Trackhawk Coming!

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I feel like the guy in the Jane’s Addiction video trying to shove a turkey under his dress…’cuz tomorrow a 707 hp Trackhawk will be in my sweaty possession for a week of trying not to get caught.

A mix of ecstasy and fear envelops me.

But I know you guys will bail me out of the clink if it comes to that!

As OJ used to say… Look out!


  1. We have to be wondering now. Why doesn’t everyone come out with a 700 hp vehicle option on most of their products? If FCA can do it then all the other boys can too.

    • Hi Moo,

      They could, but they lack the balls. Dodge is a remnant of the America That Was. It is a memory which still exists – for the next few moments – in our reality. But it will not last.

      See my latest rant, which will be live shortly…

      • Eric, be sure to put up some good videos of this car….. tiered of seeing brainless posers or soy boys here review cars which they are not in any way worthy of….. And make sure you mention how green the car is as trees love the CO2 it gives out….. (say this to a mindless tree hugger and watch his head explode with anger, as two things he totally believes contradict each other and he cant deal with it).

    • One of the main reasons to get this car….. to wind up clovers and tree hungers…. Thats why Id love to get this car if they ever launch it in the UK….


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