Today’s Clover: Begging to be Brake Checked

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Here’s today’s Clover – a guy who wants to drive fast but refuses to pass. I watched the Clover ride the bumper of the SUV ahead of him for several miles – maintaining a half-car length’s gap (sometimes less) at 60-plus MPH, which is above the posted speed limit.

Not that there’s any excuse for tailgating – even if the car ahead is driving well below the speed limit – because (unlike merely driving faster than an arbitrary number posted on a sign) riding inches off the bumper of another car is always dangerous.

The thing to do – if you’re in a hurry and find yourself behind a slower-moving car – is to pass it.

Even if you have to cross the double yellow (the government having painted over almost all of the formerly legal passing zones). Assuming adequate sight lines and time/space enough to execute the maneuver – it’s safer (and much more considerate) to just get around the other car than attempt to shove the other car off the road.

This, of course, is lost on Clovers. Who screech about unsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe drivers – which they invariably equate with fast drivers – except when they want to go faster.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to install an oil-injection system into the exhaust pipe, like they have on airplanes at air shows // evil

  2. These tailgaters come in a wide variety of motivations.
    Some just speed up to nestle up to whomever. They just have to be close to someone.

    I’ve had won’t pass morons tailgate me when I am bicycling. Then they get mad at me for not leaving the roadway for them. There’s another lane but no, they want me to stop, dismount, and get off the road. Maybe I’ll do that some day. Slowly come to a stop. Slowly dismount. Slowly carry my bicycle off the road.

  3. Yesterday’s commute came with some icy and slushy roads. Kid in a tweaked out WRX, full blown ground effects, slick and wide tires, horny strip across the back of the roof, and whizzer tailpipe. Gets on my ass while I’m passing a semi. I get out of his way, he stomps on the gas and flies past to the next guy. Waits about 10 seconds, then passes on the right, and continues on, weaving through morning rush traffic. You’d think someone who pissed away that much money on a ricer would be a little more careful with his creation. But then again I don’t see the point of paying thousands of dollars for tattoos either, especially when you see them on 50 year old skin.

    (I’ll just be over here with the other greybeards complainingabout the music being too loud…)

  4. That guy’s a ticket chicken. He wants to drive really fast but doesn’t want to get a ticket. So he tailgates to convince the guy in front of him to drive fast too. Then if there’s a speed trap ahead they’ll pull over the lead guy, not the tailgater.(He’s using the lead guy as a decoy.) Of course if there’s nobody ahead of him he’ll drive slowly because he’s worried if he’s the lead guy driving fast then he’ll get the ticket.

    • Hi Big D,

      Ticket chicken

      I like it!

      If I’d been the guy tailgated in this video, I might have been tempted to brake suddenly and hard to avoid the cat that just ran out into the road…

      • What especially pisses me off is being tailgated when in the RIGHT lane. That pisses me off! You have at least one other late, so USE it, a-hole…


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