Soy Boy Politics

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The mainstream media isn’t biased – it’s marinated.

This is the roster of today’s headlines on CNN’s main page:

Not even a slight tic that – maybe – “the answer” is something other than taking away guns (and the right to self-defense) from people who didn’t shoot anyone. The universal presumption – the starting point – that is being hard-sold by the mainstream media, which is now using soy boy teenagers as props – is that everyone knows guns are bad and must be banned. That is to say, guns in the hands of ordinary citizens.

Government workers and so on will, of course, not have their guns controlled.

This fact is never discussed when gun control is discussed. For the obvious reason. Because it would reveal that it’s not guns that are the focus of all this agit-prop. It is guns in the hands of ordinary people.

People who’ve not so much as spat on the sidewalk. Yet are to be presumed murderers-in-waiting, just add “assault rifle.”

Then single shot .22s rifles. Then knives. Then fists.


It’s of a piece with the general trend toward presumptive criminality – the reversal of the old Western idea of innocent until proved guilty.

We are to be rendered defenseless by people who themselves will remain armed to the eyebrows. It is the equivalent of crippling a rabbit so as to make him less a “threat” to the lion.

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  1. So much for the “Heroes run to danger while the rest of you wusses cower in fear” meme…

    However, he’ll probably get reinstated because cops have no duty to protect you…

    Maybe people will start to wake up and realize that GovCo is only concerned about their own butts, not yours.

  2. School violence is at an all time low. That’s why it is national news when it happens.

    News by definition is an inverse indicator. If something is routine it isn’t news. Bad drivers cause nearly all traffic accidents, yet no one is calling for improving driver training (although lately there are many who want to ban “manual” automobiles). Why? because accidents are so routine as to be ignored by the media except during rush hour.

    And of course if an incident never happens, it cannot be news. A woman defends herself from attack by a large man using her 9mm stashed in her concealed carry purse, just by brandishing it. Guess what? Never reported never even known about. My guess is that it’s still a pretty rare event, but we’ll never know and so we’ll never have stats.

    I believe this is the great failure of mass media, especially television. Because the moving image is subconsciously powerful in that we actually see an event happening, in our living room, that we can’t tell that it is exceptional. We all notice the novel or exceptional event when it happens. That idiot who wiped out just ahead of us on the snow covered road way back years ago. That stripper at your cousin’s bachelor party. That time at work when everything went south during a routine job and you shut down the whole plant. When that happens every day on the 50″ box in the living room it has to have an effect on people. It still is burned in our minds. I know that since I’ve gone out of my way to ignore news in general my outlook on life is much better. And for certain the 24/7 running commentary and editorializing coming from the mainstream should be considered toxic speech, right up there with snuff porn and yelling fire in a theatre.


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