Bulletheaded AGW Stalks Man

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Here’s video taken by a man in Denver, who pulled into a parking lot so his wife could go into a business to conduct some . . . business.

A bulletheaded AGW pulls in behind the couple’s car for some undetermined reason. No legitimate (legal) reason, at any rate – which the bulletheaded AGW concedes when the man declines to produce ID after asking whether he has committed a crime.

The AGW says no – but continues to pester the man.  He stands at the car’s window, jabbering away. The man clearly wants him to go away, but the AGW refuses to do so – and has the effrontery to claim he isn’t harassing the man.

Because having an armed government worker standing next to your car, badgering you, isn’t harassment… in the view of armed government workers. Turn the situation around. Imagine an armed man approaching your vehicle and just standing there, badgering you with questions and refusing to leave you alone.

This would be an arrestable offense – use of a firearm to intimidate or some such. But somehow, it’s acceptable when the same thing is done by an AGW.


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