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And yes, it is a problem.reforming cops lead

Whether you are a “law and order” type or otherwise. In fact, especially if you are a “law and order” type. Because, simply put, cops are not subject to the same law and order as the rest of us – and that is a problem.

For them as much as us.

For them, because it has created an arrogance – a recklessness – that encourages the extra-legal excesses that we’re seeing on video almost every day (these videos probably capturing only a small slice of what actually goes on every day).

For us, because we are increasingly threatened by these excesses.

It is worrisome and very dangerous – for everyone.

They fear and loathe us and we return the sentiment, with predictable results.heroes 2

They escalate, making retaliation as inevitable as fall coming after summer.

This is not to condone much less encourage but rather to explain. And – hopefully – fix.

People – not just “blacks” – are angry. With cause. It is not good.

How to dial it back?

One simple measure would be to apply the law equally to everyone. Especially to law enforcement. It is madness that this is currently not the case.

An example of which is this video, which shows the final moments of a chase. The man surrenders. He gets on his knees, then on the ground. He is totally submitting and obeying at this point; there is no Threat to Officer Safety. But two officers beat the man regardless while other officers stand and watch and do not arrest the officers perpetrating a physical assault in broad daylight. This was – as the ancient saying had it – a Kodak Moment.

Actually, a video moment.

Were it not for the video, the two cops administering the beatdown would probably never have been charged (as they subsequently were, no doubt with great reluctance by a DA who had no choice because of the video, which was shown on live TV). But that is not the take-home point. The take-home point is that if you or I had rained punches on some other person in plain view of a cop, we’d have been immediately arrested and handcuffed and taken to jail.

But because the two thugs happened to be wearing uniform, the others in uniform stood by and did …nothing.hero beat down

One example.

Here’s another:

If you, an ordinary Joe (or Jane) have a permit to carry a gun, you are aware (because it is hammered into you as part of the permitting process) that you will be held severely responsible both criminally and civilly in the event you handle your firearm in a criminal or reckless or legally unjustified manner.

If, for instance, you brandish your firearm in a threatening manner – such as lifting up your shirt to show someone you are packing and not in a friendly way – it is a criminal offense. You’ll be arrested for it. Your permit to carry a gun will be rescinded, at the very least. If you unholster your firearm and point it at someone without very demonstrable legal cause, it is more serious criminal offense. You will very likely be taken to jail.

If – god forbid – you pull the trigger and actually shoot someone with that gun (as here) you had better be able to substantiate that your life was in imminent danger from a clear and immediate threat and that (in most states) you literally had your back up against the wall and could not have simply run away.

We – Mere Ordinaries – have a legal obligation (in most states) to retreatshoot 'em in the back

If not, you will almost certainly be charged with – at minimum – felony manslaughter and very probably murder. You will be taken into custody right now. You will not be placed on paid vacation and allowed to go home. If it turns out you fired your weapon without legal justification –  that being an imminent actual threat to your life – you will be charged and prosecuted.

Claiming you “feared for your safety” won’t cut it.

In addition to being criminally prosecuted, you will also be personally sued by the victim or his family. You will pay for your mistake. Not the taxpayers. You will face losing your home and everything you and your family have. In addition to the prospect of spending many years in prison.

Can anyone come up with a legitimate/defensible reason why “trained” law enforcers should not, at the very least, be held to the same legal standard regarding the consequences of criminal/reckless conduct as ordinary people?

No one – we are told – is above the law. And yet, the plain fact is cops – law enforcers – are above the law. They are held to a much lower standard regarding conduct that would be considered criminal on the face of it if performed by you or me. Which – duh – gives them an incentive to be less circumspect than you or I would be regarding (among many other things) the use of force, including the use of deadly force.

Why is this tolerated? It should not be.bullet head

It invites exactly the sort of person who ought to be actively discouraged from a career in law enforcement – viz, the bully who is looking for trouble; who wants to hurt people and just needs the excuse (and the legal cover).

But the fundamental point is that the laws should apply equally – and to the same extent – to everyone. Whether it’s “speeding” or firing a gun at someone. Cops should be just as fearful of the consequences of pulling the trigger as anyone else.

The fact that at the moment they are not as fearful is precisely why we have the problem we have.

A second inducement to good behavior – or at least, responsible behavior – would be (and should be) the prospect of being ruined financially for reckless/criminal conduct. Again, just as you or I would be, in the event we did something like drive a car 100 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and ended up T-boning some poor innocent who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time making a legal left turn, say –  and as a result is now in a place six feet under the grass.thug cop

When a cop does something like this – even when there is no debate whatever about the recklessness or even the criminality of his actions – he is not personally ruined. The county – the taxpayers – are. They foot the bill for his defense as well as the eventual payout.

This, too, is both outrageous and dangerous.

If it were proposed that you or I or any other ordinary person not be held personally financially responsible for causing horrendous damage to someone else or their property, or even causing their death, and that instead the county – that is, the taxpayers – pick up the tab not just for the damages but also for the lawyers, what do you suppose the reaction to such a proposal would be?

The bottom line is that sometimes, counting on people’s good behavior and good sense is not enough. There must be consequences for bad behavior – both as an incentive to prevent it and as way to deal with it justly when it happens.

It is not just for some people to be held to a lesser standard – nor for them to be able to shirk responsibility for their actions onto  the backs of others who had nothing to do with it.

If anyone can give me a sane reason why the doctrine of equality under the law ought not to be applied to cops as much as it applies to anyone else, I’d love to hear it. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. WTF?

    -Cox is seen on an officer’s body cam saying he fired the shots “cause my boys are getting killed in Dallas” and said, “the black coon started killing my boys.”

    -Cops in America can kill innocent people while on duty and not face a single charge and keep their jobs. Even when they are off-duty and commit crimes that endanger the lives of innocent people, as this case illustrates, they are still not held accountable.


    From the article –

    “This was not a situation in which the police were attempting to disrupt an ongoing criminal enterprise; rather, the offences committed by the defendants were brought about by the police and would not have occurred without their involvement. By any measure, this was a clear case of police-manufactured crime.”

    Bruce read a 45-minute summary of her decision, in which she referred to the undercover officer as “the leader” and Nuttall and Korody as his “foot soldiers.”

    She said “the role the police played in the mission is even more offensive because they violated the Criminal Code in order to accomplish their objectives and almost all of their actions were unsanctioned.”

    Yet no charges are laid against the RCMP. $900,000 in overtime alone which is fraud against the taxpayers.

  3. Transcased spellcorrected feibel…

    Better you should take a conceal carry course as I did back in 94 from the wackenhut security group in florida when I was done with the course the photo and finger print you and put all the necesary paperwork together in a nice addressed envelope ready to mail with your the $10.00 check what they taught I took the package and threw it in the trash because I didnt see how I would not go to jail at every turn you were liable if you did not follow the exact law. R a feibel

    R a feibel
    In reply to jack.
    You are so wrong about cops ,number one you think this is new??? Then you don t know anything of history of this nation and how cops got that way.Better you should check out how the term “”irish cop”” came about,way to much to go into in this little space.

    But I m from chicago and the cops there have been crooked for at least a century .My father came here in 1903 and the cops used to shake down immigrants that were new and didnt know anything including the language yet.For any money they had on them .And they kept that shake down into the 60s & 70s when I was cruising around the town.

    And I’m 78 and have traveled form coast to coast and border to border in many cities and have had run ins with cops in many of the states and cities shaking me down for cash.And just plain harassment because I had a license plat they thought might be a drug car,and if I challenged them they really got rough.Get real pal,you write this drivel like someone who has never really done anything but write drivel no real experiences!!! R a feibel

    R a feibel
    This is part of the rothchild zionist-jewish agenda .No one is to own a car.Enslavement encompasses that you use privately owned transportation system. And that is only one part of the planned enslavement and freedom loss .

    The auto was what gave us the freedoms we speak about today.The stupid ignorant uncaring miilenials and the others under say 50 are to stupid to know what the cars did for america.In the 20/30/late 40/50/60 people took summer vacation road trips and enjoyed areas that they had never seen before.

    Now its get there in a hurry as people use the interstate and by pass small towns.The joy of the auto is over .But for me its nice to know I did all those rod trips and have been across from coast to coast and border to border about 10 times

    R a feibel
    In reply to john.
    Absolutely correct Im on the verge of that now as my fixed income is shrinking from inflation that they deny and insurance that keeps creeping up and gas that is sometimes cheap as last feb. It was 1.40 a gallon; now its 2.40 a gallon .

    And the states and cities put more taxon it when it fell in price so that offset the oil reduction.And my 2014 cruze with 14,000 miles on it gets 32mpg not the 38 stated on the sticker and I just finished a road trip.In town I get 16mpg .

    R a feibel
    In reply to eric.
    E85 sucks and does not give you the power that you think and stated here, there maybe a different version Im not aware of that might perform, not e85. Also my buick regal turbo manual does not recommend it for performance.

    R a feibel
    You are incorrect on the time of the verano turbo to reach 60mpg it is 6.2 seconds according to the buick brochure. And the regal gs has 270 hp and 295 torque at its inception as a 2011 and has not changed for 2013. As for the time on the gas pedal to reach 60mph is 6.7 seconds and a weight difference of of almost 450 lbs.

  4. I am among the many financial founders of the Zero Aggression Project. I have never mentioned them here previously because the site is still in its infancy. The site intends to introduce and briefly explain libertarian topics to people who are new to these ideas in the hope that readers will think about them and decide to go more in depth about said topics at other sites. This is kindergarten/first grade stuff for some of us here, but perhaps we could direct newbies to the site.

    • Hi Me2,

      I have been e-mailing back and forth with a guy I know who takes issue with my “anger toward law enforcement” (verbatim quote). This guy is a “conservative” (my quotation marks) who – like most “conservatives” – is almost reverential toward “law enforcement” (and, of course, “the troops”). It is interesting given these “conservatives” profess distrust/dislike of government yet at the same time seem to be star struck by armed government workers.

      I suppose the are addled by this idea that “law enforcement” protects us (stabbing pain in my jaw, just now) and “the troops” are (gag me) “fighting for our freedoms”…

      • “This guy is a “conservative” (my quotation marks) who – like most “conservatives” – is almost reverential toward “law enforcement” (and, of course, “the troops”).”

        Good choice of words – “reverential”. Conservatives’ devotion to those in a government uniform is apparently part of their religion. Conservative functions are always preceded with a prayer.

        • I think it comes from a few passages in the bible.
          “Render unto cesar what is cesar’s.” (Specifically meant, pay to Cesar what is Cesar’s, and to God what is God’s. Usually used to support taxation, which misses the whole effing point, as it was not about PAYING taxes, but morality, and had been intended to trap Christ into “preaching rebellion” so TPTB could get him arrested and killed – because he threatened their cushy spot in society.)

          To paraphrase, from the trial by Pontius Pilate, Pilate asked Christ, did he know that Pilate held power over Christ’s life? Christ answered that God had given Pilate that power.
          Idiot Christians therefore think that all power descends from God – the erroneous assumption, that all power is therefore heaven-ordered. Which makes one wonder how Genghis Khan, Robespierre, Cardinal Richelieu, Hitler, Napolean Bonaparte, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al, ever achieved power, let alone the petty barons and nobles and SOBs like John Lackland – or, to truly shit on the idiots, Judas Iscariot…. Ever could’ve achieved power? Judas especially makes the point that, without Judas, there would BE no Christianity. He HAD to betray Christ to the Pharisees and Sadducees…. And Pilate had to sentence him to death. Only option. Or there’d be no Christianity.
          So, do we have free will, or only the illusion of…?

      • Both law enforcement agencies, military departments, and their respective serve the interests of their employing GOVERNMENT, first and foremost. Hopefully the interests of the PEOPLE are also served, but that’s not necessarily the case! In any event, neither any policing agency nor the US or any State military actually has ANY legal duty to “protect” you, as unfortunate cases have revealed.

        But attempt to “privatize” those functions, even when clearly in your imminent best interests (I would consider survival as a legitimate ‘interest’), and see how often the weight of the Government comes crashing down on you!

  5. When all participants of a “system” are psychopathic, feeding from the same nose-bag, free from competition — and are allowed (by your neighbors and friends — hopefully not you) to

    • Make laws,

    • Enforce laws,

    • Prosecute laws,

    • Hire prosecutors,

    • License “defense” attorneys,

    • Pay “judges”,

    • Build jails,

    • Contract jails out to private entities,

    • Employ and pay wardens,

    • Employ and pay guards,

    • Employ and pay parole officers,

    It is not a “justice” system. It will always result in kinship and tyranny.

    Abstain from beans, my dear friends. For the sake of justice. Sam

    • From the anarchism link: “When we express a preference politically, we do so precisely because we intend to bind others to our will.”

      There are safeguards if voters are willing to see they are enforced:

      1) Constitutions – federal and state

      2) And especially juries – petit and grand

      “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet devised by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”
      –Thomas Jefferson

      “DUTY OF THE INDEPENDENT GRAND JURY – If anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or removed, without a legal sentence of their peers, from their lands, home, liberties or lawful right, we [the twenty-five] shall straightway restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace. MAGNA CARTA, JUNE 15, A.D. 1215, 52.”

      • Than some shyster thought of the “grand jury” that allows those who are judged in secret to be charged with crimes that are likely only rumor or not even that, crimes some prosecutor wants to charge someone he thinks he can fleece. Now with search and seizure laws that are totally un-Constitutional, there isn’t even a hint of the “jury” process involved. So much for that experiment.

          • Why are so many people at this site still stuck with Statist/ collectivist/ hierarchical solutions which have a perfect 10,000+ year global failure rate when much better pro-liberty proposals have been posted here repeatedly?

            • Dear Brian,

              Good question. The “inside the box” solutions have been thoroughly discredited by now.

              I remember how hard it was to get through to anyone back in the 70s and 80s. The term “libertarian” would usually draw blank stares.

              But now it’s 2016. Everyone in the political mainstream is familiar with the term “libertarian” by now. Many have even heard the term “market anarchist”.

              We really should be past minarchism by now. Otherwise, we’re no longer on the political cutting edge, and in danger of becoming irrelevant.

              • No doubt in my mind libertarian is being misnomered by the MSM. A discussion with my neighbor last year and I mentioned I was a libertarian. He said he had a problem with libertarians. I asked him who HE wanted to rob. He gave me a funny look. I told him libertarians didn’t want anyone’s money. He continued with the look. I’m sure he has some strange notion of what it means.

                • “No doubt in my mind libertarian is being misnomered by the MSM.”
                  Gary Johnson doesn’t even know what a libertarian is. He said it was someone who was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Might as well use my D friend’s definition – a Republican who smokes dope.

                  • Not sure I know a “D” anymore. It’s a shame I do know “R”‘s.

                    It’s not as if I don’t think about the entire realm of things in this country…..quite a lot. It would seem every day we approach a very nasty civil war with millions of casualties in this country alone and many millions more worldwide. It’s coming down to a military vs. non-military show-down.

                    One of Bushco’s main card up it’s sleeve was training foreign troops to stop civil disobedience in this country. Well, we’ll likely reap what those sorry fuckers in DC have sown since before I was old enough to know anything about it. BO is certainly doing his part and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who is older than 60 years old the end of what this country has been even in our lifetimes is coming to a close. I shudder to think about the future. Only those with eyes closed can’t see it.

                    • “Only those with eyes closed can’t see it.”
                      The willfully blind refuse to see.
                      Use them as cannon fodder, they serve no other purpose – and they have CHOSEN to be that, so feel no pity.

                    • Hi Jean,

                      Lately, my ire is directed toward “conservatives,” who do see – but don’t mind. They are not liberty-minded people. They are “law and order” minded people. “Family values” people. They have no objection to authoritarian collectivism; they merely object to the “liberal” variety.

                    • “Conservatives,” if they used the term accurately, would be nothing more than defenders of the status quo. Do you see anything worth defending?

                    • Eric,
                      The people you mention are sheep, but the “two wings of the same vulture” get use from them.
                      They’re first on the cattle cars when the end game starts. Small comfort, that.

                      There’s a certain sickness in our society, no one loves knowledge, no one loves rightness (speaking morally, absolutely, E.G., “Thou shalt not murder”), no one really cares about what they’re saying. I’d like to think it’s from the Dems, but that’s overly simplistic.

                      The “LawN Order” types mean, “enforce the laws we like against those niggers over there.” They aren’t for LAW – they’re for ORDER. Order Uber Alles. _OUR_ Order. Seig Heil! is a half step away…. They just aren’t being clear, because they know people would resist.

                      The “Family Values” crowd… Another joke! They value whatever helps THEIR family – and want to disadvantage as many others as possible. So, THEY stay together, but encourage divorce for Others. Encourage “Choice” for the “Lesser Races” (Per Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who wanted to eradicate the Negro race.)
                      If they were really FAMILY oriented, they’d oppose abortion and birth control, and encourage marriage – and support politicians who did so, too. But that takes too much thought (voting for a politician who goes with the public whims is pretending a whore is a virgin. She’s still a social disease, though at least the whore serves a social purpose.)

                      These are the same as the Authority worshippers (which I explained a “scriptural” reasoning for elsewhere, mostly based on perverting the words in scripture to political ends – and one of the cited passages actually opposes that very connection, but the rank-and-file sheep don’t get it, refuse to consider it, and it’s not an IQ thing, it’s a willful blindness thing.)

                      Anyway – Like I said, hard to care if something happens. Schadenfreude is an understatement. And while I can feel for (empathize with) them when the house burns down with them in it, I don’t shed many tears, either.
                      Problem is, it rarely happens to the deserving (self-serving, by which I mean those who are not just selfish, but will actively harm others, even go out of their way to harm others, to benefit themselves – or even, for no benefit to themselves at all.) It usually happens to those who are decent and moral… Which, now that I write it out that way… Makes all too much sense.

                      MDGeist approach works best…

    • 35 years ago I got stopped at a roadblock. It was a find whatever you can kinda thing, insurance, illegal alien, drugs, drugs, drugs. A deputy walks up to my pickup. I have a Combat Commander in that pocket on the door Silverado’ used to have. I notice he’s packing a lightweight Commander. I asked him how he liked the gun. He says ok. I said I preferred the steel job in .38 Super. I pulled it out of the pocket,dropped the mag and handed it to him showing all the mods I had made. He looked it over, said it felt better with the straight mainspring housing. I agreed and said he could go ahead and dry fire it if he liked. He did and was impressed with the trigger. I showed him some mods I’d made in the feed ramp and removed the upper to show him how the trigger and sear had been leveled and slicked. He was impressed. I slid the top back on, slid the mag in and returned it to the pocket. He said see you later. I replied 10-4 and went on home. Imagine that now. Sorta boggles the mind in hindsight.

      • Since then we’ve had 9-11 and the ‘wars’ on Drugs, Terrorism, etc. The Constitution is now but a scrap of paper, under glass, a curiosity of a dream that was forgotten….

    • I clicked on that link and Firefox kept warning me of scripts trying to start. I always said ‘don’t allow.’ After reading other open pages I got to this one. Firefox kept crashing even after I tried to close the page. I ended up having to do a hard reboot and immediately clicking the close button for this page when Firefox tried to restore all pages. Yes, I have the newest version of Firefox with security features built in. This site appears to have LEO hackers!

          • Something strange with that website. NoScript has a tiny red spot but doesn’t show what script is blocked. I suspect cross-site scripting but that would normally show up on FF without doing anything.

            • Hello 8sm, The computer that I use most had been acting buggy and would no longer print. It had Ubuntu 14.02 on it, so I decided to install Ubuntu 16.02 on it. The newest version of Firefox claims to be more secure than the older versions, so I have chosen to not install No-script yet. I had that lawofficer page open, but was reading other pages, and pop ups would pop up and immediately disappear, so Firefox has blocked them successfully I guess. Bubbles also popped up asking me if scripts should be allowed or cancelled. All of these things completely ended once I closed that lawofficer tab.

              • Hey Brian, it’s been a few months back I read an article critical of how FF has been lax on security. I’ve seen that tiny red dot at the bottom of the S on NoScript before and don’t recall finding a fix. When it has the blackened area at the bottom of the S, it’s always(for me)been listed in Recently Blocked Sites. I tried allowing the only scripts I wasn’t familiar with but the red dot stayed. When you look over the Advanced tab there is no small red dot option shown. I don’t understand how it shows something not listed in the advanced tab.

                • Hey 8sm, I opened a bunch of web pages while at the Strike-The-Root website, and one of them caused the same thing to happen. So much for the increased browser security claim! I managed to close all tabs and restart Firefox. I had gotten good advise on Firefox security in the past from Lifehacker dot com, so I visited the site to see potential new recommendations. Ghostery is no longer recommended, but I installed No-Script, HTTPS Everywhere, Ad Block Plus, Disconnect (ghostery’s replacement), Youtube High Definition, and Video Downloader.

    • People just die sometimes… shit, when they have a broken neck, a large hematoma in their spine and no water they certainly do tend to die.

      I was thrown into a cell well above 120 degrees and only given water twice a day with meals, shit I wouldn’t eat, whatever it was. The cell had cameras ostensibly for my “safety” but actually to make sure I wasn’t helped. The jail trustee who I didn’t know would speak to me from another part of the jail close to me. It turned out he was the SIL of an old friend of mine. He began to bring me ice water. Each time he’d pass by he’d hand a glass of water to me but the cam was pointed straight at us. He got ass-chewings and threatened physically for doing so. He almost lost his trustee status. They had intended to keep me there for 4 days or however long it took but due to a powerful lawyer my nephew got along with a bailbondsman who wouldn’t take no for an answer I was bailed out in a bit over a day. I was quite dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion. We got home and both our dogs who had been in kennels were strung up to where they couldn’t move in the south door of the barn without food or water. Temps were averaging well over 105 and probably close to 130 degrees where they were. We spent the first few hours at home making sure they’d live. Cops are just swell.

    • Thanks for posting these links Me2. Newbies please note; The ‘system’ doesn’t need to be fixed because it is working perfectly for the Statist/bankster/wall street/political overlords who should be dethroned and face genuine justice for their felonies. Pro-liberty people like ourselves desire rational, consistent, and pro-liberty solutions.

  6. Changing the police is near impossible because of law and order politicians, police unions, judges that have given themselves and the police qualified immunity, and the practice of making the public pay for police misbehavior. Therefore, I believe the suggestion of firing the police and hiring a private security company is the best solution.

    • Eric, you want a “sane” reason? You used terms such as “above the law” and “under the law.” But you forgot to quote Judge Dredd – “I AM THE LAW!!!” That’s how cops view themselves. If you violate the law it is a personal affront to THEM. They take it personally; so no, they will never be under the law any more than people like Obama or Clinton.

    • Doesn’t take much for the cops to “qualify” for that “immunity”. Apparently the badge suffices, it’s a “Licence to Kill” that Timothy Dalton’s Bond never had.

  7. Mr. Peters you are right on target so to speak. Police ,even when arrested have a different standard; they can not be questioned until a cooling off period is passed, their lawyer, and possibly union rep is present. The reason is obvious as to Why they are not under the same laws we are- They are the force that gives government the only authority it has threats, coercion, caging or murder. If they were held responsible and not given a share of the loot few would do the job. very few hours of a cops time are spent solving crimes, they are spent in revenue generation for their masters.

  8. There are some problems that need to be addressed:
    End qualified immunity for cops. There is no excuse to beat someone to death or use them for target practice; or to choke or tase into a flat line condition.
    The time has come to break the back of the cop’s unions and that includes the worst bunch of gangsters: the FOP.
    Mandatory drug testing. Test for all types of steroids, speed, meth, whatever they’re using. If positive, they are immediately fired and blacklisted.
    Mandatory psychological testing. Sociopaths and psychopaths need to be removed from all police forces. Blacklisted.
    Remove those from the intelligence services who are supplying the steroids in police departments. Yes, there are people who are from certain government agencies who have infiltrated police departments and are supplying cops with these drugs.
    End the 1033 program and force all police departments to return all weapons, vehicles and materials provided to them by the Pentagram.
    End training in isrealhell. We are not living in Gaza.
    They are supposed to be serving us and not treating us as serfs,peons and slaves.
    Clean out this corrupt and degenerate court system.Judges, lawyers, D.A.s and prosecuting attorneys are all in it together to steal as much of your wealth as they can. Additionally many of these judges, especially in state and federal courts have made rulings clearly unconstitutional and violating the Bill of Rights. These judges need to be removed and the rulings reversed.
    End unnecessary SWAT raids; Do we really need 50,000 SWAT raids/year?
    End civil asset forfeiture. Nothing more needs to be said.
    End the war on drugs.
    End prison for profit. That means an end to corporat run prisons.
    Raise the standards by which people are tested for entry or hiring as cops. The standards have fallen so low that people with low IQs are being deliberately hired.
    Finally the communities should regain the power to have cops fired, arrested and charged with what ever crimes they commit. To be personally sued and or tried and convicted for their crimes.
    Until these changes are made, the situation will only continue to worsen until it finally erupts into full blown civil war. But you see that’s exactly what the owners and elites of this country want: a civil war and the resultant heavy hob nailed boot of tyranny.
    One final thought: Until we seriously get it together and clean out Washington of the traitors, thieves, degenerates and corrupted toadies along with those who have infiltrated the government: the zionists, Talmudic, evil, twisted , malignant and sociopathic beasts who have gained control of what once was our government but is now thoroughly controlled by this satanic power.
    Only returning Washington to the restraints of the Constitution and respecting the Bill of Rights instead of wiping its behind with them, will the appropriate changes take place. Until then, stay prepared and remain calm and above all remain alert and informed.

  9. This is a great article, and the comments are very good too.

    I take extreme exception to the observation that the police are the problem. They answer to the legal community in each jurisdiction: Commonwealth Attorneys and Judges.

    So called law enforcement are just the tip of the spear of a dishonest, debauched and predatory fascist economic system. In the current US society, the cards are stacked against us across so many issues I do not see any civil nonviolent resolution possible. The cops enforce this stacked deck and protect the criminals at the expense of the rest of us. While they have been fed this bull shit about the “Broken Window Theory” of law enforcement (a pure rationalization for picking low hanging criminal fruit and avoiding higher, more influential powers) our social fabric is being raped and pillaged for profit.

    We all see cops beating the hell out of some dude, and the rest standing around with their thumbs up their arses. No arrests ! What should we expect when the FBI Chief announces that the democrat candidate for POTUS walks ? You still think the cops are the real problem….WTF ?

    As for Qualified Immunity, law for us does not apply to them. This is necessary for them to operate in defense of the Fascism cited above. Same thing for “Equal Justice Under the Law”. Not for the cops…..LMAO !

    The overall issue we fail to see is that what used to be the US culture has been captured by foreign influence, morally, economically and now functionally. We have to submit in order to be deboned and eaten. The cops just keep that process functional.

    This is not funny in any sense. It is deadly serious in all of its permutations from the VW diesel issue, to the coming theatre called an election, to all the other well documented crap we see.

    A well-known attorney in Charlottesville recently wrote that “the second American revolution cannot be won by force of arms…” He is part of the problem. We already have had the Second American Revolution, and lost !

    We are now living in the future of Adolph Lincoln and his vision of a more perfect union. When this fact is overlooked we are denied an understanding of why things are so fucked up now. We are in the Fourth Reich, like it or not. We are in a very historic time for representative government with the consent of the governed.

    Remember Magna Carta, the French and American Revolutions, Appomattox, and all the other mile posts to modern America.

    Remember the fish rots from the head. The police are not the head.

    2005 VW TDI
    1988 Citroen 2CV6


      • Christ on a Christie’s cracker.


        And turn it off, moron. I didn’t read your “comment”. And guess what, if I didn’t read it, that means that PUH-LENTY of others didn’t.

          • Since nobody is reading Feibel’s posts cuz of a perceived ‘CAPS offense’, they couldn’t know that he/she is 78 years old and quite likely hard of ‘seeing’. Caps tend to help sight challenged people read what they’re writing. It’s one thing to read posts with a magnifying glass in hand, quite another to type with it. I doff my cap to any 78 year old that is coherent enough to use a puter & brave enough to post when nearly sightless!

            As to fixing the system, you ever hear the old saw: ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broke’? The system is working flawlessly & according to plan (for all intents & purposes), which David Ward has astutely pointed out herein.

            In any event, is there seriously a CAPS cop/monitor/moderator here? Spelling monitor too, perhaps? Grammar maybe?

            • Hi facts,

              ALL CAPS cone across as shouting, which is why some people dislike it.

              I’m not a pedant about grammar and spelling; however, a post that is laden with spelling errors and poor grammar is difficult to read – and understand – which is why people tend not to read such posts.

              One of the things I like about this site is the quality of most of the posts. Which tend to be thoughtful, well-reasoned and civil. They stand in stark contrast to the typical ALL CAPS UR a LOOSER!! stuff one finds on other boards!

              • I had just written a 4 paragraph reply to this and when I proof read it once more I realized I had some real booger sentences even though they weren’t technically wrong, just stupidly ugly. I frequently write replies and just as I did a minute ago, delete the entire thing. Finger up butt and that sorta thing doncha know?

            • There are plenty of tools for the visually impaired. Windows has several standard ones. If one does not bother to use them but instead burdens others due to their handicap, it is simply rude and as clovarian holding up traffic because you can’t manage to drive at the speed limit.

              Eric has highlighted the other problems with the post.

              • All browsers have a Zoom function. Zoom in using the following: Windows (Windows Button + the Plus Button) on keyboards without a separate numeric key pad the shift is required. Mac (Command aka Apple Button and the Plus Button) same thing applies on keyboards without a separate numeric key pad. Zoom out using the Minus Button instead of using the Plus Button. I use this feature quite frequently even though I have a 47 inch display in the bedroom.

                • Hold control and spin the mouse wheel. One way enlarges and the other makes it smaller. I occasionally get on a page with tiny type(not too much these days)and enlarge it so I don’t have to strain.

    • I agree that the cops aren’t the WHOLE problem but because they take a solemn oath to abide by and protect the constitution they are a big part of the problem. When they enforce unconstitutional laws they are as guilty as the tyrants that make those laws.

    • Don’t know what you folk are talking about this qualified immunity?!?!

      When dealing with the police, I have total immunity (from any civil or human rights.)

  10. I’m convinced that nothing will change until people start seriously defending themselves from criminal cops. That means carrying a firearm and being willing to use it to defend one’s life, whether or not one’s assailant is wearing a government clown costume.

    • It may come to that, unfortunately.

      I keenly understand what some of the reluctant revolutionaries of 1776 felt. The desire to avoid bloodshed, the hope that reason may prevail. But it may just be that too many people are too conditioned (and, frankly, either not very smart or very much control freak authoritarians).

      I hope I am wrong.

      • Eric,

        It is more basic than that. We are all comfortable. Life is not that bad and for the vast majority life is pretty darn good.

        Any sort of revolution or mass gov’t change would have devastating consequence for our lives. Do you think highways would transport food? Fuel? Would we still go to work to pay our bills? Hard to work when fighting a war. Whose going to keep the bank from taking my home and who is going to feed my family? I grow a garden but I’m a long way from growing all of my food.

        War is nasty. We’ve all been sheltered from the real images of our actions in the middle east. It is no wonder they are fleeing, who would want to live there after what we have done?

        There will not be a change in this country until things are so bad that there is no other choice.


      • Caps lock. Learn it’s proper use or bugger off. Better yet, considering what little one could parse from your SHOUTED drivel, just bugger off.

        • eric, sorry about that. My cats are continually turning on the caps lock and then walking all over the keyboard. If I weren’t so Nfeebled I’d keep a better eye(patch) on it. Signed, Cholley Jack

  11. Yes, there is a problem, and it’s going to get bigger. Much bigger. The lack of accountability and the bad attitude and the military tactics all point to a police state whereupon the public ( including the law abiding) have become viewed as “civilians” at best and enemies of the state, mostly, or terrorists at worst.

    The devide between citizen and cop is widening, and it will continue to widen until the socioeconomic, political collapse that we all know is coming finally arrives. Then the full force of law enforcement shall be brought to bear on the citizen during the martial law we all know is coming hand in hand with the collapse.

    Personally, I can only hope that the cops ( and the National Guard) will be so busy killing and being killed by BLM, the Black Panthers, La Raza, the Muslim zealots and all the rest of the collectivists that the government forces become so depleted and stretched thin that they cannot focus on the Natural lawabiding- citizens.

    It’s sad to say, really, really sad actually, but I won’t be supporting the troops or the cops when the SHTF….. unless, by some miracle they somehow deserve my support.

    • Hi Reality,


      I will not be “supporting the troops” or law enforcement, either. Why on earth would I? They are armed government workers. That’s all. As I do not support the government – why would I support people who claim the right to order me about, take my property and so on? – I do not support the thugs who are the ones who do the actual “work” of government.

      When sanity is restored and peaceful people are free to live their lives as they see fit, without being controlled or fleeced by other people who see themselves as anointed overseers of the rest of us, then I will support the peacekeepers.

      • Speaking of the thugs out there, I’ve been trying to find articles about white victims of police brutality for the last hour or so and can only come up with one from 2012 in Las Vegas. Yet there are dozens (if not hundreds) of blue-on-black violence in the news? What the hail? I’m aware of the “official” narrative blowing off blue-on-white violence as if it hardly exists, but this is out of hand! Anyone know some good sites to further research this topic?

        Thanks in advance.

          • That’s a good start. I see the utter madness of this shit. Surely, with enough searching, I’ll dig up an actual blue-on-white murder. That said, it appears white victims are more often tortured than killed, because Narrative. Sad…

            • Hi J-Kwik,

              Search for Jack Yantis, Kelly Thomas, Donald Scott, James Boyd and David Kassick. I tried to include links for all of these but wordpress thinks it’s spam. Maybe the first two will go through



              There are many more. As William Grigg notes, the issue is not white privilege, but blue privilege. Unfortunately, BLM activists frame the issue almost exclusively in terms of race. The media highlights examples which confirm that narrative but ignore, for the most part, the increasing violence against all civilians perpetrated by police. Instead we are told, despite all evidence, that there exists an epidemic of violence against cop.

              Imagine if BLM activists expressed support for those grieving the death of Jack Yantis, and all similar white deaths. Imagine if conservative whites expressed support for the outrage felt by blacks at the death of Eric Garner and all similar black deaths. Now, that would fuck with the narrative and cause many people to see the real issue. But, government and media always promote false narratives, designed to intensify race and class enmity. Most can’t see beyond the false narratives.


        • Hi J-Kwik,

          “Anyone know some good sites to further research this topic?”

          I don’t know of any sites that specialize in white victims of police brutality, probably because advertising such a goal would be castigated as so un-PC as to be counter-productive. However, I wish such a site existed because, as I explained in my last post, the narrative explaining police brutality as a primarily racist phenomenom is false.

          Still, there are many that are helpful. Try copblock, the freethoughtproject, freedominourtime (the blog of William Norman Grigg), lewrockwell and, of course, ericpeters. Look at News/other stuff here and you’ll find an extensive archive of “hero” misbehavior.


    • “Personally, I can only hope that the cops ( and the National Guard) will be so busy killing and being killed by BLM, the Black Panthers, La Raza, the Muslim zealots and all the rest of the collectivists that the government forces become so depleted and stretched thin that they cannot focus on the Natural lawabiding- citizens.”

      Don’t hold your breath. I’m certain that these institutions are riddled with traitors, like BLM, La Raza, and Muslims…. All working on a common goal (dissolution of the US.)
      Their common goal comes from us being the biggest kid on the block… They all want to BE the biggest kid on the block, and however we fall, they’ll be happy.
      But every one of them is cover for our enemies, too. And “our” enemies does collectivize us, but we’re sort of “unified” around those trite catchphrases: “God, Guns, Glory,” or maybe “Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives,” or some such. A few traits that tie us together, versus all the differences: Freedom, Liberty, Self-determination: Ties a second-gen immigrant from New Jersey, Catholic, White, to a Black Texan whose family arrived as slaves in the 1790s. These two understand each other, even if the white guy IS a racist – he sees what the black man does, and knows they’re of the same mind – and can work together as a result. they are both tied to the Immigrant Chinese, who values those same ideals… And all are opposed by La Raza, both BLMs (Bureau of Land Management and Black Lives Matter), ISIS, Communists, etc, etc, etc. And because the second set of groups are all collectives, the three individuals mentioned need to either bond together, stand as one – or run the F away, and hide, and hope.
      Unfortunately, the Progressive groups named are unified by their hatred of “us”, whom they lump into a single group… We’re of the “house of war”, to borrow the Islamic terms… they are of their “house of islam” (Their collective, whether BLM, State, ISIS, whatever.)

      I believe any good insurgency hides who they are until after they’ve compromised the institutions of the target country. Soviets figured that out… How could ISIS or BLM not?
      So we’re facing those enemies anyway – and they’ll work in unison against us.

      It’s the old flag: “Unite or die.”

  12. @Eric,

    I see no way to fix a system that is not broken. I have to agree with BrentP, the system as it is currently designed is working as expected. It was corrupt at the conception and will only get worse as it grows to the point of killing the body. It is my opinion that the body is on its death bed and the bystanders are just waiting for the death rattle. Problem is the death rattle of a political body generally is very bloody. Just make sure you are not in the way of what causes the blood splatter.

  13. A police officer with lights and siren on was racing to a crime scene. It was during the day on a six lane major road. A vehicle with a family were making a left hand turn onto the road after coming to a complete stop. Due to trees on the side of the road the driver was unaware of the high speed the officer was traveling in their direction. The police officer T Boned the vehicle with the family of adults and children. The police officer hurt her finger in the crash and an air ambulance came to take her away from the scene of the accident. The family, some of which were seriously hurt had to wait for ambulances to arrive to take them to the nearest emergency room some seven or more miles away. Aside from the minimal report in the paper that there was a serious accident, nothing else was ever reported on it. The names of the family was of course printed but the name of the officer and if she was using the cell phone or computer at the time were never divulged.

    • Hi SC,

      Yup. Common. In my neck (Virginia) a state cop did the same thing and killed his victim – an older guy in a classic car who was making a legal left turn across a road when the cop plowed into him at extremely high speed.

      If you or I had done the same thing, it would vehicular manslaughter for us as well as financial ruin as a result of the lawsuits filed by the victim’s family.

  14. You know, I wonder if it might start to help the “good cops” to police the behavior of the bad ones if every time something like this happened, some enterprising lawyer filed suit against the police union as well as the city. Start hitting the unions with multi-million dollar lawsuits, forcing them to pay to defend themselves, thus driving these porkers dues payments through the roof. At the very least you’d finally hit the donut munchers in the wallet, instead of just the taxpayers. Just something off the top of my head that I haven’t seen suggested elsewhere yet.

    • @ K&C,

      What basis would you use to sue the union? Where can you show a tort based on their actions? The union will defend the actions of a bad apple, sure ’nuff, but I’d bet it would be harder than diamonds to prove the union caused an actionable tort. From my point of view, the judge would dismiss any suit against the union out of hand due to the fact the union caused no direct action / injury to occur.

      • @ K&C,

        Now, if you could prove the union used members to intimidate witnesses or members of a Grand Jury, well shit that is different! 🙂 But still good luck on that…

      • Well, seems to me there would be a good standing to sue for damages under RICO statutes….
        You allude to that below, via witness intimidation and jury tampering; next thing is to render implicit threats visible. E.G., “Such a nice house (family) you have here, it would be a shame if something happened to it….” Such is implicit when you can point to daily stories of police brutality, police killing animals (Especially such cases as going to a vehicle to retrieve a weapon – which makes it premeditated, with us mundanes.) Stories of rape and murder under color of law…
        Is this not a propaganda campaign, essentially? Different from ISIS beheadings only in the level of brutality – not in terms of outcome. (Or maybe even, different in terms of outcome,as we don’t see the same level of vengefulness there. They kill the target and leave… Cops are on record as pursuing families, harassing them, leveraging other branches of gov’t to close businesses, intimidating families with threats of violence, even attacking the family members to “send a message.”

        Punishment is a must…

    • Hi Kevlar,

      Part of the problem is qualified or sovereign immunity. Government workers not held personally responsible for their actions as we are. It boggles me that people (by and large) accept this.

      • “Part of the problem is qualified or sovereign immunity. Government workers not held personally responsible for their actions as we are.”

        Another view:
        “Officers of the law have certain civic duties that require a higher level of protection for citizens. With a surety bond in place, they’re held financially accountable if they choose to take advantage of their power. Various federal, state and local government agencies require their law enforcement officers to be bonded so that those harmed by wrongful acts have the ability to collect damages.”

    • And any lawyer who did this would be painting a target on himself (and his family), guaranteeing that the police union and its gangsta membership would make his life insufferable living hell.

    • Walked into a mall last Christmas-time. Uniform dropped right in behind me. I don’t know if he wanted me to know he was there or if he just sucked at his job. Wouldn’t let me shop in peace. As I walked the mall looking for gifts and enjoying the stores officer friendly picked up a pal. They started hanging very close to me. I think they felt that I was being too difficult to harass because sometimes I’d go into a store and they’d have to peer in through the windows. Hundreds of dollars in my wallet. None of it spent at that mall. Sorry, what were you saying about the lovely private security forces?

      • I assume you’re talking about mall rent-a-cops. I would have just told them to fuck off. Additionally I’d tell them I’d swear out a criminal complaint against them for stalking if they persisted.

      • Who suffered from the overzealous mall cops? The mall’s tenants, that’s who. Who employs the mall cops? The Mall. Who suffers when the tenants end up moving or closing their stores? The Mall and ultimately it’s owners. Which goes back to the salaries of the mall cops. There is a direct disincentive chain here that does not exist with government employed cops. Government broke the compensation chain. The cops have little concern about the public with regard to their salaries and it shows.

  15. I think taking away their weapons is a great start. Totally disarm the police. Make them use their minds to disarm a situation. We don’t have EMS and Fire crews running around shooting people.

      • Yup. Another one. If I did what the Hero did – shot an unarmed man without any threat to myself – I’d be in jail, right now. Felonies hanging over my head.

        But the Hero who shot this guy?

        Paid vacation, I’m guessing.

        And I’m also betting this will pour gas on the fire. i will not be surprised if more Heroes end up reaping the whirlwind over the next few days…

        • I’m surprised an large attack on the cops like the one in Texas hasn’t happened sooner. I guess the reason, few want to be that sniper (or could even make a larger strike), as your chances of walking away from it are virtually nill. And as we learned, the hero’s thought nothing of bombing the shooter there.

          I think the only result of these police deaths are more militarization. I won’t be surprised to see bulked up, even armored squad cars even. Law and Order types are only lining up with LE not the opposite. Resulting most likely in more civilians getting killed by cops.

          • Hi Rich,

            Yes – unfortunately. I know a few “law and order” types and they see this as a “nigger problem.” Literally, those are the words. These imbeciles think what is happening to “niggers” isn’t also happening to whites and others – and could just as easily happen to them, too.

            It wilts my soul.

            • eric, I sometimes have to listen to shit like that too. I cut it off as quickly as possible. I saw a couple articles yesterday on Project Freedom that were so biased and breathless they were half a whisker away from saying nigger problem.

              It boiled down to a bridge getting shutdown by BLM. A kid needs to go to the hospital and they made it sound worse than it was and also made out like with an entire bridge clogged the BLM bunch could just magically open it for mom and dad to take the child to the hospital.

              So they “fixed” the problem by sending for an ambulance and they walked the kid through to it. The sad thing was how they insinuated that BLM protesters were so callous they didn’t care if a white boy lived or died. I found it hard to believe the parents couldn’t see the bridge was jammed and take an alternate route but this was a much better, breathless story to slam protesters and esp. because it was a “black” people protest. I gagged a bit reading it. I would liked to have sent them an e about it. And I’m sure there were plenty other sites that ran that type of story too. Take a sad song……and make it sadder……shit

            • These imbeciles think what is happening to “niggers” isn’t also happening to whites and others – and could just as easily happen to them, too.

              It wilts my soul.

              God forgive me, but I eagerly await the day that one of these “law and order” SWPL types I know gets a good, thorough round of “nigger treatment” from the cops. I will be the most MERCILESSLY mocking, unsympathetic, Schadenfreude-filled. “I-told-you-so-you-stupid-fucktard” thorn in their side imaginable!

        • @Eric,

          I was thinking the other day about a way for you to raise cash. What I came up with was a 10 inch magnet sign of your Just say no to Clover. I have the small ones you sent on the tailgate and front bumper of my truck, but the 10 inch ones would be great for the front doors on both sides. I’d gladly pay/make a larger one time donation for them, If reasonable.

          Hey just a thought! 🙂

          • Hi David,

            I’ve thought about larger one also but th cost to make them is considerably greater. It’s a balance. I’m also thinking about offering T shirts again, too.

            When I launched this site, I never wanted it to be a geldscheisser (see Info Wars and Hannity and Beck) … heck, if being a millionaire (or even a hundredthousandaire) were that important to me, I’d have hired on with CNN!

        • This story just gets worse. According to the Christian Science Monitor, North Miami PD has released a statement that the cop was shooting at the autistic patient like that makes it better. They really are clueless as to why people are getting pissed.

    • Wow. The same people that successfully fought off the Russian Army in the Winter War.

      I wonder when they will rise up against the crazed lefties running things.

      • The Finns are apparently try to “out-Swede” their Swedish cucked neighbors by rolling over and inviting their own rape by the hordes of swarthy savages invading all of Western Europe.

        Fucking sickening. I have ZE-RO sympathy for most Europeans anymore.

        I have, however, gained a whole lot of respect for Eastern Europe, which has made it clear that it’s not gonna put up with that shit for a microsecond.

  16. Engraved on the front of the marble monument in Mordor on the Potomac where the Nazgul hold forth, it says “Equal Justice Under Law.” But they don’t believe it. Certainly not pertaining to pheroes. Or prosecutors. Definitely not pertaining to themselves.
    The primary result of the English Civil Wars of the 17th century was a shift from Rex lex (The King is the law) to Lex rex (the law is king). No one in power still believes this.

    • Imagine Rome-on-the-Potomac in a few short years (or better yet, a few short MONTHS) looking like Warsaw at the end of 1944, only with much more rubble and fewer surviving inhabitants …

      Such a vision rivals the highest quality porn in its ability to induce a raging hard-on.

      • Rome? Not even close, more like Mordor (from The Lord Of The Rings). I would like to point out there actually is a road in Virginia named Mordor Drive. It is in Lorton. Since Virginia has turned into mostly shitsville, it seems rather appropriate to me.