“Pain Compliance”

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Here’s a new one – or at least, a newly admitted one: Pain Compliance.

This is the use of physical torture to subdue the victim of it to Authority.

It is not surprising – or ought not to be – to learn that street-level government thugs now practice what the highest-level government thugs openly decreed to be policy some 15 years ago under the reign of the frog-torturing psychopath George W. Bush, who “decided” that physically torturing people was no longer a thing to be ashamed of.

The fish does, indeed, rot from the head down.

In the video below – taken in Kansas City and the subject of a local CBS news affiliate story – a man happened to be in the vicinity of a pair of AGWs who were applying Pain Compliance to the person seen handcuffed and prone on the ground. The Pain Compliance technique applied in this case involves threatened dislocation of the subject’s shoulders, a literally medieval practice that is not only excruciatingly painful but something which can easily cause lifelong pain.

An AGW Apologist explains that handcuffed and prone people can “still be a danger” to AGWs. In fact, the only “danger” is to the Authority of the AGWs, which remains affronted when any person isn’t entirely supine and screaming in agony.

Or beyond screaming.

Which is the true object of this exercise.

What, exactly, would have happened had the AGWs just left this particular victim handcuffed and on the ground? Have you ever tried getting up while handcuffed and laying face down on the ground? It is not easy – and the idea that such a person could “still be a danger” to anyone is ludicrous.

It calls to mind the scene in Monty Python of the Black Knight – who has had both his arms lopped off and is hopping around on one leg insisting the fight’s not over yet.

Try running away with your hands cuffed behind your back.

Try fighting someone with both hands cuffed behind your back.

Unless the person is a mixed martial arts fighter, his ability to “still be a danger” to uncuffed and armed men is right up there with the Black Knight’s ability to continue the fight.

The poltroonishness of AGWs is equalled only by their sadism.

The  man taking the video was himself the object of “enforcement” by the AGWs – for filming the application of Pain Compliance. He was issued a ticket – i.e., had money stolen from him – by the AGWs, who accused him of blocking the street – which he clearly wasn’t doing as you can see in the video he took.

The ticket-extortion was purely punitive – administered to show Who’s Boss.

Luckily for the man, he wasn’t given a dose of Pain Compliance.

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    • HH, you must be speaking of the 17 year old that failed to comply…..to roll down his window….because the regulator didn’t work. I’m sure he loved driving a car like that. He won’t love anything now since he’s permanently brain damaged….with the irony being his dad is a cop.

  1. Police brutality will continue to increase in police state amerika. Nothing will slow or stop it. The nation is in meltdown mode in all facets. However as the brutality against citizens increases so will the number of deaths to police increase. This is just a given. As more and more people come to perceive the police as roving bloodthirsty trigger happy goons extracting revenue for the $tate, so will the violence against them increase. I suspect a time is coming when the violence aimed at police will become so high that it will become difficult to find people willing to be police. Interesting to note the deafening silence from politicians regarding this dangerous trend. In some states politicians/judges have special license plates that designate their position which is a signal to police to ‘back off.’ I estimate as of July 2019 the police are killing an average of 10 citizens per day. The criminal Clinton regime ramped up the numbers of police across amerika via billions of federal funds to hire more police. With 2 million in prison/jail and another 4 million on parole/probation estimates are that 10 to 15 percent of those are innocent.

    • Hi SB,

      Indeed. A point comes when it is the safer thing to do to fight back rather than just lie down and hope they don’t maul you for life. Or just end your life.

      That moment is not far off.

  2. No one to root for here… A psycho trannie threatening with a business owner with “asian” epithets… two thug cops who cannot control a psycho trannie, the c/o making goo goo eyed excuses and the recorder who made a spectacle of himself…

    Nobody to root for here. As for pain compliance, we are overlorded by brutal corrupt police who do not care one iota about the civvies, they exist to police ie fill cages and coffers with us.

    Unless you have made the Go-to Jesus decision and become a cosmic avenger, there is nothing you can do but avoid all contact and proximity with them – say nothing to them and give them no excuse to say anything to you.

  3. Nearly 30 years ago we got into a drought and a friend who’d always been a cowboy and made his living raising and hauling cattle. Once the cattle bidness hit the bottom he was SOL. He went to work for the TDCJ and became a guard, one of the mounted type. There was a large spate of ossifers killing prisoners, mainly by having a few kneel on their backs when they were cuffed.

    He said to me about them “It doesn’t matter the size of the guy or anything else, with his hands cuffed behind his back I can handle him fine” and he was a small guy himself. He was verily pissed off at that sort of thing and said there was NO excuse for it. He worked with the worst of the worst and knew what he was speaking of.

  4. In some instances, “Pain Compliance” is likely to inflict less harm than wrestling with a resisting, fighting subject, or punching him, or use of a baton, taser, or SHOOTING. Used with judgement and skill, it can be effective at bringing the engagement to a quick end with the best possible outcome for all, including the arrestee. At least that’s the “official” story.

    However, all too often the practice has degraded into (1) sloppy police work, where the police go right to aggressive tactics, rather than, when called for, negotiating the resisting person into submission and (2) an EXCUSE to gratuitously and sadistically inflict pain and/or injury, to either make a show of force and/or dominance, or simply out of some perverse sense of sick gratification and/or desire to inflict personal retribution, aka “street justice”. How many times has a man had the crap beat out of him by several officers with batons, all the while bellowing “stop resisting!”, with the only “resistance” being the reflexive twitching of the now-VICTIM as he’s no longer able to comply with the officers’ often-conflicting and ambiguous demands, enduring for far longer than it appears necessary to simply cuff him and be done with it?

    • Cops have always been brutal sadists. Back in the 1950’s two stick-up artists were surprised by a beat cop and killed him. The local precinct rounded up everyone in the neighborhood sadistically beating them. The screams of these men were so loud that the precinct was soon surrounded by horrified neighbors screaming for them to stop. When it was all over, one young man had a neurological tic in his face for the rest of his life stemming from the hits to his head they gave him and another man lost a testicle when the police tied a rope around his scrotum and to a radiator as they punched him the abdomen repeatedly.

      All said and done, at least the brutal thugs then weren’t into sodomizing men on the streets “looking” for whatever..

  5. Pretty brave Leos when there’s 2 to 1, armed with guns and your handcuffed. Yep,,, some real bad Asses there for sure. But,,,, that’s what Amerika’s coming to :-<

    • Ken, when we were raided in 2016 on a rumor started to the local prosecutor by a woman facing 5 felonies, they came without a warrant but in force and by the air too.

      When they had to leave since we were doing nothing illegal(can’t believe they didn’t plant something), the head narc said “And now they’re shooting us” in reference to the cop shootings in Ft. Worth. I replied “You mean shooting back”. He didn’t like that a bit and then I got really sarcastic complimenting him on his “professionalism” of being a predator. Well, what I said is going to be true. An armed society is a polite society and the cops are about to find that out…..in spades.


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