“Diverse” Travel, Too!

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Hello, ‘Frisco!

Look what came in the mail today:

No you didn’t get hacked! The link I just sent out totally screwed up, Sorry! frown
Last week I sent out an email to announce a new venture into the travel industry with the launch of my company Curated Global Travel. We focus on Luxury, LGBT, Family, Leisure travel to exotic destinations, rich in culture, around the world, as well as, business travel.
I also wrote a blog post with a few reasons why travel advisors are awesome which you can read here.
Let me know your thoughts, and if I can help with any future travel whether for work or for play.
Thank you!
LGBT, Family, Leisure, & Corporate Travel
Global 917.727-6702
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  1. Cant stop progress. Congrats VA on still being the only blue southern state.

    Danica Roem of Virginia to be first openly transgender person elected, seated in a U.S. statehouse

    Mission Statement

    To create personalized, luxury travel experiences for LGBT families, where every moment is made to create a lifetime of memories, enabling our community to safely explore their destinations of choice in luxurious settings, rich in culture, history and adventure.

    About the Founder


    Michael Shane is a veteran marketing consultant with a passion for travel and adventure. He is dedicated to searching the globe for the most perfect LGBT family oriented, luxury travel experiences for our guests. His focus is vetting and brokering new partnerships with luxury destinations, hotels, resorts, lodges and suppliers, and personally certifying them as LGBT friendly and safe.

    • Massive, institutionalized vote fraud is what keeps Virginia from having anyone as governor who isn’t a total DCtard. Petersburg precincts vote over 100% democrat, as do Charlottesville. Outside the cities, the only democrats are black and they make up about 8% of the population in rural counties.

      Another big issue is that Virginia republican politicians are indistinguishable from democrats. That’s a nationwide phenomenon, I know.

      • Hi Ed,

        Virginia might as well – ought to be – two different states. Northern VA is overflowing with government “workers” and so is heavily Democrat. My part of the state – SW Virginia – is far more conservative but much less populous.

        Regardless, the bigger problem is that most people are government-snugglers now.

        We who are not are Doomed.

        Perhaps not to the ditch or the oven. But definitely to being expropriated. Wait and see.

        The next Great Decider will be an outright marxist.

        It’s not fair, you see, that some of us aren’t drowning in debt and have things because we saved and lived below our means…

        • eric, Starting at Belcherville, follow a line S to Ft. Worth and then SW to Brady, Junction on to Del Rio and the consensus would be fine with west Texans. Maker sure not to include anything beyond Junction to the east or south and we’d let the Mexican dominated governments do their own thing in places like San Antonio(dominated Mexican). They could figure out how far they want to take little Mexico to the east, probably not beyond Waco. Waco could have the heart of Texas so to speak or whoever else might want it. I suppose west Tx. would include the Panhandle but not necessarily all of it. Dallas could be a separate state of socialists since it fairly much is anyway. I think it’s fitting Big Tex has his back to east Texas.

        • I was just talking about going full Marxist with someone the other day. I would take Bernie over Hillary or the Chimp any day.

          At least he’s an actual human being, like Trump. I gotta believe that means something.

          America has more in common with China than whatever’s happened to Europeans. At least we’re willing to work, instead of farming our grunt jobs out to Muslims, of all people.

          We’re the most Soviet people you’ll find these days, why not fully commit to the ideals of the Elite Inner Party and see where it takes. It’s hard to believe the government could get much worse at this point.

          Still better than Hillary.

        • I’m holding out hope that the currency crash sends the government tit addicts into a war on their masters. It seems to be looming, the crash, I mean. When the politicians can no longer pay their enforcers, the enforcers will turn on them, and on us, probably.

          The politicians will have to run and hide and the armed populace can then decide to stop allowing the robbery. I think that’s what’s coming, but my view of it is as likely to turn out wrong as anyone’s.

          • Either a crash or another war is coming soon.

            I nominate Washington or Maine as our next objective. That’s where the asshole Republicans that won’t vote to repeal obamacare and lower taxes seem to reside.

            I wouldn’t miss them one bit, if they all got bombed due to some kind of DOD mishap. Oooops. It’s kind of fun larping as a statist actually. Goodbye Bangor and Seattle, though I hardly knew you at all.

            If I were a Jihadi I’d be laying low for now.

            Trump is just itching for something to sink a few trillion of federal reserve trinkets into.”

            Who wants to be the next Germany, Korea, or Vietnam? Step right up, no waiting necessary.

            Pakled Patriots need war. Mongering makes their tyranny Gooooooo.

          • We have plenty ground to plant and feed the entire extended family of my leasers and I can, along with a couple others, hold off those stupid enough to think they can take us by force.

            We had an argument one time about beans and ammo. The other party said you can’t eat ammo…..true enough, but somebody can and I hope they’re shooting back beans. We really just need a long term water filter. I admit, I do need to get a new windmill and storage tank. Maybe the bean shooters have some extras.

        • “It’s not fair, you see, that some of us aren’t drowning in debt and have things because we saved and lived below our means…”

          This has been a theme for about a decade now. Punish the prudent and help the hapless.

          I wonder now who decided what should be socialized and what shouldn’t? Every weakness I have is ‘tough shit’ and every strength is ‘share’. Why?

      • DC is the LGBT capitol of the US. 9% adult LGBT right now. As a libertarian, I have to accept this peacefully. But as a red pill realist, I have to skeptically look at what’s really happening and what this might mean for my political freedom.

        My problem with EllBeeGeeTee-ers is they’re some of those most rabid and expensive statists around. They love malinvestments, welfare transfers, and freedom destroying mandates like no other.

        Nationally there are 960,000 or so transgenders in the US right now, and the number is increasing rapidly.

        The VA transgender politician is the top story at the Daily Mail right now.

        Transgender woman beats 13-term incumbent who authored bathroom-ban bill and referred to her as ‘him’ during much of the campaign

        The great pronoun war is upon Virginia it would seem.