Bulletheaded Bully Charged . . . This Time

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An armed government worker was caught on film beating up a handcuffed prisoner – and has actually been charged with a crime as opposed to being “disciplined” or “reprimanded” . . .  or given a paid vacation to ponder his actions.

The bullet-headed bully has pleaded not guilty – notwithstanding the video which clearly shows him hitting his incapable of “resisting” (physically, at any rate) victim – who is clearly handcuffed and also clearly a third the size of the bloated beefster in the government outfit – whose IQ and impulse control are clearly as low and little as he is large and gratuitously violent.

ABC 15 of Arizona reports that the AGW – Tim Baiardi – has a history of beating up handcuffed victims. So, once again, it takes serial victims – and impossible to ignore evidence – to finally do something about creeps like this.

The parallel with pedo priests is striking – but worse – because priests aren’t armed, the kids they touch could at least have legally fought back (and not been punished for doing so) and aren’t government “workers.”

This is perhaps the core problem with AGWs as such. There can be no such thing as a good AGW – even if he doesn’t beat up helpless people – because he abuses innocent people simply by forcing them to pay for his salary and because they are not permitted to defend themselves agains his depredations, legal or not.

That constitutes “resisting” and “obstruction” – both of which constitute “crimes” all by themselves.

Which is like prosecuting a kid who kicked Father McFeely in the nuts in order to get away from him.

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  1. good news kid…the dickhead was working for wal-mart so THEY have liability for his actions. had he done this as a cop there would be no charge brought. a 19 year veteran of the PD…and the dimwit has no idea of why he is being charged


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