Dangerous People

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You’ve likely been following the suppression of speech by the big tech companies and may have noticed collusion – the real thing, unlike the asserted thing directed at the Orange Man.

The suppression is coordinated and even deploys the same verbiage against its targets. For example, Paul Joseph Watson has just been deleted from Gesichterbuch and labeled – here it comes – “dangerous.”

Just as I have been.

It’s unlikely this is coincidental.

And as in my case, what makes Paul “dangerous,” exactly, is never specified. That would enable him to at least respond, to defend himself and – what cannot be allowed – refute the charge.

Instead, a vague blanket indictment. Which is purposefully intended to be impossible to directly challenge.

The Jews are Our Misfortune.

Anyone remember that one?

It amounts to the same thing, in principle. People anathematized for no specific reason but just because they’re not liked.

It’s  interesting that Zuckerberg – who is Jewish – doesn’t grok the ominous parallels but is helping to resurrect them.

I got not-liked for writing articles explaining to people why cars are becoming so radically complex – and expensive. And questioning the moral right of the government to force people to pay money to the insurance mafia.

Und so weiter.

Or so I assume – because I was never told. The pages on which these articles appeared were “flagged.” I was not told, specifically, which item on the pages at issue was considered “dangerous” – or “derogatory.” I was just told the entire page – and everything on it – was either or both and all of it had t go, else my advertising would go. (I was happy to let it go; EPautos is relatively shielded from this digital age thuggery because it is almost entirely supported by the readers, directly, and a few direct ads.)

None of my articles has ever advocated violence. In fact, they have always advocated the opposite. That control freaks and busybodies stop using violence to impose their curious opinions about how life ought to be ordered on people who’ve harmed no one and who merely wish to be left in peace.

This ancient American idea – live and let live – is being pathologized into precisely the opposite of what it means by people who are themselves pathological. People like Gesichterbuch front man Zuckerberg. And his cohort of social media Thought Police.

Disagreement is being transformed into dangerous.

Which is a danger more extreme than that posed by any “terrorist” –  even one with a hydrogen bomb. Which might lay waste to a city – but not to an entire culture, not to civilization itself.

The Left – and it is specifically the Left – has gone Pol Pot. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that some of its leaders and rank and file too probably want to physically exterminate those who disagree with them. It is not that Great a Leap Forward from ruining people socially and professionally to ending them, physically.

It has gotten so out of hand that even to express an unfavorable view of what these Panopticonic entities are doing – or to express support for their victims – is itself sufficient to incite a Memory Holing. You are precluded from expressing such “dangerous” opinions by being excised from the means of expressing them.

These companies effectively own the town square now – and are establishing their very own Free Speech Zones. Or rather, their lack.

But, there is a sliver lining to this very dark cloud.

It is that the Left’s Pol Pot-ism is a measure of its desperation. The Left is losing its grip – not just on its own sanity but on the debate.

Which is why they are determined not to have one. This includes suppressing – eliminating – the comments sections which used to exist on MSM media sites. The problem (for the MSM) was the disagreement had become all too obvious.

But normal people of all political varieties are increasingly disturbed by the spittle-spewing derangement – and authoritarian tactics – on display. The rabid thrashing of people so saturated with hatred for what they regard as violations of a sacred orthodoxy – theirs – that they literally can’t see straight anymore.

They certainly can’t see themselves. Much less how the rest of the population sees them.

All they seem able to do is lash out.

If they continue, it is very likely the Orange Man will be re-elected, for one thing. And for another thing, that there will be other forms of pushback.

Economically and otherwise.

As addicted to Gesichterbuch as many people have become, they are also becoming aware of the Big Nanny in the room – and it may disturb enough of them to find alternative forms of keeping in touch with their friends and families. Same goes for the chirpie little birdie and the Tube of You.

The tech giants can lock down their platforms – but they can’t lock down our minds. Nor take away our freedom – unless we are complicit.

In which case, we deserve the chains which they will use to bind us.

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  1. PJW is great. He never exaggerates or tells lies, like western governments do. It’s sad that we now have to have people like him to remind us of our forthcoming enslavement in total.

  2. You have an alternative: stop using Google, Facebook and Twitter. There are alternative browsers like Ixquick and Duckduckgo that I have no problems with.
    Yes, the loony tunes left is getting crazier by the moment about the only thing we can do is let them crash and burn.
    They are already devouring each other. As for the likes of Suckerturd, forget him. Facebook is for young girls and old people where they can post pics of the grand children and little fido.
    If you are addicted to social media get help.
    I prescribe several doses of the Tom Woods show and likewise of Ron Paul Liberty report.
    Take one each in the morning and at night.
    I will however warn you: the baby boomers are dying off and the millennials and GenXers are going to take over. They have a very different view of freedom and liberty. Just be warned, if you think it’s bad now wait until they get real power.

  3. Guys,

    The time is upon us in which we are going to have to greatly curtail our use of “their tech”, because it has become apparent that this tech is controlled solely by the enemies of liberty, and exists mainly for the opurposes of control and surveillance.

    The level to which such extends has recently been made very apparent to me. Yous guys may notice that I haven’t been posting much as of late- and that is because I am in the process of greatly reducing my internet usage.

    What prompted me to do this, ius that last week, out of the blue, Firefox disabled my ad blocker- permanently. I can’t even go and install it again- as all non-Firefox or officially-approved Firefox add-ons are now blocked. I thought I was safe from such things, being a Linux user….guess not.

    To think: A piece of software that I use has such control and capability, on MY computer! That it can communicate with home-base, and apprise them of my configuration, and allow them to make changes to that coinfiguration, and override what I choose to do [Never mind the fact that they are so monitoring my actions and preferences!]- This is abhorrent and completely unacceptable! (I wonder how lonmg it will be before Jewtube also categorically blocks all ad blockers? My hunch is: Soon!).

    I’m using anotherr browser now- but the experience is not so good. I will be trying others- but based on past experiences, I’ve come to expect many issues from the non-mainstream browsers. And even if I find a good one….the die has already been cast; we are on borrowed time as loo9ng as we are using this tech, because just as in real life, what started out as a free market and a means of giving everyone a press, has become nothing more than a way for others to get control over us and surveil us to level never before possible.

    Weaning myself from the interwebz will be good practice for when I escape this police-state, because it is almost certain,m that where I settle will not have internet access. (And now….since Turdpress no longer preserves my details, and this browser doesn’t have auto-fill, I have to type-in my name and email manually….every single time I post. See how depenmdent we become on this crap?!)

    • Nunz,

      I have the Epic browser, and it’s pretty good. It also blocks EVERYTHING; I’m talking about ads, trackers, all that. Plus, it uses a lot less RAM and processing power than FF does. I use FF for a handful of sites that don’t play ‘nice’ with Epic, but other than that, I use Epic for pretty much everything.

      I don’t know if Epic will work on Linux though. It’s a Chromium based browser, but it’s not Google Chrome. If there’s any way you can use it, you should. I like it. That said, your distro’s repositories should have other browser choices. To find out more about the Epic browser, go here: https://epicbrowser.com/

      • As far as I know Epic won’t run on linux unless you load Wine. (a Windows emulator)

        Google will….. same chromium base. (but not trustworthy!)

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Mark!

        Unfortunately, Epic is compatible with Linux. Too bad…I gave it a look; it looks pretty good- I would have liked to have given it a try.

          • I knew what you meant. I don’t like using FF because, in recent years, it’s become such a BLOATED POS! When I click it off, 15%-20% of memory is freed up.

            You could also try Seamonkey, which you can get from mozilla.org. It’s based on the old Netscape, IIRC. It’s compatible with the Ubuntu distros, and it should be available in the repositories.

            What I like about Epic, besides the protection & security it has, is that it’s light and fast. It’s too bad you can’t run it.

            • I actually had Seamonkey on an old distro, as an alternate browser. Just checked my repositories [I use a Debian based system, and can use the Debian repos) and amazingly….it ain’t in there.

              • What do you use, Ubuntu or something like it? I tried Debian, but it was beyond my depth. While I understand their commitment to ideological purity WRT FOSS, I couldn’t get my wireless card to work; I couldn’t get a bunch of stuff to work.

                If you’re using a Debian based distro, do you have something called Iceweasel? That was their version of Firefox.

                • Debian is great for servers but Ubuntu or Mint are much better for desktop use since most things will “just work” unless you have hardware so new that the Linux kernel doesn’t support it yet.

                  My own preference is for the long-term support releases of Ubuntu, but I use the Mate, Xfce, or LXDE variants since I don’t care for the default Ubuntu desktop.

            • MM, seems like a year and a half or two years ago FF installed it’s “new” browser on my computer. It was Chrome dressed up as FF and it sucked big time. I lost some of the best add-ons ever including Thumbnail Zoom Plus, an awesome add-on that the developer has never made again since it wasn’t compatible with the “new” FF.

              Since that time FF has become better and it does have some good built-in protection but it lost a lot of good developers that haven’t tried to “accommodate” it again. I certainly don’t blame them. I haven’t downloaded a version of Brave and wonder if it’s faster than old FF.

          • Not yet, maybe, but no doubt there someone at SourceForge, or some other open source site, working a version.

    • @ Nunzio

      Open another tab. Type about:config

      Message This might void your warranty. Click “I accept the risk”

      Scroll down (almost at bottom) to “xpinstall.signatures.required”

      Double click on that line. It will change from:

      default boolean true


      modified boolean false.

      Exit out and IF NECESSARY reload ublock origin or whatever you use.

      You should be good to go…..

      • The patch should have gone out and that’s not a good solution. It does work, but it opens a big security hole.

        Instead there are two settings to change, wait for the addons to light back up and the return to their original values. It is to turn studies on, set the check interval to 1 second. I can’t find what they are here. Ninz, if your browser hasn’t fixed itself by now let me know and I’ll post the settings when I get to my main computer where I have it bookmarked.

      • Kem,

        That did the trick! Thanks! I knew there had to be something in about:config….but I had no idea what exactly, and I never would’ve found that by just farting around! Didn’t even have to reload AdBlocker Ultimate!

        Wait. What am I thanking you for? Now it’ll be harder for me to wean myself from the web!!! 😉

        Well, this sure is a lot better than the Qupzilla browser I’d been using for the last week or so!

        BTW: Do you know of any resource that ‘splains all of the settings in about:config? (It would be HUGE!!! -but just think of how customizable Firefox could be…)

        • Careful, that’s not really a fix, it’s a hack or workaround that should be regarded as temporary as it turns off security checking of addons. At this point if you update to the latest Firefox the problem should be fixed and you can turn that setting back on.

          If you’re on Windoze, in Firefox drop down the menu using the dumbass “three bars” button on the top right, select “Help” at the bottom of the menu, then “About Firefox” – it will automatically download the update that fixes the problem for real.

          If on Linux just running your normal system update should pull in the fix.

          • You are likely correct,,, but the ‘bug’ has likely been there quite awhile and without too many problems,,, at least on Linux systems as far as I know. Windows has more holes then Swiss Cheese.

            But that said…. to ensure ‘safety’ one can wait for the updates.

              • Has anyone tried the Incognito ad blocker? It gets great reviews and says it is compatible with Ublock Origin and Adblock +. I’m using Origin and don’t like it nearly as much as Adblock+.

                At least my add-ons have returned but when they just disappeared I was looking for a new browser. During that time I had malware take over and freeze everything. I managed to remove it by hard stopping the computer. I felt lucky things went back to normal.

                Think I’ll try a couple new browsers.

                • You probably got one of those notices that pops up saying “you’ve been infected” or some such nonsense and tells you to call a phone number for “support”. They lock up the computer and some even sound a siren! It’s an obvious scam but I guess enough people fall for it that the perps keep doing it.

                  Typically those are just popup messages that manipulate your browser to go full screen and block all user input but don’t actually install anything on your computer, so antivirus programs don’t stop them. The thing to do is literally pull the plug and better than 9 times out of 10 the thing will just be gone.

                  Mozilla has pulled some real boners but I’d still rather deal with them than Microsoft or Google.

        • Hi Nunzio….
          Glad to help…

          I remember back in the day when I could run as root on Linux but the safety guys stepped in and disabled it for us plebs.

          That said….

          You can always change the configuration back every couple of weeks or so. Then re-download the ad blocker to see if they have updated to Firefox’s new requirements…… To be safe!

            • Hello Ed….

              Puppy was fun,,, a few things it wouldn’t do that I needed. Haven’t played with it for a couple of years,,, Apparently better now?

              I’ll check it out!


            • I didn’t know that, Ed.

              Is Puppy actually run from HDD/SDD, or from RAM/removeable drive? I’m not much of an OS safety-Nazi…but running in root all the time sounds like it would negate the superior security of Linux, no?

              • The thing with Puppy is that you boot it up in RAM all the time. The OS is so small you can boot from a USB stick. Anyway, it ‘unloads’ every time you turn off the computer.

          • With SUDO, you don’t really NEED Root. If you get a plug & play distro like LXLE, you don’t even need to use SUDO.

          • Hey Ken!

            Ha! What you said reminds me of when I first got into Linux 10 years ago, and there was this poster on Linuxquestions.org who would always excoriate anyone who’d tell us mere mortals how to enable our root accounts. I think it would be safe to say that the guy was not a Libertarian; probably would be happy if the state enacted a law prohibiting the use of root accounts by mere computer owners!

            Usually, I never do updates, unless not doing so causes something to malfunction. I’ve found it’s usually the updates that cause the problems for which further updates/patches are required! 🙂

            Even back when I used Windurs…. I ran Win98 from ’99 – 07 without ever updating the OS! (And never got a virus or anything!).

            I think my problem with FF started when I enabled automatic updates, ’cause usually, that’s the only thing I ever bother updating- my browser.

            I just stopped using the Crunchbang distro a couple of months ago…. Bear in mind, that they abandoned the distro in ’15 ! 😀 I keep things old-school as long as I can….it seems to work for me and keeps things really stable.

            • For FF users with automatic updates enabled we really got a screwing when, without notice, FF did the “new” faster, smaller thing that killed my good add-ons. I’m still mightily pissed about loosing Thunbnail Zoon plus…..really pissed me off and there’s nothing like it now.

              • Try Brave.

                I just dumped FF and sent them a very detailed explanation about why. Every new release fucks up everything I have set up and I basically have to rebuild it to get it back to as before. Now they even started de-listing addons. Fuck em, won;t be going back.

                • That’s pretty much where I am now with them. I am simply tired of spending all sorts of time restoring functionality I use. They are constantly just doing these f-u functionality breaks.

    • The problem with Mozilla Firefox disabling addons was a bug, not a deliberate act. It was quickly fixed.

      The problem with web browsers today is that the field has shaken out to just two major architectures; Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer, never very good, is dead browser walking. Microsoft accomplished the near impossible and made Edge even worse than IE. A replacement version based on Chrome is on the way. With few exceptions the alternatives are based on Chrome or Firefox. That’s because browsers have become so complicated that starting one from scratch is a daunting prospect.

      Most people have no concept of what it takes to get these stupid machines to do anything useful. Software was complex and difficult back when I was working on it decades ago. (We’re talking about the days of punch cards, COBOL, magnetic core memory, and other prehistoric implements.) It’s hard to imagine how complex – and therefore trouble-prone – today’s software is.

      • I have some old hardware where the software is on the chips, no reflash or anything like that available. It was meant to connect to the webbrowsers of the day. Firefox takes the ‘f-u’ attitude and breaks the old functionality for ‘security reasons’.

        Microsoft on the other hand, at least with the last edition of IE, allows one to set a compatibility mode, that is allows a person to connect to his own trusted old hardware properly. I don’t like MS or IE, but I now use IE more than ever because it doesn’t make me throw away my old hardware.

      • Thing is, I don’t need a lot of fancy features in a browser. Display web pages and play videos; have tabs; have auto-fill for data fields; password management; and be able to import my bookmarks and cookies. Doesn’t seem like much to ask, does it?

        95% of the features most browsers advertise, I’d never use. If a terminal browser could display pics and videos, and have clickable links, I’d be happy to use one of them; can’t get much simpler than that!

        Oh…and block Youtube ads and pop-ups….. static ads I don’t even care about.

        Back when web pages were mainly HTML, it was pretty simple. Whyat was the point of getting away from that? It has made things infinitely more complex; requires more powerful hardware; and yet doesn’t offer the end user anything in return, other than perhaps a little eye candy. I liked the internet much better the way it was in 1999.

    • Hi Nunz,

      I feel your pain, amigo… but, just so you (and everyone else here) know: It is safe to register as a user here. I would shut the joint down before I “shared” your info with anyone. You do not have to use your real name – much less use Facebuch – to sign up.

      If it makes it a little easier to post, please consider registering. You have my word not an iota of your info will be used for any cheesy/evil purpose.

      • Thanks, Eric!

        I trust YOU implicitly. I just didn’t know if by registering, if i was dealing with Turdpress, or some third party or what-not…..but then again, I guess that doesn’t even matter so much, since I wouldn’t be using any sensitive data, anyway.

        By ‘register’, does that mean I enter my email where it says “subscribe” at the top of the article? (Ooo! Oooo! I’d probably get to use a custom avatar, too!)

    • I’ve been using Duckduckgo and there are others like Isegoria which Ben Swann uses for his news .
      My ad blocker continues to work just fine judging by the number of ad blocker complaints I get when visiting certain sites especially news site that I now stay away from.
      BTW I’m still using windows 7.
      I don’t own a cell phone either.

      • John, for years, every so often I’ll try Duckduckgo….but I’ve never had good results with it. I feel so dirty, always reverting back to Google!

        Yes, no BusinessInsider for us! (That’s the good thing about Google- probably the only good thing about it- you can search for the artiucle you’re blocked from reading, and click on “cached” and read it that way!

        Ah! Good to know another person who opts out of the Personal Tracking Device/Brain Tumor Generator fiasco!

        • You could also try startpage.com. They act as a kind of proxy to insulate you from Google. Years ago there was actually a Google proxy called Scroogle that was very vocally against Google’s surveillance practices. Had a pretty good run from 2003 to about 2012, but was ultimately shut down by Google throttling them plus external attacks. (Startpage.com is much lower key than Scroogle was and thus far hasn’t run into major problems as far as I know.)


          • Ah! Scroogle Scraper- I remember that! I tend not to worry too much about Goo-ghoul, ’cause I’m never logged into anything, and I don’t have my real name associated with anythging on my ‘puter….so whatever they do, it’s just a number or MAC address or IP address to them….. (Which I guess i should be more concerned with, and use a proxy to neutralize)

            I think just the fact that I don’t do FaceCrook or Twatter, nor have a Jewtube account or anything like that, goes a long way. And of course, when I set up my OS, I never enter my real name when it asks for a name….

    • I use the Brave browser. It is quite good, but has a few minor faults. Such as not allowing popups. Also, use an excel file to store your name and email and then do a copy and paste. I do that for all my internet use. Copy and paste details from a spreadsheet. Bypasses keystroke loggers that are used by advertisers, lurking in their ads.

  4. The Left continually screams, literally, that verbally disagreeing with any of them, or their socialist doctrine, is assault. This asinine assertion that any speech is “assault” is derived from Political Correctness, which has undermined the 1st Amendment since it was “adopted” by the cultureless establishment here in the US. P>C> was originally coined as a derogatory phase to describe the Soviet Union’s method of strangling any attempts at free speech by it’s own “members”, i.e. “conquered comrades”. Since when has this nation become a collective of Soviet Socialist Satellite States? My guess would be somewhere between 1985 and 9/11/2001.


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