Federal “Hero” Runs Amok

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“He’s got a badge, Federal Bureau of; he’s an FBI agent.”

FBI Agent Ruben Manuel Hernandez got a little liquored up and decided he needed to get a workout in. At some point the Las Vegas based agent began suffering an attack of paranoia, brandishing his gun and talking incoherently. He then took it to the next level by firing off three shots at a Grand Rapids Police sergeant who responded to complaints from other people at the gym.

All three bullets missed their target. Also, once that alcohol fuel wore off, Agent Hernandez immediately expressed how shocked he was about the whole thing.

Via MLive.com:

A Las Vegas-based FBI special agent, in town on an undisclosed investigation, felt intense paranoia before he drew a gun at a fitness center then shot at a responding Grand Rapids police sergeant, his attorney said.

The agent, Ruben Hernandez, 35, has only a “vague, hazy” recollection of the possibly alcohol-fueled events early Tuesday, Dec. 6, attorney Larry Willey said.

Willey spoke Wednesday after his client, a married father of two, was arraigned in Grand Rapids District Court on charges of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, a 10-year felony, and assault with a dangerous weapon, a four-year felony.

He also faces a 90-day misdemeanor for brandishing a firearm.

Police say Hernandez brandished a firearm at Planet Fitness, 3681 28th St. SE, before he fired three shots outside at Sgt. Neil Gomez, who was responding to a call there.

The shots missed Gomez. Police then arrested Hernandez at gunpoint.

His attorney said the allegations – “atypical,” he said – shocked Hernandez’s family and friends, including his FBI colleagues. Willey just met his client but said after hearing from those who know him best, he found that “he’s a really good guy.”

Alcohol “may have played a role in the series of events” but Willey said his client has not previously suffered from alcohol or substance abuse.

“This is an episodic thing (with alcohol) rather than a regular problem,” Willey said.

He said his client has no known mental-health issues. Willey expected to investigate that possibility as he would for any client facing such serious allegations.

For whatever reason, Hernandez felt paranoid before the shooting. He thought people were going after him.

“I’m not saying that in fact happened. That’s what he believed,” Willey said.

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  1. “Of course had it been me that fired at Gomez I’d be room temp no questions asked.”

    Yeah, but so would Gomez. You wouldn’t miss with all three shots. 😉

    • Ed, back on Aug. 1st when they raided us again, one of the guys had on a double holster rig with two cheap-ass .40 cal. autos. The wife said she’d never seen a rig like that, why would he wear one. I told him and her both it was because he had dreams of making as many hits with those as I would with a single stack pistol. The wife’s seen me many times throw a beer can on the ground and keep it in the air to the end of a magazine of 9 rounds. He didn’t have a clue. I told her the other day they’d be back for a fifth round and she agreed.

      I had a capital idea of simply renting the place(they had no idea of what they were going go encounter but one said she should have been mowing, stupid shit he was since it was 100 degrees and who’s he to say what anyone should be doing)to some specific group. We decided a bunch of the Aryan nation speed freaks would be ideal. They’d think they were incognito and the narcs would think they were raiding a couple of old age folks again. Oh, to have a video of that.

      • Those turds get on my nerves. So few of them can even shoot, but all of them want to be like their movie hero idols. If you could buy cops for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth, you’d be a rich man.

  2. Amazing Sargent Gomez didn’t blow his head off. Maybe he knew he was a federal narc and didn’t want to take the heat. Imagine trying to explain you were nearly killed at work…..by one of your own.

    Of course had it been me that fired at Gomez I’d be room temp no questions asked. No double standard here and plenty of excuses. Move along now, nothing to see here.


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