Four Reasons Why America Isn’t Any More

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Watch this video and you will understand why America isn’t any more; why it has become an overweight parody of East Germany – with fat/over-armed, low-IQ Stasi who can’t follow the simplest logic and, instead, doggedly adhere to their agenda of enforcing deference to their Authority.

Perhaps because they are weighed down by all that armor and those multiple mags, these swine can’t understand the distinction between asking and ordering (and the legal requirements which attend – or used to attend – the latter) and public vs. private property.

Note, in particular, the heavily armed government thugs’ unwillingness to ascertain what the law actually is… before they enforce it.

And also that it takes 4-5 of these armored “heroes” to intimidate and bully one unarmed guy who has the audacity to walk along a public road, taking video.’

This kind of thing didn’t use to happen in America. Which is why this no longer is America.

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  1. Thanks for the Support! I will be following up as soon as I can get back out there. (a few days). I am n sure about this not happening in the past. I think cameras weren’t affordable enough to catch these abuses and put them out there for the sheeple to see. (hopefully wake a few up)


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