America is Doomed

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  1. How doomed is America I wonder. I have never been a reliable prognosticator. Even though I sometimes foresee something early on that becomes popular later on. There’s so many other times where I’m just flat out wrong, that you’d be a fool to consider me as an almanac or foreteller of anything.

    I’m just the guy that wants to know how many o’s to put in the word doom. Is America doomed, dooomed, doooomed, or dooooomed? I just want to know the scale and phonics of the things that are to come before der tag actually kommt. Or is it komt, kommmt, kommmmt or kommmmmt?

    One thing I still believe in is science drama, fiction, and fantasies. I only wish they were less grandiose. And more local. And sometimes live performed where I could attend. And not made in such an opaque and occult manner. But for all these flaws, the ones I do enjoy seem to have a strong effect on me. Perhaps in my case science dramas are my kryptonite fuuuuuhtball. Go team science!

    The Complete ‘Extant’ Series w/Halle Berry Coming Out On Blu-Ray DVD in Dec.

  2. Ameri-Sharia in Bahia-Brasila

    Rating: Mature, Non-Mainstream Filtered News Gore and Opinion:

    Would-be thief is thwarted by goat owner defending his property

    On Sunday afternoon Josemar Ferreira de Sousa was attacked with a machete receiving blows to his legs and head and having both hands chopped off. The property owner, 40 year old Norberto da Silva Moraes, took what he determined to be efficacious action against a grown man trying to steal his goats.

    According to the Official Costumed Goat Thieves, de Sousa was apprehended in the act and a machete used on him to subdue him. At this time the Public Serpents are still wargaming some way to make their existence appear relevant in a technological world where they are increasing seen as being irrelevant.

    De Sousa was transferred to the local Medical Incarceration Hospital in critical condition but is expected to live.

    Comments to Video:

    No point in living if you’ve lost your fapping paddles.

    Doctors ” Lets just video him dying cause i ain’t got a fucking clue where to start”.

    The man didn’t deserve that, especially if he was stealing out of necessity. If he was caught in the act, the use of enough force to subdue him until authorities arrive would be merited, but not this. I don’t see justice carried out here, the man isn’t even in a position to positively contribute to society (even through labor at a prison) if he survives. I see the work of bloodlust.

    It is easy for us to label all thieves as leeches and in corrupt systems they should be treated more severely, but the line has been crossed for me.

    Maybe he did it at gunpoint or knifepoint? I can imagine in poor places people lose a lot to thieves, and have their lives threatened. They know friends that have been killed, they don’t have protection. Deciding they’re no longer going to be the victim may lead to these kinds of extremes.

    It’s Brazil. A country riddled with crime, I bet the people who hacked his shit were tired of being victims. At least he has his life though, because if he broke into my place, he’d be full of bullet holes.

    Brazil seems to be very messed up in terms of crime. We see videos all the time of people shooting or hacking or killing each other….robbing etc… even the police force goes to extremes over there. But yeah this is definitely overkill not only did he hack both of his arms off but cut up his body…at least in the middle east it’s just one hand…

    Leftist government is crime friendly here. So citizens feel entitled to do it with their own hands. Maybe if the owner of the goats had a gun, he would have used it and the guy would be dead with a single bullet in the head. The reason he did not use a gun is maybe he does not have one, cause even goat owners are poor in this extremely poor region of Brazil.

    I wonder what could be a real emergency in this hospital…

    lol yeah. i guess papercut

    Papercuts are very painfull, its not like that guy !!

    Look Ma! No Hands!

    The video is edited to not show the first 30 minutes of him sitting in the waiting room as more pressing emergencies took precedence.

    haha the doctor not being able to find his iphone when something like this gets wheeled on to his ward!

    This is what happens when you mess with another man’s woman

    haha!! mooslims know what you mean

    And the worst hospital staff of the year award goes to…….

    Hey at least he managed to get into the hospital unlike the VA telling dying vets to wait.

    I am not justifying , but one of the reasons these things happen in Brazil is because the State here is extremely ineffective in punishing criminals. Our leftist media thinks thugs are victims of society, our leftist laws are crime friendly, extremely weak penalties for serious crimes, underage criminals are simply not punished, and so on. It is not unusual to see bakeries , convenience stores, etc, that get stolen by the same criminals 11, 12, 13 times in a brief period of time, and the authorities do not do nothing.

    If they are underage, they stay a few days in prison and are released. So, citizens get desperate they reach a nervous breakdown point. When the government does not provide effective justice, the citizens feel entitled to do it with their own hands

    Which is a point where America will get to eventually. I hope.

    there’s beating someone up badly, then there’s attempted murder, two wrongs don’t make a right.this type of savagery is outrageous, i’ve seen many brazilian street justice vids, some get petrol and flame treatment, it’s like in these poor countries life doesn’t hold much meaning and many people have no problems committing murder.

    Read this: “The inmates are held in scandalously abusive conditions. The population in prison is more than 360,000 even though the capacity is suppose to be 207,000. Most of the Brazilian inmates are young, poor, male and uneducated. A third of the inmates are between the ages of 20 to 30.” Reichel, P. Comparative Criminal Justice Systems. Fifth Edition. p.327

    intentional homicide for under 18 killers = 1 to 3 years imprisonment

    Also, intentional homicide from 12 to 30 years is for qualified homicide ( cruel, no reasonable motivation, planned in advance, etc)

    For homicide without those qualifications, the prison sentence is 6 to 20 years (most of the time it will be 6 years for criminals who had not killed before).

    Also, bear in mind, that these imprisonment terms are almost NEVER really served entirely

    He won’t be able to steal goats anymore. You’ve gotta hand it to him.

    even if you hand him the goats he still wont be able to handle them..

    guess those doctors get paid by the hour.

    Just for laughs, stitch his hands back on the other way around so his thumbs face outwards

    Maybe they should have chopped off the reason he wanted the goats in the first place?

    If this was the punishment for stealing here in America, there would be a helluva lot of “guys” playing basketball with their feet.

    I think that’s one thing the Arabs get right. You steal, you get your hand cut off. You steal again? Unlikely, but if you do, your other hand is gone. There is no 3rd offense.

    That is some old school Ogrish shit right there!

    Someone, anyone, want to get started on the treatment?

    First aid in third world countries always begins with a mobile phone with camera.

    Doctors drink coffee and just chat,or..?

    Actually they are doing him a favor, I don’t think any of them are qualified to operate.

    They are checking to see if he has Obamacare.

    Brazilian surgeons doing what they do best… recording instead of operating…
    what a piece of shit country.

    Allow me to put your second sentence in all capitals.

    Too much general lack of humanity down there.

    Glad I live in one of the few sane places left.

    Well with you being in the Netherlands it is easier when you have a bunch of hot women, good (some of the best) inexpensive beer, and not a bunch of welfare bums/leeches.

    I wish I could change that but unfortunately the majority of voters keep electing politicians with less spine than a jellyfish, and then there is that hideous monster we created,called the EU, that in a sense controls our borders. The problem with living in a relative wealthy country is that we “the normal man” have nothing to win by an uprising like in the middle east but everything to lose.

    Man that’s fuckin grim.

    Goat stealing isn’t worth that kinda hassle.

    He’s gonna need to buy a “hands free” kit for his mobile now.
    Those things are very “handy.”
    “Hands up” who’s glad they don’t live in shitholes like this?
    Ok I’m done.

    honestly , I can’t handle these puns anymore

    he’s going to survive only on handouts after this

    I have to “hand” it to you bro, I hadn’t thought of that one.

    It is always funny (shocking) to see how those third world emergency room crews film the patients before literally doing ANYTHING. You can not even see a IV bag with painkillers or something like that.

    So the doctors went to university, they must have a high education yet they still seem to lack.. compassion, work ethics, decency and neutrality?
    And people still act like all races are the same. Clearly not….

    It’s not about race here. America is a soft culture when it comes to compassion. Very few countries care about the individual’s feelings like we claim to do. Not to mention, this guy is a criminal and deserves no treatment in my opinion.

    Also, we are a harder working culture than ANY other country because of our capitalism. Thus, the competition in the workplace is fierce. Alot of these countries have socialized healthcare and the doctors can’t get fired. …and malpractice suits are unheard of.

    I’m pretty sure a brazillian degree in anything is the equivalent of dropping out of 3rd grade in the US.

    Where is the FOREMATH?

    fuck man, if that is the aftermath i really don’t want to see the foremath

    Holy shit don’t fuck with that guy’s goats…

    Quite literally.

  3. Memories of how America became doomed?

    Remember long ago. Everyone paid for their newspaper? Then there became this thing where a guy bought one, and he looked around and asked if anyone else wanted one for free?

    Some times, a guy would buy one out of machine and then take another dozen and carry them somewhere public but far enough away from the dispenser so that they didn’t find out.

    Then there was the newspaper waiting for you at your local restaurant somewhere. Often a billion dollar conglomerate even. Then there even became permanent racks nailed to the walls.

    And then mosaic and netscape. And the Swiss French central European secret free network went world wide and everybody became interconnected.

    But unlike these more elite, wiser nations, everyone made a freeforall grab for everything like Ferguson Chimps on a Chimpout because someone busted the window at the Weave Shop and the Spinning Rims shop.

    Fastforward to today, except for India, China, US, Germany, and few other producer countries, this is kinda how the world works now. There’s the designated hardworker countries. And then the majority freeload countries who mostly get the output for free.

    And then all those sweatshop/3rd world deals where workers and whole factories make $1 and Nike makes $150.

    Or back to the case of China, I believe they make about $11 per Ipad in total, not just the workers but that’s the manufacturers entire cut, the rest of it goes to Apple & subsidiaries who report it in China/US or not at all so as to pay the least tax on their huge markup per tablet.

    Above these grunt countries and bum countries there’s of course an elite group like Japan etc. that tries to keep to themselves and produce for themselves.

    If you’re Scottish, Canadian, and so forth, you should love Socialism. You’re not going to be permitted to be like Japan and have a true export driven free enterprise system. But you have this surplus since the meriKuns do lots of the heavy lifting and innovate and produce and you can just waltz in and copy everything or get it provided to you at 1/3 of the meriKun consumer price.

    You’re only allowed to spend this Social windfall thru some kind of Social system, because that’s what the World Elders have decreed. So of course you do that, why wouldn’t you?

    Hopefully Scotland breaks free. And they use their new surplus to throw all kinds of cash around to each other.
    They’re gonna go full Scandinavian if they pull off a Yes vote. Because why would any of us cheer on one nation over another. What’s the point of that?

    Yeah socialism, communism, etc. all suck. But if it puts some money in your pocket, you’re going to do it anyway. Because otherwise the UN IMF PTBs just suck you dry. You have to be hard core Israelis or something not to get vampire sucked by those bastards, its not easy to do.

    What is our economy objectively. These old words and concepts have grown so shopwarn, I’m not sure they apply any more.

    Maybe these kinds of speaking to the camera things from Eric for $$a are the way to go. You learn more from someone in the know who speaks from his own mind. Than you can ever learn from LewRockwell as an institution I’m thinking.

    If you’re beholden to an institution or college, you’re not allowed to go off script all that much, I’d imagine.

    This is just Archie Bunker sitting in the easy chair writing here, so take it for what’s its worth. Think of that song while you’re at it from All In The Family.


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    Joined Oct 16, 2012

    So would you have an a la carte price. An all you can watch price. Maybe a sneaky way to tell each user apart, in case someone decides to leak things, so you can at least hold him accountable and get them taken down faster via complaint to his IP and all that cal.

    The way Glen Miller played. Training from young age on real instruments. With mathematically complex harmonies yet also a bit of the unknown.

    Songs that made the hit parade. There was this whole world of song everyone coinhabitted together it was vibrantly magical. Remember when every parlor had a piano even?

    Guys like us we had it made, wife stays home. has everything he needs. No debt. No thugs beating on him. No chimps swinging from his front yard trees.

    Those were the days. Because they were made so. Nothing magical here. There’s no magic process where things have to decline. For get the preachers preaching generalities.
    And you knew who you were then, no statists threatening you. No isms where you made yourself into Soviet men.

    Girls were girls and men were men, this is a dialectic, if it occurs naturally, great, but no need for state jackboots to enforce it. How can a healthy functioning sexuality role filling spectrum be reinstalled scientifically?

    Mister we could use a man Like Herbert Hoover again. He was a great engineer who saved Europe. But he was a volunteer member of the aristocracy of pull. Need people who don’t rob one guy to pay another guy.

    Didn’t need no welfare state, still don’t. Provide free milk. Corn. MREs. ER medical care but only basic wartime triage stuff. And then let things happen naturally even if there’s deaths.

    Everybody pulled his weight. Don’t force anyone to pull others. If someone doesn’t want to pull. Leave em be.

    Gee our old LaSalle ran great. There used to be so many auto makers. Why don’t we all just start making things and not asking any for permission and not speaking of it. Ayn Rand was wrong and also only a girl. MEN CAN AND SHOULD LEARN TO LIE TO THE STATE AND TO ALL CLOVERS AND NEVER GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT. BECOME AND EXPERT LIAR TELLING THE RIGHT LIES. down the road find permanent solutions so you needn’t lie. Far preferable and stable not to.

    But do what needs doing, and damn all the religions that tell you otherwise. Beyond lying there’s hundreds more things that need doing. Mitigate and move on. Don’t expect anyone to excuse of this either. Learn not to care.

    Those were the days. These are also the days if you just have the courage to make them so. Forget all the baby talk and kiddie stuff. This includes things even the most skilled titans believe in. Doctors. Rocket scientists. Often they’re the stupidest and most gullible of all.

    Look at what a putz Einstein was. He never distanced himself from these militarized institutions. He was just a highly skilled monkey in balance. It’s great what he pioneered and learned. But then in some ways negated by the way he was such a statist without any means of production to call his own. Just a technoprole was all.

    Start your own damn agora. Stop researching XY&Z legality. I never comply with any laws. I pay someone else to, and let my wife deal with it all. I couldn’t care about any of it.

    Find someone to be your state connection and enter diaspora today. I never compromise here, and won’t unless I get kicked out of my home. If you love liberty and live under tyranny, then you are without a country or society. You are a lone wolf in diaspora, except for those few who are like you. Accept it and learn to live with it. And then to love it and thrive in it. Statists are dying, you need only outlast outwit and outlive them.

    – apologies to the song writer (but not the rights holder oligarchs who make 99% of the revenue) who likely gets nothing from this copy paste

  4. If you live your days under the crushing weight of ignorance, fear, and faith. It is especially likely that you are doomed. If instead, you live primary through the process of reason. Then it won’t be nearly as traumatic, should it be true America is doomed.

    Because if you only chart your course by reason, you won’t be misled by the multitudes who follow the whims of the American State. Or a superstitious religion. Or some other mystical beliefs that are in conflict with your faculty of reason.

    The best advice I can give you? Throw your faith in the woods and find strength in your reason. Everything has an explanation. Even faith itself has some kind of logical, observable, repeatable experimental verification protocol that anyone can perform, anywhere in the Solar System, once it’s discovered.

    Maybe it’ll be discovered faith is a kind of sexually transmitted infection caused by halo shaped bacterium. If this were true, being circumsized is helpful to these bacteria because your natural genetical bacteria would then have less habitat to live in and thus be far less effective in protecting you from destructive predatory organisms from the heavens. This barbaric custom has a purpose after all. To serve your unseen microoverlords.

    These microbes seem to also quiet fond of animal blood. And of starting wars so that lots of human blood is spilled all around. They like burning animal flesh. Again, this all must be biologically helpful to them in some way. Perhaps each of these cruel rituals creates complex macromolecules the bacteria then synthesize into even more complex useful compounds.

    That would also explain why they influence your mind into seeing visions and to thinking such actions have a divine purpose. They like you to be still and do things like read and think, so they have an easier time of using your cells for their purposes.

    The real divinity has been in your cells and in your blood all along. That is what they mean by this is my body. This is my blood. These clever tiny angels have been manipulating you into passing along their scripture for thousands of years. The paper and recited scripture at one level. And far more important, their genetic material and various holy proteins and metabolic sacraments at another deeper microbiological level.

    Holy water truly is living water. It’s full of their life and includes a fertile dosage of these god inventing neurological manipulators. They are giving you this holy water, because that is the fastest way to disperse them through your own body and everyone you know and come in contact with as well.

    Genuflecting. Making the sign of the cross. Shaking hands in a sign of peace. All these things greatly aid their desired dispersal. Holy books. Rosaries. Incense. Special robes. These are also all part of the vast complex bacterium economy and world spanning engine of manipulated human hosts who are faithful to the tiny bacteria. They truly are David. You truly are Goliath.

    They hate abortion and want you to have lots of babies, because they transmit themselves during pregnancy from a mother to her fetus; by passing through her intact mucous membranes or compromised skin. They’re also in darwinian competition with East Asia and other places where Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions aren’t the norm, and their bacterial zombification has far less pull and sway.

    These organisms have brothers and cousins. These related bacteria are the ones that for millenia tell various factions’ cells what race to be. What culture to belong to. What language and creed to have. What kind of tools to fashion, what kinds of niches to inhabit. This all started with sedentary crop culture most likely. When these kind of high density bacteria ridden social tribes became the dominant norm and quickly made violent war against faith disease free individuals until they were forced into hiding or became extinct.

    We know quite a bit about the 10% of us that we control. But we have a lot more to learn about the 90% of us that is countless specialized microorganisms that inhabit our framework as if we are their shell. Some are symbiotic. Some, like these faith infestions, are less than symbiotic.

    It might just be that especially in the case of Christians, Tribalists, and Statists, it is these passengers that call the shots, and not our own neurons and pathways that up unto recently, is all that we thought we were. Maybe we’re naturally reasonable and logical creatures like most of the rest of the mammals. Maybe it’s only these zombifying hijackers that mislead us into serving other beings and not making the right decisions for ourselves and pursuing instead their pointless to us distractions and fools errands of faith.

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  6. Re: Boot. Face. Big Brother. Forever. U know the drill.

    I am going 10 over, still tailgating me? Here, let me show you something.. (self.pettyrevenge)

    I am driving to work a few months ago and getting close, I have two turns remaining until I turn into the building. It is just a few blocks away. All side streets, no highways involved. This guy behind me is in a black bmw, and he is on my ass the whole time.

    I see him checking his phone, then making angry faces at me and getting closer and closer. I speed up a bit, thinking it might calm him down. 5 over, nope. Anyway, I make the first turn, and am now on the street with my building is, maybe 600 yards up ahead. the asshole is still behind me, driving inches from behind me and obviously pissed that me going the speed limit, (maybe 35 on this street). So I speed up a bit and see he does the same.

    I drive an eight year old Toyota truck, not one of the big huge ones, but not one of the small ones. I do have all terrain tires, and I have certainly driven through pastures, over rocks, popped a curb or 10 in my time.

    My suspension is in good shape and I have no problem treating my decade old truck like a truck.

    As I get closer to my building there is a large speed bump in the street, effectively to get people to slow own as they approach the parking garage entrances. I look back and see asshole still riding my bumper. The plan takes shape in my mind and I speed up..

    I am doing about 45 when I hit that speed bump, and yeehaw.. I did a bit of a jump and land, never once touching my brakes. I gave him zero warning for what was about to happen.

    I am watching my rear-view window intensely during this because I wanted to see. He was cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder when he hit.

    His hood bucked up behind me, then slams to the ground. I see him go flying out of his seat straight up. He slams his head on the roof of his bmw and his head even rolls sideways from impact. He has a total wtf was that look on his face as he grabs the wheel with both hands to recover.

    … and yes, he slowed right the fuck down after that.

    This is your new meriKunnnn dream, can you even imagine this being you and the 2 minutes of glorious nonstop hateglee?

    More proof meriKuhhhh is doooomed.

    • Wunderbar, Tor!

      I have a story along similar lines:

      Years ago, when I still lived in Northern Virginia, I was driving a PT Cruiser (press car) back home one day. The road was a broad four lane (two each way) with dense traffic running faster than the posted 55 MPH speed limit. My PT was a loud color and had Michigan “Manufacturer Vehicle” tags. I mention this, because it may have contributed to what follows.

      A newish Mercedes back in the pack was trying hard to catch up to me. Or so it appeared. He was aggressively weaving through traffic – and tailgating whenever he didn’t have room to pass. I’m in the right lane (not far from my turn-off) when the guy catches up to me and welds his Benz to the PT’s bumper. I mean, he is so close I can;t even see his headlights in the rearview.

      I do not like this at all. So I bust a few moves – left, then right – Froggering through the traffic to put some distance (and other cars) between me and this nutjob.

      Which really made him go nuts.

      I can see him in the rearview, jerking the Benz angrily – attempting to catch up. By now, some space has opened up – for me – and I am putting distance between myself and the Merc driver. My exit is about a mile ahead now.

      I glance in the rearview. The Mercedes has gotten around the other cars – and he is hauling ass now to catch up to me.

      The plan suddenly congeals.

      The exit up ahead is one I’ve come to know intimately. It is a decreasing radius “sweeper” that can be taken at about 50 MPH in the right car, with the right driver behind the wheel.

      The Mercedes is not the right driver.

      He is bearing down on me again as we both get to the off-ramp. I do not slow down. I let him follow me at speed.

      Well, try to follow me.

      He doesn’t.

      He loses control about halfway through. The Benz slides wide, off the road, and hits the guardrail sideways at about 60. Body cladding and other bits and pieces fly skyward.

      I am pretty sure the car was totaled.

  7. True dat. But not much doom coming from these inefficient disorganized amateurs. Rather from what Scar, Mufasa, and all the other Lying Kings are doing to you with impunity, while distracting you with this cal.

    Fox News Corp is just the same old BBC white-bread sandwich perspective with maybe a little bejamite added as a tangy distraction.

    I’m not afraid of these smiler shoeshiner crim types. Even in large groups. I’m afraid of what the PTB’s are going to do everyone in my life and all of our descendants tomorrow.

    There’s a lot of levels to ascend. As you say, read Fred Reed. See the deep racial societal truths with clear eyes.

    Then realize what Fred Reed is normalized to. The way he puts the local niglets at a lower status than the brazen democidal thugs in official vehicles who are shutting down every avenue for you to make a living. Who are shutting down even your humble tiny little internet refuge.

    I’d take any Sharkeeta over any Soviet Orthodox good old boy any day. She understands complex tech. She can blythely swing from this or that arena with out effort. At least she distrusts whitey, even if for the wrong self-serving reasons.

    Sure your average Ukrainian fellow is more literate. Logically wired. Thoughtful. Conventionally moral. But he don’t know shit that Sharkeeta knows without even being aware.

    American blacks can still fun circles over a lot of the world. Their immune to a lot of different bullshits and groupthinks. How are you going to get lilywhite Ivan to help you, when all he knows is wheelbarrowing slag to the slagheap on second shift.

    We’re all isolated puzzle pieces, we got to learn to fit in puzzles of our own making. Even if we need to make some cuts. And glue on some other stuff not normally a part of us. Stop conforming to their pictures on the box, and think outside them all. That’s where we start.

    Sterilizing and formaldehyding all the markets until you can hardly even stand trying to transact with anyone. Offline or on.

    What do you think is fair punishment for the institutional forcemongers. Who leave you nowhere to turn for anything, but their corrupt Circle Jerk of Life happy crappy hymn singing asses.

    Can you feel the love tonight.

    • Hey Tor –

      I agree with you on all dat, my man.

      I’ll take my chances with Letwoin and Shanikra – because it’s a somewhat fair fight. That is, at least I am able – allowed – to fight back.

      But I dare not even mouth off to the despicable little buzz cut runt who pulled me over last time. Though I could have smashed his beady-eyed face in without trouble, though he’d have never tried to fuck with me absent his special costume and the super powers it confers, I had to stuff it and shut it and accept the payin’ paper.

      • Fukkem, fisheads, u know the rest.

        U can still bribe them cheap. Bottle of remy or crown’ll outta do it.

        I gibs my daughter the ghetto name KeyOnTay

        Sorry my posts are suffering. My macros quit twerking and I don’t know what the prob is. I’m cavemannin it lately. Simple basic knowledge like a visual basic interface, is something the other guy knew, I aven’t a cloo or even know the doghouse placement for this particular scooby doo mystery.

        If only I could just work on something solo from the ground up with my own two hands. Just a not quite full deck of jacks of questionable trades I mostly am.

        Those redditneckers got me peeved, I tells ya. They acted like I’m a criminal for adding too many same domain links there. Never liked fark, and the other alternatives listed don’t seem worth botherin with.

        When I lived in NC, I dated darker skinned blacks than that, but I never found them hard to understand. I’ve been the lone friendly ghost on many occassions.

        Couldn’t find a transcript for this interview, so listened to this anyway, but don’t quiz on me on it.

        Bigcity midwestern blacks are almost tolerable. Yankee Uncle Tom’s no way, they’re the absolute worst of all race cohorts, statistically inferencewise probly.

        I could’ve followed some speedtalking hispanic on Univision with my pidjin spanish better than I could her. Maybe one word per fiddy, I’d guesstimizzle.

        Maybe need a new hobby

        gnu hobby

        Having observed many amateur drug dealers. There’s a lot of market knowledge and growth that occurs from a producer of the black or grey market. To sell, or even purchase contraban, you develop a lot of skills and knowhow. You have to.

        Barackeesha and Barackeeshawn know sum real shit. There’s also a perverse pyramid of free shit hidden knowledge that blacks are part of. They need to start out at McD or whatevs, we know that, but I can appreciate why they don’t trust this, and rather take the paths of the many shortcuts to knowheresvilles.

        I don’t want to regale anyone with Linus+Unix=Linux exploits especially when I’m engaged in things you explicitly dislike. If one inflates the NAP to exclude all questionable techne, I’m not sure that’s the right call globally. But locally, message received.

        fukkthem fukkthem feed em roley poley fisheads eat them up yum


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