Clover May be Gone For Good!

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Clover – EPautos’ resident troll (and my muse) – has been quiet for almost a month. He has disappeared before – one assumes because his government check didn’t arrive or maybe because his mom cut off his Internet access. In any case, it’s been a relief to not have had to deal with her. But I won’t be surprised if she shows up again.

A snowpocalypse is bearing down on The Woods and it does not look good… when you’re stuck with a Mini Clubman S shod with those no-sidewall “summer” tires (just the ticket) for the week. I already miss the Subaru… .

I’m about to post a rant about Ted Cruz truckling up to the ethanol lobby; there’ll also be some good news for Car People, too.

PS: Site has been acting up lately;some of you have had trouble with comments and – just this morning – the site was loading slowly for me and I lost comments. This is worrisome, obviously. We need serious (full-time/on-call) tech support but can’t afford it. We’re still a good ways away from being in the green for the month – and that pie chart is set to relate minimum operating costs, not what it would take to have a tech guy (or gal) available to help “make it go” (cue Pakleds).

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  1. ” We need serious (full-time/on-call) tech support but can’t afford it. ”

    Sounds like it’s time to take yourself to website boot camp and learn the basics of administering the site. Ain’t that what you did about wrenching, as a youth, when you had a car but no funds to pay a mechanic?

  2. Eric,

    Shut your mouth. (Ala Shaft)

    I will not miss reading the absurdities from that flower. The poor syntax and grammar used for spouting its comments only help demonstrate willful ignorance on its end.


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