Porkers Use Bikes to Assault People in Denver

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The video below is interesting because – among other things – it shows in living color the despicable lesser standard that cops are held to when it comes to committing acts of physical violence. In the video, you’ll see cops on motorcycles using their bikes to run peaceful protestors off the road – physically striking pedestrians and bicyclists with their motorcycles.

Reverse this as a thought experiment.  

Cops have shot people to death for merely pointing a vehicle at them. This – they claim – constitutes a mortal threat to their “safety.” But these cops feel no compunction at all about using a motorcycle as a potentially lethal weapon (someone could have been badly hurt, even killed, had they tripped and fallen into the path of one of these porkers). In that case, no charges would have been leveled against the cop. 

And had any of the victims of this assault attempted to defend themselves, you know exactly what would have happened to them

Cops wonder why they’re hated. 

Video that surfaced shows a group of about 100 protesters walking the streets of downtown Denver where they were met with line of motorcycle cops who forced the group on to the sidewalk.  One overzealous officer can be seen breaking away from the pack chasing down pedestrians, using his motorcycle as a large weapon.

At one point, the motorcycle cop rams a man on a bicycle, who had every right to be riding in the street.

In what appeared to be a peaceful scene of protesters walking with signs and chanting, albeit on the street, turned chaotic after police formed a human barricade, initiating a confrontation.  Most protesters complied with orders to get on the sidewalk, but that didn’t stop one police soldier from continually shooting pepper spray into the faces of non-violent people.

According to the Denver Police Department twitter page, eleven adults were arrested in total, eight men and three woman.  Two of the arrests were considered felonies, assault on police and robbery.  The rest of the arrests were the typical blanket charges that police use to arrest anyone they want, resisting police, disobedience to lawful orders, obstructing roadways, and interference.

One activist was quoted in the Denver post questioning the violent nature of the police force used against the protesters…

“It was peaceful protest until they got into the park,” said Laura Wooldridge, a 49-year-old Denver activist who saw the confrontation take place. “The next thing I knew pepper spray was being sprayed into the audience. It’s loud voices but it’s been loud voices. It’s an aggressive group but it should be an aggressive group because this is unacceptable, it is heinous.”

More protesters can be heard yelling at police that “This is a peaceful protest, no weapons allowed!” most likely referring to assault weapons, pepper ball guns, and the pepper spray canisters being brandished by the police.

Its clear that if left unabated, the protesters would have eventually made it to their destination, the state capitol without any violence, looting, or criminal activity.  However the police decided to put on a show and get some undeserved overtime pay.

Americans are used to seeing this type of chaos on TV, usually taking place in an unstable country such as Egypt, or Greece, but a startling trend is developing where military soldiers are becoming indistinguishable from your local police.  They are sharing uniforms, vehicles, tactics, etc.  It appears the war has made it to our homeland.  But who is at war with whom?

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  1. FYI:

    Very interesting historical fact about policing. It wasn’t always this way.

    American Cops are Upgraded Slave Patrols
    By Philippe Gastonne – May 04, 2015

    It might sound like complete nonsense until you do a little bit of historical research. People often assume that community policing has always been around, that without police society itself would crumble. Few realize that the model of policing that we know today in the United States has its origins in slave patrols.

    The sort of propaganda that many of us are raised to believe has led us to imagine that society was built by “law and order” policing, with regular community patrols, proactively seeking to prevent crime through “policing” the community. But nothing could be further from the truth. – Counter Current News, April 15, 2015
    – See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36273/American-Cops-are-Upgraded-Slave-Patrols/#sthash.7L2hmnjw.dpuf

    • Dear Bevin,

      I think the answer is to reject all generalized propaganda. And embrace prosperity, joy, and creativity wherever you find it.

      You are among those who say they are for anarchy, but what do you imagine is really meant by that. Are you sure you don’t for the most part only believe in some alternate version of imposed order. In a different shared backbone whereby you continue to walk erect mainly because of the violent imposed order of some kind of collective.

      I reject the general imposition of all outside forces. And of all alleged ancient values out of hand. Which means great things are possible. But great calamities are also possible. Values will have to all prove themselves and rise on their own merits. No more masters or idealized human archetypes.

      I reject law and order and systems of having a shared backbone completely. They are proven failures. That means I reject much of what many of you take for granted and consider a part of your identity.

      In true anarchy, somebody else could take the name Bevin Chu, and it would be up to you to defend your claim to that particular sequence of letters and the history of the particular person using that name in a particular place.

      Some of us claim no name. And defend no identity. I wouldn’t do anything against you. But I also wouldn’t identify anyone who did. How then are you going to hold us to account. How will the dominant people of the shared communal backbone defend against a horde of no-names. So of us beneficial, some of us detrimental.

      Someone might gain control of the anenemyofthestate.wordpress.com site and add links to health products and discount hotel vouchers in addition to your uploaded and approved content. Why should anyone but you care about this. We will all still enjoy your content. The link adders enjoy a new revenue stream and acquire a kind of cuckoo’s bird sort of property that you unwillingly support. This is found to be beneficial or detrimental as time unfolds.

      People take for granted that they pay for something and it remains theirs by imposed order. People take for granted they add their name to a record and it remains theirs by imposed order.

      I am asking you to really consider what it means to abandon this inhuman order. Imagine what it means when all of this is just one of many possible realities. Today this is ericpetersautos whois, ip & site analysis. Tomorrow, someone might hijack part of this site and begin running who knows what kind of web traffic.

      Eric pays for this site, but does he really. Isn’t it more accurate to say he acquires gangster’s blood money tokens and uses these tokens to enjoy a limited right of temporary control of this domain. What if you are only the initiator and propagator of your content. But once issued, you have no thugs at your beck and call to enforce your control of your progeny. What then?

      It might be that this is the best forum currently available. Yet even Eric is constrained and by default allows all kinds of outsiders to limit and control what he does here. I think what his highest value offered, is that he holds a kind of honor and order in his mind that is not dependent on the shabby reality of this website.

      That he is wrong to think he needs exclusive domain over his land or home and that he is best served by continuing to abide the devils he knows. The devils who give him an ever-shrinking exclusive title to his things, all the while sealing his fate behind his back with money he allows them to take.

      Our things are ours because we make them. Or legitimately acquire them. Once we let the slimy outsiders in, then we become shabby and dishonored. We become tainted and damaged and begin to stink of the stench of authoritarianism.

      Because all of us inhabit a rather shabby reality, truth be told. What does it matter what vehicles and property and websites we own, when we don’t even own are own backbones. What if ericpetersautos and Eric Peters the legal fiction were to be taken from the human being currently granted their possession by the blood soaked gangsters that be.

      No-name no-property New Eric would still have plenty to work with.

      Even if today Floyd County, State of Virginia, Country of United States of America should all cease to exist. Even if today we must all sign on to Baidu and pick our new Chinese Character designations as our new identities. And look to the BRICS superpower as our new archon and lord.

      Or better still, if we all go to sleep tonight as no-names. And only control the property that is within our own arms-reach. And there are no more officials to cry out to. No more false authorities to be our spines, because we have no spines of our own.

      There is everything to lose. But there is so much more that may be gained.


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