brat(that comes through too).

        One of my best friends was murdered(Bevin, here it comes and it’s the pure truth too)by a black cop in Austin. Yep, he did call him a nigger and he was drunker than a skunk but a little background here. He grew up the son of a……cop…..albeit a white one and he was highly biased to black people. While I didn’t agree with his views, I could see how growing up hearing about sorry niggers from his dad every day of his life could influence his views. In every other respect though, the guy was quite literally a genius and it was only the devil alcohol that made him say it. He didn’t deserve to die for that any more than black people deserve to die for calling a white cop a honky, whitey, cornbread, pig or anything else. That’s supposed to be part of the job. It was at one time and wasn’t uncommon for people of either race to apologize later for things they said in the heat of the moment. I grew up in a pretty racist part of the world and those who weren’t racist, for the most part, felt bad for minorities. It’s strange in my view how racism grows on people. I think back to when I was just a little boy and asked my mama what language this black friend spoke. She got a good laugh out of it, tried to explain it to me. When I was a teen-ager I’d go to this same persons house and take him beer and shoot the breeze. Sometimes I wonder if 6 year olds’ shouldn’t just run the world. And it brings to mind from back in my youth the old saying “You can’t trust anyone over 30”.

        • Dear 8sm,

          “He didn’t deserve to die for that any more than black people deserve to die for calling a white cop a honky, whitey, cornbread, pig or anything else. That’s supposed to be part of the job. It was at one time… ”

          Yup. Absent government, with the benefit of anarchy, people would eventually reach some sort of social and economic modus vivendi.

          But with government, any preexisting antagonisms are destined to grow like cancers. Government guarantees it, because government is rooted in brute force coercion.

          Government coercion exploits one group at the expense of another, then the other at the expense of the first. Eventually every group hates every other group. Every group feels aggrieved, because it has in fact been screwed over one way or another.

      • RE, “See Fred Reed’s latest. I hate to agree with him, but I do. ”

        But at the same time,… we All have more in common than we don’t.

        I heard a, what I would call, a “black” re-make of a Super Tramp song today.

        It wasn’t a whole lot different from the original.

        ..Think about that.

        The Fred Reed article, while I get the gist of it, it talks A Lot about The Past, not, the Here and Now.

        Psft, I guess I’m not on the side of any, “team” I’m more of a mind to be on the human side.

        I can understand the non-brutal side of Libertarianism.

        Can’t I/we all put both sides in my/our own individual hands and mush them together like J.B. Weld?
        Yikes, I know that sounds Collectivist-minded, But I mean it in a, “Why The Heck doesn’t Everyone Get the N.A.P.?” kind of way.


  11. And to make matters worse, they’re now fostering a brown underclass by failing to enforce immigration laws. They’ve also used the Great Recession as a chance to get into fostering a poor white underclass. There has always been a red underclass on the reservations and even a small, but potent yellow underclass.

    All of these underclasses are going at each other’s throats like crazy. This is to not only scare the middle class into accepting police statism, but also to distract the middle classes from the predations of the elites.

    As they say, even a broken clock is right once a day, and Karl Marx spoke of how the bourgeoisie fomented racial, ethnic and religious conflict to distract the proletariat from their plight; i.e., “let’s you and them fight.”

    What is happening now is that people are slowly but surely realizing what’s going on. That’s the real reason why cops are taking on the trappings of an occupying army. The weak link in the chain is when enough cops say the hell with it. That’s what happened in Iran in 1979 and that’s what could happen here.

    • I agree, Bryce.

      There is nothing substantive holding this country in one piece. It is a jittery Jenga castle of jostling ethnicities, cultures and political blocs who are irreconcilable. It cannot last.

      A certain degree of general prosperity made it feasible to pretend it was working.

      But that’s gone now, too.

  12. what amazes me about this event is the outrage I am seeing about…. the government. It seems that it was just a bit too much too fast. Some people have just noticed there’s a militarized police force acting like occupiers and they are offended.

    Hope their awakening continues.

    • Ditto, Brent.

      It was very helpful of the Hut! hut! Hutters! to attack the reporters covering the scene.

      People are waking up.

      As the saying goes: Der tag kommt ….

  13. What a mess.

    There was a piece in my local paper not too long ago, about a local department getting one of these “surplus” armoured personnel carrier. So this is happening nation wide, and in towns without large amounts of minorities (or population period). What I wish the reporter had asked, why does a small city P.D. NEED this, let alone maintain this beast (it will probably damage the streets the drive it on)? I see absolutely no need for this vehicle. Plus it will take resources away from something far more important to taxpayers.

    One of the results of the civil rights era was the ending (or cutting back) of most police dog programs nationwide. No department dared to obtain dogs for police use during the 1970’s into the 80’s. That started to change when time passed and people started to forget the images of police dogs being used on protesters.

    Now they used dogs to “sniff out” drugs and other things. As time went on, even most small towns and suburbs now have at least one K9 unit.

    It becomes an arms race in some ways too. Crooks use bigger weapons, so police departments cry out that they need bigger weapons too. So that means that the criminal element will probably up the ante. I can’t say I know of any department no matter how low the crime rate is, that has officers carry the old fashioned 6 shot pistol anymore. Many police now carry semi-automatics handguns. Not a good idea since many don’t actually have much in the way of training. Probably why that kid has nine holes in his corpse.

    Frankly the tide may be finally turning, maybe, as people find out they rarely or never need this equipment. Just keeping it is a waste of tax dollars. Yup, there will be times when cops are outgunned, but making them a military force is a terrible idea that needs to go.

  14. So after militarily occupying and subduing the area for a bit. It conveniently comes to light that there’s convenience store footage of MIchael Brown towering over a clerk and stealing a box of cigars that morning.

    And that of course, anonymous released the wrong name. It was this other guy Darren Wilson.

    Seems even with a multitude of internet journalists and camera wielding bystanders, THEY are completely in control and able to steer these narratives wherever they want. There’s remains little anyone can do about it.

    PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting

    Hero who summarily executed Michael for this theft: Darren Wilson

    “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this had never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.”

    “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'”

    “Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary.”

    • Tor, I just saw that surveillance footage and came here, glad you found it too. Notice how different that huge man looks compared to the young picture of him the media keeps showing us?

        • The smaller guy in the convenience store footage should be the same one as featured in this vid:

          What happened in Ferguson?

          why is he wearing a different shirt. seems unlikely he’d have a chance to change.

          Who is confirming this is really Michael Brown in the convenience store vid. Maybe he’s so much bigger because, it’s not him.

          Thanks for the vid, I just watched it the once. Maybe someone with better eyesight can say it’s the same guy.

          The wrong lesson to take from this is: some people are good, some people are bad.

          The right lesson is, when property owners have little or no control over their own property everyone loses. The worst get on top. Things keep going from bad to worse to Fergustan.

          People must be left to fend for themselves, and to compete in the market with no outside predations and zookeepers.

          Just like happened in all the germanic lands. So too will the cycle be repeated in the American lands. Meanwhile UK, Israel, and East & West coast American elite will sit around laughing like Randolph & Mortimer Duke in Trading Places.

          Black people own their own bodies, and have to be allowed to travel freely without harassment. Confining them and poor whites in these urban game reserves with no opportunity to homestead land or develop capital is evil. What is happening is exactly what happens to any human or sentient being who is being abused.

          There has to be access to space where they can socialize. Trade. Recreate. This is just basic animal husbandry here. Not hard to implement.

          There’s 643 million acres of public land. Continued welfare, warfare, and police state tactics are designed to rip this country to shreds until its nothing but a husk like Ukraine or Bosnia.

          There’s going to be either free market prosperity and everyone will need to increase their capacity for tolerance. Or continued police state surveillance and controlled urban prisons and widespread poverty.

          • Very well could not be him. I’m taking it all at face value for the time being, but I can’t/won’t fully believe or sympathize with either side.

            If that is him though, it shows the media’s spin. I just find this whole event reminds me of the Trayvon case.

            • Hi Brandon,

              The deeper issue here is the routinization of excessive force and over-reaction. And – as I tried to elaborate on in the article – the idiocy of the people who loot/riot (and the way this serves a very sinister purpose).

              The slain man may well have been a maggot. But the cops are much more maggoty.

          • What a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. All of us came to America at one time or another. Many escaped from various types of servitude. We generally recognize property rights and we don’t rob the guy next door because some Bozo got shot by a cop doing his duty. Only the Blacks seem to think they are being picked on and Al Sharpton is around to remind them in case they forget. Brown will just be one less prison inmate supported by the average tax payer,Clover

            • Big,

              The issue here is not Michael Brown, per se. It is the alarming – because now routine – over-reaction of law enforcers; their casual brutality and hair-trigger resort to extreme violence whenever their “authority” is not immediately deferred to.

  15. My friend, you write with as much eloquence and insight as anyone I’ve ever come across, on the web or elsewhere. You wouldn’t think it possible to write pretty about this stuff, but damn if you don’t manage it. Another top notch piece.

  16. Good synopsis, Eric.

    The jackboots commit an atrocity. The “Hood People” react with “inappropriately” directed violence. Scares the sheeple.

    As a result, the sheeple end up loving the jackboots even more.

    • Dear Mike,

      Time to revisit ol’ HL.

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
      ― H.L. Mencken

      • Bevin,
        Wasn’t it HL who invented the term ‘boobuoisey’? Sorry, I can’t seem to remember the spelling this am.

        • Dear Phil,

          Yes it was. I believe Mencken himself spelled it “booboisie.”

          It often appears on the net as “booboise” however.

  17. IIRC, Ferguson has a black majority population. I expect there will be a recall election quickly set up, and Ferguson will have a new Sheriff, new Mayor, and new Council. The new Sheriff, if he has any sense, will fire the entire department and sell the armored fighting vehicles.

  18. Well said Eric, I grew up in the era of civil rights protests and even though the cops were brutal they used fire hoses that shot water rather than machine guns that shot bullets. Spot on about the misdirected anger; if a cop beat you up would you burn down your own house? You should burn down HIS house. The Rodney King beat down comes to mind, the black community trashed their own neighborhood rather than direct their ire where it belonged, the costumed thugs. TPTB where happy to let them exhaust themselves doing so while keeping their forces in reserve to protect themselves.
    I’m hoping Freguson might be the tipping point we’ve been waiting for since it’s finally getting some traction in the lamestream media, several days late of course. A few reporters had their own close encounters with the local Gestapo and were none too happy about it. A story in USA Today pointed out that there are over 400 police murders (not the term they used) a year and hardly any get reported in the (lamestream) media – well DUH, as your readers know. This story seems to have legs, let’s hope it shines a spotlight on the occupying army that “protects and serves” our masters; my greatest fear is that someone will find and execute the murdering cop. Even though he richly deserves it the perverse effect will be to flip sympathy away from us mundanes to out oppressors and this moment will be lost.


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