Clover “Dances With Trucks”

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Here’s a Clover helping some big rigs “save fuel”


  1. In Iowa, there is legislation being brought up making it a traffic violation to loiter in the left lane, and to fine clovers for clogging the flow of commerce.

    I hope it passes, but I have doubts.

  2. I read somewhere that left lane blocking is the number one cause of road rage.

    I like the other type of Clover, what I call the duckling.

    It will drive well above the speed limit, or you may come upon it loafing in the right lane.

    When the duckinglocks its targeting radar onto the car in front of it, it proceeds to follow at an unsafe distance, whether ‘momma duck’ goes 40 or 100.

    The duckling will pass me on the left, then later it’ll be stuck behind a LLB (like in this video) and drive there for miles. I pass on the right when possible and leave the duckling and the ‘momma’ behind.

    Later on, here comes the duckling again and now it’s latched onto me and riding my ass.


  3. What a jag-off. That was egregious to the point where the truckers were pissed, which you don’t see that often. What I do see a lot because I spend a lot of time on interstates, are douchbag semi drivers who wait until you’re damned near abeam of them before they swing out into the left lane and then CRAWL past the truck they’re passing. They take miles to do it. Some clovers get paid to be dicks.

  4. I can understand the “oh shit, people want to pass me, I better move over”, then move over kind of person. That’s an honest mistake. But people like this don’t care. Their ignorance of their surroundings is so blatant, they don’t try to care. They don’t even know how much of an asshole they are. How can people be so unaware that 4 trucks have to pass them in the right lane……….and they still don’t move? How, how, how?

  5. MacTac

    Laser printer with “I am a Left Lane hogging asshole”

    Peel and stick. I suggest on the drivers side windshield. Laser print a mirror image so the seated driver can read it.

    The 25 minutes of razor scraping might be enough to penetrate even a clover skull. If only in self interest so it won’t happen again.

    Or , if really mean, Rubberized rocker guard. ~$7.50 for a big aerosol can.

    Merely a hypothetical fantasy. Maybe……


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