Power Slide!

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A very close call – but “EPautos” (temporarily ericpetersautos!) squeaked past the gate at the last possible moment and made it into the black for August.

Big thanks to Safe Ride, Jeff, Mr. B and several others who came through!

Also, big news – Amsoil is back as an advertiser! If you already use Amsoil, I hope you’ll consider purchasing via the Amsoil ad on the main page. Amsoil sells through “jobbers” – and our advertiser is Amsoil jobber Vic Sorlie. I hope you’ll support him so he can support us!

Ditto our other stalwart advertisers, especially Valentine 1 (my V1 has saved me literally thousands of dollars in fines avoided) and Austin Coins. The more you support our advertisers, the less reliant the site will be on individual reader support!

And: I have been working with Dom to get “EPautos” back online. Fingers crossed, it’ll be today.

Thanks again, everyone!








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