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I encountered this Clover Conga today, on the way home:

The lead Clover being a motorcycle Clover, who kept about an eighth of a mile following distance between himself and a large commercial truck. Behind the motorcycle Clover, a Prius Clover – who maintained a similarly extended following distance.

This extended Clover Conga ends up covering about half a mile or so – and it’s damned hard to get by them all in one fell swoop, or even piece by piece.

But I managed to!

The situation described (and video’d) is why driving in this country has become so sclerotic. All it takes is one Clover to gum up the works. Two of them acting in concert  – and everyone’s screwed.

PS: I’ll be on Bill Meyer’s show again tomorrow – I think 3 p.m. East Coast.

PS PS: My fundraising appeals have fallen on deaf ears – mostly – thus far. Looks like EPautos’ four-month streak of operating in the black is over. We’re currently (as of late Thursday) about 40 percent shy of that.

Very bleak.

I’m still mumbling prayers to Crom that a miracle will happen over the next 48 hours or so and we’ll make it all up.

We’ll see, I guess.

I can rebuild a Kaw triple in an afternoon… but I have yet to figure out how to get a stable revenue stream going. Despite the site reaching thousands of people every week, only a relative handful consistently support it.  It may be necessary to do as and some other sites do and periodically close shop until the proverbial needle swings from “e” to at least int he vicinity of “f.”

I hate the idea of that – much less actually doing it. I’d much rather that everyone who regularly comes here simply toss in the equivalent of price of a cup of coffee or a decent beer (tap), not Miller Lite in a can once a month. That’s all it would take – because the we have the numbers. If those numbers did toss in. As it is, only about 10 percent of you do. You’re therefore absolutely critical to the survival of EPautos – as well as other sites that doe not toe the line.

So – with mere hours left in May – I stick my paw out and ask for your support. If you can do that, I can do this.

Thank you. In advance!

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079


  1. Not necessarily a Clover (although it could be), but my commute this am was extended by 45 min. due to a semi dropping its trailer blocking 1 of 2 lanes of traffic in an area that really should be 3 if not 4 lanes.
    That’s the efficiency of gunvermin owned roads. If they built 2 more lanes, or even just 1, as an am/pm flip-flop, there would be a lot less road rage around here. Even if they charged a toll, enough people would find it worth their while to ease the congestion in the ‘free’ lanes.

    • Wow, that truck was on your bumper. How did that clover think he was going in there?

      On the subject of the Illinois tollroads. It could be 70mph right now. The state passed the law changing the limit, but the a**holes running the tollway drag their d*mn feet on changing the signs.

      • The first law was passed and IDOT and the toll road authority said it didn’t apply to the Chicago area. A second law was passed saying this damn well does apply to the Chicago area. IDOT and The Illinois Toll Road Authority cooked the data on traffic studies and have declared most miles will stay at 55mph some will go to 60mph. Out at the very fringes some 65mph. Meanwhile 55mph speed limit is a 96% violation rate according to what I’ve read but my seat of the pants figure is 99.99%. This latest 55mph experiment has been on going since mid January. I’ve passed no more than 6 vehicles. All but two eventually passed me. One was a woman in a car with a mini spare on it obeying the 50mph mini-spare speed and the other was POS beater mini-van with hazards on limping along at 45mph trying to get home without a tow.

        I drive about 100mph a week on average on Chicago area limited access highways, almost entirely on weekends.

      • I forgot to address the first part… In the clover mind the semi was supposed to brake and make a gap. That’s why the clover honked at the semi truck driver.


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