Today’s Clover: The Pensive Passer

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I wasn’t able to capture this one on video, but herewith the rant.

Almost as aggravating as the Clover who won’t move over is the one who takes forever to move over. First he mulls it over. Then he signals. Then he drives for awhile. Finally, he begins to ease over, very slowly – almost a drift. He takes minutes to do what ought to take seconds.

But I suppose we ought to be grateful he at least does it.

. . .

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  1. Must be a Vaginian or East Coast thing.

    I just don’t see most of the stuff you complain about out West.

  2. Of course there’s the clover that slows down to pass which is not only annoying but actually dangerous when passing a truck. (You definitely do not want to slow down when passing a tractor trailer)

    • Big, it’s a large danger to everyone. You don’t want to eat a big or a little and no trucker can guarantee at any time one might blow, come off the rim and guess where it goes. There’s another dangerous driver, the one that’s in a hurry so they blast up on what is obviously a moving road block, quite likely one of those slow passers of big rigs who’s doing that stupid slow shit having been going several mph faster coming up on a slower truck. I want around him too and so I move over and get in that slow conga line the idiot is making when a fast 4 wheeler comes up and whips over to the slow lane, somehow figuring he’ll be able to go around this mess. Once there’s a big line of traffic I just want the hell out of there so I’ll try to get back behind the slow truck but no, there’s that jackass in the slow lane and right in my blind spot. Without a big spot mirror I’d never be able to see him. And sometimes people seem to try to sneak around on that side seeing a slight gap between the front of the rig in the passing lane and the trailer in the slow lane. That’s so stupid it boggles the mind somebody would try it….but they do. They’re late, they’re late, for a very important date….and then eventually you’ll see them peel off and drive into a convenience store. Damn, musta been important.
      It’s the slow passers that often make a truck slow by impeding his pass. The next thing you know you’re dealing with a steep grade and you CAN’T pass. You’d gladly pull back behind the slow truck but there’s this dick over there thinking somehow he’s gonna shoot through that 10′ gap he sees between trucks. When you drive a truck you have to drive for at least 50% of the other drivers since they obviously haven’t figured it out yet.

      • I always change lanes to the LEFT to pass anything on the highway, unless there is already some idiot slowpoke in the far left lane for no obvious reason that won’t move over. Passing a big truck on the right is just Rushin’ Roulette. And then people will see (you would think they could see it?) the truck’s signals come on and they just putter along thinking “this is my lane and you can’t have it” apparently. 80K pounds vs 4K pounds so if the trucker wants that lane he/she/it is going to get it and probably can’t see you in the mirror anyway.

        I hate the @$$ holes who duck over in the right lane just to try to get around and one car ahead in a long line of traffic – what’s the point? Sometimes I’ve got my signal on and trying to move over a reasonable distance in front of the outfit that I just passed, and some butthead sees 1.1 car length gap and ducks to the right preventing me now from getting over. Just because I’m passing a slower vehicle (on a multi-lane) does NOT mean that I have to drive 20 mph over the limit. Of course on the 2 lane I will give it hell and slow back down to cruise after getting around. A couple months back I surprised the hell out of myself when I had the old Jeep doing 85 mph on a 2 lane pass – LOL


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