End of the Month Putsch

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Well, push!

We are, after all, Libertarians. No need for violence. But we do need your support. The site depends on you to keep the wheels turning. If you like what goes on here – and haven’t already – please consider tossing a couple of bucks into the hat.

We’re close to Green for the month… but not  quite there yet!

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  1. Bueno eso!

    In simplest terms, we were all fucked once we were given a name and a unique identity. It is the loss of anonymity that underpins all of our suffering. Imagine a world where no body was uniquely identifiable. Now that would be a truly free world.

    For my part, I reject all officiall y identifying designations and recordkeeping. Nothing I can do about its existence, but I reject it en toto. What kind of sick minds waste their memories on random acts of complete strangers anyway. What a bunch of lunatic losers.

    Motorcycle drone footage, La Rumorosa, Baja California. About 5 miles south of Interstate 8 around Ocotillo, Cali.

    Also been through Glamis, CA a few times on to Mexicali.

    Glamis Sand Dunes Motocross

    Only so many hours can be endured slogging through the upcoming demise of the free internet when Trump goes after TOR and crypto and bitcoin et al using his brand new FOSTA-SESTA fatwa. Sometimes, all you can do is chronicle everything, and then go back to just living. At the bedrock level of our civilization is so much accumulated murder and bad actions, that its nearly impossible to build anything stable and free that lasts.

    The free anonymous internet chooses the form of its destructor


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