Silencing Alex . . . For Openers

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The other day, YouTube and Facebook and several other inter-related social media platforms banned Alex Jones – the founder of Prison Planet and InfoWars. The reason given isn’t that Alex is a “conspiracy” theorist – the ancient charge – but chiefly that he is a purveyor of “hate” speech.

What this really means is that the powers that be hate the things Alex speaks about – his political incorrectness – and can no longer abide his being free to speak about such things.

Having locked down colleges, the workplace and most other places, the very last place where it is still possible to openly express non-orthodox views – and to hear and read them – is online.

And now that is to be locked down, too.

The powers-that-be are almost literally chewing the carpet over the success of politically incorrect alternative media. They cannot stand it that people aren’t listening to them – and instead are listening to such as Alex and anyone else who does not parrot the party line.

The Internet opened up a level playing field. Made it possible to end-run the curatorship of the powers-that-be over the dissemination and analysis of information to a mass audience. One no longer needed to have the budget of The New York Times or CNN to compete with both of them.

Which has been driving the curators to Bunker Scene paroxysms of rage.

Since it’s not yet formally illegal to voice – and publish – contrarian views (which are often simply correct views which deviate from politically correct orthodox views; for example, raising questions about the government’s official explanation for the symmetric, almost free-fall collapse of WTC 7 on 911) the method used to silence these views was first to “demonetize” those who voiced and published them.

This means pulling the ads – and ad revenue – almost all of which is controlled by the social media platforms. Never mind that the object of advertising is to reach potential buyers. Never mind that the social media platforms were making money off these ads – the majority of the money going to them rather than the politically incorrect publishers.

Out of sheer spite for their success, the advertising rug was pulled out from under them. In order – so it was hoped – to starve them into submission. If the powers-that-be couldn’t compete for readers and viewers honestly – on the soundness and fairness of their coverage – then they would eliminate competition by destroying it financially.

But that didn’t work, either.

Contrarian sites turned directly to readers for support, end-running the Goo-guhlplex’s control over online advertising.

Cue even higher-pitched, fists-clenched shrieks of outrage, a la the Fuhrer’s condemnations of the German general staff.

Like the Fuhrer’s screaming fit, the powers-that-be are screaming out of despair. They are losing control over what people read and hear – and they desperately want it back. They pine for the time when there were three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) and three big newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post and the LA Times) all of which controlled what the nation read and heard – and thus, what the nation discussed and thought.

There was no alternative media. Not because there wasn’t alternative coverage. It was just not technically or financially feasible to provide coverage that was contrary to the orthodox coverage of the powers-that-be and reach an audience of any size.

Which served the dual role of erecting a kind of Potemkin Village of mainstream media Authority – what Walter and Dan and Peter said was Pravda (truth) because no one heard or read anything else – and of marginalizing any contrarian coverage by assuring would be necessarily poorly produced newsletter, pamphlets and so forth because of financial and technical limitations – and so could be dismissed as the work of “cranks.”

But the Internet made it possible for someone like Alex – for almost anyone –  to produce  a live news show with production values as top-shelf as CNN’s – but without a CNN budget. And not beholden to the interests which provide the budget for the likes of CNN.

It made it possible for someone like me to – an off-the-reservation car journalist – to publish car review and stories about the car industry that politically correct mainstream publications would never publish and still reach an audience as large or even larger than theirs.

They can feel things slipping through their fingers.

And it’s why they are pushing the button. Outright bans. We are going to make sure you can’t listen to or read viewpoints that we don’t approve of by simply taking them off the air. We will use our monopoly control of the Internet – mark that – to control what you read and hear by making sure you read and hear only what we allow you to read and hear.

It’s not a legal prohibition of free speech – not yet. But it amounts to the same thing since effectively one big corporation – the Goo-guhl/Facebook/YouTube combine – controls what you get to read and hear online by controlling what it permits to be written and spoken about online. To get banned from these platforms amounts to being banned from the Internet.

It is interesting that there is no keening of outrage from the political left about the silencing of free speech – which was once among the signature issues of the political left, until it acquired power and at that point became interested in stifling speech.

It is also interesting that the issue of monopoly control over the Internet has not been raised by the  . . . monopoly media. Which has the effrontery to tout itself as the only “legitimate” media.

Which explains the resonance of the Fake News meme which drives the mainstream media crazy. The public – a large portion of it – knows it is Fake News. And has abandoned the Mainstream for the Alternative.

This was ok so long as the alternative media could be (and was) dismissed as “fringe” and “conspiracy.” But it is no longer “fringe” and that is why it must be shut down, pronto.

This is not about “hate” speech.

It is about shutting down speech. And it won’t be just Alex who gets shut down if this is allowed to slide. It will be every non-orthodox point of view, including Libertarian and even lukewarm “conservative” points of view. This is already happening. It is going to get much worse.

The mainstream/social media titans have declared war – and per the Fuhrer, it will be a war of annihilation.

If banning contrarian media from mainstream/social media doesn’t do the trick, the next step – the last step – will be an outright legal ban on “hate” speech. Which will be defined by them – as anything which does not suit them.

This isn’t “conspiracy.” It’s already fact in early adopter countries such as the UK and Germany. And it is coming here, make no mistake. Because it has to. Because it is either them – or us.

No more sitting on the sidelines. The time has come to choose a side.

. . .

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  1. What really is a loss is the 33 thousand videos AJ and company posted that were on the [DEL] ‘d video channel are now gone. I am left to wonder …Is there any backups made of all these videos and where could I find it/them. It would be nice to have ability to do so as a reference of past events and coverages. Quite often on the website the individual articles are very short and simple and says “watch the video” .

    • Hi Ex,

      I know some people over there and can assure you they have all the videos and are going to make them available again via other means. I don’t necessarily agree with Alex on everything – who agrees with others about everything? – but I am 100 percent in his corner on this business.

  2. Here’s some food for thought.

    Even as Jones was being banned a few days ago, the sheriff’s office in Nye County, Nevada, released a statement about the cause of radio host Art Bell’s death last April. Bell had been the host of Coast to Coast AM, which discusses government actions and conspiracies among other topics. According to the authorities, he had died from the effects of several prescribed drugs, including the opioids oxycodone and hydrocodone.

    Bell had left broadcasting a few times because of threats to his family. He had said that people were stalking him and trespassing on his property in Nevada, but the mainstream media made his claims sound like a ploy for ratings—except you have to reason that once the host leaves the show, the show is more likely to founder, not see a boost in ratings. (Compare that with Glenn Beck’s cries that “he was going blind” or “he had to have a special diet”.) Bell had claimed others had fired weapons on his property. The media did not seem to contact the sheriff’s office to confirm any of this.

    Now consider this: Bell had been prescribed two opioids when today doctors are being pressured not to prescribe any and states keep databases of such prescriptions to limit abuse? Really? Oxycodone = OxyContin, by the way. Serious stuff. It’s supposed to be given mainly to the likes of terminal cancer patients in extreme pain.

    Maybe this is legit. Or maybe Bell committed suicide, which is a possibility. Or maybe, just maybe, something more sinister is going on and targeting Jones is another facet of that.

    • Art Bell had a number of health issues for many years. In the end another victim of modern medical practices or maybe he lived longer because of them. Can’t tell from here. The threats and firing on his property were most likely from a nutter that Art Bell refused a product endorsement for. This was covered recently on midnight in the desert.

  3. Hi RK, (I’m having trouble replying to your comment in the proper place)

    While competition between the telecoms and ISPs is good, the introduction of 5g is going to come at the cost of 3g and 2g. Forcing people to upgrade. Making certain devices useless overnight. They’re going to keep doing this as their revenue strategy. Just like the hardware is generally thrown in the trash after 2 years, they’ll want to keep people buying new devices by phasing out the old networks.

    Thanks for the recommendation on the Tom Woods episode, will listen to that. I’ve cut Facebook, never used the others, except YouTube. Replacing that monopoly is going to be very difficult. Maybe the internet is going to go back to being decentralized. But free speech alternatives like (and maybe Mastodon – I really don’t understand the technology at first glance, but it looks quite promising) are still beholden to corps and organizations that are outside of their control and not supporters of freedom. Microsoft has the power to destroy Gab through Azure. The domain registrars and ICANN are also gatekeepers.

    I hope technology will provide a privacy-oriented, decentralized solution that frees us all from the chains of these few entities. These bottlenecks.

    The “Federation” concept of Mastodon reminds me of subreddits on reddit. And the servers seem like private slack groups.

    I was also wondering, what would happen if grocery stores all got together and decided they would only allow those of a certain mind into their stores? Gas stations? ISPs? Hospitals? All possibilities if the Chinese social score gets implemented here.

  4. Funny how many conservative websites are up in arms about the AJ crackdown. Read an article on Breitbart complaining about how the social media tyrants wont specify what exactly they are censoring AJ for, what “hate speech” he said. Yet these very same conservative sites especially Breitbart itself ban posters who do not violate the posting rules without any explanation. Me included.


    • True. I doubt old Andrew would have wiped his ass with most of what passes for journalism there. Those guys are just riding his name like some asshole riding a free horse.

      • I’ve been banned by Breitbart for merely asking questions about the involvement of “a certain little middle eastern country” concerning 911 WTC. If you ask anything about the JQ, you will be banned.
        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”…

        • I don’t doubt it, anarchyst. Breitbart is a shitty site anyway. Their articles are usually only a few poorly written paragraphs, followed by 1,000+ retarded comments from the lunatics who all sound alike and reply to every article. No need to even try to comment there.

            • Breitbots is a good description. I’ve thought at times that many commenters there are just bots, and that there are probably a handful of people posting under a few hundred handles each.

              There’s also the likelihood that there really are several thousand mongoloids who stay logged in there all day and post incredibly retarded comments.

              • Hi Ed,

                I think there are in fact legions of such mongoloids. They occupy either side of the aisle; we are the small cohort in between these two factions.

                The general debate is no longer over principles, whether an individual has a right to be left in peace – but rather about (per Lenin) what is to be done to whom and for whose benefit. A hyena feeding frenzy, basically – but without the physical courage of hyenas, who at least have to risk their snouts for a share of the meat being torn from the carcass of the animal being torn apart for their supper.

                Human hyenas get other hyenas to do the tearing of flesh on their behalf.

                  • Where the hell are yous guys coming from.

                    Brietbots is the light of my life. OK, so it’s not but I get a good laugh, junno, wonna them cynical laughs reading that shit.

                    Just today I was trying to ex plain this bs to a good friend.

                    I ended up wanting to weep.

                    But I didn’t, I just laughed my àss off and we disconnected.

                    It is one of those things you just keep hacking at.

                    Seriously, what are the alternatives? I love my brother, we’ve been doing it for 60 years.

                    He’s had my back when I’ve had a 45 stuck in it. Not much to do at that point but stick a. 38 Super in the guy’s neck and call his bluff.

                    I’m here, he ain’t. And I didn’t have to do anything. He found his own “calling”…..from his best friend.

                    I just kept on trucking.

          • Hi Ed,

            Sometimes, I regret having a conscience. I could have written for Breitbart or some other like-minded (if that’s the right term) organ and made a lot of money. I would not be worried about finding the $60 I need to take my cat to the vet for his checkup. But then I’d know what I was, no matter what my bank account said I was. And I’d rather be honestly treading water.

            • Eric, I am certain I speak for everyone here when I say we appreciate your sacrifice. We recognize you are one of the very few men left who has not sold his soul. Money cannot buy the respect we have for you and what you do. Thank you.

              • Thanks for the kind words, Skunk!

                I am grateful to everyone – and to circumstances which make it feasible for me to do this. I often regret not having had kids. And I sometimes still miss my ex-wife. But the truth is that on my own, I can live on a lot less. And that means having to truckle less to Authority.

        • Anarchyst, I am certain that is why I was banned as well even though I was always polite and non threatening and well within the site’s rules.

          Same with most other conservative sites. Hell, I got kicked off Free Republic on my first post and all I did was ask a question!

    • Indeed! There was a new site called Me We which advertised itself as a non-censorship replacement to Farcebuck. The site still exists and I have posted many things there because I discovered the fact that many “Progressives” had become more open-minded after Hillary’s attempt to become the spokesperson for all leftists during the last presidential election. These people were actually open to libertarian and anarchist lines of thoughts. They still are, but the site has some groups who strongly censor members. I had joined the Breitbart MeWe group in the hopes of educating the Tea Party members who had migrated there. The group had a stipulation that all members glorify cops and troops. I initially brought up the issue of private security guards being superior to our present statist and collectivist force. A great many examples of abusive badged thug events happened, and I reported them all in order to strengthen my argument that private security would be an improvement over what we now have. I then very quickly was banned from Breitbartbot on MeWe! I still contribute to other groups on MeWe and recommend the site to others, but Breitbot is off limits to me. I refrained from posting a link to the site because the links which I could quickly find were trying to get people to install their APP. I have never done that, nor will I ever do that. This makes me wonder if the powers that should not be able now running it.

      • Hi Brian,

        I know this story all too well. I’ve written about my “conservative” friends who get doe-eyed whenever “law enforcement” is referenced – and get upset with me when I refer to these same people as armed government workers (which is what they are). They become even more agitated when I reveal my contempt for these armed government workers. I have tried to get them to follow the logical breadcrumbs… ok, you are a conservative – and conservatives are skeptical of the government; don’t trust it with power because of the tendency of humans to abuse power… right? And yet, you trust armed government workers . . . are they not the enforcement division of the government? And subject to the same frailties in re the abuse of power?


        • Ah, but the “armed government workers” are mere tools. Interchangeable, rule-following tools of the power elite. They only “follow orders” of whomever happens to be in the big chair after the election. Once their guy gets to sit in the chair they’ll do their bidding.

          At least that’s what it looks like to the people who desire power over others. Cops aren’t humans, with human frailties, they’re just machines/trained apes who do what they’re told or they don’t get a banana.

          • Amen, RK – in re trained apes. Only worse, because unlike apes, they are nominally human and so culpable for their actions.

            Whenever I hear one of these “heroes” justify the abuse he visits upon innocent people as “the law” and “I’m just doing my job,” I feel like throwing up.

            • This is the thing I constantly have trouble understanding. People are individuals, who have their own interests and passions. There are hundreds of different brands of beer, which are mostly just combinations of 4 ingredients. The choices of vehicles and brands are more than ever (although somewhat bland and becoming identical as you point out in another post). Thousands of choices in music (although again pretty tame stuff these days). Yet the rich and powerful continue to treat everyone like we’re all the same, and try to force us square pegs into round holes. And for the most part, we tend to do the same thing to ourselves. I think that’s why Hillary lost the election: She treated us like we’re all the same. Her campaign message is that none of us are special, we should all be paid the same, we should all get the same health care, houses, cars, social media, and of course just do what her friends in the elite circles tell us (because after all, they went to Ivy League schools and weaseled into a high paying job, so naturally they’re our superiors), and pay them for the privilege of existing. Not exactly inspirational.

              But I imagine that’s the way she and her kind see the world. Someone leaves the company and takes all that experience and knowledge away? Whatever, just slot someone else in there. And rewrite the procedure manual so that the company isn’t depending on one (non manager) person to get a job completed. We can’t have the automatons thinking for themselves now, can we? And that attitude carries out across society. We could have a Utopia if you’d just come in from the rain and play ball with the rest of us. We have hot coco with marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies! But you have to ask nicely, and stand in line for your turn or else.

    • Something to bear in mind about these conservotard sites is that if they still have the blessing of Googleads, they’re probably preaching bullshit. I followed a link to a site called America Out Loud. There were Google ads on their pages that my adblocker wouldn’t block, and the articles were written by “different authors” who made the same misspellings like ‘your’ instead of you’re (and vice-versa) ‘distain’ for disdain, etc. and were heavy with sentence fragments and the use of silly buzz-phrases such as “we the people”. “founding fathers”, “blue lives matter”, and the like. It certainly looks as though one or two writers are pretending to be a bunch of different people.

      The articles included lots of flag humping and LE worship. That kind of thing gives away the fraud that these sites are trying to push. The bullshit is obvious.

      • Ed, the main channels I support have all been taken down within minutes in the last few days. We want to watch them via smart tv and they aren’t there. So I go to my subscription list and there they are…….briefly. And yes, you’re correct, the bullshit IS obvious.

        I’m just worn out. How many times can I clean my gun? I reached over last night to get one of my .50 cal boxes off the living room table and had to move forward and get another hold to pick it up, stuffed with 5.56. I couldn’t only take heart it was just one and the 6 pocket bandolero that holds 30 rd mags is a good place to hang my BT speaker…….while I once again clean my gun. I got rid of my red dot sight for a 4.5X14X42 BDC scope. At least I can be accurate to 600 yds.

        Well, it’s time to get on the backhoe and figure out the best thing I can do with it.

  5. I am stunned when I think about it, how tyranny and the surveillance state did not require the heavy hand of government to be implemented.

    Just convince the boobs they want it, that it’s the newest, hippest thing out there.

    And they will fall over themselves to sign up for FedBook, throw out their cash, festoon their homes with Big Brother cameras everywhere and carry around electronic dog collars that track and record their every move and conversation, just to name a few of the wretched technological chains that have us under more surveillance than the old East German Stasi could have only wet dreamed over.

    And they PAY big dollars to be enslaved.

    Fucking incredible…that’s the problem, getting around that.

    That said, Eric is right, it is time to choose. For all it’s warts and faults, the only game in town is “the right”.

    The Bolshevik left has become unmasked and fully unhinged.

    If anything makes it out the other side of this, history will recall Trump as a hero for doing nothing but driving the Bolshevik left in the US into such a rage, that they were finally unmasked for who and what they are.

    • Not so fast Anti-Federalist. The right in general is no better than the left in general. They both are horrible in differing areas. Many of the Progressives had a falling out with the Democrat party in the last election. I disagree with the Progressives about a great many things, but they now are aware of the deep state, the fascism, the one party rule, etc. I would rather talk to Progressives than to most Breitbots!

      • The “right” wants to drop bombs on funny looking foreigners in oddly named places around the globe and extort money from me to do it.

        The “left” wants to drop bombs on ME, and extort money from me to do it.

        With the lack of a better choice, which was presented to Amerikunts in 2008 and 2012, and soundly rejected both times, right now I’m gonna have to pick the side that is not openly declaring war on ME.

        • But notice your terminology Anti Federalist.
          “The “right” wants to drop bombs on funny looking foreigners in oddly named places around the globe and extort money from me to do it.””The “left” wants to drop bombs on ME, and extort money from me to do it.”
          Both wings of the same evil bird want to destroy opposing viewpoints. The right considers the opinions outside its narrative as being “funny”. When members of the right are told that we have a higher number and percentage of prisoners than any other country, including communist ones; they shrug their shoulders and continue to support the continued growth of the police forces and the prison industry! We already vastly spend more money on the military than any other country in the world; yet the right wants to spend ever more money which has been stolen from us in order to grow it even more.
          Voting/supporting/choosing a less evil side to side with is still choosing to side with evil. Who would you support: Stalin, Mao, or Hitler? The so-called leaders of this country do not care about the lives of the mundane. The principled stand is to not join either evil side!

          • Well-said, Brian!

            It is critical to identify fundamentals – and in the context of left/right and Republican/Democrat the fundamental thing is coercive collectivism. They merely bicker over the ends but never the means.

          • Brian wrote:

            “When members of the right are told that we have a higher number and percentage of prisoners than any other country, including communist ones; they shrug their shoulders and continue to support the continued growth of the police forces and the prison industry!”

            Rank and file members of the right, sure. But the current decider in chief is making serious headway on prison reform, prompted by Kim Kardashian of all people. (!?)

            There is no denying that Trump is moving the ball forward in positive ways, in his goofy, scatterbrained, drunken monkey manner.

            But I’m not here to rah rah for Trump or the GOP.

            Eric wrote:

            “No more sitting on the sidelines. The time has come to choose a side.”

            OK fair question then: Which side?

            No side?

            To quote the great Neal Peart: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

            But what sort of choice is that? To sit back and watch it all burn and end in a gulag because of being so hamstrung by ideology to not take action when your very life is threatened?

            • Anti you read the opposite of what I read. Facts from DOJ show higher rates of prosecution especially for victimless crimes.

              The BATFE has charged 10% more people with gun crimes as opposed to Obama’s last year.

              Trump said after the Las Vegas shooting “I say we go after guns and worry about due process later “. What a friend of the 2nd Amendment.

              He doubled down by endorsing Pelosi’s egregious bill going after bumpstocks plus a few back door methods of illegally depriving peaceful people of their guns through red flag laws just as some states have unconstitutionally done.

              It would be dandy if your neighbors went to the local cops and complained you were weird and scared them because you owned a gun. That’s all it takes to take your guns and ammo. Even the BATFE doesn’t take your ammo.

              Even the Republican butt sucking NRA endorsed the bumpstock ban.

              Everyone concerned with the 2nd Amendment should throw some money to the GOA (Gun Owners of America, the best group protecting your rights, Or the NAGR, second best. JPFO (Jews for the Preservation Of Guns ) is a much better organization than the NRA.

              It pains me to see worse from Trump than Obama but I keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground.

              I don’t read The Blaze or Townhall.

          • And of course they’ll trot out statistics and facts that show the crime rate has been falling since the 1970s peak, and that the world is mostly at peace and use those very real stats to justify the increases. They’ll ignore the fact that the population peaked (and therefore the number of young men in their 20s, who commit almost all the crime) has been dropping since the 1970s, or that the long boom prosperity has made it less necessary to kill each other to get ahead, or that the food boom means people have enough to eat, or that the rise of China means cheap stuff for all.

            Nope, the only thing that stopped crime was locking everyone up. The only thing that prevents war is squandering our prosperity on defense. But the day is coming, sooner than anyone would like, when the boomers decide that work sucks and start to retire in-masse. Then the transfer payments begin to suck money away from Uncle instead of dumping it in. My guess is they’ll pass “emergency” spending plans under the guise of a crisis that will pretty much be the end of Social Security but without the end of contributions. Anything to protect the defense industry.

  6. Obviously these corps are working on behalf of the govt to violate the rights/speech of dissidents. Alex Jones and Infowars is the test. I never listened to the show but obviously the frogs really are turning gay, and some of what he says must be true, so now I will listen when I can.

    Perhaps, the real purpose of this is to get those who would normally oppose government regulation/intervention in private business, to support it. The govt’s solutions include mandatory location identification before logging into a site… and making sure you’re not a Russian hacker.

    I hear these corps are a trust, must be broken up, treated as utilities, were funded with tax dollars, so not really private, etc. It is a tough issue, since there is nothing stopping an ISP or domain registrar from kicking off people they don’t like, either, as precedents have already occurred. Absent competition, this is a tough libertarian issue. Those I follow are divided, many leaning toward the trust-busting or public utility route. So as usual I come to EP autos for clarity… Thanks!

    • Competition is coming. The cellular industry is just about ready to roll out 5G LTE. One of the big pushes is to have fixed-point wireless services to the home using 24GHz spectrum. While it might not be the libertarian panacea of anyone who wants to can be an ISP, it will break the monopoly/duopoly of wired services if only because they already have the back office in place to process payments, send equipment out to customers etc. And it’s a new incremental revenue stream so they can let it flounder for a few years.

      As for Facebag and Twacker, listen to Tom Wood’s podcast episode 1212. I’m not a fan of Michael Malice but he has several good points. We will probably see an end, or at least a great reduction in users of Facebook and Twitter as new platforms are rolled out. Heck, we already have people on multiple platforms because of Linkedin for work and Facebook for friends. Mastodon is an interesting alternative to Twitter but has yet to gain much traction. I could see where different groups (a religion or hobby association for example) might set up a Mastodon server for their people to use. The interesting thing about Mastodon is the idea of federation, where servers are cross connected and so you can have both local and global message timelines. is a Mastodon server for the No Agenda podcast.
      Oh and it’s all open source:

      • Hi RK,

        While competition between the telecoms and ISPs is good, the introduction of 5g is going to come at the cost of 3g and 2g. Forcing people to upgrade. Making certain devices useless overnight. They’re going to keep doing this as their revenue strategy. Just like the hardware is generally thrown in the trash after 2 years, they’ll want to keep people buying new devices by phasing out the old networks.

        Thanks for the recommendation on the Tom Woods episode, will listen to that. I’ve cut Facebook, never used the others, except YouTube. Replacing that monopoly is going to be very difficult. Maybe the internet is going to go back to being decentralized. But free speech alternatives like (and maybe Mastodon – I really don’t understand the technology at first glance, but it looks quite promising) are still beholden to corps and organizations that are outside of their control and not supporters of freedom. Microsoft has the power to destroy Gab through Azure. The domain registrars and ICANN are also gatekeepers.

        I hope technology will provide a privacy-oriented, decentralized solution that frees us all from the chains of these few entities. These bottlenecks.

        The “Federation” concept of Mastodon reminds me of subreddits on reddit. And the servers seem like private slack groups.

        I was also wondering, what would happen if grocery stores all got together and decided they would only allow those of a certain mind into their stores? Gas stations? ISPs? Hospitals? All possibilities if the Chinese social score gets implemented here.

    • Hi RK,

      While competition between the telecoms and ISPs is good, the introduction of 5g is going to come at the cost of 3g and 2g. Forcing people to upgrade. Making certain devices useless overnight. They’re going to keep doing this as their revenue strategy. Just like the hardware is generally thrown in the trash after 2 years, they’ll want to keep people buying new devices by phasing out the old networks.

      Thanks for the recommendation on the Tom Woods episode, will listen to that. I’ve cut Facebook, never used the others, except YouTube. Replacing that monopoly is going to be very difficult. Maybe the internet is going to go back to being decentralized. But free speech alternatives like (and maybe Mastodon – I really don’t understand the technology at first glance, but it looks quite promising) are still beholden to corps and organizations that are outside of their control and not supporters of freedom. Microsoft has the power to destroy Gab through Azure. The domain registrars and ICANN are also gatekeepers.

      I hope technology will provide a privacy-oriented, decentralized solution that frees us all from the chains of these few entities. These bottlenecks.

      The “Federation” concept of Mastodon reminds me of subreddits on reddit. And the servers seem like private slack groups.

      I was also wondering, what would happen if grocery stores all got together and decided they would only allow those of a certain mind into their stores? Gas stations? ISPs? Hospitals? All possibilities if the Chinese social score gets implemented here.

      • From what I have heard: 5G along with other newer technology will enhance the powers of the state to spy upon us and to control us! We are rapidly becoming slaves in this country as it converts into being an open aired digital prison! He is a great podcast by Max Igan on the topic of 5G:

        • Brian, he’s certainly correct. I suppose this all started in WW11 but it really got a boost in the ass via 911. But people suck it up like it’s Nazi Pelosi’s ice cream. Is Trump just incompetent or part of it? We’ll find out in the next few months. I’m good at smelling rats.

    • Just look at how the Big Tech companies started. They got their seed money from the venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel. BTW, IQT is a CIA/DARPA front! The Deep State, i.e. the REAL power, wants to squelch free speech, so they can once again control the flow of information like they did in the Glory Days of three TV networks. Ah, but there are these pesky little things called the Constitution and Bill of Rights standing in the way, both of which prohibit gov’t censorship. What to do? Get a privately owned concern of yours to do your bidding. FB, Twitter, et al are simply arms of the Deep State, and they’ll do the Deep State’s bidding.

      Oh, and notice how NO ONE in gov’t has raised questions about anti-trust concerns? Notice how no one voices concern over their monopoly power? Why do you think that is? Because the Big Tech companies are doing the bidding of the Deep State.

      • MM, you are so right. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done things that done by me or you would have the IRS sticking us Under the prison.

        But, for the most part, people still believe totally incompetent, non-educated, non-working Arabs piloted planes into buildings nearly every pilot who flew those planes on a daily basis said would be nearly impossible for the best pilot… the fact they exceeded the speed even the manufacturers denied them being able to exceed at that altitude.

        The common idiot though, doesn’t know that low altitude reduces the speed of aircraft, not some, all of them. Why do big airliners cruise at 35,000 feet? They’re just showing off. Physics doesn’t have a shittin thing to do with it.

        I’ve been continually pissed since 911 for a myriad of reasons, the main one that the sheeple are too goddamn stupid to understand physics.

        The greatest lie of all was that a real airplane actually hit the ground floor of the Pentagram and took out the computers that could have found that missing $2.3T .

        Reckon how many people know two accounting firms who resided, one in each tower, were hit dead on the money with those “planes”, those modified planes you can “planely” see have some modifications done to the outside. Surely those don’t equate to the mods done “inside”, where computers, programmers and GPS sent them? Naw, lets all just suck up that shit of the towers made to absorb hits from those planes failed to stand when hit. Oh, that’s right, the steel that was used to build those buildings was cast at greater temps than normal structural steel.

        But let’s don’t let facts, physics and the obvious shutdown of all military flights that day deter us from believing that shit. I just want to shit down the throat of anybody who believes it.

        Sorry eric, I haven’t slept well or for shit for months. I saw this entire shitty coming. Just one more false flag bs. The covid virus was manmade done with nanotech and it’s in the atmosphere at the very edge where no actual, normal virus would survive. Oh yes, I’m the greatest virologist on earth and know everything. I just pulled this shit out of my ass. But I can understand those who really are virologist and understand what they say in plain English.

        Those who want to believe this isn’t just the hardest act to control the world can keep on believing. OTOH, I was very aware as a teenager of what happened to JFK and tried for years, even buying the same gun and scope and spending years to re-create that false scenario which I knew was false.

        How can someone look and hear what Lee Harvey had to say and realize he was telling the truth. How can anyone believe a nightclub owner, eaten up with cancer, could possibly get so close as to stick a gun into Lee’s belly and pull the trigger and never offer a defense?

        I realized Vietnam was a ruse as a teenager after being warned of it and studying it for a few years. Later on, I knew Eisenhower was telling the truth about the corporate military takeover of America. I saw it play out. I had a neighbor who was pulled into the nightmare of Korea and told me outright that his jet black hair had turned white(he was a young man still)in two weeks in Korea.

        I used to be warned by the guys at the barbershop when I was just a little turd.

        Eisenhower tried to warn us and it didn’t work. JFK tried and had the ability to shut down the Vietnam lie and was killed for it. We rocked along for nearly two decades before we “had” to go to “defend our country” from the commies in Granada. It had nothing to do with Wall Street, the IRS or those who were dependent on having the only game in town.

        Now, here we are again. They believe we’re better off trying to save old fuckers like me than to let the young and dumb starve and be taken by the deep state and become the same people who are somewhat living and very much dying in N. Korea. Yes, lets revert back to the USSR that finally couldn’t stand it any longer. Give a stiff arm and bend over to Stalin, the great leader who, only with the support of the production of the people of the US, managed to stave off Hitler and his forces. At least Hitler was honest in what he wanted to do. We don’t even get that much honesty.

        YT and FB are both parts of the new “US”. I may become Soylent Green but they’ll know it from the lead in my body……and theirs.

        • 8S,

          I’ve done a lot of research on 9/11. One question I could never find the answer to was whether the Twin Towers were designed for a FULL SPEED aircraft impact, or if they were only planning for a slower speed impact. Why is that important? I’ll explain…

          I got my pilot’s license years ago. One regulation in place is that, below 10,000, an aircraft cannot exceed 250 knots (286 mph) indicated airspeed. Also, you have the three major NYC airports nearby; in fact, Newark, NJ is right across the river from the WTC. That begs the question of what SPEED impact the towers were designed to sustain.

          Minoru Yamasaki designed the towers to remain standing even if hit by a Boeing 707, the largest aircraft at the time the towers were designed in 1962. Since Newark Airport is right across the river, were the towers designed to sustain a lower speed impact? Were they trying to account for an aircraft whose pilot got lost in the fog while trying to land? Or was it designed to sustain a higher speed impact? I could never verify this. I’d hoped to, because it would make a huge difference.

          If the towers were designed for a low speed impact, then the Boeing 767 that struck the North Tower would impart a higher kinetic energy by virtue of its greater mass. The Boeing 757 would be comparable to the earlier versions of the Boeing 707. This is assuming a low speed impact.

          Now, if we’re talking about a higher speed impact, particularly on the North Tower, things get a bit murky. Soon after 9/11, I calculated the kinetic energy of the 707 and 767 impacting the tower at their respective maximum speeds. Without seeing the operating manuals for the aircraft, I couldn’t tell you the max speed close to the ground. I’m not even sure they’d have that info, because airliners normally operate above 30,000 feet. They do so because the air is a lot thinner up there, which translates to greater speed and fuel economy. That said, as you pointed out, an airliner won’t fly as fast at 1,000 feet as it will above 30,000.

          Anyway, I didn’t consider this in my calculations. As one who piloted Cessnas and Pipers, that wasn’t something I needed to know. After all, unless you’re talking about a jet, piston powered airplanes won’t see the same difference in performance at 1,000 vs. 25,000-assuming it can get that high. Continuing on…

          Anyway, I tried to calculate the kinetic energy of both the 707 and 767 at their max speeds. The 707, though much lighter than the 767, would impart approximately the same kinetic energy. Why? Simply because it’s quite a bit faster. SO! If the towers were designed for a high speed impact from a 707, then they should’ve remained standing.

          I saw the History Channel’s Modern Marvels episode about the WTC. In it, the structural engineer responsible for the buildings, Frank De Martini, was featured. He discussed how the exoskeletal structure of the towers could not only sustain a singular aircraft impact; he said it was like a door’s screen that you could poke many times with a pencil; he said that even with multiple aircraft impacts, the towers should’ve remained standing. BTW, Mr. De Martini died on 9/11; he helped people find their way out, and died before he could escape himself.

          I don’t buy the BS that jet fuel weakened the buildings though. One, the old Soviet MiG 25 had steel engines; they had a jet fuel burning inside them all the time, yet they never ell apart. The first operational jet fighter, the Me262, had engines (Junkers Jumo 004s) that were made of steel. Finally, there’s the Madison Tower, the Madrid skyscraper that burned for 20 some hours; though the building was totally trashed and uninhabitable, it remained standing; it didn’t collapse from a fire that was as bad, if not worse, than those seen in the Twin Towers.

          Then, there’s WTC 7, which managed to collapse WITHOUT being hit by an airplane! Since it was ‘only’ 47 stories (tall anywhere besides NYC), I don’t think an airplane could hit it anyway. When I look at the videos of its collapse, it sure LOOKS like a controlled demolition!

          I’ve heard the same theory applied to the Twin Towers. I’ve heard the firemen saying that the collapse SOUNDED like there were a bunch of bombs going off as the buildings came down. I don’t know if I can buy that theory applied to the towers though.

          Maybe it’s because I don’t WANT to buy it, because of what it implies. Do you know what kind if EVIL AND WICKEDNESS that theory implies? One would have to be a psychopath to do something like that! Few of us, who are decent people who want to live their lives and be left alone, can contemplate that, let alone actually DO it.

          Another reason I can’t totally buy in to the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers is this: keeping the project secret! I’ve watched documentaries on how controlled demolitions are done, and they’re complex projects. It takes a fair amount of time to plan the demolition. It often takes WEEKS to set all the explosives, and that’s for smaller buildings. For buildings like the towers, you’d be talking the better part of two months just to set the explosives, run the cables, and attach the det cords.

          For me, that begs the obvious question: how would such a project be kept secret? Even if no one on the demolition crew talked (unlikely, given the scope of the project), how did they escape the notice of people in the building? Even if they planted the explosives overnight, there are security and maintenance personnel in the buildings 24/7. How did the security and maintenance personnel not notice anything amiss?

          Then, there’s this to consider: since the demolition crew would need access to the building structure itself, they’d need security or maintenance people to let ’em IN to where they have to go! The demolition crew would have to go to out of the way places, and they’d need help accessing these places. IOW, I don’t see how explosives could be planted without security and maintenance not knowing about it.

          However, I can’t get away from what the firemen said: that the collapsing buildings sounded like a bunch of bombs going off. NYFD firemen would certainly know what explosives sound like! Therefore, I can’t totally dismiss the controlled demolition theory.

          As for the Pentagon, I don’t believe a plane hit it; I think something else hit it. Even assuming a crack pilot is at the controls; assuming you have a pilot who could actually HIT the building; there’s one, simple problem: where are the engines, landing gear, and other parts of the aircraft. We know that aircraft hit the Twin Towers, because they recovered the engines; the engines were found in the street some blocks away. There are NO aircraft parts left over from the Pentagon impact.

          To sum up what I think, here goes: though I think that the WTC attack involved airplanes, I think that the gov’t knew it was coming and allowed it to happen. I think that, like Pearl Harbor, the gov’t knew about 9/11 and allowed it to proceed. Why? Because, like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 allowed the gov’t to achieve its objectives. In 1941, FDR wanted to get us in to WWII; on 9/11, the gov’t wanted to implement the police state we see today. In any case, I don’t buy the “official version” of the story; even with what I know, there are too many HOLES in the story to make it believable. Those are my thoughts…

          • MM, how many coincidences can you believe? There are stopped parts of the videos showing things added to the aircraft that hit the towers.

            An aircraft hitting the buildings would have moved it in the direction they were going. How many times have you seen a building simply vaporize? A huge amount of first responders have died from cancer. The explosive they used is highly carcinogeous which attributed to the deaths of so many with cancer.

            There has never been another building that collapsed anywhere in the world from fire, what they claim was the cause. The twin towers were made of a special steel alloy that was much stronger than other buildings.

            I could go on and on. White steel spewed out from the structures. There had been crews working for a year supposedly removing asbestos. There was plenty time to wire the structures with a new form of nitrated explosive, a nano version developed by Israel.

            Taking into consideration that the buildings simple vaporized after half an hour of white hot steel spewing out from the side(I do lots of metal work and it takes a dedicated amount of heat to make steel white hot liquid and I still bear the scars on my face from same). It seems to never go away. It will get mad and cause my face to spew pus and then go away, what a relief. After years, here it is again. The injury was over 10 years old last time it blew up, exploded and drained. That was 2 years ago and now I can tell it’s going to come back even though I use organic coconut oil on it daily.

            But let’s get back to physics. The buildings wouldn’t have gone down in their own footprint from a plane hitting them. You probably didn’t get to watch the footage of it as many times as I did in the days and weeks following the “attack”.

            But the survivors and architects and engineers have seen it thousands of time, and are suing the govt. as we speak.

            A 47 story building, as BrentP said, won’t simply collapse straight down at freefall when it’s designed to fall to the side should anything ever happen to it.

            i have seen controlled demolition. It looked just like the buildings in NY. Seems it doesn’t make any sense if it’s in NY or Texas, it looks and sounds the same.

            And the fact that the second of the towers was reported 30 minutes before it went down is surely a sign the story didn’t follow the timeline closely enough.

            Tell a lie enough times and it becomes truth. I’ll send a pic next time my face explodes so you can tell steel doesn’t go away and this was steel melted by me with an acetylene torch and it was just plain old 2 3/8″ oil field tubing. No doubt it had plenty of contaminants in it. Still, let your eyes tell you at least part of the story. Let govt. tell you nothing. Believe nothing you hear and half at most of what you see. Ever see magic?

            • 8S,

              I’ve SEEN the BBC clip where you can see WTC 7 still standing, while they report it having collapsed.

              I’ll take your word on the metal; I have NO metal working experience at all.

              I mentioned the Windsor Tower, the Madrid skyscraper that was burning for 20 some hours; it remained standing.

              One INTRIGUING theory I heard was the use of directed energy weapons to bring down the towers…

              In any case, I never bought the official version. To me, it’s like believing the “magic bullet” theory that killed JFK…

              • MM, why do you think we have had the time expire to see everything about JFK but every time, there’s always something that keeps it secret.

                This last time they used the excuse(just have to see to believe they have that much gumption to lie)that “it’s still secret”. NO shit, and as long as we don’t see it, it always will be SECRET.

                They act as if the sheeple are children. I guess they are. Everybody just takes it and don’t complain.

    • I posted that as a reply to eric, but this ass sucking siteware posted it as a new comment after having stopped me from posting a shorter reply.

  7. It’s all part of a greater program.
    The Russia election “interference”, Alex Jones framed as a problem, etc and so forth.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    Create the problem, encourage the reaction, offer the solution of more power for yourself.

    • Hi Brent,

      It seems clear to me that Facebook was designed to co-opt the ‘Net. To collectivize it and end the anonymity of it and to control it. It is amazing how quickly it became almost impossible to post a comment or use an app without “signing up using Facebook.”

      It is a kind of “soft Stasi” – the information service of the old East Germany. Instead of people narcing each other out to the government or having the government track and monitor people, the people do it themselves.

      • Of course it was. The VC guys couldn’t wrap their heads around how to make a lot of money on a highly distributed decentralized network. So they centralized it. Back when the Internet was mostly on college campuses and defense contractors a computer on the network was referred to as a “node.” A node wasn’t a server or a client. It was a node. It might run a mail server, it might run a web server or it might be used by someone as a workstation. Or likely all things. It didn’t matter.

        When the Internet got the attention of the public the main way most of us were using online computers was AOL, America Online. Most assuredly this was a client-server model. You basically had a dumb terminal program that was fancied up with some canned graphics. When Netscape showed the ability to do the same thing with web pages it was game on. It worked well over a dialup connection since most of the information was text (the audio clips were all part of the program installed from the ubiquitous CD ROMs). And since there was a lot of moderation it became a safe place for girls, which brought more young men.

        Now we’re so far down the client-server road we might as well have TVs instead of PCs. The computer I’m using to compose this rant is more powerful than a 1990s Cray supercomputer and it basically sits idle except when I’m editing video. It could easily host although it might need an external hard drive. The NAS server sitting on my network has 12 terabytes of storage available, an incredible amount of space, more than enough to hold all the videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube and Facebook over the years, and judging by the view counters, not much impact on my ISPs network either.

        But then I’d need to figure out how to get people to actually go to the web site (which would require some sort of work-around because my ISP is permitted to block some ports in the name of network management). People using “dumb terminal” phone apps to connect to Facebook and Twitter. People who need a lot of hand holding because they don’t want to be knowledgeable of such things. The same type of person who might let their engine run out of oil because they didn’t understand what the oil lamp idiot light meant. People who love the idea of self-driving cars.

        Facebook is more than happy to accommodate these people, and there are a lot of them. It’s a bonus that they have very tight policing of what content goes up on their servers (again attracting women). That satisfies Hollywood’s demand for DMCA accounting, and also they can then sell customers (advertisers) “brand safe” user page views that are considerably more effective than the spray and pray method used by traditional media. It is often thought that Facebook and Google sell user data. Quite the opposite, they hold on to that tightly. They sell adverting space based on that data, but the data itself is only available in house (and Uncle, when he asks for it).

        • There is a distributed, decentralized online “social media” network, mostly unmoderated and uncontrolled, that has been online for decades: Usenet.

          • But usenet is essentially dead for discussion. The spammers and trolls won the long war. First they destroyed alt, then everything else. Just about the only functioning groups left last I looked were the binary groups and a few people hanging on in a local subject matter news group but cross posting racist trolls made up the majority of the posts.

            • Hi Brent,

              Exactly. Social media – and Goo gulh – have become the online “public square.” If you are cast out, then you have no voice – have effectively been banished from society, been sent to a Gulag. Which is why it is important to realize it’s not merely Alex Jones who is being silenced. This is a threat to us all.

          • Yea, but Usenet only works if everyone is civil. Once the teenage boys (both chronological and mental) discovered them the whole things went all lord of the flies pretty quickly. And of course the whole DMCA rears it’s ugly head as soon as someone posts some copyright violation.

  8. The timing of this news is ironic because I have just subscribed to a VPN service this past weekend. This is now necessary if you want to use torrent here in the land of the free.
    I highly recommend that everyone learn how to use TOR. The Tails OS leaves to trace of what sites you have visited, and it includes the TOR browser. It also leaves no trace on the computer because it runs only on RAM. Thetime to learn how to use these things is now, not after free discussion ceases to exist.

    • You can also burn the iso of a puppy derivative to a live CD and use that to surf. Most of them come with a choice of browsers, and the o/s will run in RAM, saving nothing in the session and you start with a clean o/s every time you boot up the cd.

      • Hi Ed, A linux puppy derivative on a disk or thumb drive would be pretty good, but it would not be able to get on TOR. Tails works on the Internet and on TOR. It also hides your real IP address. The bad thing about TOR is that the download speeds are slow if you are downloading large files. This is one reason I have subscribed to a VPN. It was late when I subscribed, and I have spent the last two days on the road, therefore it hasn’t been set up yet. I am using my phone tonight.

        • I subscribed to a VPN last December to use Soundike. TOR is more secure, true. Still, the learning curve for using tails is kind of onerous for me. Secure browsing is a desirable goal, but it won’t really help keep you online if the national security state really goes after the internet. Shutting down public IPs will be their move rather than picking out specific people to target.

      • Hi BrentP, The Navy invented TOR for secure Internet communication. They released it to the public in order to mask their own communications and to invite computer nerds to work on improving it. This created a conflict within the government itself, because some branches are trying to maintain the security of TOR while other branches are trying to break TOR. I am not sure whether DARPA or the CIA have any role in it’s funding, but you can bet that the CIA is among the branches of government who are trying to break it.

        • Ed, Google disabled AdBlock + on my phone. I almost bought an iPhone. I’m regretting it now.

          Every time I get shuffled to a site that has a mention of heroes I can predict the bullshit coming up.

    • Hi Brian,

      You are right – and I need to get hip. I also need to figure out a way to protect EPautos from what happened to Alex as I am certain I am on a List, just as he is.

      • Eric,
        I think you’re already on a list. I shared your “free state steals $39,000” article on facebook, I don’t think anyone saw it.

  9. Let’s be perfectly frank and honest here for a moment, shall we?

    Google, Facebook, Youtube, every single television network without exception, every major paper including the New York Times and the Washington Post and even National Review is controlled by a very discrete cohort of individuals who number only 1.8 of the population but supported Hillary by a margin of 80-85%.

    Yes, I am talking about the Jews. And I can already hear the howls of outrage. No, I am not a Nazi. No, I do not worship Hitler. No, I do not want to throw the Jews into a camp. No, I m not crazy.

    But don’t you think that this is a little odd? If the entire American media were controlled by, say, Mormons, and they started banning liberal Democrats, people sure would notice. If the entire American media were controlled by Southern Baptists and they started banning liquor advertising or gay or feminist websites, people would be outraged. (And that outrage would almost certainly be led by liberal Jews).

    So let’s call a spade a spade here. This tiny clique of people are ALL are guaranteed dual citizenship in Israel AND the U.S. And they didn’t ban pro-choice sites, gun control sites, atheist sites, global free trade sites, pro-Israel sites, feminist sites, or open borders sites. They banned a site that directly appeals to conservative Trump voters and American patriots, whom they regard as their political enemies.

    Time to wake up here, people. Everyone in this country is not on the same page and they’re sure as hell not interested in you and your American constitutional rights.

  10. Maybe it’s time to exert a little control over the social media sites by turning them into “public utilities”. This one move would require them to accept all comers without regard to content. Maybe throwing a little socialism their way (by demanding they accept all viewpoints) would be a good thing.
    The so-called “civil-rights” laws could be used against them as well by citing them for “discrimination”.
    Let’s use their own advocacy for “socialism” laws to force them to “behave”.

    • Better to come up with a self-hosted social media system. The ISPs could have done it, but they threw in the towel when the DMCA came along. The old peer to peer stuff was the right idea but unfortunately was overtaken by the copyright “pirates” who thought redistribution of Hollywood drivel was a worthwhile use of the network. Take something simple like instant messaging. Facebook has their Messenger platform, which only works with Facebook. Google used to have their standards based IM system but shut it down because there wasn’t enough use to justify the resources needed to run it. I have a Jabber server running on a Raspberry Pi in my house. It has never been used other than for testing because no one I IM or text with would understand how to use a Jabber client and for sure how to set up their own. Since the people I IM with have only used SMS texting, Facebook Messenger, and possibly Skype messaging at work; that is instant messaging to them. They have no concept of what it would mean to have their own server. It goes without saying that they also think Gmail is email, and the idea of me hosting my own mail server (and {gasp!} paying for it) is just crazy old Eric being geeky.

      XMPP (the Jabber protocol) could also be used as a simple way to distribute realtime updates or even just use good old RSS (which is how I read every morning). And I’m not a computer programmer, I’m a former musician/cable guy who happens to enjoy beating on computers for a hobby.

      Of course the real hurtle to setting up an alternative to the silos is the network effect. No one is going to switch until everyone switches.

  11. The mainstream media has always been dishonest. From the “yellow journalism” of the late 1800s and early 1900s to today’s “fake news”, journalism has shown its true (communist) roots.
    From the lies about the Spanish-American war to the New York Times’ walter duranty hiding the truth about and denying the artificially engineered and forced communist “famine” in the Ukraine, to the lies about the 1968 Viet Nam communist Tet offensive (a military victory for the South Vietnamese and American troops) reported by walter cronkite as a military defeat, cronkite and his ilk were successful in prolonging the Viet Nam war for years, giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy, who bragged about being supported by the U S media.
    Look at NBCs doctoring of GMC truck gas tanks, rigging them to explode, and the deliberate mischaracterization of George Zimmerman’s conversation withe the 911 dispatcher, deleting a key phrase, as well as showing Trayvon Martin as a 12-year-old cherub rather than his more recent “thug” facebook picture.
    The media has become a “fifth column” of the government and is not to be trusted. The CIA has had its hooks in the media since the 1950s. In fact, Hollywood script writers were paid to insert anti-drug messages in their scripts during the “drug hysteria” period of the 1980s through 2000s. Today, we have “crisis actors” embedded in our government and media, the same “crisis actors” who keep showing up, being used in every (fake) “crisis”. The mainstream media keeps parroting these impostors, thinking that we are stupid, not being able to see through their lies and deceptions.
    To our advantage, we now have the internet, which gives the ordinary citizen the ability to see through the deceptions and lies, and the capability to be real “journalists”, quite often getting and reporting the story TRUTHFULLY before the mainstream media.
    In fact, there are calls by “mainstream media” to “license” journalists, in an attempt to keep these “citizen journalists” out…twenty years ago, any journalist suggesting such a scheme would have been thrown out, but nowadays…who knows?

    • Kathy Griffin, too. She’s just delighted that Jones is being banned…

      I guess holding the severed head of you political opponent isn’t “hate” speech…

  12. Don’t know about 9/11 and WTC7. My guess is that they were just a structurally unsound design, commissioned by the New York Port Authority at a time when NYC was in a death spiral -just watch “The Out of Towner’s” to get an idea of what it was like, constructed with mobbed up labor out of shitty Japanese steel.

    But the point of the article is censorship. I’ve been wondering how we got to this point and the blame is squarely on Hollywood and their demands that ISPs be held responsible for file sharing and copyright “violations” by their customers. The big ISPs wanted to have their cake and eat it too, by calling their service and “information service” they could avoid common carrier status and restrict what users could do online. So together they came up with the DMCA, which made it possible to prosecute individuals violating copyright laws. Because the ISPs didn’t want to have to monitor all that traffic they left it up to Hollywood (or their Hollywood production divisions) to police the network. This led to stories of grandmas with open WiFi getting DMCA takedown notices because the kid next door was seeding bittorrents of the latest Hollywood blockbusters from his bedroom (where did he get these files? Probably from the Chinese DVD manufacturer but hey, Chinese factories are really cheap and margins are everything). It also led to Facebook and Twitter and all the other user-content websites, because they were happy to police the users’ content. In fact, their whole business model depends on monitoring all their user activity. One man’s trash (liability) is another man’s treasure I guess.

    So now there’s a great central repository for all content. Alex says something outrageous about how JOOZ run the world? Shut off his access to FB, Youtube et al. Sure he can set up his own servers but then it gets a little harder for his fans to find his work. That works both ways though. I’m sure there are quite a few people who think that online video comes from Youtube and microblogging comes from Facebag and Twitter. they don’t realize there’s stuff like WordPress (and 50 other web hosting platforms) and even RSS. In their mind, problem solved.

    So Alex might not be on FB and the other mainstream silos, but who cares? His fans will find him and continue to support him. He might have a tougher time getting new viewers but the ones he does pick up will be far more interested in what he has to say.

    • By the way, this historical rhyme was played before when Howard Stern went to Sirius radio. People in the mainstream thought he was insane and that the show would die a quick death. Of course he lost the casual listener, but his base doubled down and not only paid up for the privilege but also became evenglists for the cause. I have a feeling Alex Jones will see the same thing happen.

      “If you strike me down I’ll become more powerful than you could ever imagine.” -Obi-wan Kenobi.

  13. Its really scary watching he rules of free speech being ripped up in the west…… google info wars right now and the mainstream press isnt talking about how bad or how scary this all is. They are saying how bad it is that despite everything (even porn hub) banning them, twitter hasnt yet!!!! WTF…. the the whole perspective around this is so messed up….

    I think another real concern for them is that not only is the viewership of the legacy media dropping, while people like Alex keep growing – its the fact that the age of viewers of the legacy media is going up (think its well above 60 now for CNN) while the average age for the new media is very young (i think for alex it was in the early 20s)….. that is the real fear, that the next generation is NOT falling for it……

    • Plenty of the millennial generation watches mainstream media. But they watch it in clips sent around the sosh-nets, not linear shows. They don’t get counted by Nielsen media so the demographics appear to be skewed to old viewers. But they are heavy consumers of programs like The Daily Show and many mainstream opinion blogs (and celebrities on the Twitter/Insta/Facebook cartel).

      Alex Jones and true alternative media are viewed by people 35-60 years old. The non-target demographic for mainstream media because they don’t want to sell us anything. And if/when we do watch TV it is probably going to be sports, not news.

      • I dont know RK – I would disagree with you. I agree the millennial are mostly a lost cause, but the tail end of them, say those below 25 pretty much grew up on youtube videos, and Alex was one of the largest channels on youtube. To many of these younger kids, rebellion is against the mainstream media of their parents…. I mean i know youngsters now who have never watched CNN or comedy central because its not half as captivating as the online sources…. ive found that myself (and im in my late 30s). Grew up in the US with cable, but recently started watching alternative media. once you watch say Joe Rogan (though you wont agree with a lot) you can never put on a mainstream debate / talk show because its so brain numbing and directed into the standard right and left and the real questions you are wondering are never asked…..

  14. Alex jones is a gateway for the uninformed but he also runs interference on many truths that cut down to the evil core.

  15. i was 11 years old and i saw wtc7 fall on the tv. I was thinking why did that building fall and not the others around it that were also damaged. 9/11 was an inside job and wtc7 is a smoking gun.

    • Hi Mooeing,

      Yup. It stinks to heaven. Note that every anniversary of 911, only the twin towers are mentioned. Never WTC 7.

      The way it failed does not make any sense except that it was a controlled demo – and that proves forethought and thus conspiracy.

      I could buy a partial collapse. Even a tipping over. But the thing literally collapsed into its own footprint, which as far as I understand building construction and the way implosion demolitions are done, requires “pulling” all key structural supports simultaneously. That cannot happen by accident. Also, the fall should have taken longer – if it wasn’t demo’d – simply because each floor would have resisted the weight of the floor above it as that floor fell down. But the entire structure fell at near freefall speed – indicating almost no resistance.

      Finally, the building was not hit by jets, there was no high heat fire. The reasons given for the failure of the Towers. So why did WTC 7 fail?

      It stinks.

      And something else stinks, too. The Pentagon attack. I was there – I grew up in DC. There are cameras everywhere and literally thousands of tourists with cameras. Yet not a single video or photo of a commercial jet flying low and erratically on a day when everyone knew what had just happened in NYC and so would have been looking for low, erratic flying jets. The fact that there is no video of the supposed plane sets off my radar.

      Second: Local media coverage of the attack initially showed a relatively small hole, with no damage on either side or above the hole. The office windows on either side of the hole were intact. There was no damage from a vertical stabilizer or wings, no sign of the huge jet engines hanging underneath those wings…

      The hold looked like it was made by something much smaller, without big wings … like a missile.

      An older friend of mine who is a retired Navy pilot – a carrier pilot – says the maneuvers supposedly performed are virtually impossible for that aircraft and would require a highly skilled pilot to execute. The idea that a rube who could barely handle a single-engine prop Cessna performed them is ludicrous.

      • I didn’t believe any of the bullshit on 911, even watching it live.
        James Corbett, “911 in 5 minutes”.

        Well ,until it is banned anyway.
        How about the BBC reporter speaking of WTC7 falling while it is clearly standing in the background behind her? Her feed was conveniently cut shortly after.. The truth is still out there folks, no mater what the asshats try to erase from our reality..How you use it is up to you.

      • The number one thing to me was that not one single head rolled!

        The biggest attack on US soil and not one of the people in charge of making sure a 911 does not happen is held responsible?!?! And no serious investigation?!?!

        • That’s because Cheney and the Chimp knew it was their buddies the Saudis who were responsible for it, plus it gave him the BS excuse to attack Iraq; not to mention the police state inflicted upon us since that event. My fever dream is to Saudi Arabia go up in flames, and Bush and Cheney die slow agonizing deaths.

          • Hi Mike,

            I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who are not old hands here: Back in the ’90s, I was an editorial writer and columnist at The Washington Times, in DC. The editorial page editor used to practically take dictation from this entity I had never heard of before called The Partnership for a New American Century. Every day, the fax machine would spit out some talking points and these would become the next day’s editorials. I literally saw this with my own eyes. I was there.

            The PNAC was a storefront for so-called neoconservatives, who are as “conservative” as I am African American. These neo-cons are principally defined by their rabid Israel-uber-alles/American empire politics. They were very bothered by the deflating general interest in a massive imperial state after the implosion of the old Soviet Union. A new bogeyman was desperately needed to justify the ludicrous “defense” (and foreign aid) budgets and to justify the national security state these creeps worshipped and profit from.

            They even published a long paper openly pining for a “new Pearl Harbor” to revivify public support for the empire (and a no-questions-asked approval of anything demanded by Israel, regardless of any legitimate questions about whether the interests of Israel and the interests of the American people are identical).

            These same neocons also talked up their plans for “regime change” in Iraq and Syria…all that was needed to get the ball rolling was . . . a “new Pearl Harbor.”


            Mind, prior to 911 no one outside of conservative/DC policy circles had ever heard of the PNAC. And yet this shady little group seemed to have anticipated the events which occurred and without question had tremendous influence over the events which preceded them, in terms of behind-the-scenes manipulation of public opinion via organs such as The Washington Times (and also The Washington Post and other media, left and right). I could never understand how this PNAC achieved such power to literally dictate the content of editorials and opinion pieces, which were often almost verbatim reproductions of these fax machine talking points I mentioned earlier.

            I do not believe in coincidences of this sort. It was all too choreographed and not random. Even to the extent of the term “911” itself. Within hours of the attack, that term was being used by every major media outlet – as if scripted. It was scripted. Again, I was there. In the media. The editorial writers at my paper (and other papers) were told to use that particular term when writing their editorials and columns. Not “yesterday’s attacks” or even “terrorism.” We were specifically ordered to use “911.”

            And more profoundly, what are the odds of a major attack occurring on the day which
            can be “translated” into the acronym everyone uses to denote an emergency?

            • Excellent points.

              There really is something psychological behind the usage of the “9/11” term. Which term would scare the public the most “September 11 Terror Attacks” or “9/11”?

            • Eric, you have confirmed my long standing suspicions on the term. Which is why I refuse to use it. I will always use things like the events of 11-sept-2001 or otherwise fully write out the date. I try to do this sort of thing where ever possible and avoid using conditioning language except to ridicule it or point out what it means.

              • Hi Brent,

                I am going to follow your example. I’ve been trying to be very precise with words for some time, for just these reasons. It’s really important – more so now than ever.

    • Ever notice how little is ever shown of WTC 3, 4, 5, and 6? Even if you go looking photos are scarce in the volume that has to be weeded through. Now when you see those photos you’ll see buildings that were pummeled by debris. Really beat to hell. But they are -standing-. By comparison WTC7 had extremely light damage.

      Anyway WTC7, like 1 and 2, failed in a manner inconsistent with their structure. And like with the magic bullet the government experts set out to find an explanation that fit the narrative.

      • Hi Brent,

        And: There are still videos online that show the lobby and below-ground-level floors of the Towers damaged prior the collapse. How did that happen given the initial damage occurred many floors above the lobby/ground level? There is testimony of multiple firefighters inside the building about explosions. There are images of molten (not hot, liquified) metal – and testimony to the same effect by firefighters who saw it with their own eyes.

        We also know the people who control the government are capable of such things because they have openly contemplated them in the past (see Operation Northwoods, suggested by no less a personage than JFK’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs) as well as the “sacrifice” of the Lusitania to enrage the public and goad the public into supporting the entry of the U.S. into WWI, the Golf of Tonkin “incident” (manufactured, again) and so on… these people are psychopaths. They are not like us. It is why it is hard to believe that the things they do are actually done by fellow human beings.

      • There was a video shot by someone/bystander/psyop person on 9/11 of about 10 heavy duty army trucks driving in coordination towards the loading dock of one of the WTC buildings. Loading gold or documents before it fell. I need to look for the link.

        • Brazos, a great deal of coordinated activity was happening in the background while firemen and EMTs stood around in shock with most of the trucks and equipment scattered throughout the scene, usually in bad shape of the few that worked. With no tools, no communication, and still trying to gather their mental and emotional stability while suffering bodily harm, kept telling video crews how the buildings resembled the looks and especially the sounds of controlled demolition.

          The only people who believe otherwise do so because they want to believe the lie. It’s seems a lot like a long term Stockholm Syndrome. And I suppose it is since they’ve been spoonfed lies their entire life.

          Believing in the federal government was a very grudging thing in rural Texas where I grew up.

          And it was my grandparents generation who had had little propaganda compared to my parents generation set up for years to get in a war fever for WWll.

          I might not have caught on early if not for Vietnam. Once a coach informed the boys when we were 14 we might want to bone up on the situation since we’d be there in 4 short years.

          We still have the distinction of being the only class ever, to not have a boy inducted into the military after graduation.

      • Hi Ed,

        Whatever actually did happen, what we were told isn’t what happened. Maybe someone out there can give me reasonable explanations for the two things about that story which do not compute:

        1. Why are there no photos or video of the airplane which supposedly hit the Pentagon – except one extremely blurred image taken by a Pentagon security camera that shows essentially nothing? There are security cameras all over DC. There were probably thousands of tourists in the area that morning, and probably every second or third person had a camera. They all knew airplanes had been crashed into the Trade Center in NY. Everyone would have been on the alert for a commercial jet flying erratically and low and there should therefore be numerous videos and photos of the thing. It makes no sense to me that there are none. There are reports of videos confiscated by armed government workers. Why? And why have these not been released? 911 happened almost 20 years ago – and we “know” what happened… right? So why not release them?

        2. WTC 7 – for all the reasons elaborated here many times. Its collapse could not have been caused by the impact of a jet and weakening of steel via jet fuel-fed fire because no jet hit the building and the fires were normal office fires (wood, paper, etc.) and those fires cannot burn hot enough to weaken let alone melt steel. And then the building just drops – straight down – at near freefall onto its own footprint. This would require all structural supports to give way at once, and the probability of that happening naturally, as a result of fire damage or falling debris, strikes me as extremely improbable.

        • Eric, I recall reading men in black sorta scenario confiscated nearly 90 security camera videos around the Pentagon that day.

          It wouldn’t surprise me to find out many were confiscated the day before.

          Tricky Dick Cheney announced the day before $2B were missing at the Pentagon. Funny that the main damage was to the computers there that held those records.

          • Morning, Eight!

            Yup. As I mentioned, I grew up in the DC ‘burbs and know the Pentagon area very well; drove right past it on my way to work for years. There were video cameras everywhere. There had to have been footage of the “airplane”… or whatever it actually was.

            • Eric, I was all over it on the Web from minute one.

              I have records from that very day. I’m sorta paranoid to share them (goddam helicopters this week already).

              Remember it was August 1..2016 the wife and I were raided……on a rumor, one I already knew from heart.

              I had only been off the road for a month when it happened.

              We were raided with no search warrant for growing pot.

              I was never home and the wife wasn’t capable of growing anything, not even the lowliest of gardens.

              We’re nearly 70 years old. Not as if we could do what we might want.

              But a lying, duplicitous, whore of my leassors ex wife accused off of this
              Probably the fact she was facing 5 felonies including kidnapping, kept them from getting a search warrant. ..of which I had no fear “legally ”
              Of course legally isn’t here nor there..

              Legally, what a fuckin joke.

        • Hi Eric, or anyone who can educate me, why would TPTB want to collapse WTC7? If the whole day was all just pretense for war, the patriot act, and spying, why would they need to take that one out as well? Was it really just because the SEC was investigating Enron? Is there more to Enron than I read? Just seems like a stupid reason to add evidence to the 9/11 truth argument just to protect a ponzi scheme.

          • Brandon, I don’t know why they did it, but it was probably part and parcel to the whole shitaree they were pulling off. People like that will do things for reasons that wouldn’t even occur to a normal person.

          • Brandon, from what I have read, the politically connected owner of WTC wanted to tear it down anyway, but doing so would have had great additional expense due to the heavy use of asbestos during the centers construction. If true: Quite a few birds were killed with one stone, benefitting the owner ( who supposedly collected insurance claims instead of having to pay for it’s destruction and removal by hiring to have those things done ), and a massive power grab by the powers that should not be. The masses were terrified and even more easy to dupe than usual.

            • Brian, you have it right. Silverstein was looking to collect the overpriced worth of the buildings

              Of course, this was the very reason things happened as they did.

              911 was a planned thing. It’s hard for me to believe anyone can take it as anything else.

        • Not only is there a paucity of video of Flight 77 supposedly crashing into the Pentagon, Eric…where are the ENGINES? One would expect that 757’s TWO Rolls-Royce RB211s or Pratt & Whitney PW2000s to survive largely intact if the aircraft ‘pancaked’ in and managed to hit the exterior wall of the Pentagon (which, at five stories, ain’t that easy to strike with an airliner flying in!). Judging by the hole left in the wall, you’d expect to see two big holes about 12 feet in diameter on each side, where each engine punched through and ought to be found in the rubble! All the “Gubmint” would have to do to silence the “conspiracy theorists” that claim it was actually a cruise missile and not an airliner is to produce these huge turbofans from the rubble, and that’d be it. Yet NO pics have been forthcoming after 17 years…wonder WHY?

          • The other big thing about flight 77 is that it was the flight from which several impossible cell phone calls were made.Ted Olson’s wife, Barbara supposedly called him several times on her cellphone, or so Ted claimed.

            He said that she called him collect from her cellphone, then it was a collect call from the Airfone to the switchboard at the FBI or DOJ, and there were other variations in his story. His tale was not believable.



            Also there was a long call reported from an invented flight attendant named Betty Ong which was also supposed to have been made from that flight. It’s just as unbelievable a tale as the Olson story.


          • Hi Doug,

            Yup. No damage from the “wings,” either. Just a fairly small (at first) hole. Nothing on either side of the hole And where did the vertical stabilizer go?

            Besides all that, I trust my retired Navy Pilot friend who told me the maneuvers supposedly executed were beyond the capabilities of the 757 and even if not, would have required a highly skilled pilot to execute them, but the supposed “terrorist” could barely handle a single-engine Cessna.

            • The wings I could understand folding in as the fuselage front end smashed through the wall…except…do you know how THICK those Pentagon Walls are? Remember, this thing was built in 1940-1, back when there was never enough concrete and masonry that most bank and/or government buildings could be constructed of! The Pentagon was built like a FORTRESS because the ARMY Corps of Engineers was used to building MASSIVE structures like those “dam” things, levees, bridges, and FORTIFICATIONS, so naturally when they put up buildings for the Army (the Navy did its own, hence in the war the “SeaBees”) they were built like…”Fort Knox”. As a humorous note, in “Goldfinger”, most nuclear experts would agree that the “device” that Auric Goldfinger had built under the supervision of Mr. Ling, the Chinese Physicist, might not necessarily have obliterated the building…but certainly would have converted the gold bullion into a molten, radioactive pool which would have been rendered unusable…what Mr. Goldfinger had in mind when, after being cautioned by ‘007’ about not having sufficient time and means to remove it, retorted that he had neither the intention nor the need to remove (i.e., steal) the gold at all. Since that time, the Federal Reserve has done what Auric Goldfinger could not…make off with the entire gold supply of the USA!

              • Hi Doug,


                But then we have the problem of those two huge engines hanging off the wings. And the vertical stabilizer, too. And if the concrete was as impact-resistance (and I agree in your observation about thickness) then how come the hole was so neat? I would have expected a massive bug splat type of impact picture…

                In any event, the absence of any photographic or video evidence of the airplane is damning. And if you haven’t have a look at the supposed flight path and ask yourself whether you think a geek who could barely fly a single engine prop job could take a heavy jet down to the deck like that at several hundred knots and fly it straight and level at almost ground level into a building at a nearly perfectly horizontal angle of attack.

        • Eric, BYW, I keep forgetting to address the problem of the plane that went missing.

          I had an ex marine who worked for me who believes that missing air liner was “taken”,how the hell ever you’d do that, and downed by US fighter jets into the Atlantic. And he’s fine with that explanation.

          But don’t ask the little suckass how you force a plane to do anything but crash from being struck with missiles, never mind the entire military was grounded that day, another wonna them “coincidences”. He’d go off the deep end if you questioned him further after his explanation.

          A customer and I had him screaming, and this while on the phone to a customer, with him saying he couldn’t hear anything and we made his head hurt. I’m thinking his head was hurting long before I’d ever seen him. Hell, his screaming made everybody’s head hurt. It seemed to be his modus operandi when there was doubt.

          He’d obviously embraced the military tradition of screaming at a problem believing enough volume would solve everything.

          • Morning, Eight!

            Yup. As an aviation buff, I’ve read up on and viewed images of probably every major commercial jet crash. All of them – no exceptions- were clearly jet crash accident scenes. You cannot obliterate a heavy jet as supposedly happened in PA. A 757 isn’t a supersonic missile. Even if it was in a perfect vertical dive there would have been obvious pieces of a big jet all over the place.

            It’s another one of those never-happened-before (or since) events – like a building collapsing down, symmetrically, onto its own footprint – that we’re supposed to believe happened twice that day.

            • I watched a documentary on the pentagon on 11-9-2001 where witnesses were interviewed. It was quite telling. I wish I remembered its name. Anyway it appears there was at the very least more than one plane where one flew away or the official narrative is complete nonsense.

              • If it went down like they said it did, firefighters across the world would have to completely change (i.e. not go into them anymore) their strategy in fighting office fires in steel skyscrapers.

      • Ed, that’s so understated I laughed out loud. ….hilarious.

        But then again I’m one of those who think it’s all straight up. ….
        .especially the way building 7 was pulled over…..after a years hard work. Larry Silverstein is a swell Jew….doing his part to make the USA an Israeli colony.

          • Ed, the wife had a stroke over a couple months ago. I am the do everything person here.

            She’s getting better but not to the point I can go back to full-time trucking.

            Of course being the enemy of the government makes me the ultimate felon making it tough for me to get a good job, especially of the trucking sort.

            You have my email address. I can elucidate.

            • Sorry, but I accidentally deleted my contacts file when I installed a new email client. That’s why I suddenly stopped emailing about 4 years ago.

              Maybe we could ask eric to email you my email address. Mine is in his paypal records.

              • Ed,when you said you changed email addresses, I took it to be the truth. Mine hasn’t changed and if you want to keep up just tel Eric.
                I thought we were on the same page. if eric will get us together again I’d be glad to communicate… old ahole

                • I was changing ISPs and was given 30 days grace to keep the old email, but I managed somehow to delete everything trying to import folders when I got a personal domain for email, retard that I am.

                  I’d like to keep up, for sure. It’s hard to find a bigger asshole than me, so I try to stay in touch with one when I can find one. ahaha

            • Hi Eight, sorry to hear about your wife, hoping she has a full recovery. Mine had a stroke about 5 years ago and took awhile to get back up to speed, she has a permanent droop on the left side of her face but everything else is ok. Praying all comes out well for you guys.

        • Larry Silverstein is the epitome of a Jewish mobster. He makes Meyer Lansky seem honest. Like something out of a movie.

          He acted incredibly suspicious during his interview with Charlie Rose.

          • Hi Handler,

            His comments in re “pulling” WTC7 were odd. In the context in which they were said, I would have used “evacuate the building” – i.e., get the people out of there. But the people were already out of there. There was no one inside the building- for hours prior to its collapse. They had been evacuated. So what did he mean by “pull it“? Clearly, he meant the building – not the people inside, who were long gone. And “pull” is a term used specifically in the building trade to denote a controlled demolition/implosion. I can think of no other reason that makes any sense for him to use those particular words in that particular context.

            If anyone can provide an explanation that does make sense, I would like to hear it.

            • Eric, after Larry uttered that term he had it pointed out to him by a journalist (can’t remember who)he used the term. He said it was a slip of the tongue (it certainly was), that he meant “pull it over”.

              He gave no more interviews. It was never brought up again as I recall by the MSM.

              For those who doubted it the Shrub had the answer “You’re either with us or you’re with the enemy”. Only a few of us had the nerve to say they were one in the same.

              I had not and haven’t again seen such a huge audience of blind followers.

              It was the late 60s when controlled demolition began to be used because the buildings being torn down were built too well for destruction balls to be useful.

              As I have pointed out to the willingly gullible, HTF do you “pull” over a building?

              • Amen, Eight.

                Words matter. People choose them to express specific things. The use of “pull it” int his context makes no sense except as a reference to controlled demolition.

                He slipped up – and let loose the truth.

                • This is the same guy that used a dermatology appointment as an alibi. He was supposed to be at the WTC meeting his tenants.

          • Thanks Mike, glad to hear your wife is still genin.

            Just a couple days ago I was speaking with my best friend for 60 years.

            We both agreed there’s very little “Golden” in these years, obviously a saying invented by someone without much age.


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