Texas Heroes Beat Man/Family Over California Stop

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HOUSTON, TX — When a Houston man stopped for an alleged traffic violation in front of his house, a wild scene of brutality followed. Police punched, kicked, and brutalized the driver and his family who objected to the police actions. Original charges against the family were dropped, but once a lawsuit was filed against the officer for excessive force, the family members were charged with crimes — two years after the incident — in what appears to be a clear case of police retaliation.

The original incident occurred on September 10th, 2011. It began when David Scherz Jr. pulled into his driveway, where police began harassing him about allegedly rolling through a stop sign. His mother, Yvonne Scherz, witnessed the events and evidently objected.

“Ma’am, either wait inside or wait in the backseat of my car. I’m not going to ask you again,” bellowed one of the officers, according to ABC Houston.

“It’s my property,” replied the mother.

“I’m not worried about it!” the officer shrieked in response. He then attempted to arrest her.

Three other family members came outside to witness and object to the harassment. The situation intensified.

At one point David Scherz was taken to the ground and repeatedly kicked by Harris County deputy constable Jimmy Drummond. The kicking caused Scherz to sustain broken ribs:

One relative, Irma Motez, sustained a broken wrist during the scuffle according to the New York Daily News. “I’m thinking wow, is this America really?” she said.

“He [the deputy] charged me and grabbed me, dragged me and [I] had cuts on me,” said Yvonne Scherz. “I couldn’t believe this was happening. I kept telling him you have no right to do this, you have no right to do this.”

“It was pretty much chaos as my mom was getting arrested. We were yelling, ‘You can’t do this in our country. This is excessive force,’” said David Scherz, Jr.

“I was compliant without incident, I knew how to act in that situation, and it blew up into something way bigger than it would have been initially,” said Scherz.

Original charges against Scherz, Sr. and Elizabeth Scherz were dropped on February 1, 2012, according to the NY Daily News. Misdemeanor charges were dropped in May 2012.

It was not until August 2013 when Scherz filed a lawsuit against officers for using excessive force.

Suddenly, the now two-year-old case was reactivated by police. David and Yvonne Scherz have been charged with assault on a public servant and interference with public duties, despite the original charges being dropped.

“It appears to be in retaliation for filing a civil rights lawsuit against these officers,” said the family’s attorney, Randall Kallinen.

Drummond was charged with one count of official oppression, a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. The other officers involved escaped prosecution due to the statute of limitations, though the charges against David and Yvonne Scherz are apparently still viable.

Kallinen said district attorney Devon Anderson, appointed by Governor Rick Perry last September, has fostered a “culture of allowing excessive force.” Not a single officer has been found negligent in 450 shootings over the past 10 years. “[Prosecutors] have really, instead of pursuing excessive force cases, have really just turned a blind eye,” he said.

Harris County law enforcement has been the subject of other recent scrutiny.

On December 23, resident Jared Allen White filed a federal lawsuit against the county stemming from an incident wherein deputies allegedly laughed as they shocked him with a Taser while his hands were cuffed behind his back and he fell face-first on the pavement. White says he suffered serious injuries.

David Scherz says he sustained a broken rib after the onslaught of kicks by Drummond, and was blinded by mace during the attack.

“We’re not trying to convince you of anything,” Kallinen said. “Look at the video and see for yourself.”


  1. After the Kelly Thomas verdict–both pigs acquitted–my Jean streak is coming back in a big way.

    These bastards need to die. Facing a real existential threat will be the only way they’re kept in line.

    And that’s the way the Elites have set it up.

    There was an article in the most recent WND “Whistleblower” magazine; the author warns us–DON’T shoot first. It’s what they are absolutely salivating for. The left, the “progressives”, the tyrants, are doing everything in their power, using carefully war-gamed psy-op techniques, to create the most vicious, subtle, compelling reasons for patriots and freedom-lovers to start shooting cops and bureaucrats.

    It’s what they want. Right Now. More Than Anything.

    Because if we give it to them, they can immediately ramp up, turn the sheeple against us, and clamp down harder than Mao in a New York minute.

    Still. If something like this happened to me, a neighbor, or family, all bets are off–whether it suits the Elites or not, I’m defending what I love.

    • I’m surprised we haven’t heard of SWAT Teams suffering retribution.

      In some poor areas of Houston, they’re absolutely unabashedly and occupying army–routinely SWAT’ing the wrong house, killing pets, injuring people, and destroying property.

      I’m even more surprised the ‘hoods haven’t adopted a pro-active strategy of payback; i.e. set up an ambush, burning building, etc. and calling in a SWAT raid then exacting vengeance when they show up.

    • The american ruling class gets the conflicts it wants by:
      A) false flag.
      B) angering others so they throw the first rock.
      C) pinning others in a corner so they lash out.
      D) Portraying an accident or random event as a deliberate act of the other.

      The reporting of the events leading up to an event are not entirely hidden. Many are outright public and reported. But people have to expend effort to know about them and understand them.

      People are also conditioned to lack empathy, that is thinking about what they would do if they were those other people. The media portrays those other people has crazy without reporting what they see from their POV.

      Understanding those other people is heavily discouraged. There will be a sob story of the 450K/yr banker who now lives on a mere 150k/yr in the new york times or how some family in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois can no longer afford the note on their McMansion. Or even the poor people living in CHA housing projects.

      The media will try to create empathy for them… but not the guy that has had his business stomped out by government that eventually cracked. He’ll just be a crazy person. Not the people in foreign countries impoverished and living under oppression because of US foreign policy… nope just crazy people.

      I’ve come to learn that most of the “enemies” of the USA and most so called lone nuts who crack and lash out are not crazy people. They act and respond to inputs in a very predictable rational manner. It only looks crazy when one doesn’t know the inputs. Can’t see things from their POV.

      Now that said, I believe government is looking for a controlled event. When someone lashes back out at the government and they use that as an excuse to crack down, it won’t be a spontaneous real event. Those I think scare the beejebus out of them.

      It will probably be a planned event by a group led (or heavily influenced) by and mostly consisting of informants and undercover government employees. These people are control freaks. They need to control the whole thing.

      This is too big of a thing to wait for some uncontrolled spontaneous event to use. They’ll set the stage progressively over time, but the big event will be in their control. They have to control it because that’s how they think. At the very least they will know about it well in advance and will guide it.

      • BrentP wrote, “They’ll set the stage progressively over time, but the big event will be in their control.”

        Is that what would happen (the Power Elite wielding control) if people did as this author suggests, the whole thing would get controlled and manipulated?:

        Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich: It’s Time for ‘Militant Nonviolent Resistance’

        … “The wisest option is to employ the tactics of past protest movements such as the Bonus Army, the Civil Rights Movement, and the 1960s anti-war movement, all of which used sleep-ins, sit-ins and marches to oppose government policies, counter injustice and bring about meaningful change. […]

        Clearly, it’s time for a mass movement dedicated to change through “militant nonviolence.” If not, the shadow of tyranny that now hangs over us will eventually destroy every last semblance of freedom.” …


        I have a real hard time imagining a mass of people protesting in this manner, and they don’t seem interested much in Opting Out,… the author’s conclusion of the destruction of freedom seems spookily inevitable in the short run.

        • Non-violence can’t be used by the state. The state practices something akin to one of those martial arts that uses the energy of their opponents.

          The best the state can get from the masses when it beats on non-violent protestors is apathy or some people saying the protesters ‘deserved it’. However, if it inserts some undercovers, some informants or just creates their own protestors that start violence…. then it gets the support of the masses.

      • Brent–GREAT analysis.
        Your point is well taken–it’s their nature to want to control the event, they’re control freaks. They can’t help themselves; it’s their greatest weakness, their enslavement to their essential nature. Their greed and cruelty cannot be contained, and it leads them to centralize and control to the point their systems become extremely fragile, top-heavy, slow to communicate…and vulnerable to takeover.

        Have you read Vin Suprinowycz’s The Ballad of Carl Drega?

        As you state–any one of the characters who “suddenly snapped” were, in fact, pretty rational actors who over time are pushed over the edge. Understand the story, and you understand the act.

        • thanks, and no, I haven’t read it. I’m not what is called ‘well read’. I read mostly articles and a lot of them and such not many books. Not since college anyway.

    • I don’t think shooting at cops helps the elites. If the police feared that they wouldn’t come home every time they decided to engage in jackbooted thuggery, they’d be afraid. That’s a good thing. If it happened to me, I’d shoot.

      BTW: I posted the following on RPF and was actually criticized for it on the grounds that it would destroy the constitutional way the court system works. I’m curious what you guys think


      If I were the President, I’d simply announce aloud that I’d pardon anyone who killed them. No Federal murder charge, just an announcement that anyone who killed the scumbags who murdered Kelly Thomas would receive a Presidential pardon. Which would have the same effect as “outlawing” those officers.

      Of course, I’d probably get impeached for doing that.


  2. Nothing to see here, move along…

    Gang of NYPD heroes beating a school kid

    Atlanta Hero tired of slow drive thru puts gun to teen’s throat

    Paraguay Hero and a 13 year old boy

      • Eric,

        That is a gong I have been banging for years now.

        There is no way to make a family squabble or argument or fight WORSE than to call cops into the situation. I can’t recall how many of these similar stories I’ve seen over the years, some misguided person, or a willing Clover, calls cops to “help” and before anybody knows what’s happening, somebody is dead.

        They are not there to help.

        They are there to jack people up and throw them in jail. Call cops, and that is the “service” you will get.

        • Yup.

          These guys are not mediators, much less peace keepers. Best case, they will enforce “the law.” That means arresting/caging your family member (and putting them in peril of a criminal record as well as the certainty of exorbitant legal fees and hassles) over something that might have been dealt with by a talking-to or some other way that did not entail permanent consequences.

          They don’t know you or your family or your family’s situation. And they don’t care. To imagine that they do is childish – and dangerous.

          Their motive is not to defuse/resolve the situation. It is to “bust” someone. That is their job. Never forget it.

          Worst case, you will call a bully/psychopath/sadist to your home and give him the legal pretext he needs to indulge his perversions.

          And there will be nothing you can do about it once he’s arrived.

          The situation is now out of your control – and under his.

        • Your “gong banging” is prescient.

          Many departments now require an arrest for any 911 call. Part of their “non-existent monthly quotas”.

          Thus, a 911 call will result in someone facing charges and a financial fleecing at a minimum. The death penalty is the alternative.


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