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Until enough people’s minds are changed about coercion and collectivism, resistance is futile. The debate will continue to be about how much should be stolen from whom and for what purpose – rather than about whether anything should be stolen by anyone for any purpose.

As things are, many people believe it is ok to steal from others – provided the stealing is done on their behalf by other people (these are called “tax collectors”) and the stolen goods are called by pleasant but intellectually dishonest, morally evasive names (examples include Social Security, welfare, foreign aid, grants and so on).

Using this technique of doublethink, people are able to do things to other people – or urge they be done to other people, on their behalf – without feeling ashamed or guilty, as they would if they were to do these things themselves, personally.

This “surgical excision” of the psychologically normal human revulsion for other-than-defensive violence and for the use of violence to take things from others is the keystone of the coercive collectivist system. Dislodge it and the whole edifice collapses.

It is that simple – and that hard.

Simple, because the moral principle is already established.

Excluding psychological defectives – the relatively small population in every society that does not feel ashamed or guilty about the use of violence (these people are called “criminals”) most people do feel ashamed and guilty when they steal or resort to violence.

And hence, most people do not steal or resort to violence.

It is a broadly accepted moral principle that theft and violence are wrong things; that those who steal and threaten to harm others in order to get what they want are not good people. This is half the battle, already won.

The problem is the disconnect which occurs once you transcend from the individual to the group.  

For some reason, most people – who are good people, basically – are able to not feel shame or guilt when the very things they understand instinctively as well as intellectually to be wrong when they do them on their own are done by people acting in some “official” capacity.

Theft becomes not-theft by the same method that Orwell’s character O’Brien in the novel 1984 used to persuade Winston Smith that the four fingers he was holding up were really five – with the difference being cognitive dissonance on a mass rather than an individual scale, inculcated from youth by a kind of warping of the critical faculty rather than by crude torture, as in the book.

The same person who would never threaten or assault his neighbor in order to take his property or dictate to him how he will be allowed to us his property (even if he had the physical power to do so) refrains from doing so because of the internal “check” of the guilt/shame mechanism about doing violence to others and stealing; yet this same person will feel good about going to the ballot box on election day and pulling a lever that will empower a proxy to do precisely the same things.

He will proudly wear an “I voted” sticker – and gladly accept the stolen goods he receives via proxy theft. He will advocate and defend this, even to the extent of considering his receipt of stolen goods an entitlement (as for instance “my” Social Security). The ends are immaterial; the means are always the same.

So long as it is called anything but what it actually is. So long as the violence necessary to obtain it is obscured from sight – and thought –  much in the same manner that one encounters a steak, neatly wrapped, without thinking about the cow that was killed to provide it.

The horror is camouflaged by verbiage.

Social Security. Obamacare. Aid to whomever. All the numerous form of government “help.” All of it comes – obviously enough, if one thinks about it honestly – not from the government but from our neighbors, taken from them against their will in exactly the same way that an ordinary thief takes their property. Only it is called something else and so considered – somehow – to be a normal, acceptable thing. The “price we pay for civilization.”

Organized, codified, legalized thievery without even the self-ware honesty of the street mugger.

Could anything be less “civilized”?

It is exceptionally odd.

These same people also accept the idea that a man wearing a certain kind of costume (i.e., a “law enforcer”) may assault them, effectively at will. And worse, they approve such assaults upon others whose personal activities do not affect them in any way – yet somehow offend their sensibilities.

And then object when the same sort of thing is done to them by others, whose sensibilities are also offended, but for different reasons.

Liberals vs. conservatives. Democrats vs. Republicans. It is a battle over means – but the ends are always the same.

Deconditioning these essentially good but horribly misled people is the first – admittedly gigantic – step away from coercive collectivism. It will be the hardest part, in part because these people are to some degree unconscious. A conscious mind knows that theft is theft in the same way and for the same reason that a chicken is a chicken and not a Labrador Retriever or a pile of wood.

This is self-evident to the conscious mind. It is what Aristotle had in mind when he talked about “A is A” – a thing is what it is and cannot simultaneously be something else. Government schools very deliberately tamp down the critical faculty in favor of repetition exercises – each thing treated as a separate and unrelated thing. Linguistic falsehood being one of the fathers of moral relativism and the grandfather of the much worse things which always proceed from that.

But get people awake . . . get them to see  . . . and the unconscious acceptance of generations can be dissipated in a moment.

It is that easy to change the world – by changing the words. By demanding that words be used precisely; that language not be used to obfuscate but to clarify.

Thomas Paine understood this power – and used it to greater effect than the armies of the British Empire at its very peak. He changed people’s minds about a doctrine which had been accepted as not only normal but reasonable by most people – by good people – for  generations: The “divine right” of kings.

Paine’s clear, concise language rendered this not merely ridiculous but obnoxious. The idea that a man in an ermine robe with a tiara on his head was somehow special, set apart from other men and entitled to rule over them. Kings suddenly became what they always were in fact: Men who trampled upon the rights of other men. 

Only now – courtesy of Paine – people saw it.

It will be the same, some day, with coercive collectivism – whether practiced by Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. One day, it will also be seen for what it is – and regarded as both ridiculous and obnoxious.

The world can change in an instant.

It begins with a thought.

. . .

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  1. anytime you’re robbing peter to pay paul…you can count on paul’s support. i find it helpful to ask folks if they could withhold part of their taxes for some part of government they don’t like like war…would they? of course they all say yes. then i ask if it’s okay for me to deny my taxes that go to pay for welfare for 40 year old males that are scheming the social sec’y disability system. they all say yes. it gets fun when i ask if i can withhold the part that goes to lavish retirements for firemen and cops…some have heard of the $300k yearly pensions in LA. when you drill down it becomes clear that MOST folks are BLIND to the fleecing we are subjected to ROUTINELY. i really don’t know what the answer is except to strive mightily to starve the beast.

  2. The USA is now a bankrupt warmongering police state. The elites control the government, media, and the corporations.

    Americans either are ignoring the decay of the US or think that nothing can be done to stop the collapse.

    We sit at our keyboards and scream at our computers, but feel powerless to do anything about the decline. The struggle is immense and too much damage has been done to save the US.

    Even if we spent a year to fight to repeal mandatory helmet laws, new nanny state laws banning vaping, smoking, and hoverboards would be enacted.

    What can you do?

    We could protest and be arrested or killed.

    We could use our guns and be killed.

    We have the goddamn NSA wiretapping our phones, listening to our words, reading our emails, and recording our web history. The NSA has our pictures, knows our address, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, purchases, current location, plans, doctors, lawyers, and what we had for dinner yesterday.

    There really is no hope.

    The best we can do now is to just prepare, dropout, don’t comply, don’t consent, don’t participate, don’t vote, don’t buy licenses, don’t pay taxes, don’t call the police, don’t deal with the government, stop supporting this rigged system, and spread the word.

  3. “But get people awake . . . get them to see . . . and the unconscious acceptance of generations can be dissipated in a moment.”

    Resistance is fertile

  4. What can we do? Go to Marilyn vos Savant’s website look under great ideas and see “Save the World – Collective Intelligence” then read the essay on Medium “Viable” by user CMW

  5. Just today there was a fifth grader that took a gun to my kid’s elementary school. Thankfully it was an “inoperable” meth-house POS that could only hurt someone if used as a hammer, but the problem is still there. The story is that the kid was a pretty regular target of the school bullies. Are we going to do anything about the bullies? Doubtful. We’re reacting by painting the kid as a criminal and kicking him out of school. Imagine the school’s embarrassment if they were to punish a potential football standout for driving a skinny 5th grader to violence.

    I do feel the need to play devil’s advocate here, and point out that these days something as innocent as referring to someone by the wrong name can constitute “bullying”, as continually redefined by those in the “victimization” industry. This was explained to me a while back when I got to visit the HR department as subject of a complaint from someone whose indecipherable hieroglyphics masquerading as penmanship led me to believe that his name was “Josh” rather than “Joseph”. Rather than correcting me, he (a 30 year old man) filed a complaint alleging that I was “bullying” him by referring to him by the wrong name. After showing proper contrition and apologizing for the error of my ways, the matter was dropped, but people still have the nerve to wonder why I prefer to remain a shop hermit rather than pursue a more visible role.

    • Besides the football angle bullies are often on the way to be losers so school punishments have no effect on them or their future. The school administration thus doesn’t bother and utilizes them as a resource.

      Victimized for some getting one’s name wrong? Why didn’t I hear about this earlier? I could have retired on the damages….

    • A behavior challenged student at the Title 1 school my wife teaches at took draino and vinegar and threw into another kids face leaving him being taken by ambulance to a hospital and with 20% vision. He wasn’t charged with anything because Texas public schools have some quasi rules protecting behavior in their schools from being charged as crimes that they would otherwise be charged as on the street. The parents of the affected student are suing and pressing charges outside of the school. Same goes for rape or other crimes committed in the high school.

      • If the victim fought back they would find a way to maximize the charges and punishments on the victim.

        That’s just how the institutions roll these days. Did you read about the guy giving a speech at some school where protestors were disrupting the speech? One of them came up to the podium and stole the notes. When the speaker attempted to retrieve what was taken that got him arrested and charged.


        That’s just how the whole process works, provoke, attack, claim victim-hood when the victim responds. About all one can do these days is take it and sue after the fact.

        • Yep. Our government re-education camps (public skool) exist to condition children to join the mindless drones of the world and pull influence from parents (if they even have any).

  6. This isn’t exactly related to the topic at hand, but wondering what people here think of the theory that we’re all in a matrix/simulation.

    Or maybe that some of us are human and others among us are AI, or some other amoral or immoral beings. Since the system rewards immorality, they always rise to the top. The real humans would never get into a position of power withing such an environment. That would explain the situation as it stands now. Or maybe those in govt are the sentinels in charge of keeping the human race from progressing beyond anything more than a slave race. Have you ever interacted with a govt employee? These people behave like robots. Can’t tell ’em a joke, can’t have a conversation with them, they are bland, neutral, non-individual. No personality. Like they’re being controlled by a central computer or hive mind.

    On the “matrix” (lack of a better term) theory, you can see around us the symptoms of the simulation beginning to crash. The system will try to repair itself, but the problems keep building up. If you pay attention, look around, some things just don’t make sense. The current culture, ideas, behavior, and priorities of the people being the easy example. The rapid acceleration of the loss of freedom. The sense of hopelessness. The declining standard of living. Some other things I’ve observed, not related to people, as well, seem to be indicators, but I’ll spare you all so you don’t think I’m that crazy.

    I know these ideas are probably just the result of one searching for an answer, and a coping method. To a mind resisting the idea that evil just exists around us, these types of theories make about as much sense as everything else.

    • I have come to conclusion that this is a simulation of sorts. It’s not a ‘matrix’ situation where people are off in tanks, but think if an online role playing game could create everything in solid matter and that solid matter could be manipulated in the game. That’s the best I can express it.

      I started running an online role playing game in the early 1990s and observing people’s behaviors in these things and comparing and contrasting what goes on in the world is interesting. Most telling is that people make problems for themselves in these games for no reason at all, and they do the same in life. The more I study things the more I tend to see things that are done behind the scenes to keep these games functional and deal with computational limitations.

      There is an article I wished I had saved. I cannot find it again. It was on a study that found there are only something like five hundred basic human beings. It wasn’t written to support a simulation theory but it was like looking at a computational short cut.

      Another thing about role playing games are the NPCs. The Non-Player-Characters. These are generally controlled by game master in the paper and pen days but in computer versions are typically some form of computer control. I coded rather primitive ones and had many people thinking they are were PCs (player characters, with humans behind them). When I go out into the world I begin to think that many if not most people are NPCs. It would go a long way in explaining all the social systems that mimic livestock management and animal domestication. But then again that could just be an applied technique jumping from one realm to another. But its effectiveness would indicate a lot of people are NPCs or all humans are just animals that we inhabit and some of us are better at controlling these bodies and minds than others. Better at resisting these ‘hacks’ so to speak.

      I can go on and on with possibilities I’ve learned and pieced together. As to immorality being a way to win, what if, just what if, those who say this is a school for the soul to grow are correct? Wouldn’t such a school make immorality the way to win? Because if immorality always lost or was more difficult than being moral it would be easy to get through this school now wouldn’t it? But if was the way to easier personal gain, then it would take learning, growth, to resist doing it.

      Or maybe I just want feel as if pain of this path of being a so-called decent person has some worth to it. Because if there isn’t anything beyond physical life and it really is do on to others before they can do on to you, well… it’s been a big waste.

      • I ironically managed my finances in World of Warcraft the same way I did in real life. I even kept my bank and storehouse organized the same way.

      • “When I go out into the world I begin to think that many if not most people are NPCs.”

        Yes Brent. The rote/repetitions of talking points. The limited responses. The standard answers. The same arguments. The same forms of recreation (sports). The immorality, of course.

        Humans can be empathetic. Humans are moral. Humans consider the effect their actions would have on other human beings. How could an NPC, who’s only directive is to win (or whatever it may be), consider something such as how it treats other creatures in its environment? The current state of affairs supports this theory.

        If this is just a program to develop the best humans, or growth for the soul, the theory does make sense. As, like you point out, you can choose to play the game on easy or hard, immoral or moral. Moral does seem to be the harder path, and it probably does lead to higher growth. Might is right or NAP. Of course when so many choose to play on easy, you have to play on medium (mixed) just to survive at this point.

        As for the theory of 500 human beings, I could buy that too. You look at some people, and they look like other people you know. Just little differences. Just like the wordpress avatars here on this site. Wavatars they’re called. You have 9 different shapes, 9 different mouths, 9 different eyes, background colors, etc, and you can make 55 billion slightly different wavatars. Human programming could be very similar. Basic templates, and a few unique details added. Visual as well as personality and thought processes. All of us here got similar mental setups, I would guess. But I wasn’t born a moral being, it was learned, mostly by hanging out here. So who knows about that one.

        Something that may be related… I’ve always liked watching AI fight each other. In games, I always tried to set up situations where the game could play itself. I find it very entertaining for some reason. I don’t think many other people like doing this. Most prefer to watch other humans play. I can enjoy that too, but only if the humans are both experts/highly skilled. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a higher power watching this world because they want to see how it plays out. After one world/system/program collapses, they tweak a couple of variables, seeing if they can create the most perfect, or entertaining (or whatever their goal could be) scenario.

  7. Eric, You’ve done a fine job of making people “aware of the problem.” And changing terminology to more accurately depict reality couldn’t hurt. But I don’t think simply changing the words is going to get’er done.

    When I saw your title….”What We Can Do,” I was hoping you finally might propose some proactive actions. Things like purging google from our internet experience as much as possible. Things like boycotting Monsanto, Facebook, and all sources and sponsors of mainstream media. Things like increasing our self sufficiency in every dimension, as much as possible. etc. So far, no such ideas.

    OK, I will give you credit for advocating keeping simple, non electronic gizmo, easy to maintain older cars on the road. But that alone, isn’t going to get’er done either.

    • That’s just fucking sick RK and the reason I’ll never abide by any state edict without undue duress…..and maybe not then. I have done that before and it follows me like a stinking carcass.

  8. “Excluding psychological defectives – the relatively small population in every society that does not feel ashamed or guilty about the use of violence, about stealing things – including directly, themselves actually committing the deed (such people are called “criminals”) – most people do feel ashamed and guilty when they steal or resort to violence.”

    I would add that the celebrity news these days is another good example. Very few of us would parade around with our genitals hanging out in front of strangers or solicit sex from groupies and starlets, and I have to think that most successful Hollywood types don’t engage in that behavior either. Maybe I’m wrong though, there’s always been the open secret of the casting couch. When we hear about celebrities (or the commander in chief) doing it, it is big news precisely because it is an exception to societal norms (and we’ll never hear from the women who played along to get something in return). But because our brains can’t tell the difference between TV and reality, we are easily fooled (coerced?) into believing someone must do “something” to curb the bad behavior. Of course that’s already been taken care of, these guys’ lives are basically done and they’ll be forgotten in a few years. But that’s not enough. Now will come the cries to “prevent this from happening ever again” and the witch/snipe hunts to root out ALL the evil men that are EVERYWHERE in society. But instead of attacking it by encouraging moral behavior by reminding everyone of the societal norms (like a religion), we’ll all end up in a kangaroo court, having to prove a negative to a judge with their thumb on the scales. If we’re lucky.

  9. Scene from It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World that explains what we’re up against…

    And you, by yourself,
    you get $56,000…
    That’s tax-free money.
    – What do you mean, tax-free?
    If we go down to this park
    and we uncover the money…
    I’m sure he’s not going
    to declare anything.
    I know he’s not going
    to declare anything.
    – I’m not going to declare…
    – What are you talking about, declare it?
    I mean, it’s like non-taxable income.
    It’s like a gift.
    If we find the money,
    we still have to report the taxes.
    Otherwise, it’s like stealing
    from the government.
    You explain it to him, please.
    Who me?
    If we find the money,
    there may not be taxes to pay on it…
    …because we found it.
    – What he was trying to say is…
    – Everybody has to pay taxes.
    Even businessmen that rob,
    steal and cheat people every day…
    …even they have to pay taxes.

    Today’s audiences probably don’t see the humor. The way it would be written today would be one guys says he’s not going to report the income and everyone else in the scene will shame him. But I’m sure the line about “businessmen that rob, steal and cheat” would stay as is but not be delivered as a joke.

    And of course in real life (or at least on what passes for real life on the Internet) we all say we’re going to fight the system but then when push comes to shove we all get in line and do what we’re told. And if those people in that movie actually managed to get the money and divide it up, I wonder how many of them would really not report it?

    Something I seem to spend a lot of time pondering is just when to pick the fight. Ignoring speed limits seems like fun but without a license I need to find a new job. Consuming chemicals, same thing (and besides I prefer unadulterated reality). And are you really willing to risk your life over numbers on a sign? Because the cop is having a bad day and decided to take it out on you?

    • re this: “we all say we’re going to fight the system but then when push comes to shove we all get in line and do what we’re told”

      Heinlein had a better reply than anything I can come up with:

      “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

      He didn’t seem to have anything to address what happens when 1984 becomes reality, though.

  10. “yet this same person will feel good about going to the ballot box on election day and pulling a lever that will empower a proxy to do precisely the same things.”

    And when they attend some city council meeting, as long as they followed Robert’s Rules of Order, they feel civilized when robbing and pestering others.

    • I can’t abide computers… ready to smash something. Got-damn “post” and “update” buttons just fucking disappeared. No mechanical carburetor ever does shit like this.

      • That’s because everything is becoming broken. Computer and mechanical. Stuff that used to work back in the dark ages of multi user machines and dumb terminals no longer works in many places. It’s one of the signs of decaying society.

        Today’s stuff is broken in ways that nobody would tolerate from an Atari 800 but it’s just fine for today’s crap.

        • That Atari 800 taught me how to program computers. Using machine language. Poking instructions into page 6 one at a time because the folks were too cheap to buy me the assembly language cartridge.

          Today’s “coders” spend more time searching Github for packages to steal than they do actually writing anything. Aside from the guys writing compilers at Intel I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on with computers these days. Just look at the epic fail that came out of Apple yesterday…


          • Oh and about the “the folks were too cheap to buy me the assembly language cartridge.”

            I was 12 at the time. Whatever it cost was way too much money for me to earn raking leaves.

            • I also had atari 8bits at that age. I never got the cartridge either so it must have been much more than the usual software that I had no issue buying on my own. I tried learning assembly from a book (my dad would buy all sorts of books and then I would take them to read) but without being able to code in it directly nothing stuck. I did manage to do a few simple things through basic as I recall. Atari basic as you may recall had some machine language subroutine abilities.


    The first issue to be resolved in any court proceeding is that of jurisdiction. Does the one entity have jurisdiction over the other entity? One should never go into court without a clear understanding as to whether he is there as a citizen, or there as one of the people.

    If you claim you are a citizen of the United States, then it is strongly implied (though not necessarily true) that you are subject to the laws of the United States. On the other hand, if you are one of the People, then it is legally implied that you are a legal king, with a sovereignty superior to that of the United States, and subject only to the common law of the other kings (your peers). In short: the People are superior to the government, the government is superior to the citizens. That is the hierarchy.


    As a king you “are entitled to all the rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative.” You can do what you want to do when you want to do it. You have your own property and your own courts. There is no limit as to what you may do other than the natural limits of the universe, and the sovereignty of a fellow sovereign. You should treat the other sovereign in accordance with the Golden Rule, and at the very least must never harm him. Your sovereignty stops where the other sovereignty begins. You are one of the owners of the American government, and it is their promise that they will support your sovereignty (i.e. they have promised to support the Constitution and protect it from all enemies). You have no allegiance to anyone. The government, your only [public] servant, has an allegiance to you.

    As a citizen, you are only entitled to whatever your sovereign grants to you. You have no rights. If you wish to do something that would be otherwise illegal, you must apply for a license giving you special permission. If there is no license available, and if there is no specific permission granted in the statutes, then you must apply for special permission or a waiver in order to do it. Your only allegiance is to your sovereign (the government), and that allegiance is mandated by your sovereign’s law (the government, though not absolutely sovereign, is sovereign relative to you if you claim to be a citizen of the sovereign).

    Here is a typical example:

    As one of the People you have a right to travel, unrestricted, upon the public highways. You have right to carry guests with you in your automobile. You have a right to own a gun and that right shall not be impaired by your servant, the government. You have a right to a grand jury indictment and a trial by jury, that is a trial directly by the people, not the government.

    As one of the citizens, you may not travel by automobile unless you are either a licensed motor vehicle driver, or you are a passenger with permission to be on board. Gun ownership is a privilege subject to definition and regulation. You do not have a right to a jury trial in all cases, and no right to grand jury indictment–a trial is a trial by the government, not the people.


    • Ah but in 2010 we crossed over into a whole new territory. Now not only do you need to abide by all the rules around transportation (including having the correct “papers, please” starting in January), you are now required to have health insurance, even if you don’t need it. You must pay for the privilege of being alive.

      • I keep trying to tell people that Obamacare officially enslaved us to corporate-state partnership with the mandate of something that is not affordable otherwise. People think I’m crazy. It’s only going to get worse.

        I’ve decide the reason slavery is the norm for human society is that people want to be slaves. All some ruler/owner has to do is promise to take care of them and they go for it. Over and over again dragging everyone else who isn’t wealthy down into it with them.

    • Sorry, EtM, but all of that “Sovereign vs Citizen” stuff just makes my eyes glaze over. The only guys you read about trying to exercise those legal theories end up in gunfights with Porky.

      • Absolutely right, Ed. Sounds good on paper, but that bs will land you in jail or in a grave. Ain’t a court in this land that will entertain your “sovereign citizen” nonsense. Is what Eduardo says the way things ought to be? Yeah, probably. Is it the way it is? Not on your life. Don’t waste your time on that shit, you’re guaranteed to come up on the short end of the stick.

        • I watch the YT’s of people not showing their DL cause the constitution says they don’t have to and sometimes they get away with it and sometimes they get beaten or killed or at least jailed and their car fucked over….along with them. I don’t fit the “I’m a twit jacking with you and have somebody backing me” so i don’t do that. I like to just get home and get my old carcass in bed after a beer or two and try not to think about the next day I’ll have my assed whipped all day by a big rig, tough construction work, the DOT and all those unforeseen shitties that come along with it. I’ll leave that to the shaking in their boots crowd soon to be needing money for bail and car seizure and a plethora of shit that could entail.

          Maybe if I was young…..and had some plates that weren’t mine and the balls to off that sumbitch, throw a bottle of gas in his car and drive off…..before the rest of his buddies showed up. If you want to exercise your rights, be sure and have the drop the badged crowd. If my name were Chigur I’d probably feel more confident.

        • Alright, shit-for-brains, what’s your solution? Sit on your hands and wait for permission like a good little slave? Nobody has outlawed common law, contrary to what you believe. And “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron, so that’s not what’s being advocated here. The future belongs to those who show up for it. If you want to be passive and let the government trample all over your rights, that’s your problem. But don’t then bitch about how it ought to be better or different. Shit or get off the pot, and sooner rather than later.

          • Dear Eddie the Mag, this is from the page at the second link you posted:

            ” In 1787 the people themselves came forth “to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America” [see Preamble]. On September 17th, 1787, the states held a convention and all those present unanimously joined in. [see last paragraph of U.S. Constitution]

            So, in 1787, unanimous concurrence was achieved and the Constitution was born, later to be ratified.”

            If the mongoloid who wrote this bullshit actually believes it, I have to wonder how many other things he believes that just ain’t so.

          • Let’s say some of the sovereign citizen stuff is true. Hell, I know some of it is true and I know some of it is false, but for the sake of argument lets say some of it is true and a single man is going to act on that alone and defend his rights. Furthermore lets say that man is successful by fighting the good fight and never giving in. That in one town, maybe even one county the government starts leaving him alone. But here’s the problem the moment he gets outside of that little area or has to deal with a cop or a police department that doesn’t know him he begins anew.

            This fight, which does absolutely no long term good, is more than a full time job. It does no good because just about everyone sees him as a kook. They don’t pick up and fight too. They never will. At risk of being called names again I’ll say it, tilting at those windmills has too a high a price for me.

            It is better served trying to get people to understand freedom and how the system lies to them from childhood on. So long as government has the schools we have an uphill battle where we are always in retreat. The government can always count on new voters, a new crop of rookie cops, and much more that believe government is the master of the people. That motoring is privilege granted by government. That we need ID. That and much more.

            The only way we win is to find a way to undo the programming and conditioning or at least stop it from happening to children and wait it out.

            • “It is better served trying to get people to understand freedom and how the system lies to them from childhood on.”

              ….and I just posted some of that education here….and you rejected it. So you don’t even believe the bullshit you’re saying.

              “This fight, which does absolutely no long term good”

              The fight isn’t worth it? Your freedom to live unmolested in your own country isn’t worth standing up for? Let me be crystal clear: if that’s your attitude, then the current political climate you bitch about is YOUR FAULT. Because you traded a little freedom for the convenience of not having to do anything about it. Ben Franklin warned you, and you ignored him.

              That’s the problem with you libertardians: you’re scared of your own shadow. The second you have to be bothered to do something, “well, there’s nothing we can do.” Bullshit. Enjoy your microchip and spend your waning years waxing poetic about how great it used to be. “We used to be so much more free.” And what did you do in your life to reverse that? You went home to your kids and bitched on the internet. Good job.

              • “That’s the problem with you libertardians: you’re scared of your own shadow. ”

                Ah, there’s the revealing declaration. If there was any doubt that you’re a provocateur, you just removed it. You must be new at this.

              • I didn’t reject any knowledge. I reject the idea that I should sacrifice myself on your alter and accomplish nothing in the process.

                As I have explained to others of your ilk here, my average day puts me subject to the whims of nine different police jurisdictions. Trying to educate them by getting busted for driving without plates or whatever it is I am supposed to do to stand up for my rights well it would mean I would do nothing else. And what would it accomplish?

                Would my neighbors suddenly see the light? No. Would the illegalities that government has layered over many decades be undone? No. Nothing will change for the better. I know this because I have fought the system here and there as well as kept up on others who have and I’ve learned how it compartmentalizes troublemakers, makes things difficult for them, and ultimately leaves them unsuccessful. Sure with enough fight the individual may spends thousands to win against something that costs tens or hundreds but that’s the extent of it.

                BTW, You approach the subject like a feminist, you use shame as your tool. But you say I fear, maybe I do, but before I lose everything I’ve attained and I am reduced to the religious purity of poverty I want to know if will be for something.

                That’s what you don’t address because you damn well know it won’t accomplish jack shit. You go ahead and spend your life in courts and jail cells, we all have our windmills to tilt at. But mine, the programming of the “public” schools I can actually make some headway on, maybe get a few individuals here and there to break out of it. That will be far more than you’ll ever accomplish fighting the man on his turf by his rules and getting his concession that you can cross the road or drive with out his license or whatever. Because whatever you accomplish there starts and stops with you. It doesn’t spread. The man figured out to make dead ends of your efforts a long time ago.

              • Hi Eduardo,

                Does it serve any good purpose to mock/malign people who are in agreement with you on principles? I don’t think it does.

                The problem, in re your statements, is that “the law” is no longer fixed but rather an intangible whatever-some-cop (or judge) decides it to be. This is not to say one ought not to stand up and challenge where possible, but rather that it just doesn’t matter when they will do what they want to regardless – and with you paying the price for that.

                Example: Random “safety” checkpoints and the TSA obviously violate the clear letter of the 4th Amendment – if words have any precise meaning, at least. But the words do not matter. What matters is how the words are “interpreted” by someone in authority.

                Given this, a ore fruitful course is to get people questioning the legitimacy of this sort of thing; of starting a discussion about principles; using words precisely to achieve that.

                And finding common cause with people who, fundamentally, are already in agreement about all of this.

          • your solution isn’t viable for most of us

            if you’re in some bible belty backwater, it might fly, and maybe even spread out further

            if you’ve got a critical mass of like minded guys this is helping, kudos

            if I try that stuff on Houston’s Beltway 8 while stopped during morning rush hour, it’ll be no bueno.

        • Yep, vz, there’s always some new wrinkle that’s supposed to make the judge swallow his dentures. Even the most valid of them, the fact that there exists no actual law requiring you to pay income tax, never gets a hearing.

          The way thangs is always trumps the way things sposed to be.

  12. We’re in quite a difficult spot, more difficult than in Thomas Paine’s time. When the King is your enemy, it is really easy to imagine a villain, and as the French and others have shown, it’s really easy to remove one head of state – literally sometimes.

    When you have the masses thinking that “we” are the government, there is no one villain, since the blame gets shifted to the voters. You can’t exactly behead the voting populace like Louis XVI. You can remove an elected official, but they’re just the scapegoats for the real leadership in this country, the hordes of bureaucrats who believe they’re making a better world.

    I’ve been trying to introduce my friends and family to the great liberal (old school meaning) thinkers, but it’s a long, uphill fight. Who would build the roads? Who will defend us from the Ruskies? Who will make sure doctors don’t poison us, etc?

    You’re fighting Stockholm Syndrome here. It’s hard.

    • There is a lot of cause for hope, even still. Talk to anyone who escaped from the bureaucracy and they’re usually pretty quick to slam the system. Much of Ron Paul’s support came from the military. Oh for sure not the officers working in the Pentagon, but the enlisted who were deployed 5 times to Iraq and Afghanistan, who were sold a bill of goods by the recruiters, who watched their kids grow up on a video conference. And the people who actually saw the waste and corruption.

      But then again, you have people like my uncle, who retired from a civilian job with the Navy, then went to work for a contractor, then retired again. He got his, so now he’s free to complain about the wasteful government. I doubt it ever enters his mind that there’s no need for 12 aircraft carrier groups in the modern world (indeed, probably never a need), but at least there’s something.

    • Medical care, roads, whatever…. It’s the same crap over and over again. These people repeat what they were told in government school or by mainstream media like that makes them smart. The whole thing is futile unless we get the schools back. It’s only people like us that go back and study how the present became this way, find root cause, and have a real fix.

      I just go with telling them what they complain about is working as it was designed to work.

  13. What the government does with pubic skools is nothing less than programming. You can’t decondition anything. One must start on the premise that the program is the end goal and to change that goal the target must be deprogrammed.

    While I do understand B.F. Skinner’s research, it mostly deals with negative re-enforcement of a desired outcome. What is done in .gov’s indoctrination centers doesn’t really delve on that. It relies on pushing a data set that they want divulged. Any data outside the agenda is deemed to be revisionist, harmful or out right lies. Hence the term “Conspiracy Theory”.

    Since control of all systems are by the .gov, it will be very hard to change the tide of rampant stupidity that is being broadcasted on a daily basis. I do like the fact that a recent post erroneously linked to a liberty mutual commercial about how fucking stupid white males are about how to change a tire. This commercial reminds me of the movie, “Idiocracy”. The conditions that exist in the movie is what this country and, alas, the rest of the world holds as its destiny.

    • Let’s look at what “public education” has to offer:
      1. Cliques and rampant bullying, quite often the victim of bullying punished more harshly for fighting back. Many times, bullies are part of a “protected” class–racial minorities, jocks, etc. Strong official disapproval of students making friends outside their grade level. “Peer pressure” used to push conformity.
      2. Teachers that don’t teach reading writing and arithmetic. Pushing communist principles such as rabid environmentalism, blaming humanity for conditions beyond our control as well as pushing “communitarianism” (“it takes a village”)–actually communism. This also ties in with teacher-recommended feminizing and drugging (mostly boys) to make them “less fidgety” and more compliant–all for the “benefit” of the teacher.
      3. Non-existent moral guidance…the communist concept of “values clarification”, allowing each student to set his own moral standard with no discussion permitted as to guidelines. A student dare not mention God or the Bible in “public school”–not permitted…discussing Islam is OK…even field trips to mosques are encouraged.
      4. Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices, actually encouraging deviant behavior and downplaying heterosexuality and abstinence.
      5. Insane zero tolerance practices, punishing students for pop-tarts shaped like guns or a student having an “unauthorized aspirin” or plastic butter knife. Of course, abortions and birth control are available without parental notification.
      6. Lockdowns and backpack/locker searches by police utilizing “drug dogs”, getting the upcoming generation used to random unconstitutional searches. Quite often, students “roughed up” by “school resource officers”…just because they can…Lockdowns should be reserved for prisons–not schools…
      Since these “socialization” practices seem to be the norm in our “public education” systems, parents who send their children to these dysfunctional “indoctrination centers” are guilty of child abuse…

      • I once said the word “gun” in conversation with a friend in school. Some dyke who hated us, reported us to the school authorities, saying that we were conspiring to pull a columbine. Later in the day a police officer came and took me out of class and I was interrogated in a deep recess of the school where I had never been. Good thing I was 17 and not an adult. I made it out of the 45 minute interrogation with only a 1.5-day suspension, after fully explaining the context of the conversation.

        • Sounds like the dyke was just performing her civic duty. “If you see something, say something” isn’t just a catchy slogan, it’s a way of life for the Stasi.

      • At some point I’ll probably start going off on these modern anti-bullying virtue signalling whatever they are. Bullying is and always has been a designed and purposeful function of the school system. That’s why the bullies face lesser or no punishment. It’s part of the design to break the children that are the real problem for the schools, the ones who try to retain their individuality.

        • I’ve said it hundreds of times before, and I’ll continue to repeat it ad nauseum: SENDING YOUR CHILDREN TO GOVERNMENT “SCHOOLS” IS CHILD ABUSE!


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