Heroes Beat Up 13-Year-old

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As reported by CBS news Chicago:

Waukegan Police are now facing a federal lawsuit on allegations stemming for an incident that occurred sometime this past November, 2013. An eighth-grade honor student and athlete, Jonathan Garcia (13), was brutalized by two unnamed Waukegan detectives. The federal lawsuit filed this week alleges that during a police investigation of a broken window, Garcia and another teen were taken to an interrogation room and held for three to four hours without a parent or attorney present during questioning. “He got mad because I said, ‘I’m not going to sign nothing without an attorney or my mother, and then he hit me with his phone. He choked me,” the teen said. The police detective also banged his head against the wall; (according to the lawsuit) “If the police is doing this, who do I call if I’m in danger?” Garcia asked.



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