“I Am a Firm Believer in the Second Amendment”

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Here’s a video that ought to be viewed by every “conservative” who “supports law enforcement” – and deludedy believes that law enforcers will not seize their guns when the order comes:

Note that open carry is legal in the state (Florida) and yet the law enforcers disregard the law. They do so based on “someone called” and that it is “suspicious” – somehow – to legally open carry. This – in the view of the law enforcers – entitles them to not only accost the man but unholster their guns in a threatening manner and put the man in cuffs.

He even has the gall to tell the handcuffed man that he – the armed government worker –  “is a firm believer  in the second amendment.” Except when he decides it doesn’t apply.

Regardless of the law.

Note also the beast of indeterminate sex which shows up as “back-up,” wearing the usual Intimidator opaque sunglasses.

Hut! hut! hut!

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  1. I am increasingly freaked out by the fact that while there are more and more gun control laws that apply to the PEOPLE, the COPS are arming themselves to the hilt — with stuff that’s BANNED for everyone else.

    I live in a very evil Northern state that completely, entirely, and unconstitutionally banned AR-15s and all magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds.

    Ever since that law was passed, guess what all the cops are suddenly toting??? ARs with 30-round mags, dressed up in Kevlar and body armor. One urban department demanded AR-15s for every officer to “engage long-range enemies.” New York City cops tote full-auto MP5s on the subways as a show-of-force. Two RURAL departments in counties with more cows than people now have MRAPs.

    And what do they “need” all that stuff for? As the Daniel Shaver murder video shows, they “need” it to shoot you dead as you’re crawling toward them, unarmed, sobbing and begging for your life:


    We’re basically living under a military occupation of the kind that the Founders revolted against when Gen. Gage did the same shit in Boston in 1774-1775, and yet the stupid flag-waving patriotic “conservative” Fudds with their deer guns talk about “muh freedom” and cling to the deluded notion that the cops are their fellow Second Amendment gun-club buddies.

    Sickening, really…

    • Hi X,

      Amen. I have this very conversation with a good friend of mine almost weekly. He loves his “heroes” and gets upset with me for calling them what they are – enforcers. Period. Their own term. This business of them arming up like SEALS is out of hand, too. It emphasizes that we live not merely in a police state but in an occupied state. Their battle dress and battle attitude are all about intimidation and suppression.

      Not peace-keeping.

      It amazes me that – of all people – “conservatives” (who are supposed to be suspicious of government) reverence armed government workers…

      • I’m impressed that you’re able to stay friends with someone so blind to reality! Even the buddies of mine who have swine pals will still admit that pigs are pigs.. And it’s a serious deal breaker if I can’t have them taking the little guy’s side within a couple conversations.

    • X, not to freak you out even worse, but the deputies on the sheriff’s department out here in the country have M4s. If some tobacco farmer gets drunk on a Saturday night, them boys are ready.

      • I’m not against M4s. I’m against the cops having them… and me being arrested and getting seven years for having one.

        • Hi X,

          It’s important not to refer to these creatures as “cops” or “police.” Refer to them as what they are: law enforcers (or armed government workers). Either term is far more precise and honest than cop or police. They are armed government workers whose job is to enforce laws. Whatever the law is – because it is the law.

          This is no small thing to harp on. It is in fact very important.

          “Law enforcement” is without morality. It is a question of enforcing laws. The NKVD, Geheimstaatspolizei and so on also enforced laws. And – interestingly – were also trumped up as “heroes” by the governments they worked for.

  2. Yes, this is one huge lie: That cops are in favor of the second amendment. They have contempt, often hostile, knowing someone other than themselves has a firearm. And this contempt is ESPECIALLY directed towards the citizen that is completely legal. They always throw in the lie…Oh I’m a big believer….and we should not allow them to get away with it.

    In their morning “duty meetings”, behind the scenes, I guarantee their “shift commander” or “duty sergeant”, or whatever overwrought military moniker they might be using that day, they tell the costumed worker: “Don’t you ever allow anyone other than yourselves to be armed out there. I’ll kick your ass if I ever hear of you not disarming those mutton heads. The constitution can bugger off.”

    And all of the disarming….run your info….unloading….with the legal citizen…is done for the sake of humiliation and control.

    • Hi Aljer,

      Yes. Indeed.

      I point out to my “conservative” friends that we are dealing with law enforcers. Their term. When the law says, “the possession by unauthorized persons of firearms (us) is prohibited” these enforcers will enforce that law as insouciantly (if not aggressively) as they enforce any other law.

      It is not an accident that the verbiage changed from “cop” or “police” to “law enforcement.”

      Words matter.

      A law enforcer enforces laws. Because they are laws. He does not question laws. He certainly does not apply any mitigating factor to laws. That would be contrary to the law – which must be enforced.

      Also, the type of person attracted to law enforcement is exactly the sort of person who expects and demands deference to his authority… that is, a bully – by definition.

      It took many decades to turn this country into a police state while acclimating the populace to living in a police state.

      But we are, at last, at the convergence.

  3. #CopsAreNasty
    All of them. Everywhere. Without a single exception.
    Also, #CopsAreScum
    Sure, some are worse than others, but not a one deserves to breathe.

    No, I’m not going out to kill cops, but I will NEVER mourn when one of them gets killed for doing something he had no right to be doing (which is pretty much anything they do as a part of being a cop).

  4. All major city, state, county and most suburban police departments are openly anti-gun. Your guns that is. The more anti-gun they are, the more likely they themselves are over armed.

    They will follow the orders when they come down. You can count on that. Just the fact how open they are about doing unlawful things (even in the age of video) now only proves they would. I am guessing a large portion of them are actually looking forward to that order……. Then they don’t have to worry about maybe getting their wrist slapped.

    Outside of a handful of out-gunned small, out of the way and rural departments, police departments will be firmly in the enemy camp.