New Advertiser!

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I waRevolutionnted to take a moment to welcome – and introduce – our latest advertiser, Revolution Car Badges. The ad is on the right side of the main page (scroll down; also see here).

This is a pretty neat concept. Please take a look at what they’re offering and – if you’re interested – please consider buying a badge.

Ditto our other advertisers. We’ve got four “solids” at the moment:

* Valentine 1 (best radar detector on the market; personal endorsement from me).

* Austin Coins (very fair prices on gold and silver; if you’re in the market, please consider them first).

* Auto Anything (parts locater; long-time EPautos supporter).

When you buy from any of these advertisers, you get a worthwhile product and (free bonus) you help support EPautos. The more advertisers we can get – and keep – the less reliant EPAutos will be on your financial support.

Speaking of which: Thanks to all of you who chipped in last month. We’re hoping that trend will continue this month as we’ve just added bandwidth – an additional monthly cost, but a necessary expense to keep the site from crashing and to reduce load times – and we’re seriously considering a big server upgrade, to accommodate the traffic increase.

Our donate button is on the top right of the main page. Or click here. Please consider sending us a couple of bucks, if you’re able – and like what you’re reading here!


  1. I kind of liked their first two products on the list. I also liked the bit above their comment box, “Speak your mind, but remember this is private property!”.


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