AGWs Tazer/Torment Woman Held in Restraint Chair

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A Boulder, CO woman has filed a lawsuit against the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and five armed government workers who strapped her to a chair, put a bag over her head and then repeatedly Tazered her.

News story here.

The slightly built 34-year-old, Lauren Gotthelf, had been brought to jail over a misdemeanor smoking where-not-allowed charge and for allowing her dog to be off-leash.

Nothing violent or even serious.

But she refused to sign the ticket – which is a serious affront to the Authority of AGWs – and for that  was Hut! Hut! Hutted! off to a cage, where her further refusal to be sufficiently submissive – by questioning the AGWs – resulted in the incident caught on video (below) that is the focus of her federal lawsuit.

A burly and tatted thug can be seen shoving Gotthelf’s bagged head backward while other AGWs shout the usual “stop resisting” – to a woman strapped to a chair – as they apply the agonizer and brutally manhandle her.

The AGWs claim Gotthelf made “suicidal” statements – the basis for putting her in the chair – but there is no evidence to support this and even if true, how is  it helpful to torture a suicidal person?

How is it justified?

Gotthelf was kept in the chair for four hours, according to news coverage.

The AGWs you see in this video are still walking the streets of Boulder.

With guns.

. . .

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  1. This is how United States Of America’s police put people on suicide watch? Amazing, how is Amnesty International not involved?

    • Hi Murdock,

      Part of the problem is that the American volk has been habituated to brutality and so it passes by as part of the norm nowadays. The problem is that atrocities such as this are infrequently prosecuted and often not even “criminal,” per se. Ergo, we see more and more such…

  2. I swear, if that was my wife…well, let’s just say a bright, yellow Komatsu D355A would be in their future. Now, what does that remind you of? (“ReadyKilowatt” should know this one)

    • Funny, the other day I got a haircut from a woman who used to live in Granby, and her husband knew him (as did most of the locals). I was living in Grand County (Fraser) when Heemeyer lost it, and was working on an installation out on the edge of town. Heard the gun shots, saw the road blocks. Security called and told me to stop what I was doing and go home. On the way up US40 I saw about a dozen black SUVs running full speed toward Granby. And of course the media circus descended on town for a few days. Good times…

      General consensus in town was “I don’t condone what he did, but I understand his frustration.”

      • I gotta admit that when I first caught wind of this back in the day, my teenage mind assumed Heemeyer was just another typical terrorist wannabe who “got what he deserved” in the end (suicide). It wasn’t until about a few months ago that I happened to come across the story again on YT. That’s when I realized he was a decent person who apparently got screwed one too many times by the local government and businesses and went off the deep end.

        I know one thing, though: if this madness continues, eventually the populace will make what Heemeyer did look like a kind gesture.

  3. Why did those a-holes tell her to stop resisting when she was strapped down? Why did they say that when she had no MEANS to resist?

    • Because she tensed up. If she had gone limp as a rag doll that’s not resisting. In other words, your normal reflex action to someone holding you down is “resisting” them.

      Must really suck to be a cop’s wife.

    • It’s probably a hold over from when they had mic-only recording(no video) where they would beat someone while chanting “stop resisting” so they could cover their ass legally from being convicted of excessive force because the voice recording would reinforce their lie that they need said force.

      Courts always take the word of a cop over a citizen. Video makes that much more difficult for those in the “justus” system.

      • Hi Guess,

        An interesting thing: AGWs are regarded as “officers of the court” and so their unsubstantiated say-so is taken as evidence while anything we say is mere “hearsay” and of no evidentiary value. And their “testimony,” even when provably false, rarely results in a criminal perjury prosecution.

        It’s just another of many outrages.

  4. I am telling ya Eric, there is gonna be a Reckoning and if you wear a badge, even throwing it away when it gets sporty we will know who you were and you will be taken out of he gene pool.

  5. To be fair, if I were a cop in Boulder I’d probably be ready to bust out the tazer on most of the women in town… (sarcasm)

    Seriously though this sort of thing came up last week while in a conversation about raw milk. I mentioned that the reason why the ban on raw milk should be eliminated is because I don’t think people should be killed for selling a product that isn’t acceptable to a regulator. The response was that no one will be killed, they’ll just get a fine and move on. I then pointed out that summons are typically derived by the SWAT team these days, with full armor plating and automatic rifles drawn. Accidents happen, even if there’s no “resistance.” And if there is “resistance” whoo hoo, look out!

    So now this woman gets tazed for smoking a cigarette on the Pearl Street Mall (an outdoor mall). I’ve been there, although it’s been a few years. I wonder how many people regularly light up a blunt or one hitter on the street? I wonder if she would have been ticketed if she were “experiencing homelessness?” If she were protesting (a common occurrence), could she claim first amendment? For sure now she’ll get a big payout thanks to the taxpayers of Boulder. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    • Hi RK,

      That – and the cruelty displayed by these AGWs. Whatever this woman’s “crimes” (absurd) what sort of sick fuck straps a woman – or anyone, for that matter – to a chair and then electroshocks them? What is the point?

      I mean, other than to inflict pain… i.e., to make her suffer?

      Oh. Yes. I see. That is the point.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yup. It made me very angry – and I don’t even know this woman. But that’s just the point. What was done to this woman could have been done to any woman – including women I do know. I therefore get furious watching this happen to any woman.

      I cannot begin to fathom the mindset of SOBs such as the ones tormenting this woman. Especially the tatted male thug. What sort of man does this kind of thing?

      There is a wood chipper with his name one it, somewhere…

      • “There is a wood chipper with his name one it, somewhere…”

        Yep. Ready to relieve him permanently of his “manhood” (or what’s left of it); a fate worse than ridding of him completely.


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