Just Make it Easy for Us!

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Here’s video taken by a man abused by several armed government workers – affronted by the man’s lawful presence on a public sidewalk lawfully taking video of armed government workers in public:

The first armed government looks like he’s about to explode from cholesterol and rage. The second one, a skinny bully in his Intimidator sunglasses – demands ID and says, “just make it easy for us” – i.e., do what we order, regardless of legal requirements to the contrary.

Note – again: These armed government workers are at liberty to make up law and enforce it whenever their prickly sense of entitlement or authority is affronted. And they are never so much as reprimanded for blatant, irrefutable abuse of the law and the people they allegedly “serve and protect.”

Hut! hut! hut!

Remember: They are not “police officers,” much less peacekeepers. They are armed government workers.

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  1. Eric,

    I know you’ve made a career of writing and I don’t want to be one of those stick-in-the-mud grammar nit-pickers but, in the paragraph which starts, “Note”, you use an adjective referring to the “sense of entitlement” which may be incorrect. I do not believe it correct for that adjective to end in “ly”. I think the AP or New York Times Style Guide would come in handy in this case…

    • Hi Mark,

      Remember: I’m a one-man show. When I worked within the beast’s belly as a reporter/editorial writer and columnist, I had copy editors. Now I don’t. I do the best I can with what I’ve got!

      • Thanks for getting the sarcasm…I’ll stop trying to bring a little humor to the par-tay…I thought the implication of the AP Style guide dealing with the proper use of the term “prick” would have been enough…I guess not…

        • Of course I got it, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity, lol! Besides, somebody has to spike the punch every now and then just to wake up the room. I think Eric missed it at first too. These are edgy times we live in and everybody’s sittin’ on a little powder keg of their own, dontcha know? “Double the powder and shorten the fuse”, as the saying goes!

    • Mark, costly, heavenly, slovenly, ugly, and prickly are all adjectives that end in “ly”. To hell with the AP or NYT Style Guide. If you want to nit-pick, how about this idiotic new “grammar” program being advertised on the internet, titled Grammarly, which isn’t even a valid form of the word “grammar” at all! Perhaps you need to consult a dictionary of the English language, instead of popular culture or the media, before criticizing someone else’s use of the language? I know for a fact Eric keeps one at his writing desk, as do I, so it’s just a suggestion.

  2. And the next NFL game will begin with “or the land of the free..”

    Sad and pathetic how we deceive ourselves so willingly.

    • Hi Aljer,

      Another reason to loathe the adulation of athletes. Obsessing about fuhhhhhhhhttttttttball and screeching wildly like a Scottish berserker at a game (or even just at the TV) makes a man feel as though he is “free” – no one denies him the right to be rabid about “his” team as well as provides an acceptable outlet for his neutered masculinity.

      • I have a customer whose 4 year old boy can read or write his own name, but he is already playing “peewee football”. The parents have dreams of their prodigy making money the “easy” way, it seems. Go figure!

        • Hi Graves,

          Depressing… because it means another male candidate member of the fuhhhhhhhhtttttttball cult, safely neutered as far as ever thinking about anything that matters and certain to never do anything that matters.


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