Kid Embarrasses Hero

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Maybe there is hope; watch this video and see what I mean:

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  1. Fellow independent libertarian lewrockwell contributor embarrasses would be SJW website hacker…

    A website going down in the middle of a live radio broadcast is like realizing you have to pee mid coitus. I did what I could from my smartphone, which amounted to rebooting the server and little else, which only got the site back up for a couple of minutes.

    There have been other times when this website had gone down and it’s been my fault, which is usually my assumption. Usually some new feature added to one of my sites is responsible, some WordPress plugin goes haywire and consumes all the server resources.

    That wasn’t the case last night. I was under a denial of service attack.

    People try to hack this website all day long. Most of it isn’t terribly sophisticated, just simple password brute forcing against my WordPress admin login, or my SSH command line. As a guy who is more or less in the full time business of making enemies, I get it quite a bit more than most of you would.

    If some shithead clover script kiddie can take down my website, then I’m going to have a tough time keeping this thing going when someone with actual talent comes after me. It took awhile, but I figured out how he was beating the protections I have against this sort of thing and plugged the holes. The clover’s hired gun botnet is still attacking at this point, but it’s not finding its target so it has no affect.

    So bring it on Twitter tough guys! I hope you didn’t drop too much bitcoin on borrowing that botnet, because it ain’t gonna do you a damn bit of good now. This site and the content I produce on it is here to stay, and I will take all comers.

  2. How did we becomes slaves? They snuck in from the top.

    Wearing suits and ties. Reading from teleprompters and scripts. Shaved faces. Clean cut respectable. And no one seemed to notice.

    If we weren’t shanghaied from those now on top. We could just go out and go to work real simple like. But we can’t. We need references. Resumes. Histories. Working papers. Vouchings. Backstories that verify. Clean records and zero deviations from being a good worker bee.

    The culture of picking up a tool and working on anything died. There’s no real jobs frontier towns anymore. Just company towns where your life is wound down tighter than a family flick from Disney trying to keep its G rating.

    The Mad Men, man in control culture quietly died.
    The 1960s counter culture died a quiet death by 1975. Then the car culture died. Now the free internet counterculture is dead. There’s nowhere left anymore.

    These confident airhead eurotwerps are everywhere and they hold every important job. Smiling. Good mannered. From the right fraternities, not from Animal House. They had Animal House shut down long ago, and anyone like them.

    Just smirking manginas reading from teleprompters and nobody noticing anything has changed. No one dare deviate from a script. There’s no counterculture magazine. Or pay TV channel. There’s nothing.

    I probably work in the last workplace where we make no compromises to anything politically correct. We’ll be out of business soon though, no doubt. And not replaced.

    Before being here, I worked in two consecutive places where an older owner knocked up a very young attractive female employee, even though married with children, and nobody made a peep about it.

    Because it was a cool place to work, and you’d just get fired and they wouldn’t care, they were foreigners with no concept of American Emasculation and no inclination to be tutored in any of it. They made Mad Men look like cast members of Glee.

    Maybe its in the vaccines. They’ve been able to chemically castrate animals using vaccines for quite a while now. Maybe the same is done to everyone now. Who knows what alls in them. The younger you are, the more effective they’re becoming.

    How is anyone to know anything. Everything is made in secret by unknown entities. The consumer advocates and scientists. They’re all bought and paid for. It’s full on Brave New World time. Perhaps its all the wifi signals. I’m basking in 20 different sources right now.

    Science can be used any way you like. Only you can decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t. The first step is to remember how things were and not just blank out and pretend like everything is the way it is now. And that every change is for the better.

    Who is laughing at this guy. How can anyone think any of this is funny. What the heck is going on.

    I understand being with women and being in their orbit when you’re with them. I go along to get along, and don’t tilt at windmills either. But is there no one out there that wants to break rank with any of this, anywhere anymore.

    How did Bruce Jenner happen. Is he a demonstration project. Showing us just how much power they have now. I don’t care if he goes transspecies and becomes a mangoat who fucks other goats and altered mangoats. That’s his right. But how exactly did he come to such an epiphany?

    What’s next, I shudder to think. Maybe I’ll move out on my own and restart my family but this time with bot versions using near field communications. It’ll be a lot cheaper to have a cyberwife and cyberchildren version of my family. Heck, I can even download the problem one that got away, that’s dogged my conscience all these years. Thank you, Cyberspace Daddies of the Happy Valley of Silicon.

    Probably Angie’s List is the future. The regular web will continue its slow death. The internet will just be a place where everybody narcs on everybody else.

    “I hired Winston Smith as a contractor, and then I saw him on my surveillance footage drinking a beer while working in my backyard. Don’t hire Winston Smith. He’s a wagethief and I’ve reported him to the contractor’s board for termination.”

    Real men that just exist and don’t fake things, and don’t cater and worry about themselves are obsolete. You got to be sensitive and plugged in now, keep up your appearances at all times, it’s become the Brave New Way.

  3. In Fairfax, Va., 18 months ago,“> John Geer was shot by police while standing at his own front door with his hands raised

    John Geer, shown here in a still from a cellphone video standing at the front door of his townhouse in August 2013 as police responded to a complaint from his girlfriend. It was an almost 30-minute conversation in the doorway before a costumed hero named Adam Torres shot him dead.

    John was a middle-class kitchen designer living in the pleasant Washington suburb of Fairfax, VA. Geer was pierced 18 months ago by a police bullet as he stood inside the screen door of his own home, his hands raised, begging not to be shot, and then simply disappearing into the emotional mixing bowl of American infotainment news.

    That should not have happened. The killing of John Geer is probably the clearest and most compelling example of what amounts to police impunity in recent American history.

    It won’t be easy reining in America’s chokehold prolestomping police, admitted the FBI director in a frank talk on local policing.

    John committed no crime the day he was killed. Even the officer who shot him acknowledges that. There was no struggle. The details are not murky.

    But because no one went marching in the streets on behalf of John Geer, because the spin doctors made sure he was absent from national headlines, the system was able to make his outrageous death go away by the simple expedient of doing nothing and refusing to discuss it.

    Here are the facts:

    In August 2013, Geer’s common law wife, who was breaking up with him and moving out, called police to report he was angrily throwing her possessions onto his front lawn.

    Asked whether Geer had weapons, the woman answered yes, but they were legally owned and secured. No, he hadn’t been drinking.

    John Geer, 46, was fatally shot by police in August 2013 in an unusual confrontation for which no charges have been laid. His family has launched a suit for wrongful death.

    Two squad cars — four officers — initially responded. Geer, on seeing them, retreated into his home, refusing to answer questions.

    A few minutes later, Officer Rodney Barnes, a trained police negotiator, arrived, and as the four other policemen stood close behind him with weapons drawn, he began trying to coax John Geer out onto the porch.

    Barnes would later recall that Geer was polite, but reluctant to leave his home, saying repeatedly he was frightened of being killed.

    He said “I don’t want anybody to get hurt,” the negotiator told investigators a few months later. “I don’t want to get shot.”

    ‘I know I can get shot’

    Barnes asked Geer if he owned a pistol. Geer said yes, and fetched it. He held it up, holstered, for Barnes to see and set it aside, raising his hands again. He offered to let Barnes come into the house and retrieve the weapon.

    He asked for permission to scratch his nose, Barnes said, and did it slowly, then raised his hands again. He asked to reach into his pocket for his phone; Barnes asked him not to, and he obeyed.

    “He said ‘I know if I reach down or drop my hands I can get shot,” Barnes told detectives later. “I said, hey, nobody’s going to shoot you…”

    But Geer pointed to one nearby officer in particular: Adam Torres, who kept raising his Sig Sauer pistol from the “ready” position (pointed at Geer’s legs) to aim at Geer’s chest.

    Please ask him not to point his gun at me, Geer begged Barnes. Geer even offered to come out and be handcuffed voluntarily if Torres and the other patrolmen would agree to move “way back.”

    Then he asked to scratch his nose again. Barnes consented. And Torres fired.

    Geer, grabbing his wound, screamed in pain and stepped back, slamming his door.

    “And I’m like, who the fuck shot?” Barnes told detectives later. “I kinda got a little pissed.”

    Torres acknowledged it had been him, and began muttering how he was sorry, and that his wrist was hurting. Then, unbidden, he told Barnes how he’d had a fight over the phone with his wife just before arriving on the scene.

    Everyone in America is going wrong.

    Asked by Barnes why he’d fired, Torres said Geer had dropped his hands to his waist suddenly, that he appeared to be going for a weapon.

    “I said I didn’t see that,” said Barnes later. “You know, and I never took my eye off him (Geer).”


    In a cellphone video, Fairfax County police stand outside John Geer’s home after he had been shot by an officer and fell back into the house. The officer at left of frame is said to be Rodney Barnes, the main negotiator. By the time police tactical forces arrived to enter the home, Geer had bled to death.

    The other three officers who’d been present told investigators the same thing. So did two civilian witnesses.

    But prosecutors and police commanders and county officials buried the case.

    Fairfax County’s top prosecutor declared a conflict of interest and referred the shooting to federal authorities.

    The police department stonewalled reporters.

    Federal investigators did investigate, and have reported to the U.S. attorney in Virginia, who has done nothing.

    And all this was done under a cloak of secrecy, until, earlier this February 2015, a judge finally ordered disclosure of nearly 11,000 documents, containing interviews with nearly everyone involved.

    Torres, it turns out, stuck to his story that the other four officers were wrong.

    Does he regret having shot Geer? “I don’t feel sorry for shooting the guy at all.”

    Why did he tell Barnes immediately afterward he was sorry? He was concerned about having upset Barnes by shooting, he said.

    Why did he talk about his wrist hurting? He doesn’t remember. Why did he immediately say he’d just had a fight with his wife? “I don’t know why.”

    Under the radar

    The judge’s disclosure order has created a bizarre situation: Nearly all the available evidence, including audio of the witness statements, is now available on the
    Fairfax County website.

    According to those official documents, the shooter — a cop with significant anger issues (he once screamed and cursed at prosecutors in open court) — is contradicted by four fellow officers and two civilian witnesses. That sort of rank-breaking is practically unheard of.

    And yet there has been no judicial action, and almost no public uproar. Most politicians have remained silent. Those who have marched against police shootings in the past have been largely uninterested.

    A protest at Fairfax police headquarters drew a couple of dozen people. Only the Washington Post has taken a serious interest in the case.

    But the killing of John Geer should frighten everyone. It is the best example yet that while police often target minorities disproportionately, their basic and overriding demand is total and unquestioning submission to their authority.

    Resist, however peacefully and even in your own home, and heaven help you, no matter what your skin colour. American mundanes are all niggers now.

  4. 3 day old goat clearly needs dehoofing, dehorning, ritalin, castration, months in a petting zoo away from parents and other things so he can be a mis-anthropo-moron-morphized goat version cretinous pet of the bread and circus statists like all the humans already are.
    – – –

    Carlin had three heart attacks in 1978, 1982, and 1991, and an arrhythmia requiring an ablation procedure in 2003, and a significant episode of heart failure in late-2005.

    He twice underwent angioplasty to reopen narrowed arteries. In early-2005, he entered a drug rehabilitation facility for treatment of addictions to alcohol and Vicodin. He must not have felt any obligation to live to 100 and did his own thing. He died in June 2008 of heart failure. He was 71 years old.

    His death occurred one week after his last performance at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
    – – –

    Carlin’s material falls under one of three self-described categories: “the little world” (observational humor),

    “the big world” (social commentary), and

    the peculiarities of the English language (euphemisms, doublespeak, business jargon), all sharing the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit”, which might include murder, genocide, war, rape, corruption, religion and other aspects of human civilization.

    He was known for mixing observational humor with larger social commentary. His delivery frequently treated these subjects in a misanthropic and nihilistic fashion, such as in his statement during the Life is Worth Losing show:

    Carlin said: I look at it this way… For centuries now, man has done everything he can to destroy, defile, and interfere with nature: clear-cutting forests, strip-mining mountains, poisoning the atmosphere, over-fishing the oceans, polluting the rivers and lakes, destroying wetlands and aquifers… so when nature strikes back, and smacks him on the head and kicks him in the nuts, I enjoy that.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for human beings whatsoever. None. And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it’s natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse.

    Language was a frequent focus of Carlin’s work. Euphemisms that seek to conceal or distort meaning, and the use of pompous, presumptuous, or silly vocabulary, were often the target of Carlin’s routines.

    When asked what turned him on, he responded, “Reading about language.” When asked what made him proudest of his career, he said the number of his books that have been sold, close to a million copies.

    Carlin also gave special attention to prominent topics in American and Western culture, such as obsession with fame and celebrity, consumerism, conservative Christianity, political alienation, corporate control, hypocrisy, child raising, fast food diet, news stations, self-help publications, blind patriotism, sexual taboos, certain uses of technology and surveillance, and the “pro-life” position, among many others.

    Carlin often criticized elections as an illusion of choice. He said the last time he voted was in 1972, for George McGovern, who ran for President against Richard Nixon.

    Carlin openly communicated in his shows and in his interviews that his purpose for existence was entertainment, that he was “here for the show.”

    He professed a hearty schadenfreude in watching the rich spectrum of humanity slowly self-destruct, in his estimation, of its own design, saying, “When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.”

    He acknowledged that this is a very selfish thing, especially since he included large human catastrophes as entertainment. In his You Are All Diseased performance, he elaborated somewhat on this, telling the audience, “I have always been willing to put myself at great personal risk for the sake of entertainment. And I’ve always been willing to put you at great personal risk, for the same reason!”

    A routine in Carlin’s “You Are All Diseased” focusing on airport security leads up to the statement: “Take a fucking chance! Put a little fun in your life!

    Most Americans are soft and frightened and unimaginative and they don’t realize there’s such a thing as dangerous fun, and they certainly don’t recognize a good show when they see one.” Along with wordplay and sex jokes, Carlin had become a strident social critic, bashing both conservatives and liberals alike.

    Carlin often criticized religion, God, and religious adherents in his comedy. He described what he saw as the flaws of organized religion in interviews and performances, such as his “Religion” and “There Is No God” routines in You Are All Diseased.

    In his stand up show, It’s Bad for Ya, he mocked traditional oath affirmations on the Bible as “bullshit”, “make believe”, and “kid stuff.”

    He described the types of hats that religions ban, or require, as part of their practices, and remarked that he would never want to be a part of a group that requires or bans the wearing of hats.

    Carlin joked that he worshipped the Sun because he could see it, and prayed to Joe Pesci “because he seems like a guy who could get things done”. In a 2008 interview, Carlin stated that using cannabis, LSD and mescaline helped him in his personal life.

  5. Pigeon Agenda 21 – fines for feeding

    Pigeon Agenda 21 – birth control; pigeon population czar

    Basel Switzerland – Pigeon Fatwas

    Feeding pigeons is animal cruelty – feed pigeon bad. starve pigeon good.

    big science brother says: avian slum-like conditions are doubleplus unhealthy and environmental naturecrimes.

    music from before it was 1984. ambrosia. you and I.

    anarcho-biologists see anarcho-opportunity. need more feral. need predators of the feral. need to rewild and beat back that control freaks. create your own mockingjays, and mockingcats. mockingcoyotes, and mockingbears. may the force be withyou young sky-walkers.

    tauben in Basel Switzerland marketplace

    katze im tierheim

    katzen Tiervermittlung

    – keep a shaved down bear around, a hand raised and hand fed one you are reasonably safe around. that’ll keep the statist away. will a shaved bear a day.

  6. fuck you false heroes. false states. false govts. false gods. you’re not fooling me.

    look nothing happened. at least here there is no absurd pedagogical demand for so-called constructive criticism that my doctrine of the iconoclast is hollow and proves I am an evil fellow unless I can prove his case.

    Why should the one who says fuck authority prove anything.

    Why, indeed, should he prove it? Is he judge, jury, prosecuting officer, hangman? He proves enough, indeed, when he proves by his blasphemy that this or that idol is defectively convincing—that at least one visitor to the shrine is left full of doubts. The fact is enormously significant; it indicates that instinct has somehow risen superior to the shallowness of logic, the refuge of fools.

    The pedant and the priest have always been the most expert of logicians—and the most diligent disseminators of nonsense and worse. The liberation of the human mind has never been furthered by such learned dunderheads; it has been furthered by gay fellows who heaved dead cats into sanctuaries and then went roistering down the highways of the world, proving to all men that doubt, after all, was safe—that the god in the sanctuary was finite in his power, and hence a fraud. One horse-laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms. It is not only more effective; it is also vastly more intelligent.

    Mencken wrote that once, I’ve copied and pasted it here without permission or payment to his ghost. Look nothing has happened to me. Why don’t you do the same? Stop worshipping long dead ghosts. And states. Govts. Gods. Eric is a real life human. Why don’t you start with that. Looking to real life humans, and not false ghosts and false heroes who never were.

    • I loved it too, but the next time might be very different. Many lawful “contempt-of-thug-cop” events don’t end “easy”. They end with being dragged out thru the window in a headlock, knee planted in the back, a couple busted ribs, taser prongs in the thigh, a visit to the hospital for some forced catheterization and procto-exam (those drugs have to be somewhere!), and a nice trip to a cage (until the “justice system” “sorts it out later”), and that’s for the lucky ones. Then the brigands do what they do best: lie, by charge-stacking with a host of contrived charges like resisting false, er, arrest, interfering with this, obstructing that, ad nauseum. I fear this kid has a hard lesson to learn about “contempting” the king’s boys! So much for “easy”!

  7. OT: re: a certain veterinarial hero…
    Glaucus and Athena Pallas, Goddess of Philosophy

    The disciplined, strategic patroness of reasoned battle, in contrast to her brother Ares, the patron of violence, bloodlust and slaughter—the raw force of war. Athena is the goddess of knowledge, purity, arts, crafts, learning, justice and wisdom. She represents intelligence, humility, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, the arts, eloquence and power.

    She stands for Truth, Justice, and Moral values. She plays a plucky, clever and independent role. Not only was this version of Athena the opposite of Ares in combat, it was also the polar opposite of the serene earth goddess version of the deity, Athena Polias, the Goddess of Cities.

    Athena appears in Greek mythology as the patron and helper of many heroes, including Odysseus, Jason, and Heracles.

    Though Athena is a goddess of war strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments. The goddess only encouraged fighting for a reasonable cause or to resolve conflict. She counseled all to use intuitive wisdom rather than anger or violence. As patroness of Athens she fought in the Trojan war on the side of the Achaeans.
    – –
    leakings for Plucky Glaucus’ release vid: action begins at 4:38. 4:27 if youve never seen an owl fly. Had she not moved the box, he would have stayed there till dusk most likely. And action ends at 4:39. If you’re ever walking in the woods at dusk, and you hear something that sounds like a cat or baby being crushed to death, it’s probably a screech owl. Scariest sound I’ve ever heard! A fox scream still tops my list…I will never forget the first time I heard one while night fishing. That would be second for me, screech owl is 10x creepier! We don’t get them very often around here, I am at the very edge of their habitat range, more out that in, so I have never really heard one out in the woods. I had no idea what it was, luckily my bud from Massachusetts was visiting who is an avid bird watcher. I think my dog startled it, she was running in the bush off the old logging road that I hike on, I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.
    Cheers bud, and happy fishing. Little dude didn’t want to give up his free meal ticket. Nice vid. Can you blame him? Nice soft bed. 3 square meals a day. He had it made. He had everything he needed except, a lady bird friend, so, off he went. Ha-ha. Well done! you could have edited out about 95% of this video without loosing anything! You want him to get out of bed in the middle of the Fing day? He’s an owl. Let him out at midnight! Just dump it out of the box already! You aren’t going to hurt its feelings, sheesh! This video COULD have been edited to save us some time, but then again, I like to Fuck with the LL Community every once in a while too… What! No appreciative fly by? The time of release was ill chosen since owls are night birds, it would have been better to let it go at dusk, or if done at daytime, at least to put the box in the shadow. The owl was staying in the box because bright light hurts her eyes. How about you invest in a more apt release box …A cardboard box ffs come on plucky finished rehab, no more monkey on his back, no more jonesing, mom and dad can finally keep something with an electric cord around the house, nice. Good job. nice. 4:25 it finally moves his furry ass. LOL, he needed to wake up first. I stopped watching at 0:43 because Plucky was taking his sweet ass time getting out of that box.

  8. This is another vid from the same youtube account: Purplehat1991

    The worst have been on top for too long, just as Hayek predicted they would be. I hope everyone works harder to support this site, and sooner not later. So that some remnant might survive what is surely coming to pass.

    The skateboarders aren’t the worst, surprisingly. It’s the busybody anti-skateboarder prohibitionist assholes that are the worst. Somehow, skateboarding prohibition has been enacted in Murfreesboro, TN. Don’t ask me how, but it happened.

    It’s not just the government. It’s the entire bipedal slug community of this town. The only way this is ever going to end is for enough of these slugs to be exterminated. Maybe all of them will need to be put down.

    Ideally, a meeting will take place where the skateboarders, public funds donators, and deadweight freeloaders can all come to some agreement. And the diktats of the enforcers be damned.

    But what are the chances of that. The world would probably be a better place if every adult of the 120,000 resident good German Americans of this city were wiped from the face of the earth. And the whole thing captured on youtube as a warning to every other American Clovertown. There’s probably not enough good ones left to even worry about.

    No Skateboarding in Murfreesboro


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