Kicking Ourselves in the Nuts

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VW just announced it has lost nearly four billion dollars ($3.84 billion, to be precise about it) so far as a result of the “cheating” debacle. This does not include the punitive government fines or the likely class-action civil litigation that’s coming as surely as the winter.TDI badge

This is a measure of the cost of government to you. Or do you operate under the delusion that something called “VW” will foot the bill?

Volkswagen is a corporation and so a “body” of sorts (a corpus) but it is not a living thing that needs a job. VW provides jobs.

Well, did.

How many actual bodies – people –  will lose their jobs as a result of all this? If VW goes keel up, turrets plummeting toward the bed (the rest of the hulk following suit once the bulkheads burst) you can bet it will be many. Not just at the corporate level. There is manufacturing and retail, the dealers that sell the cars. The suppliers. Etc.

It is very serious.

The total costs – the bleeding – could end up as high as 78 billion euros. In American, that is a really big number. Nazi war criminals were not hounded this viciously.

And VW hasn’t actually harmed anyone.hysteria pic

There are, of course, the usual hysterical and utterly exaggerated claims about the “health effects” of microcosmic, fractional (literally) increases in the output of certain exhaust byproducts. These are similar to the nonsense about the “dangers” of second-hand smoke. One doctored EPA “study” (lambasted by a federal judge, who openly accused EPA of cherry picking data and then distorting it like a fun house mirror to suit its preconceived agenda) was sufficient to fuel a jihad that continues to this day.

The same is likely to happen to VW – to diesel vehicles generally.

They will be portrayed as “dirty,” notwithstanding that they aren’t. People with asthma and so on will be found who can cough on cue in the courtroom, their maladies laid at the feet of diesel-powered VWs.

The prospect of this will drive other diesels headlong for the hills. Mazda is just one that appears to have decided it may not be such a good idea to offer the diesel engine it had planned to offer in several models (CX-5 and Mazda3). And even those brands that already sell diesels – and which have not been accused of anything (yet) may also decide it’s smart policy to get out of the game.

Some of you may remember the last time this happened.olds diesel

It was the late ’70s. GM brought out a diesel engine that – as it turned out – was not quite ready for prime time. Unlike the situation today, that diesel did have problems. It soured a generation of American buyers. It took decades for diesel engines to make a comeback.

How long will it take this time?

VW – which had been the number one car brand in terms of total sales volume – is now not. One reason why is slumping sales but another – potentially far more lethal – is depreciation. How much – and how quickly – a given car loses value.

VWs – not just diesel-powered models – are losing value, fast. The industry publication F&I (finance and interest) notes that since Sept. 18, the Jetta and Passat TDI (diesel) sedans have depreciated by 7.9 percent (see here for more) while the TDI-powered Beetle slipped 6.5 percent. This is metastatic cancer for a car company. Those who currently own an “affected” car just got dunned hundreds, even thousands of dollars. The car that was worth say $25,000 on September 1 (before the “cheating” scandal broke) is now worth about $2,000 less, solely because of depreciation driven by a media feeding frenzy.burning cash

This sort of thing matters to people who are thinking about buying a given car.

It also matters to those considering a lease.

Rates depend on residual value, which is a function of depreciation. A car with an expected high depreciation rate will cost more to lease because it’ll be worth less at the end of the lease.

What most people don’t seem to get is that the burning shit bag left on VW’s door step is going to get shit on all our shoes. Whether you happen to own a VW or not.

There will be fewer diesel-powered cars generally as other manufacturers simply opt out. The handful that remain will cost more – and go less far on a gallon of fuel (in order to comply with the pound-foolish emissions rigmarole, which would rather the car pollute fractionally less at the tailpipe even if it produces a greater total volume of exhaust byproduct by dint of burning more fuel overall). They will thus be less appealing to buyers – who will buy fewer of them. Resulting in a market incentive to offer fewer of them for sale. Cue circling the drain.

We kick ourselves in the balls, you see.

VW may end up going out business. Or just being crippled. But when all is said and done, it’s us who’ll pay the bill, one way or another. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. Eric, I just read on another site that the UAW is making another attempt to unionize at VW- Chattanooga of a small unit. { foot in door} I am thinking that since the VW fudging issue was known for awhile , makes me openly wonder if because VW and the UAW were unable to organize Chattanooga previously, maybe VW finally told the UAW no more and the NLRB to stick it. So I’m just thinking that VW was thrown to the wolves and maybe to ruin, because the right grease wasn’t applied and so the hammer fell on them… and hard. Disproportionate Government response because VW didn’t have the proper protection in DC.

    • The rancher went to put his bull down because he’s not a pervert, he has a distinct distaste for being cruel to animals. Unfortunately, this played into the hands of the local gendarmes recently of Iraq and Afghanistan who have PTSD and can’t kill enough now.

      I see this in these young, dumb kids who either have been to the middle east or want to go. “Man, you gotta get in the Army. It’s a trip and even tougher than I thought(wow, no late nights to the convenience store for all that shit you eat and drink?). And now these guys who went and got an IED(I know some who don’t even know each other)for breakfast or something similar can’t get enough of killing and given enough time, themselves.

      The worst part is, they’re very bitter and blame the very people who advised them against it. Some catch on but due to the intellect and background, most of them will probably never “get it”.

      And govt. is eager to use these dupes who have no common denominator with society except “do the will of the powerful, and if I’m lucky, that means dealing with me……you sorry people with real lives”.

      Me and my buddies are here for payback. Kneel before me you goddamned civilian……or else.

  2. Daniel Craig resisted using an Android phone in ‘Spectre’ despite $5 million offer. They then upped the offer to $18 million and he relented and kicked himself on command.

    How much would someone have to pay you, before you’d kick yourself in the nuts?

    NASA admits that Antarctic Ice is increasing. (and thus, there is no global melting, warming, need to make your nethers bleed in empathy for Gaea.)

    The earth is crying, so why are we not crying. Asks YouTuber GaiaEarth.

    Anonymous hacking team claims Zerodium’s $1 million bounty for successfully hacking the iPhone

  3. labor / total voluntarily cooperating parties = DOL

    Division of Labor: Burgers and Ships

    – all this theory and jawboning is of course unwillingly supported by productive toiling men and an increasing number of women whose lives are spent in the applied practical arts.

    The Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity

    MRUniversity all vids

  4. Gay Marriage in Kentucky. What does that have to do with this thread?

    When that flap was occurring a sage from HuffPo tweeted, “don’t use government to shove your religion down my throat.”

    I immediately thought of the environmental movement. It’s a religion in all but name. Earth Mother Gaia is God and the earthly priesthood impose punishment for offenses against their god. Government is their chosen tool for implementation. It starts in the GovCo Skulz where kids are indoctrinated for 13-17 years or more and they then go out into society preaching their brand of faith.

    At least with the Christians they’re up front about using GovCo to do God’s work(psst…He doesn’t need your help to fulfill His plan, see story of the Tower of Babel and modern day Israel) unlike the enviros who are doing it for altruistic purposes(cue Ayn Rand) but their altruism is toward a rock orbiting a star…not other humans whom they seem to not like very much. A sick crowd indeed.

    To his credit, Graber is more honest than most…

    • Which is more important? The ant hill or the ant?s The hive or the bees? The dam or the beavers? With some Socratic sophist types, the answer isn’t so simple it seems.
      – –

      Anarchist author, coiner of the phrase: ‘We are the 99%’ – David Graeber interview: ‘So many people spend their working lives doing jobs they think are unnecessary, working ‘bullshit jobs’, having rule-bound lives and forsaking the importance of play.
      – – –

      A few years ago David Graeber’s mother had a series of strokes. Social workers advised him that, in order to pay for the home care she needed, he should apply for Medicaid, the US government health insurance programme for people on low incomes. So he did, only to be sucked into a vortex of form filling and humiliation familiar to anyone who’s ever been embroiled in bureaucratic procedures…

      The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy by David Graeber – review
      Life without bureaucracy sounds wonderful. But are states always and only repressive?

      David Graeber: “DEBT: The First 5,000 Years”

      There may be many anarchists, who wish to bind people to the label, just like governments and religious institutions do.

      He’s probably the worst kind of anarchist. Black Bloc destructive, and now collectivist academic at Goldsmiths, London.

      • You’re talking about a different person that I’m quoting. The guy I refer to is a biologist for the National Park Service. He made the statement about 20 years ago.

        • I sure was. Thank you so much, I wondered why it didn’t exactly add up.

          -This stuff is absolutely fascinating to me. Here is somebody supposedly educated, yet all he can manage is homocidal hot air-

          This David M. Graber is a retired NPS biologist. He’s a Clover gadly type who called into Mark Levin’s radio show a few years ago, for one thing.

          David M Graber the eco-clover explains environmental justice

          Mark Levin, on his show did a bit about the perversity of the eco statism movement. This is what environmental justice is all about, according to a research biologist with the National Park Service – David M Graber. – We humans have destroyed the planet, and so the planet must have justice!

          There is no chalk line between man and nature that we have not crossed. We contaminated the planet with atmospheric hydrocarbons and metals beginning with the Industrial Revolution.

          The Atomic Age wrote another indelible signature in radioisotopes on every bit of the Earth’s surface. DDT and its kin appear even in the Antarctic ice.

          I reference the article here:

          What is Environmental Justice? The right virus needs to come along and wipe humanity out.

          Understanding Liberals and Progressives – GMU

          – For the record, and for all the things I post, I’ve never killed much of anything besides fish, I’ve gone hunting countless times, but my heart wasn’t in it, even though hunger is absolutely or need for animal byproducts is certainly a legitimate reason to “aggress” and use lethal force against other less-sentient beings-

          • Peace my brother. And, can I get some jalapenos on that cheeseburger? (I find hiring a hitman for my carnivorous desires preferable to doing the deed myself…that includes milking the cow, BTW…division of labor and all that jazz, don’t you know)

          • I have often wondered how bad eating human would be for you. Considering the people I see daily it looks like a bad dose of poison. Still, I have nothing against animals and a great deal against some humans. Maybe that’s a topic when discussing composting.

            Seriously though, like Mark, I know I eat more meat by hiring the killer than I would without such people. I could probably eat the jalapeno and veggies on the bun and not miss the meat(we’ve done this before with a large garden……make up a big burger only to find we left off the burger). Still, tenderloin medallion from Bambi is danged tasty.

              • We’re just now starting to see an occasional javelina in these parts but we’re covered up in feral hogs and they may be the best tasting meat found on 4 legs.

                Since our butcher performs no sort of process to make our pork last longer, even our home fed hogs are of a much better grade than the salt/sugar/MSG(no telling what else)thing you buy at the store.

                But that feral hog that eats acorns, mesquite beans, hay grazer, etc. and roots and whatever they catch is the best.

                • Well, we don’t have mesquite, but we do have locust to go along with a lot of oak and some hickory (aka pig nuts) so we are going to try pasture raising a couple of hogs next year.

                  • I went into detail about this and somehow it posted and I nipped it in the bud since I wasn’t through. But it’s so involved and so much trouble you’ll end up regretting it, esp. if there’s a woman to bond with them in any way, just watching them. And since pigs are so intelligent and friendly, it’s not an easy thing to slaughter them. I recommend hunting them and field dressing them on the spot and butchering them in the garage or barn or where you might have a place to hang them. Learn to cut them up as you like and be done with it. I can tell you from feeding out hogs you can pay any amount of hunting fees if you don’t have your own pasture and still be ahead. And even with your own pasture fencing costs are outrageous and nothing really stops a hog from getting out. I’ve had 400# sows go over a 50″ fence like it was nothing…..not to mention going under.

                    You can feed hogs and not incur some intolerable amount of money if you already have such as grain storage and buy in bulk and cheap water plus pens that already exist but pasture is a tough row to hoe in every way. Not to mention this is one hell of a lot of work.

                    Even though grain costs are down, I didn’t feed hogs last year because I didn’t have time and don’t have bulk feed storage any longer. I won’t do it this year either and don’t expect to ever do it again. Just go hunting and the meat is exceptional.

                    • Well we have done our own rabbits and chickens, but of course they are not as intelligent as pigs. And we’ve not slaughtered our own sheep, but my wife has butchered them after they were killed and cleaned.
                      We don’t intend to breed, just get feeders in the spring and butcher so we don’t have to overwinter them. So the fencing would not need to be quite as extensive.

    • It is much more than a religion – it is the ultimate defense mechanism, Altruism not being one of them. Ever notice that a chunk of the personalities at any protest/ rally for the environment? The angry energy placed into these causes goes far beyond what would be reasonably expected. Saul Alinsky tips his hat to these people, however, even he can’t deny they are really there battling something personally bothering them.

      Plastic doesn’t need to be recycled. Landfills are not the detriment they are made out to be and we can continue filling for years to come. Oil isn’t running out. ‘Global dimming’ makes more sense than global warming. And no, population is not going to grow the way people think it is. Lets look at both sides of the research and then place our informed opinions – not jump into a fire with an indoctrinating group.

  5. Caught this post over at Ars Technica, a site that should stick to reviewing iPhones:

    This sort of epidemiology-based “science” is what leads to all the “health news” that contradicts last week’s “health news.” Red meat is bad! Red meat is good! Eggs are deadly! Eggs are the new superfood! About the only thing that seems to have any truth these days is that the government’s food pyramid, with the emphasis on grains and carbs, is 100% the wrong way to eat for an office-based workforce.

    And then there’s the “toxins” wackos. I guess they don’t have working kidneys, or an immune system. They surely don’t have a working brain.

    • Ars used to be indie, but they’ve been conglommed upon and now belong to Conde Nast – owner of reddit, wired, glamour, thousands more ad infinitum.

      Far worse than just global warmest shill soldiers. Conde is straight up SJW – Suffragette Justice Warriors.

      BBC Suffragettes Forever! Episode 1

      As to contradictory Faux Health News, that’s what you get when your mind puts Arts above Sciences.

      Women, who are usually mostly artists, just know what they know, and are not especially open to testing and improvements of their life theorems, and might get offended and hostile if you were even to inquire or impose.

      Psy Ops artists take humble normal science, which only ever says: “This is the Least Wrong thing I know” right now about human nutrition, do with this info as you will only do no harm.

      And write up clickbait screeds. And take such malthought screeds and elevate them to mandatory laws for one and all.

      And nationalist artists use scientific conclusions to greatly increase their hold and dominion over all. I think Japs and Swiss are the world leader cultures right now. But I wouldn’t necessarily want there to be billions of them. Non cancer nationalists are great.

      And sacred artists use scientific advances to nefarious ends, and help nations by becoming weaponized martyr soldiers subduing and assimiltating the peoples of earth. And saying it’s there holy obligation, forget the fact it’s nowhere to be found in their original manuscripts and devotional revelational source material.

      And sacred artists that adhere to NAP can comfort and console us in our most vulnerable times, and do great good, if only they’d stop being cancer that knows when we should be sleeping and know when we should be awake, praise Crom pass me the magic wafer.

    • I noticed in the linked article they called the “study” “peer reviewed”. I guess that means folks with similar bias thought it was good work. And, their “computer model”…sheesh…like “global warming” computer models? Those programs that can’t even replicate know circumstances?

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, hence clamoring to be led to safety. With an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – HL Mencken

  6. Publicly funded (read “taxpayer”) science has always been subject to the whims of those government agencies providing the funding. In all cases, FOLLOW THE MONEY. . . Here are a number of examples:

    First was the marijuana “study” that was funded during the Nixon administration. The “results” of the study showed marijuana to be relatively innocuous and safe. Since the “results” of the study did not “square” with what those who funded it wanted, it was quietly closed. The government agency wanted the results to show marijuana as a “dangerous drug”.
    Global warming (aka “climate change”) has been shown to be a fraud (climate is always changing) and has attracted the snake charmers (al gore) and hustlers out of the woodwork. The so-called “hockey stick” model has been shown to be fraudulent. The attempts to foist “carbon credits” and other scams on the public was unsuccessful. Once again FOLLOW THE MONEY.
    Fraud in science is not only limited to those who are providing the funding. There was a case in the Pacific northwest where so-called scientists “planted” lynx fur in certain forests to make them “off-limits” to logging. Fortunately, these government Fish and Wildlife Service scientists were caught. Of course, they received NO punishment for their behavior. The so-called “endangered species act” is actually more detrimental to humanity . . . species are always changing . . .

    Environmentalists have been some of the most dishonest people in their misguided attempts to “save the planet”. Our earth is much more resilient than they would have you believe. Environmentalists see humans as a “pestilence”. They would like to see the human population reduced (by any means necessary) by around 90%. The survivors would be walled-off in soviet-style high-rise apartments, riding bicycles, taking trains and buses while the wilderness areas would be available only to the “anointed” environmentalists.
    I, for one, have no use for these limp-wristed, birkenstock-wearing, prius-driving, tofu-eating poor excuses for human beings. I would suggest that environmentalists take their own advice and eliminate themselves first.
    Environmentalists are like watermelons–green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside. It’s always been about control.
    I CHEER when I hear a of a “greenpeace” ship getting blown out of the water. . .

    • There’s more going on here than you’ll hear anytime soon at least. The movers and shakers in the US hate Angela Merker for various reasons, one of which, she won’t roll over for them and hates the NSA/CIA as she should. I don’t agree with everything she does but she’s done some good things for Germany so it’s not some one-sided thing. But it is for the NSA/CIA/USmilitary crew. You don’t tell them no or even criticize them for spying on your govt. or anything else for that matter.

      Beginning in the 40’s GM was always a mover and shaker but not necessarily friendly to the justice system that sought to limit it’s sales, it’s scope if you will.

      Things have changed now so GM, Ford and whatever company that may own Chrysler at the moment(don’t assume it’s still Fiat, after all, it is another day) are part and parcel of being complicit in spying on their own customers.

      In the last year I’ve seen a huge number of early GM pickups that not only are restored but even better and better looking than new. I think we’ll eventually see this happen to a few cars(no guess on brand(s)) but probably of an earlier time, pre-OBD2 and probably pre-OBD entirely.

  7. Diesel has always been known to burn far cleaner than gasoline. It merely smells worse due to the aromatics.

    But that didn’t fit the crony’s agenda. So they invented new criteria, and opened the spigot to fund a new “science” called environmentalism.

    Environmentalism is the dangerous notion that political authorities can govern the air, sea, and land itself just as well as they govern every man, beast, and plant on the face of the earth.

    As one of the social sciences, it declares a mandate to make anthropology a behavior and habitat protocol which they alone determine and enforce. Think of it as fiat science, which is every bit as inferior as is fiat currency.

    Under this new paradigm, which has now become widely accepted, it was easy for them to declare 2 + 2 = 5. To say with authority that gas burns cleaner because it doesn’t emit as many “greenhouse gases” which is a political confection, and not a scientific category.

    The fiat revolution is pretty much complete. Think of how easily the average person shrugs off the newspeak conception of money. The idea that money fundamentally means it must be a store of value in and of itself. Means only a fool trades his time and toil in exchange for a scrap of IOU paper that is only a piece of scrip usable at the company store under predatory terms.

    Now science is just as empty and deceptive as money. Fiat money that makes it impossible for people to trade value. Only immense corporations and associations are large and powerful enough to do that now.

    Fiat science also makes it nearly impossible for ordinary people to exchange knowledge. Only the largest institutions are large and powerful enough to conduct science any more. A layman encounters such an onslaught of nonsense terms and lies, that he’ll likely never find the truth of his investigation.

    At last we understand how some of the smartest people ever to have lived, the “Soviets” fell into such an impoverished and deluded state. Because though we’re still able to borrow from those not impoverished and deluded, every time we kick ourselves in the nuts on command, we know it might be for the last time.

    The once mighty Soviet superpower economy is now the same size as Canada, which is 1/5 its size. If things continue, America will soon find itself in the same circumstance. It very well may, because kick ourselves in the nuts seems to be contagious.

    • Environmentalism is the dangerous notion that political authorities can govern the air, sea, and land itself just as well as they govern every man, beast, and plant on the face of the earth.
      But they CAN, i.e., not well at all. They should take a lesson from Canute (sp?)

      • Does govern include destroying things, and forcing new circumstances by keeping people off temporarily altered land?

        When Pope Boniface VIII destroyed Palestrina in 1299, he ordered that it be plowed “following the old example of Carthage in Africa”, and also salted. “I have run the plough over it, like the ancient Carthage of Africa, and I have had salt sown upon it.

        In Africa. If it was in private sciences and maths
        minded peoples hands, there needn’t be such a huge useless desert. There’s plenty of groundwater in Africa, if only enough was used to at least crust over the top of the soils, the evaporative losses could be ended, and hardy plants could once again begin to grow.

        Restoring fiat destroyed land takes lots of interested, capable and invested people. The Papacy model of paper decrees, and the Soviet mass model of machines, committees, and disinterested outsider laborers has never worked, and likely never will.

        Canute (Knud) The Great

        I think we have a distorted view of what maths and sciences are anymore. They are what’s needed to repair a motorcycle for example

        Folksy storytellings and anecdotal notions can only take you so far. With complex machinery you need to think in disciplined principles to build and maintain it properly. You have to grok mechanical philosophies.

        My problem with kings and committees, I think you agree with.

        I ask you only to go a bit farther, and grok the limitations of Popes and Swaggarts. They certainly have a place for some people, and can be of great comfort. When they over-extend, they become turds in everybody’s punchbowl.

        Only a small percentage of people need to be involved in maths and sciences. The ones who instruct and provide frameworks for inventors, fabricators, and engineers.

        But the remaining people must leave these kinds of people alone so they can do what is needed for themselves, and if one can afford it, what is wanted by nearly all of the rest of us.

        Platitudes and truisms aren’t of much help when what you need is technical and elemental reality based action. Protons and electrons don’t respond to incantations and spells.

        All it takes from the village, is to leave the builders, creators, and men of mind alone, so they can imagine and bring to fruition, and even better future, than what is already possible now.

          • Yeah.

            Sorry if I sound like a preacher myself sometimes.

            I’m saying all these things kind of like a mouthy caddy who’s trying to keep us both in the money at the tournament so we both get paid.

            A lot of what I postulate is on theoretical observational grounds, and not necessarily things I’ve fully lived and vetted personally.

            In my mind I’m like the wing man with a tardis who can go anywhere in space and time and then return back to formation, letting you all know what I’ve found that might be of use.

            I understand I’m not at that level of an artist, so that I sound clover confrontational maybe, but that’s not my intention or goal for being here.

            I’m no follower employee. And I understand that might be what’s preferred. Or else a fully kindred simpatico spirit. Who cringes and shuts down in the face of unpleasant facts and realities.

            Probably more like a sometime follower minority alien from a long line of stealth interloping among majority cultures who is unsure of everything you consider your values because of how you’ve obtained them over the millenia.

            Even if you’re the greatest guys here. Genetically in the blood, you’re conquerors.

            Imagine you were in a series of auto title races and the winner gets to crush the losers car.

            That’s what your history has mostly been, if you’re honest about it. I’m just saying at least study the cars before crushing them. Maybe even part them out. But its your life or death decision. And you’re the one that will suffer, not me.

            Because if all of America and every article of media here were to henceforth be the Hip Hop Nation, I wouldn’t hardly even notice. So what if your boss and all well to do people wear do-rags and sag their pants and the whole yada yada. What would it even matter.

            And if you go back into your lineage, and certainly into mine, you most likely find many conquered peoples and ways of living that in some ways were superior and preferable to who we’ve all become today.

            In an open scientific mindset, it might be best to abandon America culture such as it is, and read, listen to, and watch BBC from now on. At least they’ve survived over a millenia already and are a known quantity.

            One should do the math on all the richness and wealth of modes of existences, our ancestors and we served to help holocaust to get us to this bland seatbelted low fat vanilla flavored point in our history.
            – –
            Success is if you don’t derive a secret pleasure from other people’s failure.

            Those who complain about something done to them are giving us a virtual guarantee it will be done to them again.

            Descriptors with foul words are used by aristocracy as they allow a concise description of someone & a concise way to say how one feels about him

            The general principle of antifragility: it is much better to do things you cannot explain than explain things you cannot do.

            The minority rule explains the new Halloween and why Europe will eat halal, and why GMO’s will go bust.

            My nightmare argument. Banks are proud of being up 100% of days …yet are NEVER profitable over 25 year periods.

    • “green house gases” actually do exist. But that doesn’t mean they are harmful. What’s the most common greenhouse gas in earth’s atmosphere? H2O, aka water. But ‘they’ knew they would have a hard time convincing even the sheeple that water is harmful (even though you can drown in it). So they chose CO2, which is common in the ‘exhaust’ of all animals as well as IC engines. What a great bogeyman.
      And now they are after NOx, aka nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. Now that’s nothing to laugh about.

      • Well, according to mainstream standards they do. Just like aether, phlogiston, prophets, gospels, santas, transfats, and carcinogens are said to “exist.”

        No precise word comes to mind that is better suited. I welcome the chance to clarify, rethink, or abandon the assertion.

        But I meant exist like iron or oxygen. Perceived by the senses of billions of people over the millenia. Not recently appear like an apparition in only a few soviet dogma and papal encyclical muddled minds.

        It would sound odd, right, if I talked about New Car Smell gases. Which if you play along, can be said to exist. Who big brother could instill in you as uniquely existing at a deeply implanted level.

        The composition of the new car smell can be deduced. Papers can be written about various new car smells over the history of the automobile. And how they related to the new horse and buggy smell that came before.

        Perhaps we’ve reached peak New Car Smell, and from here on out, there will be a smaller worldwide volume of New Car Smells in a decreasing amount of vehicles.

        We’re going to need a New Product Smell revolution. Perhaps computers, smart phones, HDTVs, and furniture can be re-engineered to provide for humanity, the greatly coveted New Car Smell.

        To nudge its preservation and protection.

        Women of the future could be trained to only agree to marriage, upon sitting in a new car and inhaling this smell. Or getting the gift of a small Chanel bottle of the now $1000 per ounce coveted smell. No smell, no babies, no servant to mind your house, or go out and work and bring you extra money.

        With enough money and power, any mere belief can now ascend via apotheosis into the halls and cathedrals of the people’s science.

        Greenhouse Gas list per Wolfram Alpha

        full query

        nuts kick article

      • Philip,
        You forget that there are ROUTINE panics when someone plays pranks with “DiHydrogen Monoxide.” As in, radio hosts have been FINED for talking about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide in morning shows airing April 1st…

        There is no correcting the problem – most people are too stoopid to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. Figure, realistically, that half the population is, by definition, “below average.” The “average” person votes for Obama (Or Bush, Or MaoPantSuit Hitlery) on the premise it will be “different” this time – even when the fraud running has stated, point blank, he CANNOT understand the average Joe any more.
        They act based on reptilian hind-brain mewlings of emotion, looking, acting, sounding, like Stalin’s Chicken. And they COME BACK to be plucked DAILY. They don’t think about it, fight about it, resist, or fight back – it’s just “how it is.” “Go along to get along.”

        Same with “pollutants” (some of which are toxic – Monsanto’s scheisse comes to mind). They’ll scream bloody murder if I inject a child with formadehyde and thimerosol, because those are toxins. But if I wear a white coat? They’ll PAY ME for the privilege. (We can even assume all else is the same: I know how to inoculate, I use the proper doses, at the proper age, etc.)

        Same with guns. Hammers and medical malpractice kill more people every year. So do cars. None of those are being fought like the mere PRESENCE of weapons outside government control.

        You wonder why I have such contempt, why I see them as expendable?
        Monkeys are more sane and civilized. (I say that without reference to any ethnicity or race.)

        Worst (no typo), we’ve been warned for GENERATIONS. 1984. Brave New World. Equilibrium. GI Joe, Thundercats, He-Man, Robotix, Robotech (80’s cartoons). The Matrix. The Crow. Tons of “Chop-Sockey” movies, too. Westerns up the wazoo, such as “The magnificent 7”. The corruption and greed is a STAPLE of almost EVERY TV show out there. Video games, too, notably Deus Ex (which point-blank had the government as the enemy).

        The people are intentionally blind. I know, since I was raised on “highlights for children,” “Ranger Rick,” and “Cricket magazine.” (Among others, but they were ALL liberal-leaning.) These people aren’t smart enough to (a) question their premises, or (b) endure the pain of changing. If you could prove to them that the sky was green when they were 5? They’d die believing it, swearing the person who made the color wheel misprinted it. Tell them the animals are their friends (Bambi?), they’ll refuse to eat the animals…. Even though some of those animals would eat them!
        With a Lion chewing their liver, they’ll curse you for shooting the lion.

        They are little more than evolved bacteria – and many (maybe most) will attack anyone who steps out of line from the Groupthink (herd) mentality.

        Not to mention countless others, these were merely convenient because we’ve read them.
        Plus the discussions.
        Plus what you can find at Salon or HuffPo.

        All emotion. All vitriol. Mostly based on bad premises, sometimes intentionally TWISTED premises to create emotion.

        E.G.: For a woman, fear is a way of life. Fear of being raped or attacked, for example. We live in a mostly-civilized society – but some people crack, or are opportunists….
        So, it’s NOT “blaming the victim” when she’s raped in a dark alley, wearing “club wear”, high and puking her guts out from alcohol poisoning, if you say, “WTF were you doing there, alone, after doing those drugs, drinking like a fish, and wearing a few scraps of fabric connected with dental floss?!” YES, She WAS “ASKING” for it…. she went looking for trouble. She found it. Tough shit, learn your lesson, move on. Stay with the group. Ronda Rhoussy (spelling? UFC female champ) wouldn’t be able to defend herself in that situation, and she’s a HELL of a lot more capable and stronger than you, buttercup.
        Claiming it ain’t so will lead to a nasty wakeup call from reality, should you run into the 0.?% who are evil and will take what they can.
        So responsible parents teach their children (Male AND female) to watch their drinks, watch their consumption, avoid drugs, and dress appropriately. And they also teach the girls especially to stay in safer circumstances whenever possible. They generally teach the boys to avoid a fight in those circumstances as well. You never know, that skinny punk might be an expert in wing chun, or a Tijuana knife fighter…. Don’t fight unless you have no alternative. And if he’s looking for a fight, make sure your crew has your back – he’s probably looking for a fight because he’s good, or has backup.

        These thoughts don’t occur to Boobus Americuntus. B.A. just cannot think around the next drink/hit/lay.
        And given power or authority, they get worse. (E.G., watched a fireman park his personal vehicle OVER another car, damaging the bumper, breaking the taillight. Then said “hero” decided his SUV actually couldn’t fit in that space, and drove off.)

        TPTB are even the same level of intelligence, generally. Just wealthy, and “looking for a fight.” Because they have a posse who will back them… (Hillary’s “Private” email server being the latest egregious example of “laws for thee, not for me.)

        Old “Ducktales” cartoon, the “Thinkas” had disappeared (Incan Indians), but left behind nifty technology. CroMagnon duck used the “thinking cap” to boost his brain… And while smarter, was willing to write off the intelligent ducks in a bad situation, because “survival of the fittest.”
        The Thinkas got so smart, they forgot to fight for survival. Abandoned others to die.
        All while they were “holier than thou,” piously ignoring the Big Pink Elephants in the room.

        Big Pink Elephant: Most people are stupid and unimportant, and wish to remain so.

        Next is, some stupid, but refuse to be unimportant, and will sell YOUR soul as well as theirs, for a shot at fame and power and money (And/Or).

        No good comes of allowing the prey herd to overbreed; they consume all the resources, get sickly, get weak, die off. (Mouse Utopia). They NEED to be guided (strengthened) by predators (not in the terms of “A society of sheep begets a government of wolves,” but that’s true too.) They just need to be reminded of their own mortality now and then, and take responsibility for themselves. Most never have – Q.V. “Alexandria” in Walking Dead. “It’s not so bad out there.” “It’s not really happening.” As my sister said to my mom, “As long as I don’t go to the cemetery, dad’s not really dead.”

        Sorry for the rant.
        Just that probably 10% of the population is intentional Rulers, 1% Aristocracy (WRT money, position), and 79% is willful followers/worshipers. That leaves a total of 10%, which includes all those who just wish to be left alone, and those who don’t like people, and those who are anti-social, insane, mentally disabled, and those who just don’t fit in. It’s probably a smaller percentage of leftovers, the “remnant,” but I’m trying to be optimistic.

        The rest? Grow back like weeds, as the Herd generally can’t think of things to do besides bread and circuses and sportsex.
        By sheer numbers, the prey population will overwhelm us (which is the plan…)

        I’d rather cull the herd of the truly worthless, and push the rest – who MIGHT just evolve into sentient slime-molds – in the UP direction, instead of allowing them to always reside at “lowest common denominator” afraid of “dihydrogen monoxide.” And terrified of Sodium Chloride… Etc.

        • But, but, but … ‘dihydrogen monoxide’ IS deadly – if you try to snort it. So are a lot of other ‘substances.’
          And it only takes once (cue Len Bias).

        • My boss’s wife is retired from National Geographic, and we all get gift subscriptions for Christmas. But I can’t stand to read all the BS in there. I used to let it get me all worked up. Now I just pitch it out unopened.

          • Send me your address and I’ll see you get another great subscription. You might just be glad to digest all that reader’s information. Nothing to see here, move along.

            I used to work with a straw boss who got most of his info from that source…..and the Baptist preacher. He could come up with some good ones.

            One day he says “I think the cops should be able to just go into people’s houses and bust them for breaking laws”. I said “Me too, and I promise to bail you out of jail when that happens”. Everybody in the office is waiting for this one since I’ve been known to logically gut the ignorant gummint lovers.

            So he says “I don’t quite get that” or something similar. He had 4 kids and a slutty looking Baptist wife he met at college. He wasn’t the straight arrow he wanted to project and everyone knew it.

            So I said “well, I’m sure I’m wrong and in the 20 odd years you’ve been married you surely have only had sex in the missionary position”. He looks a bit taken aback. Rightly so since the only people to ever have sex only in the missionary position are the ones who died immediately after having it in that position the first time they had sex.

            “So you’re down with them coming in your bedroom and busting you for one of those “other” positions”(it was Tx. state law at the time, probably still is). He had nothing else to say and everyone else in the office just had to turn and do something else while he walked away and then smirked and giggled about it. We heard no more about his police morality and them simply coming to take you away…..ha ha.

            Crap, I do get tired of his kind. Let me restate that. I was tired of his kind as a young child.

      • NOx, one of my fav’s. No, not at the dentist, does something bad to me. I love it injected into an engine though. Turn that 210 HP SBC into a whoop-ass screamer with a high volume fuel pump and NOx mixed under the “carb”. Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaawwwww! It’ll last till you get that engine built for that.

  8. I know it can’t happen, because the various gunvermins exempt themselves from such actions. But I, as a TDI owner, would like to join a class action suit against the EPA, et al, for screwing up my Wagen.


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