Florid Porker Demands ID – Fails to Get It

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This video shows an interaction that turned out well – for once.

A guy is provocatively exercising his First Amendment right to film in public – in this case, the publicly visible entrance to a Las Vegas airport parking area (apparently, the area where the so-called “Janet” flights to Area 51 take off from). In an event, it’s a public area and the man is brazenly filming the comings and goings – as is perfectly legal.

A florid and agitated “hero” rolls up, his double chin and pot belly quivering with affrontedness. He deploys the usual intimidation tactics, demanding ID using implied threat while couching this nonconsensual interaction in consensual language; i.e., he “asks” for ID.

Which is like being a “customer” of the IRS!

But the accosted man keeps his cool – and even gets the “hero” to admit that there is no basis for his being “detained.”

Eventually, the unhappy “hero” drives off.

. . .

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  1. There would be so much less conflict in the world if public employees would just mind their own business and not annoy people. It’s not like most don’t know of the supreme courts ruling on photography.

    Most just think most people don’t know better and just comply. Which most people do.

    I have wondered what it would cost to send a printed notice to every individual LE in the country informing them of these simple rights that they violate on a daily basis. Doubt it would make much of difference. It’s often the bosses policy to violate them. Until it costs them individually when they do something will there be much of a change.


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