GM Becomes Even More “Diverse”

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General Motors announced it is appointing Pamela Fletcher, who led the team that  launched the Chevrolet Bolt EV and “created the plan to accelerate GM along the pathway to our vision of a zero emissions world” to the newly created position of vice president, Global Electric Vehicle Programs.

In this new role, Fletcher will lead the vehicle program execution for GM’s entire global electric vehicle portfolio, including the commitment to launch more than 20 all-electric vehicles globally by 2023. She will report to Doug Parks, vice president, Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs.

“Nobody is more prepared to help us lead the way to a zero emissions future than Pam Fletcher,” Parks said. “Under Pam’s leadership, GM will continue to deliver electric vehicles that delight our customers and exceed their expectations.”


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  1. Jesus, this bitch makes me puke! Somebody ought to give her a quarter so she can go pay some rabies infested rat to gnaw that nasty thing of her face, and save herself some make-up. Oh, and she should also get that mole removed, lol!

  2. Wonder what Pam’s qualifications are for this new cutting edge post? 140+ IQ? Decades of dirty hands engineering and development work? Cutting edge invention in electrical technologies? Classified study of alien technologies at area 51?

    Would anyone care to bet she’s an affirmative action bean counter or lawyer, the type of grrl power Boss who thinks you can stamp your feet, fire the opposition for not parroting the party line, and make miracles happen. You know, like Hitler or Stalin?

    Not bad looking though, in a taming of the shrew kind of way.

    • What happens at large corporations is the people who have talent stay doing the work. Those that don’t become ‘leaders’ and managers. It is what is known today as the Dilbert principle and I witnessed it before I ever had a name for it.

      In over 20 years working as an engineer I’ve met one woman who had some talent and zero who had any experience working on machines outside of their job and formal education. It’s just my experience. People can say it’s not politically correct or whatever but its true.

  3. Back in the day companies would take someone who wasn’t all that great at operations, but good enough that they’d be snapped up by a competitor as soon as they left, and put them in charge of “new ventures.” Basically a bunch of make-work and portfolio management.

    Good luck Pam, we know you’ll do great things! (LOL)

  4. lol, on “deliver electric vehicles that delight our customers and exceed their expectations”.

    Well since your (not) asking what consumers think Ms. GM, here are my basic ones.

    1. increase range to equal gas powered cars: not close
    2. refuel in five minutes to equal gas powered cars: not close
    3. cost the same to buy as gas powered cars: not close

    I don’t see anything on the horizon that will solve any of those problems soon. And that is to merely equal gas powered cars. Not alone being better. So there is still little to no real market incentive to bother changing, as most people hate adopting unproven tech by American car makers, as they are often buggy and expensive.

    Even if you somehow overcome those things that does nothing to solve the problems of where is the electric coming from?

    1. I don’t know of any electric utilities that could handle even a small percentage of electric cars. Most are poorly run and have trouble maintaining what they have let alone adding a bunch of cars. It would require adding much more transmission equipment to everywhere. There are millions of homes that don’t even have a 100amp panel, let alone the 200 amp panel that generally comes with a new house. A second panel would have to be installed everywhere a car is plugged in, to prevent houses from burning down.

    Oh, and where is the electric going to be made? In the last ten years, plenty of other wise perfectly fine power plants have been taken offline because they “pollute” too much. Some have now been razed, so they can’t be brought back. For example my electric company, after it closes down a few more plants will have to buy most of the electric from other utilities because they will have little generating plants anymore.

    • Everybody wants a moon shot, a microchip, a cancer cure.

      Practical physics and chemistry are two of the most studied sciences. Yet we haven’t seen the breakthrough necessary for the electric car. Heck, we haven’t even got a good way to store excess energy on the grid so all electricity has to be produced on demand. I work in an industry that wants power 24/7 no matter what and we have to have triple redundancy to get even 99.999% uptime, at great expense, and even with all that we still we find problems sometimes.

      This stuff’s not easy and the fact that no one understands infrastructure or even that those microchips that double transistors every 18 months and make your old phone obsolete doesn’t just happen. It depends on very very smart people who work very very hard to make it work. I’m always amazed that it all works as well as it does.

        • eric, you wish….but that won’t be the case. Think of the old Buck Rogers show where the rockets were spitting out an effluent what looked like a bad fuse on a Blackcat but Elon’s will be spurting out static electricity. Energize and electrify. It will drag a copper ground wire(#6 solid) and “reclaim” the energy spent, a virtual, perpetual motion machine. I’m surprised everyone doesn’t know this.

          • Attempts to get electricity from unicorn farts on the Space Shuttle:


            “The instruments aboard the tether satelite showed that this plasma diverted through the pinhole about 1 ampere, a current comparable to that of a 100-watt bulb (but at 3500 volts!), to the metal of the shuttle and from there to the ionospheric return circuit. That current was enough to melt the cable.”

    • My expectations are that every asswipe that believes EVs are the savior of our future should be given one for free, and that they die a horrible agonizing battery-explosive death, burning alive, locked inside, while the rest of pedal past on bicycles that we have been forced to ride by Big Brother. Do you think she could “swing” that one?, lol!


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