Reader Question: The AC Scam

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Jeff asks: Will you consider talking about this air conditioning scam on David Knight’s show? Here is the video from Scotty the Mechanic. 6 min. Obviously, the federal government is behind this crap.  I even sent this link to my congressman. It’s bad!

My reply: Back in the ’90s, I was among the few heretics who raised a hand to ask a question about the banning of Freon (R-12), ostensibly because of the holes it was punching in the ozone layer. The real reason had to do with R-12 being less profitable than its replacement, R134a.

Some older readers will recall this shady business.

Now the shuck and jive is being played out again. R-134a is being phased out in favor of a new refrigerant. At the stroke of a pen, the R-134a systems will be “obsoleted” – and made more expensive.

It’s for the sake of the Earth, of course.

I’ll be on with David Knight over at InfoWars tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:35 east coast time; hope you’ll be able to tune in!

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  1. “Freon R-12” was banned because the patent protections ran out. Nothing more. The chlorine molecule is too “heavy” to make it to the upper atmosphere. The scientific “justification” for the banning of Freon R-12 was based on faulty science–not unlike that being pushed by the “global warming climate change” crowd.

  2. JFC! It’s one thing after another with these bureaucrats. FFS, just leave shit alone. God this infuriates me. Good question and link.


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