Texas “heroes” Choke Man to Death at Dennys

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A Harris County, TX sheriff’s deputy and her husband are expected to appear in court Tuesday, days after being indicted on charges of murder. They stand accused of intentionally choking a Crosby man outside a Denny’s restaurant.

Deputy Chauna Thompson, 45, and her husband, Terry Thompson, 41, also of Crosby, turned themselves in Thursday night and both made bail of $100,000 each. They could face up to life in prison if convicted.

Typically, suspects charged with felonies in Harris County appear before a state district judge to have their bail conditions set.

Both are accused of the first–degree felony of intentionally causing the death of John Hernandez, with Terry Thompson accused of choking him to death as he held him pinned to the ground. Chauna Thompson was charged as an accomplice.

The indictments, handed down late Thursday, came a day after more than 150 protesters marched across downtown Houston proclaiming “Justice for John Hernandez” and “Brown Lives Matter.”

The march was the culmination of a week of unrest after cell phone video of the incident was released.
Hernandez’s family members praised the charges as they prepared for a visitation and rosary are set for Friday. A funeral Mass will be held Saturday at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Houston.

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    • That’s a big 10-4 good buddy, it’s time to put the hammer down.

      Roger that good buddy, I’m in the back row of the Flying J and am ready to play meat puppets.

      – scene from Brokeback Truckstop –

    • And now here is the above comment that would never go through, instead getting a page with a box that said Conflict. No shitski Ronnie, it’s always a conflict. Like eric says, I hate computers and probably a lot more when the corporations take over the internet.

      I hope everyone here has sent a letter to the FCC on this subject. The write-in campaign can be viewed and accessed at the Mozilla start page.

    • Pissing outside the building is not a capital offence. Lucky for them I am not the judge or jury: I’d seek to get the execution of these two murderers instead of prison. A badge does not confer moral superiority to despise God’s law. They are murderers, cut n dry.

      • What would have probably worked is to do what any bouncer or security guard would do:

        Tell him to leave
        Yell at him to get the fuck out
        Physically push him off the property.
        Go get property owner or his staff to help remove him.
        Enlist patron’s help (it’s fucking Texas, c’mon mang) to remove him.
        Use club or other non-lethal weapon.
        If he still won’t comply and tries to inflict violence, any one there could have then shot him dead under the doctrine of property rights.

        Not that complicated to escalate defensive force under the Non Aggression Principle.

        The costumed hero had him subdued. Unlikely a choke hold was necessary. I suppose if the property owner approves this outcome, it’s not technically a NAP violation, depending on the circumstance of what a reasonable non-costumed hero would have done.


        There is no costumed Judge or state conscripted Jury under Non Aggression Principle Justice.


        The two heroes would face the family of the dead guy, the property owners, and other pertinent stakeholders in the incident. Maybe a professional arbitrator could be hired, if they had the funds and wanted an impartial process.

        The victim’s family might be entitled to all of the heroes’ property. Plus even future labor in some kind of private work camp to compensate victims, which might include property owner and customers at the time.

        The heroes might be deported. Branded or tattooed to prevent future incidents. Think old western justice. Not sharia law.


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