Reader Question: ALPR Countermeasures?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

T asks: Just read the piece on ALPRs, of which I’ve been aware for far too many years. Could you do a piece actually documenting the different types of scanners, actually showing photos of the devices used, what they are, how they are used, etc? I keep seeing more and new “devices” along the freeways and surface streets, particularly at signal controlled intersections. I think some might be red light snitch cameras, but no one I know driving about in these parts has mentioned ever getting snagged by one. I recognize the bell-like hemispherical video cameras, but don’t know their capabilities nor the destination of their date. I think I know which cameras are used for the state DOT website traffic cam network… but wonder if that is just the live feed or if it is recorded, by whom, for how long, and for what end. Also, if you are aware of any tricks, countermeasures, screens, etc., that could prevent an accurate scan I think you would do us all a great service.

My reply: It’s hard to know which camera is which – and which has what capabilities – as there are several manufacturers. Here’s what I do know, though: They – our owners – are setting up a national network of these things, all tied together, for the purpose of 24-7 real-time monitoring and locating capability.  The goal is to know where every car (and so, person) is at any given time and to be able to control their movements at will.

This won’t stop until ends – or is ended. The choice is ours to make.

As far as the rest: These ALPRs are very sophisticated in terms of their optics as well as their intelligence. If you feed them a fake number, it won’t correlate with the “correct” info and that alone is probably enough to result in you being “flagged” for a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Probably the only workable thing – shy of doing as the French have done – is to make your plate obscure/harder to see (which is of course also illegal). But we have to do something, eh?

Here’s what I do: I keep my truck’s tailgate lowered. This makes it very hard to see the rear plate – for cameras and AGWs. I have been riding around this way for some time with a “dead” registration as I just got tired of sending the bastards almost $60 a year – on top of the rest – that I stopped paying it. It cancels out – just about – the $75 in property tax I just got billed for and which I can’t not pay because then the bastards would seize “my” (hilarious, sad) truck just as they would “my” house were I to not pay the $,1200 property tax bill that also came in the mail last week.

Land o’ the “free” . . . to submit, obey and pay.

. . .

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