“Hot” Hero Hits – And Runs

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Christopher Kohrs is better known as the “Hot Cop of the Castro”, where he patrolled last year as an officer of the San Francisco police department. Khors is a well known officer in San Francisco after a rise to social media fame last year stemming from photos of him in front of a construction site going viral. Since then a Facebook page dedicated to sexualizing him has gained over 52,000 likes. When Khors got a shout out from Armistead Maupin, author of the best selling series Tales from the City, he became a local celebrity with A list admirers.

In 2009 he used his local fame to raise money for charity when he tool the ice bucket challenge shirtless for the Officer Down website.

Khors is also the model for the month of May in the 2016 FitCops calendar. The first edition is out so it is impossible to remove the image of this alleged felon from the pages.

‘I’m flattered, it’s been a hoot,’ Kohrs told The Daily Beast last year. ‘If I can make one person’s day, then I’ve done my job.’

“Obviously his good looks were the initial reason he caught everyone’s attention, but when people started to recognize him and talk to him, they saw what a great guy he was,” saysNathan Tatterson, creator of Kohrs’ fan page. “He is nice, funny, and professional, traits most people don’t associate with police officers these days.”

The good reputation, celebrity status and high praise that Khors had accumulated as a police officer in San Francisco went right out the window early Sunday morning after Khors plowed through 2 men walking across the street in a North Beach neighborhood injuring both. He abandoned his orange Dodge Charger and fled the scene on foot.

Witnesses described a frightful scene “Some guy moves, but the other guy does not move. Then they take the guys in emergency,” witness Allan Tahamouni said.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73e056941970dChristopher Khors was identified by investigators, arrested and booked into jail on two charges of felony hit and run. Khors has been placed on leave pending an investigation into the matter. The victims of his actions were rushed to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. They are expected to survive although the extent of their injuries is not currently known. The department has not commented on wether or not Khors was intoxicated when he struck the two men with his vehicle.


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