Reader Question: Ridgeline vs. Colorado?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Steve asks: I found your site through frequent links from the Woodpile Report – glad I did. Yours is an opinion that I value. Maybe you can help me make a decision. I’m in a specialized mechanical trade and I’ve been driving company-owned Chevy Silverado service trucks for 20 years. Later this year I’ll be moving into sales and will need to buy a personal vehicle for work – for which I’ll receive mileage reimbursement. I’ll probably be putting 30+ thousand miles a year on it. I’m really out of the loop as far as owning a personal vehicle goes. It needs to be presentable (company image and occasional customers as passengers) and l need the ability to transport palleted loads and other stock rather often. I operate in the New England area and need to be up and out early, regardless of weather. I want to spend 25-30k and don’t want new. The Chevy Colorado is at the top of my list followed by the Honda Ridgeline. I absolutely hate the new nanny stuff (first thing we did on my wife’s 2016 CR-V was turn it all off) and I’ll look at any year/mileage combo that predates that crap. Any suggestions?

My reply: I much prefer the Ridgeline over the Colorado – and not because I am at personally at odds with GM. The Colorado (and its GMC-badged twin, the Canyon) have tight cabins and small beds. The Ridgeline is hugely more space-efficient, both inside and in the bed. It has an under-bed storage area, for example. And access to the bed is easier than in the GM pick-up. In addition, the Honda has the same superb (reliable/durable) V6 used in other Hondas – and with AWD this pick-up will handle bad weather as well as any “real” pick-up with 4WD.

The main difference is the Ridge hasn’t got a two-speed transfer case, but that’s of no real consequence unless you plan to go rock crawling or seriously off-road.

The Ridge is also easier to get into – and out of – which will be a consideration for passengers.

Depreciation is low; resale value is high. The Ridge has a very strong following – me included – for good reasons. Plural.

I strongly recommend checking one out. Here’s my review, incidentally.

Keep us posted!

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  1. Me three, though if he said he needs a Manual, Taco is the way to go.

    Shame I have to tow bobcats, I would of gotten a little ‘yota instead of the Big Ram for that sole factor, but same time, love my truck


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