Battery Apologists

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Want to keep your battery powered device’s battery “alive and kicking” for “hundreds of thousands of miles”? That’s easy.

All you have to do is not charge it much!

Rule Number One – according to the advice recently purveyed by a Jalopnik battery apologist – is “don’t store your EV at 100 percent of charge.” Especially in summer. He says – and he’s right – that a lithium-ion EV battery will lose its capacity to retain a charge “dramatically” if it’s left fully charged and it’s hot out. This is so because the more charge, the more heat and as Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske explains, voltage + heat equals degradation. In fact, an EV battery loses 10 percent of its original hypothetical capacity the very first time it is charged at the factory!

The salve is to “make sure to run your EV down to 30 percent or less.” This of course means your EV will only go 30 percent as far when you need to use it again. Given most EVs advertise a maximum best-case range of 300 miles or less that doesn’t leave much leash. Especially given that – as has been exposed recently – the range advertised by EV sellers has been formulated optimistically. Even leaving that aside, 30 percent of 300 leaves about 90 miles to go – on paper – before you run out of charge. In fact – on the road – it is a necessary precaution to always maintain a 10-20 mile charge reserve in a battery powered device, because you might not be able to charge where you planned to.

There is a lot of planning to do with these devices. In addition to the waiting.

Rule Number Two: “Don’t run your battery all the way out before recharging.” This seems to contradict Rule Number One. How does one “make sure to run your EV down to 30 percent or less”  without risking running the battery “all the way out” (sic)? If you only have 30 percent available to begin with, you will – ipso facto – already be very close to running the battery “all the way out” (sic) and getting closer with each mile you drive.

You could always “top it off” – but that runs contrary to Rule Number One. And you ought to avoid doing so at a public not-so-fast charger, too – on account of Rule Number One. Because not-so-fast charging generates heat (via high voltage) which you, you’ll recall, equals degradation.

The solution – according to these battery apologists – is “a bunch of small charges.” These are “much better for the health of your battery than infrequent full-depth charges.” In other words, avoid using the only charge method that allows an EV to recover any meaningful range in less than a few hours.

See that earlier point about planning.

Which brings us to Rule Number Three.

“Don’t routinely charge all the way to 100 percent.” Because heat + voltage = degradation. It is “best to keep your battery’s upper limit under 80 percent to make it last as long as possible.” This is why not-so-fast chargers stop not-so-fast charging at 80 percent, by the way. If you want the full charge, you must wait as long again as you’ve already waited to get the 80 percent charge. The latter takes 30-45 minutes, typically. So add another 30 or so on top of that – assuming you want a full charge and the capacity to drive as far as advertised without having to stop and wait for a charge again, soon.

So, in order to “make it last as long as possible,” the owner of a battery powered device is counseled to give up 20 percent of the advertised full-charge range of his device. This means a “300 mile” device is actually a 240 mile device – and not really that, either. Keeping in mind the fact that the advertised range is typically much-less-than-advertised in anything other than EV Optimum conditions (not too hot, not too cold; driving no faster than 70 and not uphill or pulling a load) and the practical necessity of needing to maintain 5-10 percent of the charge remaining in reserve – for just-in-case.

Rube Goldberg himself probably could not have conceived such a device. A vehicle that you dare not “top off” that you ought to keep a third “full” but should avoid not-so-fast-charging, in order to “make it last as long as possible.”

But why would any sane person want to “make it last as long as possible”? It’s like wanting to make the end-of-life in a nursing home “last as long as possible” when your “life” consists chiefly of diaper changes and rough sponge baths, in between feedings of Ensure.

But at least you’ll get to see another re-run of Judge Judy on the TV.

But what if you could be restored to health, get out of the bed and live, again? Then you might want to “make it last as long as possible.”

You can do just that – in terms of vehicles – by avoiding battery powered devices. You can fill your real car or truck’s tank – and leave it parked in the sun for a month – and when you come back, it’ll be ready to go without any “degradation.” You can drive it until you’re running on fumes – and then just fill ‘er up. Not 80 percent full. And because it’s full, you can drive all week, probably, without needing “a bunch of small charges” or any planning at all.

Just drive – without having to think about it.

Of course, the plan is for us to have to think about it all the time. And pretend it’s not a degradation.

. . .

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  1. The ev excuses are very much like the vaccine apologists and pretty much every other leftist agenda item. The Excuses never run out. But the most interesting part is when individuals decide to go against their agenda. Then they simply go silent on the topic. I have family members who were initially extolling the merits of vaccines and then opted not to get more boosters. If you bring up vaccines to them now they can’t change the subject fast enough. A nephew who insisted EV’s are absolutely the future and that battery technology would improve significantly any day. Then when it came time to buy a new family car they chose a Subaru Outback. No more talk about EV’s these days!

  2. EVs – Devices most of us cannot afford to own, let alone piss away all our time with the endless problems involved in trying to make use of them, beyond virtue-signalling. Petrol transport has dominated for 100 years for many reasons, and the loss of them will be disastrous dependency upon tyrannical bureaucrats. Serfdom- It’s what’s for dinner!

    • Hi Eric,

      Or less!

      MB threw me in the Woods for publicly mentioning how short-leashed its devices actually are. Real-world driving range 20-plus percent less than indicated. Absurdly long waits to recover a partial charge (which means needing to do the whole routine again, soon).

      Yeah. That’s the ticket!

  3. Battery apologists…

    Far too expensive EV’s apologists?

    People are having financial problems….can’t afford a very expensive EV….

    Auto Loan Crisis Gets Worse…….

    Repo’s from prime customers doubled……

    Subprime customers….60 day delinquencies are highest since 1996…..worse then the 2008 crash….

    90 day delinquencies are at an all time high….this is strange…..banks aren’t repo’ ing….they are giving customers 90 day payment holidays….the banks don’t want to repo….then the cars go to the auction….gets a low price…auction prices are low and crashing now……now the bank has to show the loss….the banks are hiding huge losses……(just like on their bond investments….lol)………

    Credit card, mortgages and student loan defaults…at a high too….

    Marketplace is full of people trying to sell their cars for what they owe….which is far higher then what the car is worth….lol….

    To get out of them some people are crashing them or reporting them stolen….insurance fraud is at a high too…..

    Dealers are panicking……they over charged customers….buried them in debt….now the market is dead…..

  4. Tesla’s Freeze & Fail…lots more stories about frozen inop EV’s…..

    Ev’s in very cold weather would not start or charge…….Ev’s in very hot weather would not start or charge…..

    Tesla has no phone number to phone for service or if you have problems….you have to use an app…lol……..probably don’t want angry customers screaming at them…..

    But….Tesla has a phone number to purchase a car…….

  5. Remember when leftists complained that peoples lives revolved around their cars?

    So how is this not that then?

    Electric cars insure your life revolves around making sure it won’t be dead when you want to drive it…..

  6. The loons are always yapping about the magic batteries supposedly in development.
    It won’t change a thing.
    First of all it doesn’t matter what kind of battery you have, the stupid thing still needs to be charged
    Suppose you could make a battery that could hold 100 KwH and could take a charge in 1 minute. They never think about what method will be used to pump that much energy that fast. You won’t be able to push that many amps through any conceivable charge port small enough to plug in to the car.
    Not to mention having to deal with lethal voltages in some small plug in connector which would be quite fragile. Drop it, crack it, break the insulation and you barbecue the next poor bastard wanting to charge it.
    You can’t talk to imbeciles

      • Hi Richb

        Never is a long,long time. Some of the more interesting new battery technologies are quite promising. From a technical perspective. Various solid state approaches are in prototype. The trick is to get them to scale up and be competitive in terms of production/effectiveness. Dr. Goodenough (we lost him just last year at age 100) was involved in one of those projects. But given that ICE are a current known and mature technology, thats a high bar to reach. Not mention that lacking the Carbon hysteria of the Climate Cults useful idiots, countless billions wouldn’t have been invested in that R&D to start with.

        That having been said, I totally agree with Eric and many others. If the EV technology was able to be sold on its own merits,I’d have no problem with it. Individual people are the best judge of such things for themselves. But it is not being sold on its merits. It (and make other things like solar and wind power) are being used to advance the anti human agenda of the Usual Suspects. Which is why the world is in the sorry situation that we find ourselves in.

  7. ‘They go from make work job to make work job … this is why we have a 30+ trillion dollar debt.’ — Useranon99

    Today we learn that three US soldiers were killed at a base called Tower 22, at the remote corner where Jordan, Iraq and Syria converge. The drone attack, we are told, was executed by ‘Iran-backed militants.’

    Naturally three chickenhawk Republiclown Senators (Cotton, Graham and Cornyn) already are echoing the refrain of their late mentor Johnny McShame: ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!

    I didn’t even know ‘we’ had a base in Jordan. Why are ‘we’ there?

    If you thought $34 trillion of debt was a lot, just wait till ‘Joe Biden’ tries to reinvent himself as a ‘war president.’ Fiscal discipline is the first thing that disappears in a shooting war, followed by domestic civil liberties and economic freedom.

    Big Gov’s sordid, shambling freak show just took a dark turn today.

  8. EVs need a breakthrough. The government needs EVs. Government research developed lithium batteries, a breakthrough in electrochemical storage. But they have a lot of problems. Despite the problems, they serve as a pretty good replacement for other batteries. But they are a poor replacement for other energy solutions.

    • EVs need a breakthrough.

      Barring any imminent battery technology breakthroughs (don’t forget, the Tesla Model S was launched 12 years ago, and yet still to this day there’s not even a single EV with fast charging available from any manufacturer, so real-world breakthroughs are virtually non-existent), what is needed is for EVs once more to be relegated to the scrap heap of automotive history, where they already ended up a century ago and still belong.

  9. Wow, what will it take to snap these EV cultists out of their stupidity. What those idiots describe is the equivalent of only putting two gallons of gas in your car at a time, and then only add another gallon when you’ve used up one. But even doing that would only take a couple minutes in an ICE car. How much kool-aid have these morons swallowed?

  10. Oh goodie! If I get an EV I can plan my entire life around it’s needs. No more just being able to hop in the car and go where I want when I want with nary a thought; no more just putting $20 in the tank or filling it up on a whim. No, now I can occupy my time by planning carefully around my EV’s needs. I can concoct complicated schedules and spreadsheets based on “the latest data” to ensure that the $40K battery in my $50K EV will last 7.2% longer than if I were some cretin who just thinks he can go wherever whenever and just “fuel” his vehicle when convenient or necessary. Ha! What fun I am missing out on by not having an EV!

  11. Slightly off-topic again, but I just read this:

    The on-topic portion is that these authors, unlike those on “Jalopnik”, seem to still have love for cars, and though they sometimes add few unsavory toppings, such as “the future is electric”, it would seem that they, at least somewhat, lament some vehicles that were stolen from us by nefarious forces.

    The 2017 Dodge Viper ACR had a 8.4L (!) V10?! Never heard of it. Shit, I thought Dodge stopped making the Viper in the 2000s. Waaaayy out of my price range, anyway, of course.

    You didn’t happen to test that one, did you Eric? 😉

    Also, I will always love the AMC Eagle concept. Wish I had one out here.

    Lastly, the final entry in that article was written on the Toyota MR-2. The author’s name is Eric, too, but he’s like Bizarro Eric. He longs for a time “when a twisty road could be enjoyed while listening to ’90s hits like Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ with open T-tops.”

    Fucking Hansen?! I take it back. Car and Driver can go to hell.

  12. They left out a few non-optional practices:

    1. pray fervently… to the state… that it has your best interests in mind
    2. repent your sins… think of the carbon dioxide that you continually exhale
    3. prepare yourselves for the afterlife… in carbon-free utopia where there will be no more suffering or misery
    4. spread the word… of the almighty state… to your unclean friends and family lest they burn in hell for eternity

    Only by your longsuffering shall your EV battery be healed and set you free in the glory and grace of the 15-minute city.


  13. Yeah, that “Engineering Explained” jackass really is a piece of work (or, maybe, a piece of something else). What’s depressing is the comments on that video. Bunch of chuckleheads having themselves a battery-fest. The only negative comment I could find was mine, although my search was not exhaustive. I can only take so much.

    If you’re wasting time on ScrewTube (and don’t we all), I can recommend an alternative. Check out Chickanic on The Holy Battery:

  14. Who has time in their life to micromanage their eeeeveee battery? I’m wholly unwilling to spend that much brain power doing so. The most thought I give at a gas station is whether to restrooms are clean enough to go pee or wait till I get somewhere else.

  15. ‘The owner of a battery powered device is counseled to give up 20 percent of the advertised full-charge range of his device.’ — eric

    So … I perceive that an EeeVee is like my propane tank in the back yard: it is only ever filled to 80% full, and should be refilled when it drops to 20% full. Therefore, the usable capacity of my 250-gallon propane tank is but 150 gallons.

    Translate tank capacity into range, and gallons into miles, and it’s not a bad analogy.

    Fact is, I viscerally dislike batteries. They are a nasty technology. A hundred years hence, batteries will be replaced by something better, and then banned like 100-watt light bulbs.

    Earth to red guard Michael Regan: don’t give us no more Battery Baloney, dog. We’s fed UP, ain’t gon’ TAKE it no mo!

  16. The complex rituals involved with charging and using the batteries on the EVs makes me wonder how much the manufacturers will nitpick warranty claims when the time comes.

    I’ve already heard onesy-twosy annectdotal stories about Ford denying claims on the EV trucks, but, at this point, an F150 Lightning with a kaput battery was driven *hard*, and the owners involved were people I knew to be “Show Ya” with more money than brains.

    Ford knows *everything* about the lifecycle battery of a F150 Lightning. Even using the home charger involves activating an app to communicate telemetry with the mothership.

    • My neighbor tried to take his Model X from Jacksonville to Gatlinburg. The thing came back on a trailer. He told me going up the mountain he’d lose 4 miles for every one he drove. After topping it up in some small town that had a functioning not-so-fast charger. The X never made to Gatlinburg it failed and after getting it towed to Gatlinburg there was no service people available. So he had it tricked home after having to rent an Escalade.
      When he got the Tesla guy to look at it they declared the battery too severely degraded and probably unsafe to charge.
      Oh warranty denied because of “battery abuse”.
      I didn’t laugh although he laughed at me when I gently suggested it was a great idea to try it.
      He got rid of it but won’t say how. I know he hates raped on it.

  17. Eric, your above article reminds me of all the COVID jab apologists. When it was becoming too obvious that these COVID “vaccines” neither prevented infection NOR “Stopped the spread of COVID”, instead of admitting it, the apologists made excuses like “Well the vaccines may not prevent infection, but they reduce the severity of symptoms, keeps you from dying of COVID, slows the spread of COVID, and keeps hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.” Or they even laughingly claimed that vaxxed people got the dreaded ‘Rona from someone who was unvaxxed.

    I’ve NEVER seen any evidence or studies to support such claims, though there has been studies and experts who said that these jabs creates more problems, which the government and establishment media has been trying to HIDE from the public.

    • Indeed, John –

      I’ve noticed this commonality also. It’s very interesting. Psychologically, I mean. It’s like an abused woman making excuses for her husband’s abuse rather than leaving the bastard. I cannot understand it.

      • Eric,

        These EV apologists could also be COVID jab apologists, as they all fell for all sorts of LIES pushed by the establishment involving COVID,
        face diapers, vaccines, climate change, and EVs . This whole COVID jab/ face diaper/ climate change/ EV thing has become a cult, which members appear to want to FORCE on people who are non-believers. But they’ll say something like “Follow the Science!” However, those who ACTUALLY tried to “Follow the science” the past 4 years and speak it on social media and elsewhere were censored, fired from their jobs, lost their license, etc., and the narrative belieeeeeeeeeeeevers CHEERED that.

        • You are exactly right in your prognostication, John. Sheeple behavior all around.
          Regarding studies, remember there WERE several studies pushed on us that indicated some degree of effectiveness. The problem was, as it is in so much of my field (higher ed), the studies were probably riddled with fraud. If your peers are part of your cult, then the peer review process fails.

          • Hi Scooter,

            Oh yes, “studies” pushed on people to “show” that face diapers and COVID jabs were more effective than they actually were. However, such studies were either done via fraud, the media exaggerated the figures in those studies, or they were funded by the pharmaceutical industry which had a stake in getting as many people as possible vaxxed.

    • The rituals involved with extending battery life remind me of the complex handling recommended for Apple laptop batteries before the company abandoned all pretense otherwise, sealed the machines, and essentially made the product line disposable at the 7-8 year mark.

  18. The suffering of the EV enthusiast shows their commitment to their cause.

    It is their version of self flagellation, which is the sacrifice required to be a better person.

    I wonder if the Amish feel the same way watching us English zipping by in our cars.

    • ‘It is their version of self flagellation’ — Dan

      Good insight, Dan.

      Until five years ago, all that was needed to signal good-personhood was to drive a Subaru with Earth Justice and Rainbow Pride stickers.

      Now the ante for admission to the virtue-signaling club has been cruelly jacked higher, and some tolerant souls are excluded. Even an Amish buggy is out of reach, because their HOAs prohibit horses.

      What to do, what to dooooo?

      Maybe just buy the battery, without the EeeVee, and self-abase with strong DC electric shocks. Attach the electrodes to the skull, and you can undergo DIY electro-convulsive therapy. Bliss!

    • The Amish are an honest people. They will tell you it’s their Religion that dictates their lifestyle. They won’t tell you you need to live like-wise or they’ll get GovCo to beat you down. In fact, they are the most anarchist people in our land. The eschew government at every turn because it is against God’s teachings. They live as the Eco-Cultists act like humanity should live but they themselves don’t.

      St. Greta wouldn’t last a week on an Amish farm before she demanded her modern life based on fossil fuels.

  19. ‘You can fill your real car or truck’s tank – and leave it parked in the sun for a month – and when you come back, it’ll be ready to go without any “degradation.” ‘

    Granted. Except that you may need a “jump”. Ironically, the battery might be dead. Even ICE powered cars have a constant, but low, draw on the battery to keep the computer and some accessories alive.

    There must be some logic to it, but my friend’s “pure hybrid” Prius will not start, even if the LiPo is fully charged, if the 12VDC battery is dead. It runs the computer. Can’t start the engine or close relays to the LiPo.

    It might not even need to be “dead”. My 2001 F-150 is rarely driven. 46,000 actual (I know, I know!). If it sits for a while, the lights will light, the horn will blow, but the starter will not engage. Apparently, the computer decides that there is not enough voltage so refuses to crank the engine. If I put a trickle charger on it for 10 minutes, it sees the voltage as above its arbitrary limit and will start. It doesn’t seem to care how much charge is available. As long as I can show 12 volts to the computer, it will at least try to do its thing.

  20. It should be obvious by now, to anyone with two working brain cells that get along, that EVs are NOT a practical means of personal transportation except in very narrow circumstances. They’re just one big fat apology. A very expensive one.

    • Hi John Kable.

      In a sane world, I doubt EV’s would have been developed to anything like their current state. They are simply too limited in their application. The ROI isn’t there for all of the R&D and investments in production required. But anyone who isn’t a Cultist of one type or another, knows that this is anything but a sane world. What is blackly ironic,is that most of the poor fools that go wild for EV’s, also fell for the Vax and its boosters. I doubt many of them are going to be around for more than a few more years (at best). Its sad, but they made their choice. Its been well said that;”You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. The bill across the world is coming due.

  21. I left a comment on a vid by an apologist yesterday. He was excitedly saying how all the negative stuff about battery cars was SO wrong. Then he went on to describe how those poor people in Chicago didn’t treat their batteries right by preparing this and that, etc. We know the drill. He even mentioned how well his Tesla does in really cold wind chills.

    I mentioned that cars do not experience wind chills, I can fill my car really fast without preparing the tank to accept the gas, and so on. Yeah, it’s a cult.

  22. [the plan is for us to have to think about it all the time.]- Eric

    IDK Eric. If they thought at all they would never waste money on the device in the first place.

  23. The rules on proper EV charging remind of the “Rules of Fizz bin” as explained by James T Kirk (available on YouTube). Convoluted and confusing.

    I looked at some EV truck videos and you would think a truck that can only tow a little less than 100 miles would be mocked, but no it was explained away by the reviewers saying that you usually aren’t going to be towing anything. So apparently we’re all good then?

  24. When you are playing carnival games, the game is obviously rigged, you don’t really have a chance at winning, ain’t gonna happen. The carney will even bark to keep you suckered into playing one more time. The guy down at the hot dog stand will give you a free hot dog if you play one more game, tell him I sent you. You keep playing the game, you have three free hot dogs, heckuva deal.

    The guy at the hot dog stand laughs and tells you to have to buy a hot dog to eat a hot dog. There are no free hot dogs, wake up. You have been duped, lied to, you were fished-in, hook, line and sinker.

    You’re smelt on a Norwegian hook, another sucker who will never learn.

    You go buy an EV, you go there. Find out what really does happen.

    You shouldn’t be disappointed that you’ll be disappointed. Happens a lot!

    The only thing electricity will do is kill the battery. Degradation is the bomb!

    End of story.

  25. Just to think, 60 years ago an attorney named Ralph Nader devoted a chapter of a book chastizing GM for telling ita customers to maintain proper tire pressure on its Corvair for optimal handling characteristics. And now Eeeeveee makers snd their apologists are telling owners not to charge their batteries to 100 percent. Unreal

  26. How do people, who possess so little logical thought, attain enough money to buy these overpriced toys?

    It boggles the mind.

    • Mark in BC: How do people, who possess so little logical thought, attain enough money to buy these overpriced toys?

      My best guess would be Government jobs and factory financing?

    • I work highly adjacent to government contractors and have for years. The amount of midwits and absolute retards coasting by on 6 figure salaries in government has ballooned exponentially since government turned into Leviathan, post Sept. 11th.

      These are people whose primary skill is sucking up, undermining others, and failing upwards. They go from make work job to make work job slowly building their salary in positions where, unless you physically attack someone, you basically cannot be fired under any condition.

      This is why we have a 30+ trillion dollar debt too. You could eliminate, and I’m not kidding, 2/3rds of government employees at the federal and state level and you’d never even know it happened. No services would suffer, nothing would happen any slower, they are the literal definition of useless eaters.

      I happen to be in the somewhat enviable position that I recoup some of our lost tax dollars through outrageously priced consulting & contracts. The cycle works like this and it happens in nearly every branch of government, just so you know:

      1) Hire midwits & retards as government employees paying them 6 figures to do nothing and know nothing.
      2) Those retards hire the lowest bidder to actually do the work. The lowest bidder many times h1B visas holders or sketchy businesses invariably fuck it all up over a few years.
      3) Government midwits & retards then have to hire -actual- talent (read: Whites & Asians) to come and fix the clusterf-ck that the government midwits and lowest bidder created at 3 times the price of if they had just hired qualified people in the first place.

      And so it goes, across ALL of the federal government. When you do this math across every agency and bureaucrat you come up with about… 30 trillion dollars.

      • You give a detailed explanation to what I call, Just a bunch of F-ing parasites.

        I appreciate your eloquence; a skill I lack.

      • It’s actually 34 trillion dollars now…

        You know, a trillion here, a trillion there…

        Pretty soon, it’ll add up to some real money….

        Til it doesn’t…like Hemingway said, you go broke slowly at first and then all at once!!!

      • Yep all follows. One thing that has been mystifying me is so far the Pentagram has lost or been able to account for going in $20 trillion. That’s what, total budget for 25 years? They managed to lose every budgeted dollar for a quarter century?

  27. I recently learned that my cell phone says the same thing. They recommend that I don’t charge it any more than 85%. Huh? What’s the point of having a specified capacity if I’m not supposed to use it? I always put mine on the charger when I go to bed. Guess I’ll have to set an alarm and get out of bed every 30 minutes to check and make sure it doesn’t go over.

    • FL man,

      Some phones have a feature to stop charging a cell phone when it reaches at 85% charge.

      My Samsung A52 has that feature. I never knew. Found out by going through the phone and manual.

      May not be as big a deal with a phone, but I could not deal with it on a car.

      Too bad there are so few phones made today with user replaceable batteries.


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