Run Out of Gas? Hut! Hut! Hut!

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Running out of gas is apparently “suspicious,” too – and justifies a Hut! Hut! Hutting! 

Two guys in a black SUV were forcibly removed from their SUV, shackled and subjected to the demeaning “sit on the curb” Submission Training Exercise popular with AGWs as a tool for establishing their dominance.

But what did the driver and his passenger do to warrant this treatment?

Cue Dark Helmet… absolutely nothing.

Not even a traffic violation.

But the AGWs eructed “suspicious” – and that gave them the power to handle the two men as presumptive criminals, in the absence of any evidence that a crime had been committed.

The men were forced to sit on the curb like criminals for 10-15 minutes while the AGWs – in their Batman outfits – sussed around like pigs in search of truffles for something to tag them with.

Alas – for the AGWs – the men’s papers were in order. They had to let them go. You can see the disappointment in the faces of the AGWs.

And: It is lucky for the men that the man who filmed this incident was there to record it. The AGWs knew they were being watched. And that just might have saved the two men from a more extreme Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Perhaps for “resisting,” the next-most-favorite Magic Word of AGWs.

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  1. The two men look really young. I remember in highschool my friends and I were always tight on cash and we’d wait until absolutely necessary to get gas. My friend had his jeep Cherokee sputter out several times as well trying to maximize time before fill up.

  2. Back in 1974 I ended up in the town of Lone Star Texas about 80 miles west of Shreveport. I was transferring from MCAS El Toro CA to MCAS Cherry Point NC. I had been on leave for over 30 days so my hair wasn’t exactly military cut. Sitting at a restaurant eating this local yokel set down beside me and asked me what I was doing in his town. I replied passing through. He asked me for Id, I replied I have done nothing wrong and would not show Id. He asked if I was from California, I said no. He looked puzzled. He said but you got California tags on your motorcycle. I said yep. Finally I said “Look,,, I’m leaving after I eat. I am not giving Id unless you charge me with a crime. He got up and left. I ate and left,,, he followed me to the Town limits.

    Today I would have been thrown on the deck and handcuffed or shot. What a difference 45 years make.

    Main reason I didn’t show Id back then was we in the military were not ‘hero’s’ like today. We were despised because of Vietnam. Today if that happened and I showed him my military Id he probably would have given me the keys to the city and a date with his daughter!

    • It’s reprehensible what idiot cops did back then to Nam vets. At least in Bossier City, 85 miles east of Lone Star, TX, they knew where their bread was buttered, and left the Airmen at BAFB alone, mostly, back then. Nowadays…

      I know just what you mean about “not to Mil standard cut”, when I was on leave/PCS, maintaining AFR 35-10 was last on the list of “things to do”. Beer, BBQ, and rack time were close to the top of that list.

      • ***”It’s reprehensible what idiot cops did back then to Nam vets.”***

        Sounds more like poetic justice, or ‘karma’; Local Uncle’s mercenaries doing to Federal Uncle’s mercenaries what they did to locals in a foreign country who did them no harm.

  3. “sussed around like pigs in search of truffles for something to tag them with.”

    You have a way with words. People at work were wondering why I was chuckling.