California Hero Tips Over Paralyzed Guy In Wheelchair

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Contempt of cop? “Officer safety”?

You tell me! 

Sky News US is reporting that video footage has surfaced of a uniformed police officer shoving a wheelchair bound paralyzed man off the curb and into the road. Only the seat belt attached to the chair stopped the man from falling out.

Devaughn Frierson had approached a group of police officers before the incident took place. The officer who pushed the wheelchair into the road has not been named but can be heard complaining that the wheelchair ran over his foot.

Authorities have said they will investigate the incident that happened in Visitacion Valley, San Francisco. Frierson decided to intervene when one of his family was placed in handcuffs by the police.


  1. The Cowardly LEO

    Yeah, it’s sad, believe me, Missy. When you become an LEO sissy. Without the vim and verve

    But maybe I could change my habits. And never more be scared of rabbits. If I only had the nerve

    I’m afraid there’s no denying. I’m just an awful dandy-lying. A fate I well deserve.

    But I could strut my manly prowess. Be a lion, not a mowess. If the state I did not serve.

    I would show the dinosaurus. Who’s a king around the forest. A lying-king they’d better serve. And then with my regal beezer. I could be another Caeser. If I only had the nerve.

    • Now the National Sheriffs Asso(ciation) is complaining to Google that their Waze app is a threat to occifer safety. More like a threat to the pheros’ revenue enhancement schemes.

      • Well it might get castrated in America, like so many things do lately. But it’ll still be a useful in other places I think.

        We should at least fight for a separation of silicon valley and state, at a minimum. There should have been a cyber war back when Pay Pal was created, and it was still possible to use the service without any fiat currency central bank involvement.

        It’s still worth fighting a war to save Silk Road 2, Bitcoin, PirateBay, P2P, Tor, unbreakable cryptography, and all the other freedom tools under constant attack. If these these cyber tools keep getting confiscated, we’re going to be nothing but sitting duck North Koreans.

        It seems to need a verifiable phone number it can send text messages to, so get a burner cellphone or use one from work and keep it locked in your car or somewhere nearby, unless you don’t need anonymity or care about being tracked of course.

        i could probably set up one of the galaxy tabs I have in the house to act as Waze’s client, but I don’t yet know how to do that without wasting money on a sailfawn plan.

  2. I would like to suggest that we find some terminology other than “pig” to refer to LEO’s. Actual pigs are quite intelligent and very useful.
    “Hero,” in scare quotes, works for me, but anyone have any other ideas?

    • As a veteran 50+ years hog raiser it always sorta irked me too. Pigs are smart, some, smarter than their owners.

      I’d like to educate whoever wrote those lines S. Jackson had in Pulp Fiction where he says pigs are filthy animals, they roll in their own feces and eat shit or something like that.

      Of course anyone who knows anything about pigs living in pens know they defecate as far from their feed as possible and use one area till there’s more than they can stand and move to another area as opposed to a cow that walks along grazing on scattered hay and leaving a trail of cow pies the other cow is trying to not eat as it eats the same hay.

      Pigs enjoy rolling in mud but simply because it cools them. They are quite content to lie in the sun if the weather is cool enough. They don’t defecate on their sucklings as do cows either.


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