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This video is interesting to me because of the reaction it elicited (see comments posted). The girls in the car were certainly “uncooperative” and even belligerent. But they only became so after an armed government worker pestered them. Prior to this, they were parked and passed out. Not bothering anyone. It is possible that they were well-aware they shouldn’t be driving and decided to snooze off whatever they’d been smoking or drinking.

Which seems laudable.

In any event, from what I can tell, they weren’t driving when the armed government worker began to pester them. And they weren’t threatening anyone or even annoying anyone.

They were all asleep.

So, the question arises: Why are they the object of pesterers? Wouldn’t it have been better to leave them be, rather than create a “situation”?

And for those who worry that they would have driven stoned or drunk had the armed government workers not pestered them: Why couldn’t the armed government worker have waited for them to drive away and then – with cause – pestered them?

A major problem with “law enforcement” is that it creates problems where none existed. As someone else pointed out, fire departments don’t cruise around all day looking for fires – and hassling people over might-be fires. They wait until they are called to deal with an actual fire.

Maybe it would help if law enforcement did the same.

. . .

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    • Well, since it was 3 young women, not 3 guys, I would have left them alone, maybe having an employee keep an eye out to see that nobody bothered them. That’s just me, though. I have a daughter and would hope that anyone seeing her asleep in her car would keep an eye out to see she wasn’t assaulted while on their property.

      What would you do?

    • Hi Anonymous,

      I wouldn’t have called armed government workers – knowing that their “job” is not to keep the peace. Knowing that they wouldn’t have just asked the girls to move along. Speaking of that – and why I italicized that. It was three teenage girls. No threat to the store owner. Not gang members. Maybe knock on the window – if their just sitting quietly in a parked car bothers you – and ask them to go?

      Given how abusive armed government workers have become, I would call them in extremis only – if at all.

      • I watched as some dude in Atlantic City yesterday in the wee mornin hours sat tucked under a sheltered spot outside a casino, his deep sleep eventually awoken by a security guy who came by and started tapping on him. Looked so peaceful over there too. Cop across the street didn’t appear to do anything. I had half a mind to walk over and ask the tired dude if the mean security man was bothering him.

        • Also the guy didn’t look like a random bum or anything, looked like he was dressed for construction work, like maybe his ride just dropped him off early and he found a harmless spot to nap while he waited. The fact that he felt comfortable enough to fall asleep outside before daylight in Atlantic City should be used in their tourism campaigns.

  1. Cop: “I noticed you were passed out.”
    What should have been said: “No sir, just tired and need a nap. Passed out implies I require medical attention. What I require is a few minutes rest in order to drive safely. You as a police officer should know that driver fatigue is a major contributor to accidents, right?”

    But of course he probably wouldn’t bother someone who looked like they’d be able to get that statement out without slurring speech or even just being in a gas station parking lot at 3:00am. Police can spot drunks in the same way Jesse Helms could spot pornography. They just know it when they see it.

  2. I didn’t watch the whole thing but I watched far enough where she did things that would have gotten a male shot in this day and age.

    The question is, did the cop just stop or did the property owner call them? Say after they refused to leave?

    I’ve had the displeasure of chasing people off property property. It’s not fun.

    • I’ve seen cops just troll convenience store parking lots too. Maybe they get a kickback from the owner, maybe the owner allows vice to take place and they know it’s easy pickings.

  3. I would not refer to the porkers as “workers” – a term implying that they are actually doing something useful. I generally refer to them as “stooges” or, at best, “employees.”

  4. But, but, but where would the revenue come from if the Barney Fife wanna be assholes waited until some one called? Then all those asset forfeitures would never happen! There would not be any traffic fine revenue! Oh the HORROR!

    Sarcasm switch off….

  5. “The girls in the car were certainly “uncooperative” and even belligerent.”

    For now, these two traits are not illegal, and actually admirable.

  6. It all goes back to this mentality that “doin’ right ain’t got no end”. Even though they did choose not to drive while incapacitated, that is never good enough for for the “social jiihaad enforcers”, who feel the need to harass and punish anyone they see fit. After all, society needs salvation from itself, right?
    There is some book that I recall police officers being referred to as “deacons of the law”, as though they were appointed to enforce the “holy scriptures” of society. Perhaps that’s what we really have here, because I certainly see no moral or physical threats here, other than those imposed by the self-appointed “deacons”, that is.


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