Broken Tail Light Hut! Hut! Hut!

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A 65-year-old woman in Oklahoma named Debra Hamil didn’t respond appropriately when an armed government worker used the pretext of a broken tail light to mulct her for more than $100 – the “ticket” for her having caused no harm to anyone.

Probably, $100-plus in”fines” and “court costs” is a lot of money for Hamil – as it is for many people and she objected to being mulcted over this trivial and manufactured “offense.” If saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety really were the issue here, the AGW could have simply let her know she had a broken light and advised her to get it fixed.

But it’s about the money.

The broken tail light  (like not wearing a seat belt and various other contrivances) is merely the pretext used to steal from honest people – again. The word italicized to emphasize the truth. Hamil’s money was extracted by force – by a tax-feeder whose existence is subsidized by force.

Hamil herself was forcibly extracted from her vehicle and Tazered by the tax-feeding thug after she had the audacity to drive off. She failed to Submit and Obey.

Thus, an old woman who was just going about her business found herself hurled to the pavement and then jolted with electricity to teach her a lesson about Who is Boss.

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  1. The officer was “technically” right to pursue her for refusing to sign the ticket and fleeing. HOWEVER…there was a time when he would have simply let her go, and the department would send over a FEMALE officer later, to her home, to arrest her for obstruction and resisting arrest, where likely, once she was booked, the same officer would take her HOME.

    A “peace officer” Tasing and man-handling some snippy old bat…WTF has become of this country to allow that shit?


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