Reader Rant: Dagoog?

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Here’s the latest reader Rant, along with my reply!

Rich says: I would not have found your website if dagoog had not banned your ads, as I read on Infowars. I have enjoyed reading your website and will enjoy watching your Youtube videos.

My reply: There has been an upswell of grassroots outrage over what the online Panopticon (Dagoog and its related entities, socialist media, etc.) is doing to suppress any opinion – as well as news and facts – that deviate from or challenge the Partei line. I am grateful for this because it indicates there are still lots of people who value liberty more than the faux “security” and “safety” of a prison you can’t escape. Also, because it makes possible the continued dissemination of the truth – factual and moral – despite the attempt to suppress it.

The next step will therefore probably be the outright illegalization of the expression of any viewpoint or fact that is not kosher, in the eyes of the Panopticon. This has already happened in Canada and the UK, to name just two major Western countries that have done so. You can be Hut! Hut! Hutted! for “misgendering” someone; that is, for calling a man wearing a dress “he” or “him” rather than “she” or “her” – notwithstanding the facts of biology (as opposed to gender identification politics, according to which you are what you believe yourself to be).

I got in trouble with Dagoog for having the cheek to write articles critical of being forced by the busybodies and control freaks who are “the government” to send money to the insurance mafia; and for writing an article explaining why so many new cars that as recently as five years ago had V6 engines now have tiny four cylinder engines, heavily turbocharged.

The horror, eh?

Well, I plan to keep on doing what I do as long as the readers make it possible for me to do it – or until the busybodies and control freaks who are “the government” lock me up for doing it!

. . .

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    • Hi Mark,

      I actually have that covered. My ex. Whatever our disagreements, she and I are in agreement about that. She knows – we have discussed it – that I would take care of hers, if something were to happen to her. And I know she would take care of mine. She is okay, even if she isn’t my wife anymore.


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