Murdered for “Speeding” – Almost

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Here’s a very disturbing video sent my way by a reader. It shows a man pulled over for speeding. Within seconds of the AGW appearing at his window, the “speeder” is staring down the barrel of a loaded pistol.

The escalation to murderous violence is immediate – and seemingly without legitimate provocation – e.g., some actual “threat” to the “safety” of the AGW.

Instead, it appears the “threat” posed to the Authority of the  AGW is the justification for the threatened curbside execution of the man.

“Why are you pilling a gun on me,” the man asks?

Profanities eruct from the gullet of the AGW.

The man apparently survived. But only incidentally. To point a loaded gun at someone is to threaten to kill them, period.

Do you think it is justifiable to threaten to kill someone for “speeding”? For affronting the Authority of an AGW?

Nothing in this video justifies the the resort to what occurred. The man wasn’t “speeding” when the AGW showed up at his window; it is clear he had pulled over – and certainly wasn’t attempting to “flee,” though he had every right to the moment the AGW pointed a loaded gun at his face.

And arguably, more.

But he didn’t do anything other than balk at the AGW’s barked commands. For this he faced summary execution.

This could happen to you, too. It has happened to me – also over “speeding,” the heinous crime of 54 in a 45.

Yes, really.

Because I – like this man – dared to question the AGW; didn’t do the Birkenau Breakdance at his command.

We are all in danger – because armed government psychotics are on the loose, armed and very much a threat to our safety.

. . .

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  1. I have long called cops “predators”. I’m going back to doing it with the Armed Govt. in from of Predator.

    Ever see a cop look up and run to someone, put their arm around them as ask if they’re ok…..hence, can I help you bud/lady? I’m still waiting to see that.

    • Actually I just saw that happen in a YT chase video yesterday. A 13yo thug had carjacked/kidnapped an elderly lady and took her on a long chase.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree on this one.

    This sort of “balking” is very often the prelude to driving away and a long dangerous high speed pursuit, or worse, pulling a gun and shooting at the officer.

    If the cop started off with “step out of the car” then this was a heck of a lot more than a speeding stop to begin with. I would like to see the dash cam and hear the radio traffic leading up to the stop.

    I have just about as low of an opinion of cops in general as anybody around, but it does no good to the cause of reining in outlaw cops to present a clip like this out of context. It is akin to the attack on the Covington Catholic kids, and we’ve seen how THAT went!


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