Tatted and Tacticooled Thug

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Here’s video of a man legally open carrying in public being hassled by a tatted-up thug in his Tacticool gear, complete with opaque sunglasses – which these “heroes” use to try to intimidate people.

The armed (and armored) government worker claims that  open carry  in public on a public road is no longer legal because “vendors” have set up operations and they can pre-empt the law on public roads.

What’s more interesting to me though than the legal parsing is the physical appearance of the armed government workers – who increasingly look like the street thugs they are.

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  1. Another example of cops loathing anyone but themselves being armed. They have complete contempt of our firearm rights.

    And the NRA will continue to cuddle up to anyone in a hero uniform.

    • Hi Aljer,

      Agreed. I make the same point constantly to my cop-snuggling “conservative” friends. These armed government workers despise armed us. Our being armed not only levels the playing field, it also detracts from their status as a privileged class. They take it as an affront – and that is the greatest “crime” there is today. Affronting the Authority of armed government workers. Of government, generally.


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