Reader Question: Your Shoulder – My Back?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Stuart asks: I read your item about the hurting shoulder and thought I’d ask you about my hurting back – and how to pick a car that has seats which don’t make it hurt. I had to sell my ’14 Silverado because the thing killed me to drive it.

My reply: Backs are very Libertarian – they’re each individual; one size does not fit all. What is comfortable to me might be miserable for you – which is why, in my reviews, I shy away from writing much about how comfortable (or not) a car’s seats are . . . to me.

The best advice I have for you is to take a test-drive at least one hour long in any vehicle you’re thinking about buying, before you buy it. Do not just drive it around the block and back. Drive it as you normally drive – and where. Take it on those bad roads with the bad potholes. Cruise on the highway for a spell.

This will help eliminate the obvious Bad News seats. Unfortunately, it’s not foolproof. In part because it may take longer for your back to begin to ache and also because, over time, seats compress and what was easy on your back when the vehicle was new can become a seat o’ torment after three or four years, if the padding is cheap.

Step-in height is also a factor – which may have caused the problems you had with your Chevy. Anyone who has a bad back, arthritis or similar can make those things worse by repeated climbing up (and down) into a vehicle. Maybe try something a bit lower to the ground, if you can get away with it!

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  1. Also consider recaro and other aftermarket brands

    Fortunately for me, my Audi had an OEM+ Upgrade, Recaros from the S4, and while I need to change the exhaust (drones), and a few other things with it, those seats are comfortable compared to the old church pews


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