Today’s Clover: The “Virtue” Signaler

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Here’s today’s Clover – doing 33-ish in a 55  – growing a tail behind him and refusing to move over onto the shoulder to let anyone get by.

It’s interesting that in this era of hypersensitive “caring” – and virtue signaling – people (in general) are less civilized, less considerate of others than they were in the politically incorrect, seatbelt-not-wearing, often-smoking ’80s than they are now.

It’s interesting to speculate about why this is… .

. . .

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  1. Perhaps the biggest reason I am not a liberal is because of the hypocrisy of liberals. Virtue signaling is but one example of this.

    They extol the virtues of diversity, pontificate about how caring, kind, and tolerant they are, and sound off about how anyone who disagrees with them is not just wrong, but bad…yet in their own personal conduct and choices, they avoid diversity like a plague, and exhibit gross intolerance and cruelty their opponents don’t realize could exist.


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