Gangsters With Badges

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Here’s a CNN news story about a Prince George’s County (MD) Hero who pointed a loaded gun, gangster-style, at the head of a man stopped over a traffic violation:

The man was threatened with summary execution for the high crime of exiting his vehicle and what amounts to “contempt of cop.” The Hero initially lost his taxpayer-subsidized employment, but until the video got loose, was not charged criminally with anything. It is only because a third party managed to video the incident and because of subsequent embarrassment that the Hero ended up facing charges.

Which is exactly why these incidents continue to occur.

We – that is, the non-badged – are reminded often that we must obey the law supinely because if not there will be consequences. This rule does not apply with equal vigor to those who enforce said laws.

To unholster a weapon for the purpose of intimidating another person is criminal brandishing, a felony.

To point a loaded gun at someone who is unarmed, not attacking you with clearly lethal intent, who is trying to retreat, is (minimally) aggravated assault: “An attempt to cause serious bodily injury to another or to cause serious bodily injury purposely, knowingly or recklessly, with an extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

A very serious felony. angry pig pic

This Hero is obviously guilty of both these offenses. Heroes – not just this Hero – do such things routinely.

In most cases (if there is video) the Hero may be compelled to turn in his costume – and probably within six months, will have secured employment as a Hero with another department. Where the Hero will almost certainly do the same kinds of things to other people – like a pedophile priest who moves from one diocese to another.

Cops are hated because they are thugs – legally protected thugs.  And they are thugs precisely because they are legally protected.

You get what you encourage.

In market economics terms, this is called an incentive.

What is the incentive for cops to exercise restraint? To resort to violence as a last resort? To ask the question is to answer it. Cops have every incentive to escalate; to resort to force first. It ought to be the opposite – for exactly the same reason the cops (and cop apologists) trot out in defense of the very laws they demand be applied to us but which they very clearly do not wish applied to themselves:

To give them pause.

To make them reluctant to unholster that gun – much less point it at another human being – unless it is absolutely necessary; because they are facing a clearly aggressive person obviously intent on doing them grave harm. That is the standard applied to us. Why should this standard not apply to everyone?

To them?

The fact that it does not is only one facet of the problem. Another is that if we do unto them what they do unto us, we face an even more severe standard than we would had we assaulted another Mundane.

Heroes – and other state functionaries, such as judges, correctional officers (that is, prison guards) and so on – also enjoy special status under the law as Protected Employees (see here) under the terms of which extra-harsh penalties are imposed upon Mundanes who violate their sacred persons.

Our persons, meanwhile, are not sacred.

Which is why our persons are routinely treated with contempt – and far worse – by the state’s “officers.” It is not exaggeration to state that we are in the relative position of slaves to masters. Masters were legally able to treat their property however they wished, with little if any legal consequences for even the most grotesque abuse. Slaves were considered property – and the definition of property is an item that you may do with as you like.

That you control.whirlwind

When a Hero pulls you over – as in the video above – you are under his control and he may do (more or less) as he likes with you, even to the extent of grotesquely abusing you without much if any fear of serious legal repercussions.

Lesser repercussions, minimally.

This is not about “bad cops” or incidents out-of-the-ordinary that give the “good cops” a bad name. This is about routine – and policy.

And double standards.

Until there is at the very least an equal standard that serves to restrain these bullies-with-badges, the whirlwind that is building will continue to pick up speed. You can feel it.

And they have sown it. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. The one thing the article does not discuss is that cops are being trained in isrealhell.
    The same mindset the IDF uses on the Palestinian people is now being used on American mundanes. If it’s okay for the IDF to murder little children, then it’s okay for our brave men in blue to do likewise. If it’s okay for the IDF to brutalize even the most innocent, then it’s okay for the brave men in blue to do the same to the mundanes.
    We are being treated as though we live in an Americanized version of Gaza. Worse yet, the very people YOU vote for will stab you in the back and make the situation even worse.
    You must now obey your masters, whether they be those with a badge and gun or some pointy headed bureaucrat or a government agent whose job it is to steal everything you own, you must obey.
    That everything you own including your vehicles, your home, your bank accounts can be illegally stolen from you without warrant, charge, trial or conviction, by civil asset forfeiture in the name of the so called war on drugs is now being used for any reason. You will be made homeless and penniless at the order of a corrupt cop and his fellow gang members of the court. Just remember…you do not need to be charged with any crime.
    Not mentioned are the more than 50,000SWAT raids in the past year for such dangerous operations as delivering warrants or confiscating overdue library books. All too often these raids are at the wrong residence…..guess cops are poor readers…. and all to often the victims are terrorized for hours and some will even be murdered by these officers of the state.
    Or how about the Pentagram’s 1033 program of arming local departments with everything from automatic weapons to tanks, flame throwers, mortars, rocket launchers, everything in the military inventory that is considered out of date is being sent onto local police departments. Cops appear dressed up in more combat gear than soldiers do in either Iraq or Afghanistan.
    For what purpose?

    The real clue here is the STATE. meaning the entire apparatus of both federal, state and local governments all rolled together into one massive gang of thieves and murderers.
    The state has given itself the right to murder people whenever it chooses.
    The state has given itself the right to rob(tax) you of your wealth whenever it chooses.
    The state can send you to a prison if you lie to it, something the sate does on a continual basis.
    The state can send you to prison for not revealing everything about yourself. On the other hand the state has now cloaked itself behind the curtain of secrecy even the old Soviet Union would be shocked.
    The state can and does spy on everything you do, purchase, email, text, your phone use, your car, your reading habits who you associate with, what websites you use. It is done so for STATE SECURITY.
    What we are witnessing is the result of the state security apparatus being implemented in ever increasing violence and speed. Add in the false flags of such as 9/11, the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hoax and now in San Bernardino and soon you will have Americans clamoring for even worse: the total loss of our freedom and liberty which is exactly what the owners and controllers of America want.
    And that is what this is all about. The cops have become the frontline stormtroopers the state uses against those it wishes to control…utterly and completely.
    The state also fears an armed citizenry will eventually awaken and rise up against its power which is in reality a house of cards.

    • “This one is for all you statists and global warmists out there.”

      For some reason this made me think of a great concert: The Mothers Live at the Filmore East 1971. “It’s me, it’s me, oh god, it’s me”. Of course statism and global warming were the last thing anyone would have thought about. Give it to me, give me your big dick shoved up and down between a donkey’s ass until he can’t come anymore. Ahhhh My dick is a monster, give me your heart. You know his dick is a legend it turns itself on. My dick is a Harley, you kick it to start………

      I know every single line, note, rhythm to this entire album. I have to laugh every time I think about it. Mud sha sha sharkk……it’s the mudshark dancing lesson. Out, you go out. so far out, you do the mudshark baby….What’s a girl like you doin in a place like…..thissssss?

  2. An estimated 4.7 million adults were under correctional community supervision in the United States on December 31, 2014, (parole & probation)

    U.S. state and federal prisons held 1.6 million inmates on December 31, 2014

    Local Jails held 730,000 inmates on December 31, 2014

    Juvenile detention centers held 71,000 on December 31, 2014

    Immigration detainment centers held 34,000 inmates on December 31, 2014

    Military, Indian, Territorial, & Civil jails held 22,000 inmates on December 31, 2014

    So 7.1 million make up the whole prison pie.

    If everyone was like America, this would mean 161 million people were incarcerated or on supervised criminal release in the world.

    There are 25 million slaves in the world today.

    8 million people die of hunger or hunger related causes each year.

    In conclusion. 1 in 40 people on Earth are held captive right now.
    1 in 910 people will die of hunger this year. Given all the land and resources that are available to remedy this, if you think things are being handled as well as can be expected, you must be either delusional, psychotic, or both.

    • that is some track record in favour of the government hooh hahs who continually assert that THEY, and not WE, are the all wise and all knowing ones, the ONLY ones capable of making all the “right” decisions for the rest of us. Yeah, rrrrriiiggghhttt……

      The kinyun prmosed us hope and change…. so far we’ve only gotten twice as deep in debt… and about twice as many guns as we used to have when he started. Perhaps there is some hope left for some real change after all.. mean signficant, beneficial change. The status quo ain’t cuttin it no mo

      • Just food for our hungry minds. Maybe mostly junk food.

        Kenya – The Commonwealth

        Official languages of Kenya: Kiswahili, English.

        The Obama, Banker, Jewish problem, might just be their close connection to Greater Britain. And international finance cartels. Hitler though unhinged and driven mad and off the rails, might have been on to something.

        This is some hard maths though, It’ll need help and corrections, if any theorem is to even be made from it. Especially one that can be well defended. From all the clovers who “have to laugh.” And even defended from ‘small government’ libertarian-leaning sorts who find WN’s “amusing”, who nevertheless aren’t above leaning on all our jugulars, when no one is looking or holding a firearm. And they’ve got another interest payment due.

        I can’t simply dismiss even White Nationalists nor their thoughts on Obama, bankers, and Jews. But I do dismiss the “solution” of the initiation of force to “right” things, or to walk them back to where they were not so long ago.

        And where are the Catholics, who forbade any kind of interest as recently as 1832. When did they get on the Zionist Banker Cuck express, of the Internet English Cyber UK Mandate exactly. And how is it only Muzzle’ems have their suspicions about “free market” loans and interest.

        Are we really free with banks in their present form. Who’s best interests are served by launching and funding more and more wars. Regardless of how much it empowers more and more statisms.

        This gets long and tedious. But should I rave about the latest Jeep. When the only way I could currently get one, is to make a devil’s bargain with the moneylenders and their insurance and lojac trackers and so forth (ultimately tying back to the Goolag Is Evil Grand Banker Conspiracy).

        Kenya is part of Greater Britain. It remains part of the UK Commonwealth of Nations.

        Obama for a fact lived in Indonesia from age 4 to age 11. Indonesia remains an eligible part of the UK Commonwealth of Nations, though likely because of Islam Anti-Bankers, they keep apart.

        Indonesia: The city of Bengkulu on the island of Sumatra from 1714 with trading post Fort Marlborough became a region known as British Bencoolen until 1824. The island of Java was in British hands from 1811 to 1814 until both territories were ceded to the Dutch. The legacy of former British liberation is that Indonesia is a “left hand driving” nation.

        Iraq: Called British Mandate of Mesopotamia until 1932.

        Judeo Christian Muslims are difficult mystical minded people. But perhaps they should be seen as distant liberty cousins. In that they oppose the Cartel banking system in place. One with not just interest. But with usury.

        Including usury of using us in pawns of wars with weapons, wars with ideas, wars with chemicals.

        Always endless fucking banker wars, if your mind is so traditional that you can only despise bankers because of you “good book” then who am I to tell you that’s not a good enough reason for your faith.

        Because a faith in crony capitalism. That seems to include never ending war finance. Doesn’t seem to be running all that smoothly for us either.

        Maybe gangsters with tribalisms and magical being fetishes are slightly less evil. Than bankers and their gangsters with badges. Is their a way to separate finance and the state. Is this more important than keeping separation of church and state.

        I know my opinion on the matter, and have made it clear over and over. But what does experimental science tell us. What does the maths reveal. When all the inequalities are weighed on all the various scales and measures.

        Which ways make us the richest, happiest, and free-est.

        Look its another link. Too long. Don’t click. Right?

        Even America can join the UK Commonwealth due to historical ties. Maybe it should, and just pay its interest and join already.

        You don’t see this level of misery in Canada and Australia. What are we even fighting for at this point? Lets pay restitution for the tea, and the Redcoat Heroes and be done with it already.

        We might as well be assimilated. Here are some of the Heil Queen Victorias we should learn.

        The following were known Borg hails:

        “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”
        “I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service us.”
        “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”
        “We are the Borg. Existence, as you know it, is over.

        I mean really, Americans look more Borg than Britons don’t they. Or is it Better the Borg you know, than the Borg you have not met, not yet.

  3. Sir Robert Peel (1788 – 1850) “The Founder of Modern Policing”

    1829 Principles:

    1. The basic mission for which police exist is to prevent crime and disorder as an alternative to the repression of crime and disorder by military force and severity of legal punishment.

    2. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police existence, actions, behavior and the ability of the police to secure and maintain public respect.

    3. The police must secure the willing cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure and maintain public respect.

    4. The degree of cooperation of the public that can be secured diminishes, proportionately, to the necessity for the use of physical force and compulsion in achieving police objectives.

    5. The police seek and preserve public favor, not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to the law, in complete independence of policy, and without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws; by ready offering of individual service and friendship to all members of society without regard to their race or social standing, by ready exercise
    of courtesy and friendly good humor; and by ready offering of individual sacrifice in protecting and preserving life.

    6. The police should use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to achieve police objectives; and police should use only the
    minimum degree of physical force which is necessary on any particular occasion for achieving a police objective.

    7. The police at all times should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police are the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the intent of the community welfare.

    8. The police should always direct their actions toward their functions and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary by avenging individuals or the state, or authoritatively judging guilt or punishing the guilty.

    9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.

  4. Bill Nye The Propaganda Guy – Robert Tracinski

    You have no doubt come across the type of people who proclaim that they loooooove science. Why, they don’t just love science, they freaking love science. For the most part, they demonstrate this love not by actually making scientific discoveries or using science in their work, but by liking the right posts on Facebook.

    At any rate, puffed up by their confidence in their love of science, they tend to think this makes them extra-super-qualified to talk about any and every subject. They propound with the extra authority of someone whose opinions must be based on facts and reality, because he freaking loves science.

    One prominent example is Bill Nye the Science Guy. He must really love science, because it’s right there in his name! And so he came to propound upon the causes of terrorism, arguing that yes, the recent terror attacks in Paris could indeed be traced back to the nefarious effects of “climate change.”

    Here is the argument, in all its blazing, thickheaded ignorance.

    It’s very reasonable that the recent trouble in Paris is a result of climate change. There is a water shortage in Syria, this is fact-based. Small and medium farmers have abandoned their farms because there’s not enough water, not enough rainfall. And especially the young people who have not grown up there, have not had their whole lives invested in living off the land, the young people have gone to the big cities looking for work.

    There’s not enough work for everybody, so the disaffected youths, as we say, the young people who don’t believe in the system, believe the system’s failed, don’t believe in the economy are more easily engaged and more easily recruited by terrorist organizations, and then they end up part way around the world in Paris shooting people.
    “This is fact-based,” he assures us.

    Well. Where to start?

    The uprising in Syria did not start among unemployed farm boys.
    To begin with, the uprising in Syria did not start among unemployed farm boys in Damascus. It started in Daraa, a smaller city of about 100,000 people in southwest Syria. A group of teenagers were caught writing graffiti with slogans like, “The people want the fall of the regime,” and “It’s your turn, doctor,” a reference to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, who used to be an ophthalmologist.

    The kids were imprisoned and tortured, and their angry parents responded by storming the local Baath Party headquarters and burning it down. This sparked a series of protests across Syria calling for human rights and political liberalization, all brutally suppressed.

    A couple of questions for Mr. Nye: If your thuggish government were torturing your children, would you want to tear it down and destroy it? And would your answer depend on how hot and wet it is outside?

    The kind of people who preen themselves on how much they love science also tend to preen themselves on how sensitive and compassionate they are when it comes to people living outside America, especially those outside Europe — you know, in the hot, dusty, poor countries. Yet somehow it doesn’t occur to them to pay attention to the facts about the origins of the Syrian uprising or to pay respect to the real suffering of victims of the Assad regime. No, they look at events elsewhere in the world and project onto them their own domestic political concerns.

    Now let’s trace the cause of the Syrian rebellion a little farther. Why were these Syrian kids putting up anti-regime graffiti? Their slogans were clearly inspired by the Arab Spring that had recently erupted in Tunisia and Egypt. Did those countries have water shortages, too? Or is there perhaps some ideological cause — having to do with representative government and human rights — that might have a lot more to do with it?

    Of course, the Syrian civil war has since become a playground for Islamists and jihadists, but where did they come from? The Islamic State was founded, not by unemployed farm boys, but by hardened fighters left over from the failed insurgency in Iraq. Seeing the chaos next door in Syria, they took advantage of it to establish a stronghold and revive their old insurgency across the border (with help from the dithering and incompetence of the Obama administration).

    These insurgents, in turn, were originally inspired by al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden, the scion of a fabulously wealthy Saudi family; and Ayman al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian physician. They claimed justification for terrorism in doctrines about holy war and the spread of religion by the sword that are extracted from the life and sayings of Mohammed.

    I’m sure there was climate change in sixth century Arabia, because the climate is always changing. I’m pretty sure there was climate change going on in sixth century Arabia, because the climate is always changing. I’m also certain that many people at the time of Mohammed were desperately poor, because most people have been desperately poor for most of human history. But I’m even more certain that our SUVs and carbon dioxide emissions had nothing to do with either.

    The French Connection

    What about the connection between Syria and Paris? On this issue, Mr. Nye clearly didn’t get the memo about the correct political line of the moment: that the Paris attacks had absolutely nothing to do with the inflow of Syrian refugees into Europe.

    On the other hand, it’s not totally clear yet whether any of the Paris attackers came from Syria, but it is clear that a lot of them were French citizens, who were born in the country. Europe’s problem is not disaffected Syrian youth leaving their desert farms to go to Paris. The problem is disaffected European youth traveling to Syria to join the jihad and then coming back, or those who don’t go to Syria but want to join the Islamist cause by fighting in Europe.

    Take Hasna Aitboulahcen, killed in a firefight at the apartment of the Paris attacks’ ringleader. The daughter of Moroccan immigrants, she grew up in a French housing project, where she became known as a Western-style party girl. If her disaffection is a product of anything, it is a product of the European welfare state, not global warming.

    This is spectacular, willful ignorance dressed up as love for science.
    All of these facts are readily available to anyone who follows the news.

    And then there is the role in these attacks of a major world religion with about a billion followers that has been around for 1400 years — a primary cause that is a little hard to miss. Yet President Obama, Nye, and many other water-carriers for the Left offer us glib pronouncements about how this is all about water shortages in Syria. This is spectacular, willful ignorance dressed up as love for science.

    I, too, am a great admirer of science. If I were an inarticulate boob, I might even say that “I freaking love science.” What I take from that is a desire to emulate the spirit and methods of science in all fields, such as an absolute respect for the facts and a rigorous investigation of underlying causes.

    All of you “science guys” out there might want to try it some time.

    • Nah, t’warn’t any shortage of liquid in Syria. They got plenty of piss and vinegar.

      Must have been that you tube video……

  5. My cousin just started his first day on the local police force on Monday. He will be on desk duty until he starts the academy in January but afterwards I fear he will never be the same.

    There is a reason why cops primarily hang out with each other when off-duty. The tend to develop an us vs. them mentality towards anyone who isn’t on their side of the thin blue line.

    The few times I have been to parties with off-duty police officers I could see the irritation of having to mingle with regular people oozing from them.

    • If he’s a basically good dude, I pity him. He will face the Hobson’s Choice of either becoming an asshole or come to terms with his mistake and quit the “force.”

      The laws are now fundamentally immoral; hence so is enforcing them.

      Try to imagine what it would be like to man a “seatbelt safety checkpoint.” Any person who didn’t feel like a heel in this case is one, by definition.

    • Pedro, it saddens me to hear this. My deceased sister was a staunch law and order type with a degree in criminal justice(what an oxymoron). She worked as a jailer and then as a probation officer. She took the job of PO to heart and went way over the top to try to find her wards jobs and help them stay out of trouble, almost an impossibility once run through the system.

      She really was a good person but blind to the scum she worked with. After she witnessed what the county, state and feds did to my wife and I, it sent her into shock. I don’t think she ever recovered from it and think it finally led to her death. It will eventually be mine too but I was too mad and ornery to lay down for it after a while. I eventually became the No. 1 offending non-offender to the very last second they had control of me.

      My wife and I at first had a PO who was about our age and a much nicer person than you could have believed would do that job. We were merely a few months into it when he signed papers allowing me to go anywhere I desired. When I said I needed to leave the country, he readily signed papers to that effect. He laughed one day and said “Whatever country will accept you is fine with me” and made it legal. We’d discuss music, botany and things he didn’t have much understanding of but was interested in. We had such a vast music library I’d sometimes take him CD’s of various artists he liked.

      One day I gave him a CD of a group I really liked (CW, old stuff nat.) and he asked me if it was legal. I had no answer for him since I didn’t know how to take it. So I asked what he meant. He said “Well, can you give me music?”. I said “I paid for it but I’m not an expert on copyright law”. It seemed he was worried about a 25 cent cd being a bribe or something. I asked him if there was something I was getting out of it other than just us trading music. He said he supposed not.

      He retired. I next got the scourge of the dept. I eventually had to see practically every PO there. I out and out complained about him to every one of them. Every other PO said he didn’t get along with anyone they were aware of, not themselves or anyone else in their employ.

      But people on probation are without exception, fined to a degree(this is calculated)they simply can’t meet. The demands of money and being on probation esp. if you’re a felon, is an onus that makes it even more difficult, virtually impossible for many people. The entire Just Us system is designed to create recidivism which it does in spades. The 25th Hour with Edward Norton is on the money so to speak only it’s worse now with the Patriot Act and all that it encompasses.

      For anyone who ever gets charged with anything, I’d suggest getting a good lawyer. If anyone should find one, please let me know, it will be a first for me.

    • Pedro, one other reason for cops hanging out at cop bars with other cops is that cops are such insufferable pricks that they aren’t really tolerated elsewhere. Even the dimmest among them sense that their presence isn’t appreciated at watering holes where the rest of us congregate.

  6. There is much angst and consternation against prosecutors and grand juries who refuse to bring charges against police officers, even when incontrovertible evidence is presented. Even with incontrovertible audio and video evidence, prosecutors are loath to prosecute rogue law enforcement personnel.
    Let’s examine the reasons why it is so difficult to prosecute thug cops:
    Most prosecutors are former police officers or have extensive dealings with police departments and have ongoing relationships with police departments in their respective jurisdictions. They are friendly with the judges in their jurisdictions, as well. This, along with “absolute immunity” makes it easy for them to “cover up” police abuses and behavior. Prosecutors cannot be sued for malfeasance…it takes a judge (who prosecutors are friendly with) to bring charges on a rogue prosecutor (which almost never happens).
    In addition, prosecutors guide the actions of grand juries. Prosecutors are not required to introduce any evidence to grand juries, (can and do) easily “whitewash” the actions of rogue cops. On the other hand, prosecutors can (and often do) go after honest citizens who seek justice outside official channels…prosecutors have ultimate power and are not afraid to use it…their immunity sees to that.
    Another aspect to a grand jury’s inability to prosecute bad cops is the fear of retribution…cops drive around all day, have nothing but time, have access to various databases, and can easily get the names and addresses of grand jurors…this, in itself can be a powerful deterrent against grand jurors who “want to do the right thing” and prosecute bad cops. There are many cases of cops parking in front of grand jurors’ residences, following them around, and threaten to issue citations to them, in order to “convince” them to “make the right decision”…the “thin blue line” at its worst…
    The whole system has to change.
    Eliminate absolute and qualified immunity for all public officials. The fear of personal lawsuits would be a powerful deterrent against abuses of the public.
    Any funds disbursed to civilians as a result of official misconduct must be taken from the police pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    Grand juries must be superior to the prosecutor; ALL evidence must be presented to grand jurors. Failure to do so must be considered a felony and subject prosecutors to prosecution themselves.
    No police agency can be allowed to investigate itself. Internal affairs departments must be restricted to minor in-house investigations of behavior between cops. All investigations must be handled by outside agencies, preferably at the state level.
    Civilian police review boards must be free of police influence. Members of civilian review boards must have NO ties to police departments. Relatives of police would be prohibited from serving…Recently, the “supreme court” threw police another “bone”. The court ruled that police are not responsible for their actions if they are “ignorant of the law”…now, let’s get this straight–honest citizens cannot use “ignorance of the law” as an excuse, but cops can??
    Revolution is sorely needed…..

  7. Here’s the cop’s incentive…whenever they do anything illegal, they are put on “administrative leave” immediately while the investigation takes place.

    He does not have to show up for work, but he receives his paycheck all the same. To everyone else, this is called “paid vacation” and is considered a company BONUS that is earned and rationed. The cop just received this for ILLEGAL activity.

    So there’s your justification. There’s your incentive. What we receive as a bonus, they receive as a “punishment”. They WANT things to escalate, so they can have EXTRA paid vacation while their bosses make the “charges” go away.

    And if the impossible occurs…if a cop is ACTUALLY charged with a crime, they know they’re STILL getting special treatment…their fines are paid for by the department (so no personal hardship occurs), their prison cell (if they ever see one) will be special and protected from the rest of the criminals, with extra perks of course. And of course their sentences will ALWAYS factor in his “years of community service as a trusted hero loyal police officer who never NEVER NEVER did anything wrong until this exact moment of course!”

    Yeah, they have all the incentive in the world…to continue being a dick to everyone. They’re only getting MORE rewarded for it, not less.

    • Exactly. They are trained for even the most routine traffic stop to have their sidearm at the ready (strap unsnapped), and the times I’ve been pulled over the officer makes a show out of it in the side view mirror. Of course this is very effective intimidation too. Is this the cop that is bug-nutty and going to put one in my skull for not “complying?” I’m sure the good cops sleep a little better at night knowing a few PTSD’d heroes make us all worry about drawing the ire of the stormtroopers.

    • I think the pshrink is correct overall, though I despise pigs on basic premise.
      But I’m (maybe surprisingly) NOT a violent person by nature.
      Someone who has ill intent? Say, a felon with two strikes? (And we can ignore the cause of the two strikes, which could be as simple as “being party to” a B&E or unknowingly receiving stolen goods, or being WITH someone who was selling drugs, or had a history of selling drugs. That makes our example a felon already… And if he has a gun bought from the local drug dealer, because that’s the neighborhood he lives in…? I.E., he has violence around him frequently?)

      Well, now you’ve incentivized “bad” behavior, AND instilled a mistrust of police. Piggy comes first, and this person – a felon by circumstance, no mens rea, and in a country where more and more, Mens Rea doesn’t apply because the offenses are “by statute”; e.g., the picture of your child in the bath tub is child pr0n; receiving a sexy photo from a girl can be pr0n, and you’re charged as a “manufacturer” of child pr0n, even if SHE sent (i.e., MADE) it and sent it to you unrequested, and undesired. Where accidentally touching someone on the subway “inappropriately” (in quotes because of a lack of intent) is a felony sexual assault.

      Now, this guy is likely an apologist first and foremost, but if you’re in a bad situation, you CAN’T wait. I think that’s where I differ from most people, I GET that you can’t wait to find out what’s happening. By the time you perceive the weapon, it is likely too late to respond.
      Yet that same level of response would damn us to prison for decades? Police are supposed to be TRAINED for this, whereas the average citizen is NOT. Yet the burden of proof is in fact REDUCED for the “professional,” and INCREASED for those of us who would likely TRULY fear for our lives…. If WE draw a weapon, WE are Rambo, threatening people, seeking violence, attempting to kill “good people” (as with rape victims, there’s no allowing the context – I.E., the fact little Trayvon was a drug dealer with a dozen Juvie arrests for violent behavior, and strapped all the time, and outweighed us by 50 pounds, and was 25 and in his prime, as opposed to being a heavy 52-year-old woman…? All the murders he skated on, the drug dealing, the adult criminal record? All excluded as “prejudicial” to the jury. So now he’s a 25-year-old Angel, who worked at the soup kitchen and dressed leper’s illness…. And you can’t refute that! All the exculpatory evidence is suppressed! )
      So more and more, for the law-abiding, LET ALONE the “two strike” felon, Violence IS the answer – you’ve incentivized attacking and fleeing.
      There’s money in repeat offenders….
      Not so much in law-abiding citizens.

      But that’s changing.
      And as more people get involved, start shooting, and try paintball, airsoft, or live-fire target shooting in a “combat” scenario? (E.G., Navy SEALs film w/ Charlie sheen, where the reporter and CO are chatting; he convinces her to help by talking to her on the live-fire training range, they are talking JUST before a team bursts in and shoots the targets, while NOT shooting the live people. Comparison of “trained” vs. Untrained civilian. Also comparison of how a civilian can learn to control fore, AND example of the sort of training I’m referring to.)
      Anyway, the more people get involved in various shooting sports, and approximations of real events, the less the Police get a pass. Even WITH the issue of “split-second, life or death decisions.”
      Because THEY get a skewed court, and we get a screw job/kangaroo court.


      FWIW, in College people thought I was a “ninja” (or psychopath.) I could turn anything into a weapon, I went where they were afraid to go. I came back…. 😉

      25 feet is enough range to attack someone and kill them with a knife, before they can shoot. And knives work wonders on bulletproof vests (if you go for the side, there’s no armor – but a straight shot to lungs and liver and kidneys, all of which can be fatal and ARE incapacitating. )
      Also, the throat is unarmored….

      But that’s not an issue if the gun is drawn. Further, a baton makes more sense at closer ranges, as does a knife, and even the gun can be used quite well, if you know some basic self-defense concepts: E.G., you’re not there, it doesn’t matter what he was trying. Sidestep, pistol-whip, cuff. Except that’s police brutality now, because nigger hood rat is a pussy…. But it used to be, even to like 1990, you went toe-to-toe with a cop, you’d lose, and not because he’s a meathead or ‘roid user, but because he was trained to be a fairly deadly weapon, and the courts recognized that. You step, you better be good, and lucky, even if the cop was without a gun. And a cop who lost his weapon, or couldn’t control an “average joe” suspect, was a laughingstock.

      Now, they presume we’re all RAMBO, and they’re all angels risking their lives, and there’s no reason to actually WAIT to see a weapon, because they’d be dead. (Those videos in your link are telling from that point of view.) We’re dealing with quick-release/quick-draw holsters, snub-nosed guns, compact pistols, hell – they brag about a 3.75″ total action on a 9mm here and there. That’s almost concealed in my HAND, let alone in a pocket or purse (which can be shot through.)
      It’s not a M1911 .45 now.

      But there’s a difference in the mindset that’s much more dangerous.
      Civilians are “the enemy.” We’re all Ninjas and highly-trained killing machines, looking to kill cops. And the courts are biased against any use of force by a Civvie. We’re out of control murder machines if we’ve ever SEEN a real gun.

      Cops, meantime, are saints and angels for taking this risk, patrolling the urban combat zone of our warzone society, and lucky to make it home each night… (Think about those non-existent ticket quotas/performance goals again…) And they’re ONLY there to protect the Innocent (Again, all civilians are Rambo crossed with Shi Kosagi grand Ninja, no wirework, greenscreens, or CGI effects needed to destroy a batallion of tanks single-handed with just our bare hands… so, no one is innocent except the cop…)
      And since we are all so dangerous, they need special protections, better training, better and bigger weapons….
      Which in turn means, they get to escalate with impunity.

      Isn’t this a bit like giving a Zippo to a pyromaniac? Except now, you’ve told him the world is trying to burn him, and he needs to stop the world from burning him…?

      Funny, in a sense. Tragic, even.
      We get our ideas of how guns work by watching movies…
      Then we get our ideas of how the law works from…? Movies.
      And we get our ideas of heroism from…? Movies.
      Which have been seeking more and more realism in physics and storylines, yet at the same time, shit on all of that with greenscreens, wire work, high-flying Kung fu heroics, men (AND WOMEN!) taking a sledgehammer to the face, unfazed…
      But the rise in violence is because of “violent” video games (Doom comes to mind…), not because our understanding of reality is so totally destroyed by the “realistic” movies (and now TV, see Badlands) that NO ONE in a jury pool can think critically about video, witness testimony, the Law and what it says, let alone what it intends, or how much damage a human body can take, and still function…. Let alone the reflexes, recoil, physics of injuries, effects of armor, distance, “less lethal” options (known to kill and maim)….

      So, we think people can dodge bullets, not notice a .50 caliber hole in their chest, get hit with a sledgehammer and not feel it, even survive a sword through the heart…
      Yet (at the same time) guns will kill someone “all by themselves,” and only evil people have guns (unless it’s the “good guys” who are all police, special agents, or mystery NOCs), and even the heroes will be killed by a civilian with a pen. (Not a pen knife, even, a PEN.)

      Yet, the Bugs Bunny cartoons were “too violent” for children? THEY were CARTOONS. Now, we see PEOPLE doing comparable things. And it passes the filter of logic, we SAW A PERSON doing it – IT MUST BE REAL.

      I think we have the lunatics running the asylum.
      I think we need to burn down the asylum for betterment of us all.

      Disgusting. But there’s no cure for terminal stupidity, you can’t educate it out, can’t restrain or re-train it. The mind has been boxed and fried and f*cked until there’s just a lizard-brain seeking the Pleasure Principle in there…

      “And they ask me why I drink….”

      (BTW, 1 oz each Jim bean, Maker’s Mark bourbons, + 1 oz Irish Whiskey, + 4 oz Lime sours, served over the rocks. Stirred better than shaken. Surprisingly good, thank you, Hooters!)

      • MTC(more to come) 3 1.5 oz jiggers filled with Red River Bourbon, 12 oz bottle of Shiner Bohemian Black Lager, sip bourbon, chase with lager, shoot each jigger, or two or all three, chase with lager…..or any combo…..excellent

  8. Prince George’s County is a Maryland jurisdiction, a suburb of DC. Prince George County is south of Richmond in VA. Which is it?


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